Jun 2, 2011

Project of the Month Update: June 2011

Help Afghan Boys Trade Guns For Books - June 2011
Help Afghan Boys Trade Guns For Books - June 2011

Thank you for supporting the Project of the Month Club on GlobalGiving! This report marks our first full year of the Project of the Month Club. We've raised over $20,290 for 12 amazing projects. Incredible! We are humbled by your generosity and are proud to have helped 12 amazing grassroots projects get much needed support this past year.

This past month your donation supported Immunization for Tribal Children and Young Mothers.

Through the generosity of 90 donors were able to raise $2,362 for Immunization for Tribal Children and Young Mothers run by Seva Mandir. This project organizes camps to provide immunization to pregnant women and children under two years old. Together, we provided enough funds to provide 12 rounds of immunizations for 6 deadly diseases to 85 children and mothers.

This month, we're pleased to announce that Help Afghan Boys Trade Guns For Books is the project of the month for June 2011.

Many Afghan boys want schooling but are too old or must work. Many young boys have been soldiers or lived as refugees, working long hours selling newspapers or candy in the streets in order to feed themselves and their families. Many are hopeless. Without direction for the future, they turn to violence, disrupting their families and communities.

This project funds Educational Learning Centers supported by the Afghan Learning Institute and Creating Hope International in Kabul and Herat. These community-based centers give boys the opportunity to study and earn grade certificates on a fast-track basis.

Your donation will help boys like Mohammad.

Mohammad, one of the English students in the learning centers, said, "One of my great wishes was to speak English. This wish of mine has been accomplished with the help of my hardworking teachers. I hope that Afghan Learning Institute continues to support teachers in different parts of Afghanistan in order to totally eliminate illiteracy, and that our country could compete with other countries across the world."

We have seen the impact that the Afghan Learning Institute has made and are proud to support their effort of educating the youth of Afghanistan and providing them with clear alternatives to violence.

Please help us spread the word

If you know of someone who you think would enjoy joining the project of the month club, we encourage you to send them an email or share it on Facebook.

We'll be in touch next month to report on the impact we've made together and tell you about our next exciting Project of the Month. Until then, we welcome your feedback about the Project of the Month and this monthly report.

Thank you again for your support,
Mari and the GlobalGiving Team

Immunization For Tribal Children And Young Mothers
Immunization For Tribal Children And Young Mothers
Jun 1, 2011

Project of the Month Update: May 2011

La Reserva - April's Project of the Month
La Reserva - April's Project of the Month

Thank you so much for supporting Rio Sol Bio Corridor, Maleku Reserve, Costa Rica this past month!

Through the generosity of 94 people, we were able to raise $2,384 that will go to support Rio Sol Bio Corridor, Maleku Reserve, Costa Rica run by La Reserva Forest Foundation. 

These funds received from the “Project of the Month Club” will be used, starting at the end of May, to begin buying the trees from the landowners, preparing the lands and planting the first 16,000 trees on the banks of the Rio Sol in Costa Rica.  Additionally, these funds will be matched by one of La Reserva’s corporate sponsors!

In a recent update, Roberta Ward Smiley, the founder and President of La Reserva Forest Foundation said:

“La Reserva Forest Foundation was busy at the Maleku Reserve looking at all of the landowner’s nurseries, counting trees and identifying the different species. We now have a tree list started with over 50 species so far and over 25 other species that we will be concentrating on in the next few months. That brings the species count to 75, more that the 70 different species we plant per hectare on all of our reforestation projects.

We have been working exclusively on the eastern bank of the Rio Sol but [last month] signed on the first non-indigenous landowner on the western bank. He has one kilometer of river frontage and will be reforesting a ten-meter swath along the entire length. His neighbor to the north has an even longer frontage of pasture along the river and he may be interested in participating in the project as well. This biological corridor project is becoming a reality. There will be a beautiful native forest for many kilometers on both sides of the Rio Sol where before there was only cow pastures and much erosion.”

We are thrilled to hear about the incredible work La Reserva Forest Foundation is doing and are proud to support their efforts through the Project of the Month Club.

This month in honor of mothers around the world, we're pleased to announce that Immunization for Tribal Children and Young Mothers is the project of the month for May 2011.

Immunization for Tribal Children and Young Mothers, run by Seva Mandir, organizes camps to provide immunization to pregnant women and children under two years old. Seva Mandir started running reliable immunization camps in this area as the complete immunization rates here were as low as 2.6%. Seeing the stupendous success of the intervention, they have enlarged the coverage of this project to the 200 rural pre schools that Seva Mandir runs. These pre-schools reach out to about 5,000 very young, malnourished children who are provided safe, loving day care, nutritious food and pre-school learning. The complete immunization rates of the children attending the Balwadis is only 19%, hence the need for this immunization. These immunization camps are run in remote areas of India where government health facilities don’t reach and target six diseases: tuberculosis, tetanus, measles, diphtheria, polio, and pertusis.  Pregnant women also get pre-natal care and advice to boost their health during pregnancy.

These programs have helped women like Daku Bai.  Daku Bai came to Seva Mandir’s immunization camp, held in the early childhood education center in her village, for the first time in 2010. She was several months pregnant with her first child and came to receive her tetanus vaccination and get a health check-up. After receiving her vaccination, she had her weight checked, her hemoglobin level tested, and her blood pressure taken.  She was found to be anemic and was counseled by the nurse to eat dark green vegetables and eggs and to take iron-folic supplements from the local government health center. She continued to receive healthcare throughout her pregnancy.

Thank you for supporting the immunization for hundreds of children and women in these villages.

Seva Mandir - May's project of the month
Seva Mandir - May's project of the month


May 31, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake Appeal update May 2011

It has now been three months since the 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck Christchurch, New Zealand, on February 22, 2011, causing widespread damage and tragic loss of life.  Since then, more than $73 million has been raised for recovery and reconstruction in the Christchurch area.  Rather than try to condense the massive amounts of media coverage the reconstruction efforts have received, I thought I'd list a few concrete numbers and examples of projects undertaken with the funds raised:

  • $3.5 million will be used to help restore the city's playing fields, in time for winter sports for school-aged children.
  • The Appeal Trust has donated $554,000 to help deliver sport and recreation programs for young people in Christchurch. Some schools are sharing sites due to damage, so students are attending morning or evening classes and have lost opportunities for sports and recreation. The hubs will run sport, recreation, leadership, dance, and music activities.
  • Orion, Christchurch's electricity distribution lines company, assisted by other lines companies for New Zealand, worked constantly to restore power in the initial aftermath of the earthquake. They erected a new 66 kV overhead line to get power to Christchurch's eastern suburbs, a project that would have normally taken six or seven weeks to achieve, in 2.5 days.  Power was restored to 82% of households within 5 days and to 95% within two weeks (source: Wikipedia.org).

If you want to follow updates from the Christchurch Earthquake appeal more regularly than these project updates, the Appeal has its own Facebook page you can visit: http://www.facebook.com/ChristchurchEarthquakeAppeal.  They admittedly discuss more about fundraising than rebuilding expenditures, but I found it a helpful source for some of the information above.

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