Coronavirus Relief Fund

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Coronavirus Relief Fund

Coronavirus Relief: What's Happening and How to Help

You can help communities around the world stop the COVID-19 pandemic.

The projects listed below are led by vetted GlobalGiving partners responding to the pandemic, which has caused thousands of casualties and spread to more than 100 countries. These projects include efforts to stop the virus’s spread and help patients recover from it, as well as education initiatives focused on prevention.

You can donate directly to a specific project below or to GlobalGiving’s Coronavirus Relief Fund and we'll allocate it to where it's needed most. GlobalGiving will post reports about how your donation has been put to use.

Empower a Girl: For Self-Reliance
Kole Intellectual Forum intends to influence the ideas of policy makers at all levels, educationists, community and youth in Uganda to include the course unit of Home Economics in the syllabus of basic education with the intention to promote quality, sustainable, and potential education by building an Institute of Home Economics at Kole District, Northern Uganda.
Help Feed Hundreds of Hungry People
Two million Ecuadorians suffer from severe hunger according to the World Food Program. Food insecurity in Cuenca, Ecuador has been impacted by the mass migration of Venezuelan refugees, COVID, a host of natural disasters, and two national strikes. The Cuenca Soup Kitchen is committed to providing food and other assistance to families experiencing food insecurity in Cuenca, Ecuador. By addressing food insecurity, CSK provides greater access to health, education, and a more productive future.
Education & food for 600 children in Guatemala
Only 30% of children who start primary school education reach grade six at the correct age and even less go onto secondary school. Having provided primary education for 3,000 children to date we are now concentrating on putting between 600-1000 students through secondary school and college over the next ten years. We also supply extra school materials to primary school students thus helping to provide education from primary school to college.
Safeguarding Ol Pejeta's Rhino Populations
Wildlife on Ol Pejeta faces increasing threats from climate change, poaching and more. Home to 167 black rhinos - the largest population of black rhinos in East and Central Africa, as well as the last two northern white rhinos, Ol Pejeta is one of the most important wildlife conservancies in the world. By monitoring wildlife, engaging with the community and ranger patrols, our teams work 24/7 to safeguard these rhinos. Your support is urgently needed so that we can continue these key programs.
This project will enables us to consistently pay a team of 52 staff members who have volunteered to transform lives of the less fortunate and vulnerable children, majority of whom were on the streets looking for ways of survival without going to school until this project came into existence.
Provide healthcare to remote displaced communities
This project provides basic healthcare in remote areas where healthcare is no longer available due to the conflict. Community health workers are community members trained, paid, and supplied to provide free basic and emergency healthcare to children 0-5 and the most vulnerable, and link complicated cases to specialized healthcare. They also monitor outbreaks (monkey pox, cholera, measles) Sometimes it costs community members as much as 100$ and 12 hours to reach the nearest health facility.
Emergency Family Relief Food and Nutrition Support
There are major threats to food systems including conflict, famine and drought, locust invasion and the COVID-19 pandemic effects. The project contributes to sustainable development goal 2 with the aim to provide emergency food support, achieve food security and improved nutrition to most vulnerable families in the informal settlement of Nairobi. We are seeking support to enable us to respond to the nutritional needs of children, adolescent girls, pregnant and lactating women, and older persons.
Give Hope to Kisumu's Underprivileged Children
The COVID-19 pandemic completely derailed the education journey for the poorest and most vulnerable children. RKF's main aim is to ensure school children in Kisumu always have access to quality education. We do this by ensuring students have access to two hot meals while at school, educational supplies like books and stationery and sanitary pads for girls. We also support the families of students with food rations
Coronavirus: Rebuild Lives in India and Nepal
2021 saw the peak of the second wave of Covid-19 infections in India and Nepal, with recorded cases reaching more than 400,000 per day. Today the economic and social impact of lockdown continues to affect the most marginalized communities the most, who already live a precarious 'hand to mouth' existence. We address the needs of struggling communities and provide sustainable and impactful recovery aid. They will need your support for many years to come. Your donations can rebuild lives.
Booster grants to 500 needy Households in Uganda
This project is providing booster grants worth $300 to 500 vulnerable families each year in 2 districts of Jinja and Mpigi district in Eastern and central Uganda respectively, its targetting families of HIV infected and affected children, female sex workers aiming at making them financially stable, most of these families are headed by women who can not access loans from financial institutions due to lack of collateral, this project also empowers them with business skills trainings quarterly
Equip African Teens to Succeed
When teens grow up in poverty, staying focused in school can be tough. But those who do and work hard have the best chance of changing their lives for the better. Infinite Family works with African teens from badly under-resourced communities where most are left behind. We provide the tech access and support they need to thrive in the 21st century. And our ground-breaking video mentorship program helps them develop the skills, resilience, and motivation to make their way in the world.
Empowering Women in Kalimantan to Prevent Stunting
This initiative aims to tackle the persistent issue of stunting in Indonesia, particularly in rural areas like Central Kalimantan. Stunting greatly affects the health and development of children, and currently 1 in 4 children in Indonesia is stunted. With your support, our holistic approach focusing on community leaders engagement, monitoring of pregnant mothers, and public awareness will provide tools to prevent stunting to more than 2,500 families, mostly living in poverty.
Coronavirus Relief Project | Sphoorti Foundation
Through this project, you can provide essential food items and Health Kits to poor and marginalised families in rural areas. These people are largely neglected and have little access to Covid related treatment and care. This campaign can help provide basic nutrition and vitamin and mineral tablets, dry fruits along with sanitary products like masks, gloves and sanitizers. We are also providing Grocery Packets to beneficiaries from vulnerable communities like sex workers, transgenders etc.
Covid-19|Education raises indigenous women income
"In Una Mano para Oaxaca, we are implementing a long-term post-COVID-19 crisis program to support the recovery and rebuilding efforts of our indigenous communities in Oaxaca. The program aims to help them recover from the economic recession and regain a strong foothold in their communities, enabling them to thrive and prosper in the future."
Help a Child: Provide Access to Water in Nigeria
This project would provide access to safe clean drinking water in rural communities in Northern, Nigeria. Our mission is to ensure that 100000 by the end of 2021 have access to water & sanitation. The project will build tube wells, handheld pumps, ventilated improved pit toilets, train children on good hand washing practices and workshops on making schools WASH Friendly . The project will also provide WASH materials, face masks, sanitizers and palliatives to prevent COVID 19 in the communities.
Covid-19: Relief to Rural Communities in India
India is recovering from the devastating effects of Covid-19, but new cases are on the rise again. The pandemic has ravaged the lives of people in southern Rajasthan, whose average daily income is less than $0.70 (Rs. 52). We provided temporary support to these families, by distributing relief kits and arranging for medical facilities. We are now working on providing long term sustainable measures. Your donation will be used to create long term opportunities for these rural communities.
Help Older Adults Enjoy Quality Life, Community
Our Adult Care Essentials program provides adult incontinence needs to enable aging populations to fully participate in life again. Adults in need of incontinence supplies who struggle to afford these items will suffer in silence. Many will stay home to avoid embarrassment. When we provide comfortable, effective protection older adults can be a part of their community once again.
Coronavirus Emergency Food Distribution
When COVID19 arrived in Kenya, Springs of Hope Foundation shifted its focus from a free vocational training school for vulnerable young women to making facemasks to be given to the most vulnerable in our community. It quickly became apparent that catastrophic food shortages & mass starvation were greater devastations than the virus itself. Since March we have been focusing on a free food hamper & facemask distribution program to the elderly, people with disabilities & child-headed households.
Clean Water Access for the Children of Venezuela
Chamos seeks support to give water to vulnerable communities in Venezuela, particularly children most disproportionately affected. With the majority of the population lacking access to clean water, insufficient healthcare, malnutrition, and water scarcity, there has been a detrimental impact on children's health and education. Chamos and our partners are there now. We are providing clean water and sanitation across health and education programmes to save lives, and create a sustainable futures.
Feed the poor during Covid-19 crisis
India is a country where millions of people live in extreme poverty. In order to help the poor to navigate through these bad times during the lockdown, El Shaddai has been working round the clock to ease the distress of 1000 marginalized individuals by serving them with dry rations and groceries. Within few days of launching the initiative, we have distributed the groceries to about 500 needy families across the state of Goa.
Provide Quality Education to 15000 Amazon Children
Vaga Lume carefully selects collections of literature books to libraries and trains teachers as reading mediators in 86 rural communities in the Brazilian Amazon region. By encouraging adults to frequently read to children, Vaga Lume makes reading a pleasurable activity, helping to break the endless cycle of poor literacy skills of Amazon people. By donating to Vaga Lume, you will be offering 15,000 Amazon children opportunities they can only access through good quality education.
Gardens, Goats, and More: Climate Action Palestine
The Corona pandemic has damaged the world food supply, lowering food exports and dramatically impacting the world economy. One important way for unemployed Palestinian families to get by is to garden or raise chickens, goats, sheep, cows, or rabbits. Please give the poorest families in Gaza and the West Bank the gardening supplies or livestock they need to produce their own food and start a home-based business -a vital, sustainable climate action.
Emergency Relief for Inter-Faith Filipino Children
In the Philippines, religious conflict and natural disasters have caused suffering for millions of Filipino children. This program provides care for children who are victims of the Covid-19 virus and other disasters. Inter-faith cooperation teaches students the value of teamwork and unity. We provide face masks, basic food, clean water, and hygiene. In response to the Covid19 crisis, we are currently providing PPE's, hand-washing supplies, and nutrition programs for more than 3,000 children.
