Get Started with the GlobalGiving API

GlobalGiving REST API Overview

The GlobalGiving API allows you to integrate grassroots project information, organization data, and donation options in your app or website by giving you direct access to the information in our database. Using our API, you can do things such as:

  • Get the current list of projects on GlobalGiving. (See the code)
  • View information about specific projects listed on GlobalGiving. (See the code)
  • Send gift cards. (See the code)
  • Enable a donation to a specific project. (See the code)
  • Get up-to-date project progress reports from the field. (See the code)

Example Applications

Our partners have used our API to build lots of great projects. See below for a few of our favorites.

Other Data Sources

In addition to our REST API, GlobalGiving has several additional data feeds that are updated on a daily basis.