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Jan 27, 2012

Drought and Famine Relief Fund January Update

Girl receives food and water from Mercy Corps
Girl receives food and water from Mercy Corps

Hello GlobalGivers!

Thank you so much for your donation to Horn of Africa Drought and Famine Relief Fund! Together, we have raised $53,760 to support relief programs dedicated to saving lives. Your generosity is providing food and water and other emergency supplies throughout Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, and Uganda. Although millions of people living in the Horn of Africa are still affected by the drought and famine, your donations are making a positive difference in the following ways:

Lifeline Energy is distributing solar and wind-up radios to new refugees who have fled the famine so that they can have access to information on how to sign up for food rations and find their family members.

ActionAid International is providing 120,000 people with emergency food and water supplies. ActionAid is feeding many children at school so that they continue pursuing their education to become the leaders of the future.

International Medical Corps has deployed an Emergency Response Team to provide food, water, and sanitation supplies to people living in refugee camps in Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia. They are training local health care workers and communities to respond to the food crisis.

Mercy Corps is reaching out to people in towns and villages so that they don’t need to move to overcrowded refugee camps. In some areas, food is available, but food prices have skyrocketed. Therefore Mercy Corps is delivering food vouchers in addition to water and water purification.  

Edesia, Inc is providing a nutritionally-fortified peanut paste called Plumpy’Nut to children and families suffering from severe malnutrition. With Plumpy’Nut, children can make a full recovery from malnutrition within 4-10 weeks.

Save the Children is supplying emergency nourishment to children in the form of food, water, medicine, and nutritional supplements. They are also helping mothers regain their strength so that they can nurse their babies again.

MADRE is supporting Womankind Kenya to provide nutritious food, emergency water supplies, health kits and oral rehydration salts to mothers and their children.

Retrak is responding to children who fled to the city to escape the famine. Many of these children live on the streets, so Retrak is providing outreach, sports, medical care, food and shelter, counseling, education, and resettlement with families or foster families to help these children “realize their potential and discover their worth.”

Relief International is screening children for malnutrition and has treated close to 2,000 children through feeding programs. They have also started long-lasting projects such as rainwater collection and well-drilling to help prevent famine from recurring in the future.

US Association for UNHCR funds the United Nations Refugee Agency’s work protecting and providing for refugees around the world. In the Horn of Africa, new arrivals are flowing steadily into UN refugee camps. Your donation will help to deliver blankets, high energy biscuits, tents, and other relief supplies to those who have left their homes in search of food and water.

Merlin USA is active in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia, running health facilities and mobile clinics. Merlin is identifying and treating children suffering from malnutrition, providing nutritional supplements, and providing health care to men, women, and children.

World Concern is providing emergency food, water, and supplies to the most vulnerable populations affected by the famine. They are also working to expand the capacity of existing wells by operating pumps 24 hours a day.


In addition to emergency relief, many of our partners are investing in wells, rainwater collection, and farming to help families become better at surviving future droughts; working to prevent such catastrophic famines from occurring in the future.


Thank you again for your generous donation. 

Internally displaced persons in Ethiopia - Merlin
Internally displaced persons in Ethiopia - Merlin


Jan 9, 2012

Project of the Month Update: January 2012

Educate Children in Ningxia Province, China
Educate Children in Ningxia Province, China

Dear Project of the Month Club,

Happy New Year! In our first email of the year, we are excited to welcome 30 new people to the Project of the Month Club. These new members may have seen the Club featured over the holidays, or may have even received Club membership as a holiday gift. However you found out about the Club, we are thrilled to have you, and we are grateful for your generosity (and the generosity of those who gave to you!) 

Then we have even more good news for you. Last month, you and the other Project of the Month Club members raised a record-breaking $4,594 for Education for Children in Ningxia Province, China. The Children of Ningxia organization provides scholarships to 95 children who would otherwise not have the money to attend school. Your combined donations provided year-long scholarships for five children. The families of these children will no longer have to worry about where the money for lunches or textbooks will come from in the new year. (Chinese New Year is on January 23 this year. How wonderful that five children can look forward to school rather than manual labor this year!) 

January's featured high-impact project is called "Help These Children Avoid Further Suffering," a project by Retrak that meets the needs of children who have fled the famine-stricken areas in the Horn of Africa and are now living on the street in urban slums. "We want to be ready to act quickly as children arrive on the streets," says Anna, Retrak's project leader. "We will provide imediate care as well as offer them a real alternative to life on the streets. We will work to get these children back into a family environment." Your donations in January will be enough to put at least five homeless children into foster families in Ethiopia for a year. Thank you for giving these kids a fresh start for 2012. 

We hope that you feel gratified seeing the impact of your giving on a regular basis. Thank you again, and we look forward to updating you on the high-impact project that you will support next month!

Warm regards,

Mari and the GlobalGiving Team

Help These Children Avoid Further Suffering
Help These Children Avoid Further Suffering
Jan 2, 2012

Matching Funds Remain for The Safer World Fund!

Thanks to everyone who has supported The Safer World Fund since our matching campaign began on the 10th Anniversary of September 11th.

As of January 2, 2012, a bit more than $14,000 remains in matching funds for The Safer World Fund! New donations of any size up to $2000 will be matched at 50 percent until those matching funds are gone. Now is a great time to support vocational training for women in Pakistan, expand and supply a school for Afghan girls, or invest in math education or reproductive health for women and girls in Afghanistan, to give a few examples. If it’s too difficult to choose just one project in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, your donation to The Safer World Fund will assist 7 different projects in that part of the world.

Because of its innovative, high-impact effects, The Safer World Fund was previously selected as the GlobalGiving Project of the Month. We work with terrific nonprofits to be sure that your dollars will be well spent. Nonprofits such as the Marshall Direct Fund, Ayni Education International, and the Afghan Institute of Learning work directly with local people to direct funds to the most effective uses. As the United States reduces its presence in the region, it’s even more important now to offer education, skills, and healthcare to the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Healthy people who can make informed decisions have the best shot at making their lives and their governments better. 

To help us make a bigger impact, share our cause on Facebook or Twitter to pass the word to your friends!


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