Save Yemeni Souls from COVID-19
Deep concern over a potential rapid spread of coronavirus in Yemen. "The factors are all here. Low levels of general immunity, high levels of acute vulnerability & a fragile, overwhelmed health system," said Ms. Lise Grande, the HC in Yemen. The basic materials and aids are not available due to this civil war. SYS presents this program to combat the spread of infectious diseases and provide some means of prevention in many neighborhoods, mosques, restaurants, as well as the markets.
Food support for Kibera's after school Program
As most people struggle with economic recovery from the effects of COVID 19, many breadwinners for families in our network in Kibera rely on informal labor markets to support their families; some of these families are unable to provide a minimum of two meals to their children we teach. Many people live hand to mouth, unable to build financial safety nets and thus unable to provide food and basic necessities for their children. We are raising funds for food assistance during our classes.
Donate for Clinic Medicine & Staff @ Uganda Clinic
This project will help an existing northern Uganda clinic better serve the 5000+ people from 5 villages who rely on this remote clinic to serve their health care needs. This clinic needs additional medicines and more staff to better respond to the coronavirus crisis as well as the continued overload of malaria cases during rainy seasons each year.
Covid-19 Bringing Hope Through Palliative Care
We stand with everyone else around the world in these very difficult times of COVID-19 as the entire globe is affected by this pandemic. This outbreak has posed a serious challenge for us in the provision of the palliative care services to our patients and ensuring that our staff has appropriate protective equipment. However, we will try to continue to provide the much needed care amidst the threat but we need your support to enable us to do this.
Educate50 orphan youth in Yemen
The project targeting 50 impoverished orphan youth who are vulnerable to abuse, neglect, & exploitation by Criminals & extremists. providing holistic care in the areas of,education, food, legal protection, medical & psychosocial services to orphans & vulnerable kids.Our program reaches 300 youth providing the only meal most will eat for the day, & our scholarship program allows youth (boys & girls) opportunity to attend school who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend.We offer hope beyond poverty
Lets make stories without hunger
In recent years we have seen stories of many families where ensuring daily food is a task that is not always achieved when an emergency appears. Time teaches us how fragile we can be in the face of an emergency, and even more so if it is a global one, whether due to something as small as the COVID virus or as big as a war. It's time to create stories with hope with a better future.
At Home Discovery Kits for Low Income VI Families
This project will help supply families with the tools needed to keep kids engaged and inspired to create and learn at home this summer by providing At Home Discovery Kits to low-income families in the United States Virgin Islands.
Emergency COVID_19 HIV+ youths
The COVID-19 pandemic marks an unprecedented time that will require the best of humanity to overcome. Coronavirus has taken thousands of lives and spread to nearly in the all country. Your donation to this project will support immediate and relief in Youths who are HIV positive during one of the most challenging times we have collectively faced.
Improving reproductive health rights in Uganda
The project aims to enhance awareness of reproductive health rights, services to adolescent girls & young women to undertake intensive educational activities on the use of modern contraceptives to protect against STIs, unwanted pregnancies among 600 women 2600 in-out of school girls in Uganda using youth friendly services, Rights Based approach, focus groups, Adult-centered learning, Peer-to-Peer, Outreaches, table talks, Film & Health Education Talks.
Relief in 3rd wave of COVID- 19 crises in Pakistan
Nearly 841,636 cases have been reported in Pakistan with 18000 deaths reported so far and the 3rd wave badly hit Pakistan while numbers are increasing rapidly. The lockdown is up again and have left millions of daily wage laborers, farmers etc. unemployed . The situation is getting worse with every passing hour will no space in hospitals and limited oxygen. The communities are once again fearing for not been able to get food and other important supplies. Immediate relief is the need of the hour.
Ending Poverty with skills development in Pakistan
AHD has been working in the rural areas of Sindh since & tacking with skills development of long disasters in Pakistan, 2019 to 2020 COVUD-19 hit hard and than 2022 super floods hit hard Pakistan, AHD wants to build capacity of rural poor people of Pakistan via skill trainings and this project will help 1,000 rural families with kitchen grading to empower local people and give them skills to plant vegetables for their food security at nearby home or village.
Food Banks & Pantries: Crisis Response in Germany
Tafel Deutschland e.V. is the national association of food banks and community pantries in Germany. Our network of over 60,000 volunteers at nearly 960 branches nationwide is working to safely provide food and other resources to around 2 million beneficiaries throughout the country, many of whom are especially vulnerable to Covid-19 due to their age or preexisting health conditions along with those impacted by the economic downturn.
Urgent life aid for100 black affected people Yemen
As a black man living in the most underserved neighborhood in Yemen, Abdo works as a janitor. He exposes himself to the most hazardous conditions and deals with infected wastes in order to offer nourishment and shelter for his 14 children, whereas federal medical aid is inattentive. Yet, 4 children died consequently from Cholera owing to the absence of favorable living conditions. Abdo needs heroes like you are to help his 10 children survive COVID global pandemic and educate his children.
Help our Animal Hospital Survive Covid-19 Crisis
The global Covid-19 Virus crisis is affecting the whole world. In India we have faced nationwide lockdowns and restrictions that have had a severe impact on our ability to help sick and injured animals. This project will provide emergency funding to help TOLFA get through these uncertain and unpredictable times. Supplies of food and medicines are getting harder to source and what we can get is becoming more expensive. We want to ensure we can keep helping the animals who rely on us.
COVID Relief for Tamil Nadu Families
As the COVID situation keeps changing, we pivot to provide the most effective help. First we distributed emergency rations to thousands on the brink of starvation; next we starting helping farmers to create their own natural fertilizer, to increase the size of their harvest and to sell for extra income. Now that the second COVID wave has again left many without a source of income, we have also started giving cash grants to allow recipients to buy whatever they need to survive.
Turkish Education Foundation (TEV) is undertaking a new project named GRATITUDE TO CORONA HEROES FUND to support the education of children of healthcare workers in Turkey who have forfeited their lives in the frontlines of this struggle due to COVID-19. Moreover, the scope of the fund will be extended to support more students who faced with negative effects of the pandemic as the Fund's support rises.
Support visual health for 1000 Guatemalans
Providing solutions to common eye conditions is one of the simplest interventions to dramatically increase quality of life among the poor. In late 2022, GuateBUENA re-opened our Visual Health services for the first time since before the pandemic, offering more than 300 free eye exams and high-quality glasses at minimal cost. We are seeking your help to expand this work so that we can reach more communities with visual health campaigns, and to diagnose and treat more common eye problems.
Prevention of domestic violence in Mexican homes
In Mexico, domestic violence in quarantine increased by 120% within vulnerable families. This project will help 75 families, equivalent to 300 family members, from marginal urban municipalities of Mexico City through digital sessions by a team of experts, who will provide strategies for the detection and reduction of stress, resources for recognition and emotional regulation, positive discipline without violence, and tools for positive interaction between caregivers and children.
Emergency Food Box Program for DV Victims
The COVID-19 crisis highlighted inequalities in the labor market that disproportionately affected women from marginalized backgrounds. With just a little contribution you could help us deliver essential goods and guarantee a meal to the women and children we are supporting. Since the pandemic started, we have provided 3500 bags of food, but we need your help to keep ensuring this service as the pandemic is not over and the island has been extremely suffering the absence of tourism
Relief & Mental Health Services in Syria
For more than a decade, war, violence, and terrorism have persisted in northeast Syria causing millions of people to become displaced, kidnapped, and killed. Many civilians are in urgent need of immediate relief, alongside trauma therapy and mental health interventions. Jiyan Foundation's Treatment Center in Qamishili, Syria provides direct relief and mental health interventions to survivors of these ongoing atrocities. This project was previously providing relief from COVID-19.
Emergency COVID-19 support for Kenyan children
Unemployment in Kenya skyrocketed due to COVID-19, plus with severe drought and inflation, more people are experiencing poverty than ever before, especially the young. We've seen first-hand the devastating impact on children and young people. Many families live hand-to-mouth. With all disasters, the vulnerable are always most at risk. In low-income and drought-affected areas we need to provide food, essential items, training and support to ensure the communities we work alongside are safe.
1 Sleeping Bag for 1 Life
Due to the pandemic and the collapse of the economy, Nepal is facing a humanitarian disaster of an unprecedented scale! 40% of Nepal's population, approximately 12 million people, is poor. Most of these people live in villages in higher altitudes between 500m and 1500m. For many children, the combination of malnourishment and a lack of adequate protection from the freezing cold will have fatal consequences. The project aims to provide Sleeping bags to this target group.
Preventing Teen Pregnancy
In Mexico, every day of 2017, two babies were born to mothers aged 10 and 11. That same year, Mexico had the highest teen pregnancy rate among the 34 member countries of the Organization for Economic Growth Co-operation and Development. Los Cabos has the highest teen pregnancy rate in Mexico. This project will provide no-cost family planning education and support to impoverished women of Los Cabos.
Support people with Down syndrome in this pandemic
Fundacion John Langdon Down serves more than 1,500 students with Down Syndrome and their low-income families each year. We offer educational, medical and psychological programs to children, teens and adults.
Support Vulnerable Families During COVID-19 Crisis
Tijuana's small, but mighty network of civil society organizations have been welcoming migrants and deportees to ensure their basic needs are met. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has directly impacted millions of people's lives in Tijuana and the U.S.-Mexico border region. Since March 15, ICF has granted over $75,000 to local nonprofits to provide food, medicine, and legal services to vulnerable migrants and deportees in Tijuana. Please help us unite, inspire, and provide hope to our nearest neighbors.
Urgent Relief and Prevention of Covid 19 in India
COVID-19 is threatening vulnerable families everywhere in in Andhra Pradesh, India. These communities who are already maximizing their limited resources are now at risk of starvation, as well as being at high risk for contracting Covid 19. BASS India is providing urgent essential food and sanitary kits to the vulnerable families and sensitizing and educating on prevention of Corona virus in in Guntur and Prakasham Districts of Andhra Pradesh.
