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Jul 20, 2011

R.O.A.R. Fund Update July 2011

Dear R.O.A.R. Supporters,

The R.O.A.R. Fund is off to a great start. Each R.O.A.R. beneficiary received its initial $5,000 grant from Animal Planet, and the organizations are gearing up for a matching campaign that is set to start this September. Matching funds, as well as prizes for various categories to be announced closer to September, will be generously provided by Animal Planet to the R.O.A.R. Fund and its beneficiary projects on 

In the meantime, we wanted to let you know what some of the R.O.A.R. beneficiaries have been up to lately with some updates from the field:

  • Within weeks of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan earlier this year, the American Humane Association had wired $10,000 in cash and shipped a load of critical animal sheltering supplies to support local animal relief efforts in Japan such as those of the Japan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (JSPCA) and the Japan Animal Welfare Society (JAWS).
  • For the last 6 months, the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors have been taking care of female joey koala named Frodo, who was found near Kenilworth. Frodo has overcome a fractured skull and significant damage to her stomach and intestines as a result of being shot with what appeared to be the spray of a shot gun, and she is now almost ready to return to the wild.
  • The Jane Goodall Institute has been monitoring the activities of two chimp sisters, Golden and Glitter, at Gombe Stream Research Center in Tanzania. In a recent blog post, Dr. Deus Mjungu, GSRC Director of Chimpanzee Research, hinted that with a distended belly and more tired than normal, Glitter might be pregnant.
  • In its efforts to give wildlife the opportunity to roam and thrive in their native habitat, the National Wildlife Federation’s Adopt-A-Wildlife-Acre Program has recently retired the 2,000-acre Bull and Bay Pasture on Montana’s Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, the 10,000-acre Wapiti allotment in Montana’s Gallatin National Forest, and 45,000 acres on the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge in northeastern Montana.
  • The Foundation was recently in Kentucky with students from Rescue U renovating the Rowan County and Menifee County Animal Shelters. In total, 65 dogs were transported out of the Kentucky shelters to other shelters and rescue groups where they await their forever homes.
  • South Shore Natural Science Center has been teaching students about the migration of Barn Swallows and Baltimore Orioles via its newly-updated Migration Exhibits and Naturepedia interactive monitors. 

We will continue to update you on their progress throughout the year, and don’t forget to look for the upcoming matching funds that will be available this September!

Thanks for your support,
The GlobalGiving and Animal Planet R.O.A.R. teams

Jul 15, 2011

Girl Effect Fund Update July 2011

18-year-old Insana; Photo courtesy: BRAC
18-year-old Insana; Photo courtesy: BRAC

Dear Girl Effect supporter,

What a year it’s been! From winning the TEDx ‘Ads Worth Spreading’ award to surpassing 250,000 likes on Facebook, the Girl Effect movement is gaining momentum – and thanks to you, it’s not slowing down any time soon. Your generous contributions will have a powerful ripple effect for years to come. 

In the past year, more than 6,000 girl champions just like you have raised over $425,000 to support girls around the globe. From Bangladesh to Kenya, Ethiopia to Paraguay, your donation is helping educate, equip, and empower thousands of girls to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty and build a stronger world for everyone.

Your continued generosity is the heart and soul of the Girl Effect movement. Here’s a glimpse of what your contribution has helped to accomplish.

You helped 18-year-old Insana (photo attached courtesy of BRAC) receive training to become a tailor in her village of Kalampur, Bangladesh. She used the money she earned to re-enroll in school, and she is currently preparing for her Secondary School Certificate exam. In her free time, she is training other girls in her village with the hope of getting them back in school too.

Insana IS the Girl Effect, and your generous donation has helped her start a ripple effect that will forever change the lives of girls in her village.

In addition, your donation supported girls involved in these seven other projects:

Carolina for Kibera, Inc.: YOU provided a safe space and advocacy platform for adolescent girls living in the Kibera slum of Kenya.  More than 900 girls have participated in the program to combat gender-based violence and discrimination.

Equality Now: YOU funded a workshop that provided legal training to adolescent survivors of sexual violence and human rights abuses. 

Fundación Paraguaya: YOU taught girls in the Mbaracayu region of Paraguay how to build small-scale, agro-forestry enterprises to learn both technical and entrepreneurial skills for economic independence and regional poverty reduction.

