Custom Charitable Gift Cards

Give the gift of choice

Looking to motivate or reward your employees or thank your best clients? The GlobalGiving Gift Card is a great solution.

Giving employees the opportunity to support causes they choose is more satisfying than receiving a bonus, according to a study published in the Harvard Business Review. With GlobalGiving Gift Cards, let employees or customers choose from more than 5,000 charitable projects in 175+ countries, including the US and UK. We find and vet nonprofits that align with your strategic goals, and design customized gift card and digital experiences that fit your campaign or program.

Physical Cards
An example of one of GlobalGiving's digital gift card designs
Ready-Made Solution

Standard eCards

Use our standard eCards to motivate or reward your employees, or thank your best clients.

  • Use our online tool yourself to select one of our designs. Send your eCards immediately or schedule delivery for a future date at no additional cost.
  • Alternatively, place your order via email and receive an invoice, for $250 per order.

An example of a custom digital gift card design
Full-Service Solution

Custom eCards

Use our custom eCards to design your gift yourself.

  • Send us an email with your design, subject line, a short message for your recipients, and an encrypted list of recipient email addresses for $500 per order
  • Choose a time and date to send the cards
  • See our spec sheet for full technical details

An example of a spreadsheet of gift card redemption codes
Self-Managed Solution

Send-It-Yourself eCards

Use our Send-it-Yourself solution to manage the design and send of the eCards yourself.

  • Send us an email to confirm the number and value of codes
  • We’ll provide a spreadsheet of codes and redemption URLs that can be MailMerged into an email by your team, for $250 per order
  • We’ll provide everything you need to self-manage your order in 1-2 business days

Compare our Gift Card options

We offer innovative ways to reward your employees and thank your best clients. Compare our gift cards and digital experiences below to find the right solution for your campaign or program.
Physical Cards

Standard eCards

Ready-made solution
Fulfillment: Immediate
Use one of GlobalGiving's designs and add a brief message of your own
  • Use our online tool to select one of our designs
  • Send your eCards immediately or schedule delivery for a future date
*Or place your order via email and receive an invoice and 1-2 day delivery, for $250 per order

Custom eCards

$500 per order
Full-service solution
Fulfillment: 1-2 business days
Feature a custom design, branded with your organization's logo
  • Send us your design, subject line, a short message for your recipients, and a list of recipient email addresses
  • Choose a time and date to send the cards
  • Email your custom cards to your recipients

Send-It-Yourself eCards

$250 per order
Self-managed solution
Fulfillment: 1-2 business days
Share gift codes with recipients however you like
  • Send you a list of gift codes
  • Email the codes to your recipients
  • The minimum value for each eCard is $10 (USD), £5 (GBP), or €5 (EUR).
  • For online purchases, PayPal and credit card are accepted. For phone and email purchases, check, wire, and PayPal are accepted.
  • eCards have a resend option available for an additional cost.
  • GlobalGiving retains a 15% nonprofit support fee in order to provide tools, training, and other support to our nonprofit partners. You can underwrite this fee so that 100% of the gift goes to the projects your recipients choose.
  • Gift cards and fees are considered a donation to GlobalGiving and may be tax deductible for the purchaser.

Custom Landing Pages

Custom landing pages are available for an additional fee. Send your recipients their gifts via email or snail mail, then design their redemption experience. Feature a handful of charitable projects from our nonprofit partners in 175+ countries, or allow recipients to browse by cause area.
A sample custom landing page
An example of a custom landing page, with a branded hero and featured projects grouped by cause.


We can provide reporting to meet your goals, such as deciding to send a reminder to gift recipients, sharing program results with your team, or determining whether to send more gifts.

Standard Reports
Two (2) included with offline orders, $250 per additional report
Details Delivery
Impact Report
Outlines the details of each redemption
Daily, weekly, or monthly email
Engagement Report
Outlines whether gift cards have been redeemed, and total redemptions
Daily, weekly, or monthly email
Summary Report
Visual summary of the top supported countries and causes
One-time PDF sent via email

Redeemer Reports
$250 for up to two (2) reports
Details Delivery
Impact Report
Outlines the details of each redemption, with redeemer names and emails*
Encrypted email
Engagement Report
Outlines whether certain users have redeemed, and total redemptions*
Encrypted email
*Redeemer reports are only available if the gift recipients are employees. We cannot share personal client information.