Prevent domestic violence Pakistan during COVID-19
Spousal abuse and domestic violence is skyrocketing in Pakistan due to COVID-19 lockdowns, lost jobs, meltdown in economy and husbands working from home. This project fundraises to help abused women get help and sanctuary.
Women's Sewing Project in Kakuma Refugee Camp
As the first case of Covid-19 has yet been recorded in the Kakuma Refugee Camps, this project will educate people in the refugee camps on Covid-19 and how it affects people. This will include the methods to contain the virus including hand washing, hygiene, masks, and social distancing. Soap, masks, and sanitary napkins will be distributed to vulnerable refugee families. These proactive measures will help to contain the virus if and when it enters the camp.
COVID-19: treatment of childhood cancer can't stop
We are a philanthropic hospital that serves children and adolescents with cancer, who are still part of the risk group for coronavirus and it's new variants. Cancer doesn't stop during pandemic times, and neither do we. Now we are turning to the only person we can count on: YOU.
Covid: Feed 145 families living in Bangalore slums
Ashwini Charitable Trust is continuing efforts since March 2020 to ensure that none of our student's families go hungry due to job insecurity in the time of a global pandemic and periodic lockdowns. The low income slum dwellers in urban Bangalore are hardest hit. The senior students of the Trust are key in ensuring fair distribution of food provisions amoung the community. Each kit contains: Rice, Toor, Sugar, Atta, Sooji, Chilli Powder, Dhaniya Powder, Tamarind, Oil, Jeera, Turmeric, Salt.
Let's take care of the elderly in DR from COVID-19
El Proyecto es una iniciativa de la Fundacion Xiomara Urena B. en equipo con la por la Fundacion Funcomas que busca salvar vidas cientos de adultos mayores que estan siendo afectadas por la crisis actual causada por el COVID-19. Este proyecto te da la oportunidad de apoyar a garantizar alimentacion, salud y educacion para los envejecientes afectados y sus dependientes directos. Ademas, con este apoyo damos un respiro economico a sus familias con ancianos, que son que no cuentan con el respaldo.
Keep Pakistan Learning
Covid-19 is worsening inequities in our education system. Where school closures abruptly stopped learning for millions of children in low-income communities with limited access to technology, Teach For Pakistan Fellows established innovative learning routines for students using WhatsApp, SMS, calls, and printed learning packs. Moving forward, we want to support the system in offsetting the learning losses, caring for emotional & mental well-being of students, and safe re-opening of schools.
Love, Learning, and Support for Gaza's Children
Over the past year, with your support, 150 underprivileged children in Rafah, Gaza, have been receiving after school Art, Science, and English lessons during COVID in a safe and caring environment. Dedicated and hard-working teachers took it upon themselves to bring smiles to children's faces after the May 2021 bombings. In addition, two distinguished artists brought joy to deaf children in Jabaliya Refugee Camp through a wonderful art instruction program. Help keep this going!
Since COVID, Colombia has had an overwhelming increase in the number of children living in poverty. Since 1970, this project has been seeking to protect children at risk of abuse as well as help them and their families daily with education,food, psychosocial support,recreation,health,prevention of child pregnancy and guidance. We also work to keep them away from the dangers of being on the streets, child labor, and other forms of child abuse. Every year more than 200 children receive support.
Bring clean water to 100 villages in Tanzania
Many villages in rural Tanzania lack access to clean water meaning villagers are forced carry water very long distances from muddy ponds shared with animals, leading to multiple health problems, particularly for children. We use local expertise to sustainably address this with low cost wells. Our local rep in Kasulu has identified villages and schools in desperate need of clean water.
COVID-19 Emergency Education Response
Exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw schools closed for two years and seven months, 9 out of 10 children in the Philippines are in learning poverty. They face losing their education if they are not supported with improved access to learning. FundLife launched 'Uplift Education' as a direct response, providing children with access to digital learning resources, mentors to support them and we are improving teacher capacities to ensure children receive quality teaching.
COVID-19 Pandemic in Peru - send medical supplies
This project will provide direct medical assistance for doctors and nurse in hospitals and clinics throughout Peru. The confirmed cases of infection are growing rapidly, We are in a position to accelerate our shipments - preparing 2 containers stuffed with donated medical equipment and supplies to ship to Lima in less than 2 weeks + we have shipments just arriving there now and forsee a longterm need.
Coronavirus Emergency in Italy
The Covid-19 has been spreading fearlessly in Italy and Specchio dei tempi actively helping. We have donated machineries and equipment to hospitals and delivered grocery bags with food and products to the elderly and single moms, donating tablets to keep the children in school and giving out sanitizing kits to the structures. In addition we have just launched a new tender to support small businesses in Venice and help them get back on track. Help us obstructing Covid-19 and suppor those in need.
Feeding Children and Families
Sarahuaro, A.C. has provided thousands of meals to elementary school-age children who would otherwise have gone hungry at school. We believe in the long-term effects of education. Providing a healthy meal is a simple way to help strengthen a child's chances of having a successful life. "La Cocina de los Ninos Sarahuaro" addresses this health problem based on a long history of feeding children living in poverty, thus applying our experience to the school environment.
Arts as our bridge to Equity during COVID-19
The goal of Story Tapestries has always been to engage at-risk, high-need communities using the arts as the tool for meeting objectives in Literacy, STEAM, Social-Emotional, Self and Community development. Our greatest strength has been our ability to custom-design programs to meet the specific needs of a community. This has taken on new meaning as our global community and local residents in the Greater Washington Region and across Maryland are coping with the spread of COVID-19.
Food Baskets for Ugandan Families
Project Have Hope has always been about creating lasting and sustainable change to create independence. However, sometimes a little extra help is needed. The economic toll that COVID-19 wrought is ongoing. In addition to providing emergency food baskets to families as needed, we have implemented a breakfast program to serve 200+ children breakfast ecah morning.
Feed 1200 children and 400 women during LOCKDOWN
Joy for Children Uganda (JFCU) is a non -profit child rights organization established in 2005 that exists to respond to the plight of vulnerable children in Uganda. For the past 10 years Joy for Children Uganda has been implementing the Kampala Slum Development Project. This project supports many disadvantaged children and children living with disabilities in slum with basic care supplies in education and skills. Majority of the caretakers/ parents of the children on our programs are benefiting
Help Our Doman Families Accomplish the Impossible
Every person plays a vital role in making a difference for the brain-injured children whom we champion. We ask that you help us make the lives of the families we touch significantly better. With your help, we can help make the impossible, possible. With your donation, DII can reach more children and provide resources to more families across the globe. Bringing the Doman Method even closer to those who need it. Will you make a difference in the life of a brain-injured child today?
COVID education/"Safe Park" for Children
COVID education is provided to orphans and vulnerable children living in impoverished communities in Lusaka, Zambia. About 20-30 children participate each week. Health care personnel conduct workshops on COVID prevention. A small snack and masks are provided. These workshops were started in July 2020 to keep children and families safe from COVID. Once COVID is over, we will revert back to our old format of engaging children in educational games, activities, and workshops on HIV prevention.
Supporting frontline health worker in remote Nepal
PHASE Nepal works in remote and isolated areas of Nepal supporting free primary health care, livelihood and education improvement, supporting PWDs, disaster risk reduction, research and now Covid-19 response. PHASE Nepal provides direct health services to more than 90,000 patients/year in remote Humla, Mugu, Bajura, Sindhupalchok and Gorkha. Thus, this project aims to save lives of health workers and community workers by supporting their treatment incase of possible infection & complications.
Urgent - Prevent poaching crisis due to COVID-19
Suni-Ridge is a wildlife sanctuary conserving sensitive, irreplaceable sand forest habitat for endangered species. Due to the hard Lockdown in South Africa, there has been a sudden surge in wildlife poaching. Five animals have just been cruelly snared - 85 snares were recovered in one night. There is an urgent need for increased security during this time. The Sanctuary's income has come to a complete standstill due to COVID -19 and urgent funds are desperately needed to keep our wildlife safe.
The Saint Lucia National Trust C-19 Relief Fund
The Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT) is mandated to protect Saint Lucia's patrimony. Revenue from the Pigeon Island National Landmark, our flagship site, is our main source of income, which helps us to preserve other historic sites, and landscapes with their flora and fauna, some of which are endemic species. With the removal of the Government subvention in 2017 and responses to COVID-19 we face uncertainty for both our conservation work and our dedicated staff. Please help keep the SLNT alive!
Empower 1,200 Mayan girls and youth from Chiapas
Achieving gender equality and women's empowerment is the world's greatest human rights challenge, according to UN. The COVID-19 pandemic eroded the limited achievements in this regard, especially for indigenous women and girls who continue facing complex and intersecting forms of violence linked to patriarchal structures, racial and ethnic discrimination, and various human rights violations. We contribute to prevent violences that impedes gender equality and reproduces toxic masculinities.
Feed families & rebuild 3000 futures in Sri Lanka
The project will help feed and provide livelihood support through sustainable agriculture and economic empowerment to rebuild vulnerable families in Sri Lanka who are close to starvation due to the economic crisis following the Covid19 pandemic. This project will create small businesses and strengthen families to keep children out of orphanages. We'll provide nutritional food parcels, crops, resources, financial management and income generation training to provide good health/economic stability.
Mali Clinic Supplies to Protect Against COVID-19
On March 25th, the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Mali. GAIA Vaccine Foundation is preparing for the outbreak alongside our partners at Hope Center Clinic. We are in need of medical supplies including masks, gowns, gloves, thermometers, and disinfectant to protect our staff and patients.