Going to School Fund: YOU created a 15-part television series that will soon be aired on Indian national television to encourage and inspire India’s poorest girls to stay in school and learn entrepreneurial skills to solve social and environmental problems.

Harambee Center: YOU increased the daily income of 60 undereducated girls in Tanzania by providing the funding for a new sewing machine. The girls witnessed an income leap from $1 per day to $8 per day.

Save the Children: YOU helped girls in Bangladesh develop life skills and receive the support needed to stay in school thanks to your contribution to a community safe space. More than 42,400 girls have been reached through the program.

United Nations Foundation: YOU prevented a girl in Ethiopia’s Amhara region from becoming a child bride. In a region where more than 40 percent of girls marry before the age of 15, your gift helped one family break the cycle. This project has delayed marriage for more than 11,000 girls.

To continue supporting one of these projects, or to set up a monthly donation, please visit

On behalf of all adolescent girls living in poverty, thank you so much for your donation and support. The clock is ticking for 250 million girls in the developing world, and thanks to the generosity of girl champions like you, more girls are breaking the poverty cycle and reaching their full potential.

Best Wishes,
The GlobalGiving team

Jul 5, 2011

Project of Month Update: July 2011

Help Afghan Boys Trade Guns For Books - June 2011
Help Afghan Boys Trade Guns For Books - June 2011

Thank you for supporting Help Afghan Boys Trade Guns For Books this past month!

This past month we raised $2,412 from 92 donors. When we told Dr. Sakena Yacoobi, Executive Director of Afghan Institute of Learning, about the Club's generosity she had this to say:

We are so thrilled that our project, Help Afghan Boys Trade Guns for Books, has been chosen as the project of the month for June 2011. This is such an important cause.

As you have read in many news stories, young men in Afghanistan who are uneducated are sometimes recruited by various groups with less than good intentions, and, with no other hope or prospects, they follow down the wrong path. The Afghan Institute of Learning hopes to change this by providing opportunities for young men, who might otherwise have no chance for education, to attend our learning centers where they can study literacy, English, computers, a skilled trade, etc.

Thanks to your donations at least 40 young men will receive education for one year. Our intention with this funding is to direct it to the Hazrat Bilal Learning Center in Herat, Afghanistan. As of last month, there were 106 young men and boys attending this Center. One student told this story:

"I hoped to go to school but, when I asked my mother to let me go, she answered that we don't have enough money and your father is dead. One of my brothers cleans shoes and the other sells flowers on the street. My mother works in a neighbor's house. I really suffered because my brothers and I could not go to school. I want to be a good teacher in the future and teach the poor students. My mother got information about Hazrat Bilal Center and she was so happy. When I asked why she was happy, she told me that there was a Center open near my house that teaches students for free and that an Afghan woman, Miss Professor Yacoobi, helps the poor families obtain an education. My brothers and I went to the Center and registered and we are now students of the Center."

In this case, three young boys are now studying because of your help!

Thanks for your help in sending 40 young men in Afghanistan to school for a year!

This month, we're pleased to announce that Julie Foudy Scholarships For Military Daughters is the project of the month for July 2011.

This project provides military daughters with self-esteem and leadership skills during a week-long soccer academy. Scholarships are provided to girls from all over the country. Girls participate in soccer and leadership activities focused on positive life lessons. They're challenged to develop a service project to implement back at home, and the Academy staff and mentors follow up to help with project completion.

The teen years can be hard, and military daughters have the added stress of prolonged absence of a parent. The leadership academy provides these teens with a supportive community where they are challenged, build skills, and grow into confident, strong young women, who are eager to be leaders of positive change. As one past participant said: "This camp has influenced my life by helping me realize that there is nothing stopping me from reaching my dreams but my own doubts, and that if I work hard enough, I can achieve anything."

This year, the Academy has set of goal of doubling the number of military daughters on full scholarship at this summer's JFSLA sessions. This project has demonstrated it has a high impact and we are pleased to support their efforts by selecting them as the July Project of the Month. Your donations will provide full scholarships for at least two military daughters.

Thank you again for your support and we look forward to updating you on the amazing project that you will support next month!

Warm regards,
Mari and the GlobalGiving Team

Julie Foudy Scholarships For Military Daughters
Julie Foudy Scholarships For Military Daughters
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