Custom Reports
Are you looking for information that's not described here? Custom reporting to meet your needs may be available. Contact us to find out more.

We're here to help!

Nikki, Kayla, and the rest of the GlobalGiving Business Partnerships team are here to help. To get started on your custom gift card program, email us at

Nikki Rose
Nikki Rose
Manager of Donor and Market Analytics
Kayla O'Neill Carriker
Kayla O'Neill Carriker
Manager of Partnership Development

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use GlobalGiving Gift Cards for?
There are hundreds of ways to use a GlobalGiving Gift Card! Here are just a few:
  • To motivate employees upon joining, at their anniversaries, or as bonuses for a job well done.
  • To build connections with clients as an appreciation or holiday gift.
  • As a marketing tool for use at trade shows, conferences, or in new business outreach.

  • Which currencies can I purchase gift cards in?
    You can purchase gift cards in USD and GBP. If you want to send gift cards in EUR, CAD, AUD, etc. (some currency other than USD or GBP), or avoid our offline order fulfillment fee, you should place their order online with payment by credit card or PayPal.

    Can I purchase gift cards with values of less than $10 or £5?
    No, unfortunately, our website is designed with a minimum donation amount in order to cover transaction costs. If we had a way to make exceptions, recipients still wouldn't be able to check out without adding their own money to the gift. This is why our gift cards are designed to match our donation minimums.

    When is the expiration date?
    One year from send date (can be less [e.g., 6 months], and in certain cases, longer).

    What happens to unredeemed gift codes?
    The value of unredeemed codes, upon expiration, is added to a fund that provides matching incentives for campaigns like #GivingTuesday and our July Bonus Day which leveraged $400,000 in matching funds to raise more than $1M for hundreds of nonprofits.

    Can I reassign unredeemed/unexpired gift codes to another recipient?
    We can appreciate your desire to make the most of your GlobalGiving Gift Cards. We ask that a gift only be shared with a single recipient to ensure the best user experience. If multiple individuals receive a single gift, especially if they were told they have a certain time period to redeem, before the gift expires, they may be disappointed if they attempt to redeem after someone else uses their gift.

    As a reminder, if a gift expires without being fully redeemed, any remaining funds on the card will be donated to the GlobalGiving Flex Fund and used to provide matching funds and other grant incentives to benefit all of the charitable projects on our site.

    What type of gift cards have the highest redemption rates? How can I improve my redemption rates?
    eCards (gifts delivered by email) have the highest redemption rates.
  • Make sure to have a good subject line. Our standard email subject line is “You’ve received a GlobalGiving Gift Card from Company Name.”
  • The email message should be short and contain links only to the GlobalGiving website where the gift can be redeemed. It should not invite recipients to take any other action.
  • The eCard can include a unique URL so that recipients need only click that to have their gift card value automatically added to their Giving Cart at checkout. It can also be helpful to display their unique code as well, to help make it clear that this email contains the gift.
  • Resends to those who have not opened / clicked the email, or who have not redeemed their gifts (based on reporting provided by GlobalGiving) can boost redemption rates.
  • Programs with effective communications sent over a shorter period of time, such as three months, can have a higher redemption rate.

  • How will I know which projects the gift cards are redeemed for?
    This information can be included with the redemption report and/or in a final report.

    What is the fee?
    GlobalGiving charges a 15% nonprofit support fee on gift cards. Our nonprofit support fee covers GlobalGiving operations and provides support to our nonprofit partners through resources like training and funding. This fee is subtracted from the total donation value of the card or can be underwritten by the corporate partner.

    Can my company cover it?
    Yes, companies can opt to underwrite our 15% nonprofit support fee. In this case, the full value of the gift card donation will be disbursed to the chosen nonprofits.

    What instructions should I provide to my recipients?
    How To Redeem Your Gift Card:
    1. Go to
    2. Give to a project that is meaningful to you
    3. Receive updates about your gift’s impact

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    Let us know how we can help you make an impact with your philanthropic or CSR program.

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