COVID-19 Relief for Emergency Service Veterans.
This project supports veterans and those leaving the emergency services. Many veterans came out of retirement to help tackle the Covid crisis and joined the 'fight' at the pandemic and disaster 'front-line'. FirstLight Trust provides the tools, resources and therapies to ensure these incredible individuals are supported and able to deal with the ongoing fallout from Covid lockdowns; in particular the emotional, mental and physical fall out from dealing with constant emergencies.
Staying Safe During COVID-19 Pandemic
The COVID19 Pandemic marks an unprecedented time in modern history that will require the best of humanity to overcome. Your donation to this fund will help stop COVID19s spread and protect us all.
Kitengela Academy Primary Sch supports 50 orphans
This project aims to keep a private school and orphanage from closure, following the impact of covid on income from fee-paying pupils. This project aims to support the school with its immediate shortfall in income and to help to build a sustainable cost and revenue model to provide long term security for the children it serves. Closure of the school would leave 30 orphans without a home, care, food or education and a further 20 orphans would be without education.
Ration for 1000 families of person with disability
The COVID-19 pandemic is causing unprecedented difficulty and hardship for persons with disabilities, and they remain the most vulnerable at this time. Today, we need your support more than ever before. NOWPDP is a disability inclusion initiative that works in the areas of education and economic empowerment. For the last 11 years, it has impacted 6000+ lives.
Give to stop the spread of coronavirus and COVID19
Coronavirus is spreading rapidly among our community due to other cultural beliefs we had in our country like hand shaking when greeting each other, staying closer in funeral ceremonies, Engagement and Wedding ceremonies, Initiation ceremonies and the way out Orphans and other Vulnerable person's are sharing their staying and sleeping rooms. Some of these Malawian cultures need to be stopped and the supply of some material that i helps in preventing the spread of coronavirus has to increasing
Coronavirus Safe Education Initiative
The Philippines has thousands of seafarers and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) which might carry the novel corona-virus back to their home-place and spread the contagion. The virus emanates from Wuhan, China and is now spreading worldwide. This project will educate local people by means of leaflets, social media and small meetings on how to detect symptoms, what to do in order to prevent transmission and how to practice health precautions when a case starts to appear and infect people.
It has been a trying year for us all and especially as an org we have gotten the support from the global giving platform,we words cannot express the gratitude in our hearts. We are faced with hardship during the lockdown it has prooven it difficult for families at the therapy center to cater for the kids . We are asking for your donations to keep the roof over the kids and provide basic needs as they attend therapy.
COVID 19 EMERGENCY FUND for Nandri Mothers
by Nandri
India has declared a 21 day lockdown due to the Corona Virus. Our very poor Dalit mothers will be unable to work and earn enough money to feed their families. They survive from day to day making money to buy food. They have no savings and now no jobs. Their Micro finance schemes will no longer be able to operate. With the help of your donation Nandri will ensure our mothers and their families survive this catastrophe. Just a small amount enables us to support one of our families for 1 month.
Coronavirus Relief for Children in Serbia
This project will help us provide basic food for the poorest children in Serbia who, with schools being closed, have lost the only secure daily meal. It will also give them access to the online education being provided but which they cannot follow without internet, electricity or any other remote learning resource. With the state of emergency and lock-down their parents have lost any opportunity to earn any money. We need to help their children get food, stay healthy and keep learning.
Sustain 500 families affected by Covid-19 in Kenya
Most people living in Kenya, specifically Kibera slum (The second largest urban slum in the world) depend on casual and domestic work to earn a living. However, because of COVID-19 they have lost their income and businesses. The project will provide psychological, financial and social support needed for these people to recover from the impact of COVID-19.
This project will help break the barriers of misconceptions among local people through education. It will provide emergency food packs to those who are going hungry, including low-income families, orphanages, physically challenged, and older people's homes. One food pack costs USD 15 and keeps a family of 5 in food security for ten days.
We are distributing essential food supplies to families in need in Nusa Penida, (part of Bali Island) who are still affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Due to this pandemic, Bali was closed for International tourism for over 2 years and many people are still struggling to provide food for their families. Right now tourism is slowly coming back, but especially the rural areas in the mountains of Nusa Penida don't benefit yet enough from this effect! Meaning: the need for help is still essential!
GREEK Homeless Protection & Support during COVID19
In 2020, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, affected the most vulnerable of our fellow humans deprived of a permanent roof, living in precarious conditions, exposed and marginalized. Emfasis Foundation has so far provided: - 1000's of basic necessities with contactless deliveries, psychosocial services via the operation of the 2 mobile support units & streetwork/outreach teams, a hotline number for immediate support and recording of emergency lockdown needs and vital information leaflets.
COVID-19 Relief Appeal by CHCS Pakistan
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a new virus. Coronavirus disease spreads primarily through contact with an infected person when they cough or sneeze. The disease is spreading at an alarming rate in Pakistan and so far affected more than 3000 persons and also causing 50 deaths. in this backdrop, CHCS has started a relief campaign in order to cause awareness and also help those affected by the virus and those who have been rendered unemployed due to lockdown.
Project will support for the family and migrant who lost thier work because covid panademic and struglling for survival in life near and around the land of Buddha because of lost the work and difficult to feed their family specially for the family whose children are attending in the school and the migrant who return after lost their work because of covid panademic and lockdown. Its became risky for the children who may dropout in the school because of family circumstances.
The Collinsville Food Pantry - Moving Forward
The Collinsville Food Pantry serves the community of Collinsville, Il. The reduction in SNAP benefits have hit us hard. We are serving more families that have been affected financially. We are needing extra funds to replenish our supply.
Little by Little- Tahanan
Tahanan ng Pagmamahal Children's Home, Inc wants to sustain the basic needs of the 45 children including food and medical to boost their immune system and to prevent them from COVID 19 Pandemic and other illnesses.
Corona Epidemic Emergency Response Project
The Corona epidemic has added new suffering to the Yemeni people, who have been suffering from the scourge of war for six years, and with the severe weakness of the infrastructure in Yemen and the poor medical services, the epidemic is spreading among Yemeni society rapidly, as the daily statistics which are in fact inaccurate due to the limet of PCR tests, so people face the epidemic without assistance. This project aims to provide aid and assistance to poor families to confront the spread of
Food relief for vulnerable Australians
COVID-19 and the resulting financial impacts, including the sharp increases in the cost-of-living being experienced across Australia, have been the catalyst in the exponential increase in food insecurity. Foodbank is in urgent need of funding to source key staple foods that don't come in sufficient quantities via traditional rescue channels. This will enable Foodbank to provide a sustainable supply in a variety of essential foods that are nutritious and convenient for vulnerable Australians.
Support for the COVID-19 prevention and control
With emerging of COVID-19 coupled with traditional issues that marginalized girls and women across the globe including Bangladesh from March 2020; the vulnerability of girls and women has increased to the greatest extent. This was confirmed from a mini research that was conducted by DDEF from February to September, 2020; when it registered 20 girls for its designed program on Home Economics; 50% only reported on the 30/9/2020 and the balance of 50% dropped out because of those.
Coronavirus Relief Support for Bangladesh
Covid 19, a pandemic declared by WHO is threatening whole world by spreading in almost every corner across globe. Thousand people being infected & already died due to coronavirus. Considering the deadly outreach where the antidote is still unknown, we can only imagine the horror if it massively spread in densely populated country like ours. Your donation on the project will help us raise awareness, distribute protective gears and continue education from home by Digital Education Initiative
Terminally ill children in isolation need you
This project will help Rainbow Trust Children's Charity to continue providing emotional and practical support to life-threatened or seriously ill children and their families who, in the current coronavirus crisis, are facing their already difficult day-to-day becoming the impossible. We want to be able to continue supporting the 2,500 vulnerable families we currently help. We can only continue to do all this if we have money to fund it.
Gift Hope: Sponsor a Child in Zambia
Due to the effects of the pandemic, 20% of children in our program have lost their sponsorship and the waiting list for the new school year in January is growing. Our partner, Almoayed Ventures, is currently matching all new full sponsorships! This means when you sponsor one child, two children will receive an education! Make a one time donation or donate monthly & we'll send you details of the children you have sponsored. For about a dollar a day you'll be providing two pathways out of poverty.
This past year 1 in 4 households have become food insecure - including children. Covid-19 has definitely changed the way Rescuing Leftover Cuisine operates, but not a single week in 2020 has passed without food being rescued across the nation. On the contrary, we have provided over 1,224 meals every single week since August. As we prepare for the winter and a potential second wave of Covid-19, our mission is more important than ever before. Solve food waste and hunger one plate at a time!
Provide 100 beds to needy pregnant moms in Africa
We've recently learnt of the plight of our local hospitals during the COVID-19 crisis. We have seen pictures of mothers lying on the floor during labour or waiting days for a C-section, which causes many risks for the mothers and babies. Through this project, we'd like to purchase mattresses and blankets for the many expectant moms queuing the passages waiting to deliver their babies.
farming to feed
Farming help reduce poverty, raise incomes and improve food security for 80% of the world's poor, who live in rural areas and work mainly in farming.Agriculture impacts society in many ways, including: supporting livelihoods through food, habitat, and jobs.
Relief for NYC's Refugee Families
This campaign will provide direct support to the refugee population we serve in New York City, a group that is facing significant challenges during the recent wave of migrations.
Seedlings & Soap: Promoting Food Security in Kenya
Partnering with women's community groups, together we're growing seedlings for kitchen gardens to fight malnutrition for 1,500+ mothers and their 7,500+ children. 100% DIRECT GIVING: 100% OF YOUR DONATIONS HELP WOMEN GROW HEALTHY GARDENS FOR THEIR CHILDREN.
Packages of Emergency care
This project is to support children to have their hands properly washed while they are staying home. Currently, schools all across Cambodia are closed Parents are desperate to secure daily food support for their families. Because of SARS-CoV-2, there are many families losing their jobs, and therefore access to income. Our target is to provide 100 families with one handwashing device and a package of food supplies.
Covid19 food support for people living with T1D
Type 1 Diabetes(T1D) is a manageable disease if you have the proper diet, food supply and insulin. This T1D project will support 41 people living with T1D, but lacking a constant food supply, glucose readers and insulin. During the COVID19 quarantine, more persons than usual have been taken to the hospital because of their glucose levels not being regulated properly. They lack food because the quarantine has stopped all non-essential jobs in communities that depend on money daily to eat.
Aid to Refugees of Storms, Floods, and Violence
Thousands of families in the Philippines have been displaced by volcanoes, typhoons, fires, floods, and Covid-19 outbreaks. Asia America Initiative and our partners provide emergency food, water, tarp shelters, blankets, hygiene, face masks, and basic health care items for 20,000 displaced families and first responders. Thus far, more than 10 tons of relief supplies have been given. Your donation will affect communities and inspire hope for the homeless.
Palestine, We Care: COVID-19 Relief Trust
NGO hospitals in Gaza are currently operating without adequate COVID19 testing to safeguard the most vulnerable staff and patients. In communities, the cascading effects of COVID19 are pushing families further into food insecurity. Our partner NGOs ask your help to provide boxes of food, masks, and sanitizers to the most vulnerable. Medical staff at our three partner NGO hospitals ask for COVID19 rapid test kits to test high risk and medically vulnerable patients as well as staff. Please help.
Global Coronavirus Relief
As the coronavirus spreads, communities facing poverty and injustice are again on the frontlines of crisis. Building on decades of local partnerships, our global response includes the distribution of hygiene kits, public health education, and advocacy for public services.
Save 1000s of Indian Children exposed to COVID
As Covid-19 continues to devastate lives and livelihoods across the world, it also threatens to leave a generation of vulnerable children facing desperate situations. India, the country hit second hardest in the world by the pandemic has over 11 million children already living on the streets, facing violence, sexual exploitation, trafficking and abuse every day. Now these already fragile communities face a new threat from Covid-19 - the loss of income, homes and the safety net of school.
Help Feed Slum Families during this COVID 19
About a month ago the pandemic was first reported in Kenya. The effects of this has left most families suffering. These people relied on peasant business like: selling groceries at the evening market, some work in transport businesses having almost no income at all. Most of the people in Nyalenda work during the day to be able to purchase food for dinner. no money earned means no dinner that day. There is also lack PPE. We ask for your donations to cushion them from suffering
Offer A Meal In This Pandemic
In our community many children have been traumatized by the loss of their parents, abandoned due to extreme poverty . Mentor Orphans Africa provides shelters, food , Free Education and Healthy care to these vulnerable , orphaned children, Among these are HIV/ AIDS victims. due to the covid-19 pandemic, we cannot give basic needs due to situation changes in our country of limited movement, doubled prices.Apparently, our children feed on porridge for both breakfast and supper.
Empowerment of Rural Families affected by Floods
Pakistan Rural Communities are the Victims of Floods 2022, millions affected devastating floods and lost houses and food stuff, we at AHD through this project want to support women and children at their door step for empowerment of rural women via Kitchen gardening, livestock and livelihood activities. AHD staff already in action to asses and provide livelihood assistance to 2,000 rural poor families needs urgent basis support.
After Care Support
India's higher education rate is only 28% as per AISHE and due to this only 40% of youth is employable. This project will support children who have left/not left and are planning to continue with higher education or independent living sustaining during the transition from institutional to independent life enabling young adults to mainstream them in society
Coronavirus Relief Fund for Orphans in Kenya.
COVID-19 has been declared a world pandemic. It has already affected more than 800,000 people with many losing their lives. The spread of COVID-19 has impacted negatively to the lives of the Orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa. In our Village we do have lots of such cases and with the government shut down of schools these kids have no where to turn to and they need to supported with food and other WASH materials like soaps and hand Sanitizers to protect themselves from the Corona virus.
COVID-19 Pandemic in Northern California
This project will fund the immediate distribution of hospital beds, medical exam tables, surgical gowns, hampers and much more to several hospitals expanding services in the 6 counties now under shelter at home status - in preparation for the growing number of confirmed coronavirus cases.
One Health for Shangaan and The Place of Elephants
Our One Health project with Shangaan women around Gonarezhou National Park aims to to build longer-term resilience with nutrition gardens managed by 200 women and to provide emergency food aid to vulnerable households and. The COVID crisis greatly reduced tourism activity on which Mahenye community's livelihood depends. Our project supports women who, as managers of family nutrition and health, are key to a balanced Human-Wildlife cohabitation.
PIH's Emergency COVID-19 Response
COVID-19 continues to spread around the world at an alarming rate, demanding global action to contain the spread and ensure that care is available for the most vulnerable and PIH is launching a comprehensive effort to support this response across its network of supported countries around the world. PIH is uniquely positioned to respond to COVID-19, leveraging deep experience in treating infectious disease outbreaks and responding to emergency situations around the world.
A Better Future: quality education & companionship
This project will allow 51 boys and girls who work on the street to continue with their basic education and develop technological skills in a safe space. They do not have access to technology to access online education and are at risk of dropping out of school. To support them, we will provide academic monitoring and access to technology in three groups in our day centre. It is here the construction of a decent future begins - let's give access to education and technology.
As of July 28th,2020 identified Covid-19 in 2,29,185 people & died 3000 people in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Govt. implemented social distancing through Lockdown countrywide( from 25-03-2020 to 30-05-2020). As a result worker, day labor & lower income people lost their job & facing crisis for buying food & essential.Your donation to this fund will support immediate and long-term relief and recovery in vulnerable communities during one of the most challenging times we have collectively faced.
Help protect 1000 health workers in Western Kenya
Safe Water and AIDS Project (SWAP) has been operating in Western Kenya since 2005 with public health programs, research and emergency response. SWAP's mission is to provide innovative solutions for improved health and economic status of communities. SWAP has joined the Ministry of Health COVID 19 rapid response teams to help prevent the spread and mitigate the impact. Currently we are reaching out to remote public health facilities with hand washing stations, soap, masks and hygiene promotion.
Coronavirus Relief Fund for Vulnerable women
Zambia is among the many Countries that have been affected by the Corona Virus which has claimed lives in many Countries around world. The COVID-19 relief fund will provide revolving fund for vulnerable women keeping orphans and vulnerable children to start a small home based business that would help them recover from major negative impacts of COVID-19. vulnerable women are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. Women in Zambia feeds households and helps children attend school.
Helping Pets and People in our Community
By donating to Oregon Humane Society, you are helping fund life-saving medical care, needed behavior training, spay and neuter surgeries, as well as transport pets from overcrowded shelters, fund Humane Investigations to rescue animals from cruelty and neglect, and ultimately, get thousands of pets into loving homes each year.
I take care of myself to take care of others
PROJECT Strategy to strengthen comprehensive careMarch 2023 The CRAN Foundation implements a strengthening strategy with its collaborators,especially with the interdisciplinary technical teams and the adult caregivers of the different modalities of attention with which it counts and thus promote the best environments for the comprehensive development of children and be effective guarantors of compliance with the rights of children. children through the promotion of caring environments.
Emergency Response in Asia and Western Asia
While encountering great changes like natural disasters, such as earthquakes, typhoons, COVID-19, the death of main breadwinners, or major accidents, normally indicates a sudden and great expense. For vulnerable families in Asia and Western Asia, the pressing need of expense becomes the last straw that breaks the family and a heavy burden to them. With timely emergency aid and daily supplies, providing and assisting vulnerable families to maintain the stability of daily life.
Save Children to get education and food
This project located in Mombasa slums will provide meals to 300 children and their families during covid 19 pandemic. In addition the project will seek to offer quality education remotely through providing revision papers to the children . The children are unable to access school facility as a result of government restrictions which have banned learning institutions from operating due to covid 19.
Building Local Philanthropy
The fund will help poor families build resilience during this hard economic times of covid-19 pandemic. Lose of livelihood has made life very difficult and unbearable for most poor families and they need help to help them stand again and live normal lives.
Food security for the Osa Community
The COVID-19 had deeply impacted tourist communities. During the pandemic, we realized that many older people were not being taken care of by their families even before the pandemic. Many live in tin houses with dirt floors and no running water. During the pandemic, we delivered almost 1000 food packages to 50 families living in such conditions prioritizing abandoned adults and people with physical limitations. Since then we have been there for the most vulnerable every month.
Help us nourish Martin's life and other children's
Martin came to the Albergue because his mother does not have enough money to take care of his nutrition and education. Martin and his two sisters live only with their mother since their father abandoned them when they were very young. At the age of 5, when he was accepted at the Albergue, Martin's weight and height were very low and he was diagnosed with malnutrition. As a result, he was integrated into the Albergue's Integral Nutrition Program.
Help informal workers-COVID-19 crisis
CHHASE will provide support to informal workers, such as mask, soap, sanitizer and livelihood support to the poor & daily wage workers and dependent family members, who lost work and earning due to COVID-19 lockdowns. Imagine wake up not knowing what to feed to family. There are as many as 85 crore informal workers in India and who are more vulnerable. Almost none of them get a monthly pay. The precaution on the aged people and big awareness and counselling to poor and marginalized people.
Support Education for Girls Affected by COVID-19
This project will encourage and uphold academic excellence for 16 girls in Kenya by providing them with consistent support, professional mentoring, counselling, safe housing and individualized tutoring.
Coronavirus Food Delivery for the Elderly
This project will provide food packs to 750 senior citizens severely affected by the Coronavirus pandemic in 3 remote barrios in Misamis Oriental province. During our site visits in these communities, we witnessed the overwhelming need for food for the elderly in the area. We aim to provide food supply for at least 3 weeks until severe restrictions in the flow of farm products are lifted.
Coronavirus and Disaster Relief Assistance
This project will provide direct assistance for elders who are susceptible to the Coronavirus; people who are displaced from their jobs; families needing temporary child care solutions; and victims of disasters in Houston and surrounding areas. Assistance will help with immediate relief, supplies, and support as well as long term recovery for families and individuals.
Restore lives of  300 households in Kasese Uganda
In Kasese District, and the Rwenzori region of Uganda, hundreds of vulnerable children and women are living in camps with no food, clean water, shelter and hygiene facilities after losing everything they had to floods. Joy for Children Uganda (JFCU) is working to restore their lives. By donating to this cause, you will not only impact on the lives of 100,000 children, women and men affected by floods and at risk of being abused but also prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Syrian Refugee -Beirut explosion and COVID 19
The massive explosion that rocked Beirut and destroyed much of the Lebanese capital's port last week threatens to have disastrous consequences for the roughly 1.5 million Syrian and Palestinian refugees who have long relied on humanitarian aid in the country. They were already vulnerable, because of the bad economic crisis and corona virus crisis and measures that had impacted the whole country. At least 43 Syrian workers were among the victims of the blast which killed more than 200 people.
Tablets for disadvantaged children in Romania
The way we look at life has massively changed in the past few months. At a global level. And that includes the way we look at Education, especially in Romania - where the system was not fully prepared to move entirely into online. 1 in 3 children in Romania live in relative income poverty. The project aims to equip a minimum number of 200 children from economically-deprived environments with tools necessary to continue their online education.
Emergency support for  COVID-19 in Pakistan
Joy Foundation has been working in the rural areas of Punjab, Pakistan since 2009 in education, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Environment sector. So far, the deadly novel corona virus outbreak has infected thousands of people and spread to over 199 countries (including Pakistan) since its emergence. Especially children are most affected with it because it's difficult for because they did not understand much about it. So this Virus attach on children and elder people more quickly.
St. Croix Foundation CARE Fund
The CARE Fund seeks to adjoin local, regional, national and international philanthropic partners in support of our disaster relief and resiliency strategies in response to the COVID19 Global Pandemic. As a community-based foundation serving disproportionately vulnerable, under-served American residents in the U.S. Caribbean, St. Croix Foundation is leading our community through a progressive and proactive approach to philanthropy grounded by a commitment to social equity and self-sufficiency.
Emergency Appeal: COVID-19 Time to Rebuild
Well over three year and we are all still fighting COVID-19. Pre COVID there was a light at the end of the tunnel and we have over 80 projects moving towards a sustainable and better future. Overnight COVID put all our work back years and we spent every penny of reserves to feed and help all 90 projects survive. We are proud we all survived but now we are behind on our mission to tackle the 17 global goals and we need donations to help us rebuild and get back on track by 2025.
COVID-19 pandemic left many parents and guardian Jobless, and this has affected the education of many teenage girls in Nigeria. some are dropout, some can not go to school, they hawk around streets selling different things to save money for her education, but in the other hand their parents collect the savings for feeding survival. And this situation is really affecting their future. This project will help 200 teenage girls study and get educated for free.This will stop hawking on the streets.
Together for Hope - COVID-19 Response for Youth
During this pandemic, we need your support to continue serving and responding to the evolving needs of youth and families already facing complex challenges and at risk of financial and food insecurity. Your gift will help youth remain safe, healthy, and resilient to additional challenges and hardships. Innovative housing, academic, mental health, and other programs and services will protect youths' physical and mental health and minimize learning loss during this unprecedented crisis.
Covid19 Relief Fund for Families in Philippines
March 16, 2020, the entire island of Luzon, Philippines was placed under quarantine due to a growing number of COVID-19 cases, forcing almost all businesses to close. We are based in Quezon City, a city of about 2.9 million people. With businesses closed, suspended public transport & slow government's response to the crisis, poor families of daily wage earners are now left unsure of where to get food for the next weeks! Please help us give nutritious meals to thousands of families affected.
Corona Virus Relief Support for Pakistan
The emergency relief aims at providing immediate food ration support to the domestic housekeepers who have lost their source of income and also do not have any other means to fulfill this basic requirement for their families. It also seeks to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 spread in the community due to the crowded urban slum conditions, through the distribution of hygiene kits, installation of hand washing units and furthermore to support a sustained income generation during the lockdown period.
Emergency need of Tele-Counseling in COVID Crisis
Pandemic COVID-19 has brought a great isolation and psychological distress among people epecially the destitute and disabled people in this critical situation. We have found many of them have lack of food, supplies and even unable to recharge balance of their cell phone. KOSHISH, realized to support and link them for the needful services via telephone and has established a Toll-Free Number, so that the people can freely contact with us; we can listen from them and link with their emergency need.
Emergency COVID-19 support for Cambodian families
Within weeks of COVID19 hitting hundreds of Cambodians were out of work as tourists left and businesses closed. Hundreds are now out of work, facing the potential threat of sickness through COVID19, or hunger as so many families fall into deep poverty. We will continue to support our community in every way we can. At this time that means providing emergency food, hygiene products and medicine to those who cannot afford it and also moving our counselling and workshops online.
Coronavirus Relief Fund
The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the worst health and economic crises in modern history and it continues to require the best of humanity to overcome. Your donation to this fund will help stop the spread of the virus, including the highly contagious Omicron variant, to protect us all.
Help affected families sustain in COVID-19
Muwakhat Foundation wants to support families affected by COVID-19 and get them back on their feet, so they do not have to depend on others for feeding themselves. This was one of the reasons, Muwakhat provided some of these families with funds and fruits/vegetable carts. Now, Muwakhat will give medicines to the patients testing positive, especially the mothers. Muwakhat believes when the mother is safe, the whole family is safe.
Provide for 4 Children's' Homes During Inflation
Since 2019 the 4 children's homes we support in Africa have struggled financially due to massive inflation. The cost for basic necessities has quadrupled and funds we send monthly have increased by $2,000 - $500 a month per home. Due to this our emergency fund is extremely depleted. In order to keep everyone fed and healthy we are focusing big time on rebuilding the emergency fund and no longer anticipate prices returning to the pre-COVID normal.
Support COVID Hit Visually Challenged Families
Covid pandemic has caused devastation across the globe and with countries shutting their borders and quarantines, economies have taken a huge hit. This has just begun to unfold in India and the job losses are mounting, especially among the daily wage workers. During this time of distress, save the livelihood of 200+ visually challenged daily workers families affected by Covid through your timely donations.This will help them acquire their basic living needs as they are without job security.
Help families affected by COVID-19 in the DR
The Project is an initiative of the Joyas de Cristo Boys and Girls Foundation and sponsored by the Funcomas Foundation that seeks to save the lives of thousands of hundreds of families that are being affected by the current crisis caused by COVID-19. This project gives you the opportunity to help guarantee food, health and education for affected people and their direct dependents. As well as dependents of people who have been unemployed due to the pandemic.
CORONA virus / COVID-19 - We take precautions
The current, really frightening, corona/COVID-19 pandemic affects many areas of the work of ProDogRomania and we have to face these challenges and look for solutions so that we can care solidly for our dogs in our shelters in Romania.
Enhancing HIV/AIDS support during COVID 19
The project will seek to increase the capacities of HIV+ adolescents and young mothers to mitigate the challenges of self-stigma that exacerbate the feeling of self worthlessness, shame and self-blame because of being HIV+; resulting into emotional distress and negative impacts on access to HIV health services, adherence to ART and overall quality of life at individual, family and community levels.
COVID-19 Poverty & Hunger Relief
COVID-19 has devastated economies in Africa leaving many jobless & hungry. Poverty may turn out to be the biggest killer in the end. In southern Africa the pandemic is growing & many vulnerable people lost their livelihoods as tourism crashed & their future is bleak. Help All Out Africa reach those who most need relief in the kingdom of Eswatini, South Africa and Mozambique. All Out Africa sources & delivers food parcels, sanitizer & poverty relief stipends to vulnerable families most impacted.
Information Saves Lives: COVID-19 Response Fund
The COVID-19 pandemic left journalists and media houses around the world scrambling to produce health stories and content that would better serve their audiences, and ultimately provide information that could have the power to save lives. In response, Internews' Health Journalism Network strives to build health reporting capacity, support creative and solutions-based health stories, and foster relationships between members around the world and between members and public health experts.
COVID - 19 Home Literacy Project for 1,500 Girls
Achievers Ghana Education is seeking support for its COVID-19 Home Literacy Project with the objective of helping to serve the community with education in local languages to ensure residents of Nima and Mamobi are well informed on COVID-19 prevention measures. We will also be offering literacy help to youth. With the disruption of all activities including the closure of schools, it is imperative our students and pupils are engaged while at home with innovative ways of bridging their knowledge.
Surviving COVID-19 in Russian Nursing Homes
For more than 12 years "Enjoyable Ageing" has been supporting about 350 care homes in 50 regions of Russia. We strove for better quality of life for residents as well as for making care homes more open and comfortable to live in. And it worked until the pandemic changed everything in just a few days. Most care homes went on lockdown leaving elderly residents isolated, and many members of staff fell ill. Those who keep working experience critical shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE).
This project has the objective of providing, during a year, monthly foods bags including healthy and sustainable food items to 12. 500 low-income benefits that are facing hunger in Argentina.
Clean drinking water for persons with disabilities
Sujawal is one of the poorest districts of Pakistan with a high prevalence of persons with disabilities. Even in this day and age, drinking clean water and better educational opportunities are like dreams for a person with disabilities. NOWPDP is opening up a Model Special School for education and skills development. We need your support to build an RO Plant under our school premises that will provide clean drinking water to 2200+ persons with disabilities and their family members every day.
Covid-19: Emergency help for children and youth
Due to the health and economic crises that our country Morocco is currently experiencing, many of our young people are now unemployed and 130 children living in boarding schools came back to the villages of SOS children. The association is facing major financial issues because we must ensure their safety, accommodation, food, health and their education and this in addition to the 560 children already present in our villages and 176 children we help through our family strengthening programs.
How Pilares works during the pandemic of COVID19
The aim of this project is that you know how we are working in the coronavirus pandemic with children who live in vulnerable conditions in slums of Buenos Airescity. As a Foundation, Pilares have been working very close with families, and the pandemic has challenge us. We have to transform all our activities and proposals for families to a virtual scheme. By helping us, you are contribute to help families with nurturing products and cleaning products in order to help them to face COVID 19.
MAMA Kits for Expectant Mothers, Baringo, Kenya
This project will provide 100 covid-19 maternity kits equipped with surgical gloves, medicott sanitary towel, cotton wool, surgical blade, umbilical cord knot, disinfectant, gauze, baby wrapper, baby blanket, bibs, toiletry bag and face mask. The delivery kits will restore dignity of expectant mothers seeking services of unskilled traditional birth attendants. Proper equipment reduces chances of complicated birthing and infections.
Crack a Smile - Relief for Kids
The critical winter season in Pakistan starts from mid-December to mid-January every year. Populations below the poverty line; hit by cold and Covid-19 pandemic this winter will end up in critical situation. Children of daily wagers will be prone to food scarcity and winter chills. To cater reality of approaching winter and food insecurity, PMS will provide food ration packs and winter clothing for greater social well-being by sharing hope and solidarity with impoverished children.
Zero Deaths... A Collective Response to COVID-19
According to experts, it is the elderly population that is at most risk of death, especially those older than 70 years old. In Puerto Rico, 21% of the population is 65 years or older, many living under health, economic and social vulnerability. This population has been impacted negatively since Hurricane Maria and the most recent earthquakes in the South Region of Puerto Rico. Many of them living alone and under dire circumstances.
Help Mountain Community Prep for Disasters
The Emergency Preparedness & Response Initiative will formally educate & train a mountain community with 600 families, who have acted as first responders to natural disasters, seasonal hurricanes & pandemics. The vulnerable community is isolated. It is crucial the community create a plan that includes a structure to store secured shovels, rain gear, go bags, training materials, care packages & emergency response packets to ensure the community's readiness & efficiency when disasters hit.
Haiti Relief Fund for COVID-19
C2C is working on the frontlines to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the communities we serve in Haiti. In partnership with the Ministry of Health, C2C operates 7 clinics and will play a critical role in educational outreach & prevention activities as well as improving our clinical capacity & treating mild to moderate cases. We are urgently sourcing necessary supplies for the coming months to contain & control the spread of the virus and to provide relief and support to those most vulnerable.
Prevent COVID-19:SODIS Promotes Hygiene in Bolivia
"COVID-19 as the worlds most dangerous threat"UNICEF (2020) Children experience poverty differently from adults. Their needs, expectations, and aspirations are different. It is therefore important to directly assess their material shortcomings, or measure their multidimensional poverty. Nevertheless, in the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic, as parents lose their jobs and sources of income, it is also important to measure what happens to children living in monetary poor and impoverished
COVID-19 Global Food Bank Response
COVID-19 is making the plight of those facing hunger much more difficult. The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) and its food banking organizations are on the front lines in over 40 countries outside of the U.S. working tirelessly to serve those seeking hunger relief services now more than ever. GFN food banks remain rooted in communities during this crisis. We need your support to continue to build and support strong food banks that serve millions of people. Learn more at
Community Focus Group has launched the COVID-19 Prevention Hygiene Project to support urban and Rural communities in Kenya by slowing the spread of COVID-19. Short Term and Long Term Goals of the Project are : 1. Continued access to safe water: 2. Promotion of hand washing 3. Disinfection of frequently touched communal places 4. Face Masks for t the most Vulnerable packets for the most vulnerable during lockdown / or shutdown
Coronavirus Response at the Floating Villages
Support The Lake Clinic's efforts in continuing to provide free health care across eight floating villages on the Tonle Sap Lake during the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic. TLC is working to prevent the spread of Coronavirus to and in these villages by teaching about handwashing and preventative measures and monitoring symptoms and tracking any cases that emerge. This project will ensure TLC's long term presence in the villages throughout COVID-19 and beyond.
Covid Relief: Food + Shelter for Unemployed Women
100 women in our microloan program are out of work due to isolation guidelines in Ethiopia, meaning resources for food and rent no longer exist. Many are the sole breadwinners for their households, as they support extended family members under one roof. These homes have little to no safety net and have immediately lost all resources for basic needs. Added to this are the health risks of living in close quarters at a time it is critical to social distance.
Support MCN's #HeroesOnTheFrontline
For 36 years, our organization has focused on establishing health justice for migrant and mobile populations by providing support services to the frontline clinicians who work with them. In 2020, the global pandemic has presented unparalleled challenges to the frontline clinicians confronting COVID-19 within these populations and beyond. Their efforts have made our work possible, and that is why we have decided to focus our GivingTuesday campaign on celebrating all of our #HeroesOnTheFrontline.
Educate Quarantined Children!
COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the educational systems in Afghanistan, leading to a total of 11 million children out of school. The government has announced online teaching through TV and radio, but unfortunately most of the children do not have access to smart phones, Radio or TVs to watch and learn through. Teach for Afghanistan Organization (TAO) has prepared easy to understand curriculums to pass to all children at their homes, so, no child is left without learning.
Stand Together Fund
WAWF has identified two issue areas where there are critical gaps in funding-the safety of women experiencing violence, and the stability of frontline care workers. The Stand Together Fund will support: Critical services for women experiencing violence & abuse, such as expanded hotline capacity and telehealth visits. Financial assistance for the caregiving workforce and organizations supporting them. Advocacy to ensure that women and girls of color are front and center in recovery efforts.
Essential Supplies to Fight COVID-19 in Uganda
This funding will help us buy and supply essential needs like food, soap and locally made masks to our direct beneficiaries and their families totaling to 240 people, who have been affected by the COVID-19, due to the fact that their type of work is hand to mouth earning. We also get our earned revenue from the entertainment industry, we stopped earning in February and our lock down has been temporarily extended up to May. No one is certain about tomorrow and sure when this will end.
W2W: Help Us Help Frontline Clinicians
Witness to Witness (W2W) offers support services for frontline clinicians whose jobs put them at high risk for burnout, demoralization and moral injury. In the last year, the intensity of stressors facing people all over the world has increased exponentially and hope is a resource we all need to call upon. Witness to Witness provides an answer to the call for hope by working collectively to support those working tirelessly to meet the needs of others.
Help us support daily wage earners.
Help us support daily wagers and other deserving families to live a healthy life.
Relief Packages for Transgender Youth in Pakistan
We will distribute relief packages to 250 HIV-positive Transgender youth in Multan who are in urgent need of these items. Relief packages include COVID-19 prevention items - surgical masks (10), hand sanitizer (2), gloves (10), tissue pack (1), soap (5) - and food - rice (3 kg), wheat flour (5 kg), sugar (2 kg), tea (1 kg), nutritional supplement powdered milk (400 gm), chickpeas (1 kg), split green gram (500 gm), split red lentil (500 gm), dates (200 gm), oil pouch (2 liter), salt (8 gm).
Give Haitian Girls a Choice to Safety from COVID19
Endemic problems affecting Haitian communities-including extreme poverty, food insecurity, and gender-based violence-are rapidly worsening because of COVID-19 pandemic. In this context, the HAGN's mentors are playing a critical role in supporting adolescent girls-who are disproportionately impacted by these crises. This project will provide 187 mentors stipends to enable them to continue performing this critical emergency response work with girls and communities in Haiti .
Roots Rapid Relief Fund
Many of our community members have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, experiencing sudden loss of income. They are now at risk of becoming homeless, an outcome that we strive to combat. To that end, we seek to create "Roots Rapid Relief Fund," a flexible funding source to help alleviate some of the financial hardships, provide food, ensure that they do not default on rent, utility or phone bills, and that they remain housed during this devastating pandemic.
Reconditioned Computers for Disadvantaged Children
Urgently help Ateliere Fara Frontiere (Workshops without Borders) recondition and deliver 300 computers to children who have no access to education after schools in Romania closed because of the pandemic. When the health crisis will be over, the computers will be moved to local schools, so even more children can use them in class. The computers are collected as WEEE, tested, cleaned, repaired and prepared for reuse by a team of vulnerable, excluded and marginalized people.
Empowering Refugee Families in Jordan
When violence broke out in the Middle East, refugees began to flee their country, looking for a safe place. By January 2020, over 750,000 refugees found shelter in Jordan, with only the clothes on their back and what little money or possessions they were able to carry. Since then, the GHNI team built relationships with over 1000 families who expressed great interest in TCD. GHNI aims to help these families reform their community and become sustainable.
Caring for Your Mental Health During this Crisis!
Give an Hour is producing materials to help the public with their emotional health. Give an Hour has supported our nation through devastating natural disasters and man-made tragedies and now - the COVID-19. Give an Hour has the capacity to help those experiencing trauma, loss, grief, and anxiety through its national network of volunteer mental health providers throughout the country who are eager to do their part. There is a critical need to provide help and hope to those who are suffering.
Relieve the COVID 19 impact on Patients in Nepal
2020 has been a challenging year. So many people have been sick, lost loved ones, jobs, and livelihoods. But how much more impact has this year had on those who were already on the brink of poverty and disease throughout the world? Please help us relieve the impact of COVID 19 on our patients in Nepal. We know how effective Acupuncture and Herbal medicines are on patients with all viruses, from COVID 19 to flu, to chronic disease and malnutrition. Help us make a difference this holiday season.
COVID-19 Testing: Vulnerable Communities
COVID-19 is wrecking havoc on communities worldwide and is a particular concern for cancer patients. Efforts to mitigate transmission have resulted in a reduction in clinical services, including outpatient visits and routine cancer screenings. In order for these crucial medical services to resume, increased availability of COVID testing for cancer patients and others with chronic conditions is paramount. We can respond to this need with a self-sampled, low-cost, and effective diagnostic test.
Support Dandora Residents Cope with COVID-19
"Support Dandora Residents Cope With COVID-19" pandemic, is a project that intends to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in Dandora slums through public education, the supply of water & hygiene kits, access to sanitation & provide food to vulnerable families who have been affected by the COVID-19. The project seeks to support people who lost their business restart them in a post-COVID-19 pandemic to stop them & their children from going back to the dumpsite or resorts to negative coping mechanisms.
COVID-19: Bring Hope to the elderly and vulnerable
LEAP Africa is responding to the pandemic by supporting the most vulnerable in Nigeria, working through our social entrepreneurs who are at the frontline of providing relief to the poorest communities who have been hardest hit by the crisis. The interventions are catering to the welfare and wellbeing of these low-income families in three broad areas: Food supplies and toiletries, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and sensitization. Join us to scale the intervention activities in Nigeria.
COVID-19 Do Not Stop Them
275 families participating in the DEHVI Foundation programs are being directly affected by the crisis we are experiencing right now due to COVID-19, causing them to fall into a situation of poverty even deeper than the one they were in before. Due to health restrictions many families have stopped receiving income, especially those who have an informal job or are in refuge status. With these donations, we will be able to support basic needs during the pandemia.
Prevention n Relief-OMICRON VIRUS
The Corona virus took away thousand of lives all over the world. It spreads in such a way that we are unable to control it. We do not have medicines to cure. In India, there is a big threat of spreading fast as our country is thickly populated. we have to concentrate children and other high risk people we have to treat affected by Alternative medicine, which are in practice already. livelihood support to the daily wage workers families, who lost work and earning.
Save 200 street children from Covid-19 in Senegal
This project will aim to save 200 talibe children inwho are in perpetual connection with the street in search of food. This street situation of these children exposes them dangerously to contamination with Covid-19. With the measures taken by the state of Senegal which urge people to stay at home, the concern of the Association Jeunesse Espoir is to provide food, hygiene kits and awareness-raising to these children to help them stay out of the street because virus is on the street.
EMERGENCY APPEAL - Urgent Relief for Women & Girls
As COVID-19 makes its way around the globe, we at Vital Voices Panama face an unprecedented crisis. Private sector companies and their donations represent the majority of our funds. With most of them facing their own economic challenges, we are now on the brink of losing our programs. However, we still have hope: to keep on working for the safety, health, and empowerment of women and girls in our country. Please help us keep our organization afloat!
COVID-19 Small Business Recovery
The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated existing differences in funding access for minority- and women-owned businesses. LEND has been serving these communities for over a decade and is working to provide low interest loans and small business consulting to business owners who otherwise would have to close their doors.
Covid19 relief support to 5000 people in Malawi
This project will educate and support Malawian people in city of Lilongwe and in rural communities about Covid 19; recognising the symptoms of the virus, how to reduce the risk of getting the virus and what should be done if they catch the virus. It will provide information, education and resources to support vulnerable people in a country with very compromised facilities in how to manage the virus.
Fighting corona virus in the slums
Children in the slums are highly vulnerable to corona virus infection due to lack of good hygiene whereby they cannot afford sanitizers and soap.
Covid-19 Intervention in South Africa
Gift of the Givers is a partner to the South African government's Covid-19 initiative, augmenting public health services by supporting medical professionals with protective wear, supplying relevant essential medical equipment and providing medical consumables to the institutions in urgent need. Water, food and other basic essentials are also being provided to the most vulnerable.
Burundi Relief Fund for COVID-19
In this modern world, no country is able to escape and remains spared from events such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The country like Burundi, whose medical services and socio-economic life are inadequate, underfunded and too often inaccessible, is unable to have the medical equipment necessary to control and resist COVID-19. this fund will be used to purchase face masks, medical protective gear and COVID-19 test kits for its nurses and primary care physicians for immediate and long-term delivery.
COVID19 Home Gardening for 50 Cambodian Families
This project will increase food production and income for 50 most vulnerable families impacted by COVID-19 in the rural community of Cambodia by providing them farming resources including seed and fertilizer to launch their gardens at home.
Mitigation of COVID-19 in indigenous communities
This project will provide direct and immediate assistance to 10 indigenous communities in the Lacandon Jungle in Chiapas, Mexico. The objective is to provide supplies for personal hygiene, disinfectants, masks, water and food, as well as support for garden work, as preventive measures and contributing to the long-term economic and nutritional recovery for families.
COVID-19 Relief: Our BVIs in Penang, Malaysia
During this COVID-19 pandemic and MCO, our Blind and Visually Impaired (BVI) community and Ex-Nicholites are confronted by additional obstacles, they are incapable to go out alone for buying their essential groceries. Therefore, We need donations in cash and contributions of the care package towards our Home. We sincerely appreciate your generosity in helping our BIV Community and Ex-Nicholites. Donate and Help us Now.
YOU are the KEY
CHILDREN are losing their education. We must get them back on track at all costs. The Pandemic has closed schools. Schooling online costs $10 a month for internet and with families only earning $60 a month for all of life's basics, something has to give, a generation will be lost. We cannot let this happen, You are the KEY to their success. UNLOCK a child's potential and Donate today. Help us reach our target amount so we can give 1,250 children FREE internet schooling for Four months.
Funding Frontline COVID-19 Response in Kibera
Though the COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every person in the world in some way, those living in informal settlements like Kibera continue to experience challenges disproportionately. Carolina for Kibera (CFK) staff has been on the frontlines addressing the COVID-19 pandemic since the first confirmed case in Kenya in March 2020. From combatting misconceptions to improving contact tracing, our local staff has developed a coordinated and tailored response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Kibera.
Wild Welfare's Urgent Appeal
The coronavirus pandemic is having an unprecedented impact on our finances. Though it is hard to predict how far-reaching the consequences will be, this will affect our ability to continue all of our work and to help animals in need. However with Covid-19 undeniably impacting captive facilities, demand for our work to help end animal suffering is only increasing. We are doing everything we can to mitigate the impact on the animals and communities we help, but need your help now.
Improve Housing Conditions for Cancer Patients
To improve our housing conditions include bigger bathrooms, more space in the dinning room to guarantee physical distancing of at least 1 meter, portable sinks in different spots for frequent hand-washing or disinfection, provide medical masks to everyone at the house, disposable gowns and gloves for the nurses to wear. All this key measure expenses to protect against Covid 19 weren't part of our 2020 budget, and since we paused our fundraising events this year, we are cash flow constrained.
Emergency response-COVID-19 among women in Uganda
This project will create awareness, provide both food supplies and educational support among most vulnerable groups especially 120 women, 1 per household and that will enable them to feed their families and also educate them on how to prevent contracting the COVID-19 virus.In Uganda, due to lock down,and curfew shops, business and fear created among community the women have been the most affected since they can't go to work and yet they have to feed their children.
Products for Covid-19 Healthcare and Families
by Good360
Good360 is matching critical need product donations from companies to hospitals and nonprofits responding to the COVID-19 crisis. With our network of 90,000+ nonprofits and 400+ manufacturer/retailers, we are uniquely positioned to make a large impact.
Act to prevent coronavirus' spread in East Africa
People across East Africa are on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic. Communities hampered by under-resourced healthcare systems, poor infrastructure and insecure livelihoods are struggling to prevent the spread of this disease and protect lives. Tens of thousands of people are faced with risks posed by a lack of access to health facilities combined with difficulty in securing adequate food, shelter and clean water. Health Poverty Action is working in these communities to safeguard lives.
Support Self-employed Women through COVID19 crisis
This project support 50 disadvantaged women from Roma community self employed whom are hardest impacted during the pandemic. Main women-led businesses are second hand clothes trade and tailoring. While facing lack of income to provide for their families, access to support and loans - this project will provide second hand clothes packages, textile for tailoring and mentoring to diversify trade products in order to respond to PostCOVID19 shift in market demand.
Support Vulnerable children to Adhere to ART
As the Coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, governments, organizations, and individuals are trying to work out how to protect themselves, how to adapt and how they can help. There is no doubt there are implications to each of us, our families, our communities and our beneficiaries. It's against this background that this project will support 100 families with children living with HIV to adhere to their treatment. The families will be supported to get food and sanitizers
CHI launches COVID-19 Relief Campaign
Children's Hope India has launched the COVID-19 Relief Campaign to benefit on-the-ground projects and respond to the most critical needs of vulnerable children and their families. Our dedicated and professional educational partners are supporting students through remote learning and providing essential wraparound services to ensure their wellbeing throughout the crisis. The COVID-19 Relief Campaign provides: cash grants meals remote learning hygiene supplies medical care

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