Asia America Initiative

The mission of AAI is to build hope and empower communities afflicted by armed conflict and severe poverty. We believe that peace, security and respect for human dignity are inseparable. Our goal is to develop programs as sustainable models that can be replicated globally. Our people-to-people initiatives integrate health, education, arts and livelihood as a basis for mediation. By building Hope, we overcome the hatred propagated by terror organizations. The success of these cost-effective models shows that empowering impoverished and conflict-plagued communities strengthens international security, stability and peace.
Honoring Rare Diseases Week with Healing Nutrition
This project will bring nutritional support for a six month period -- July through December 2016 -- to sustain the lives of 200 children who are undergoing treatment due to rare diseases. It will also call attention to the need for increased international medical research to find cures for such illnesses.
Cancer treatment for 20 children and 30 women
In 2014, 49 of our first 50 patients in Manila became cancer free. We are now adding Hope Center in Davao, Mindanao to help doctors provide life saving medicines and nutrition for additional women children with cancer and children with genetic diseases, whose families earn less than $5 per day. The program includes art supplies, story books and toys to instill positive attitudes, love and care. We also support literacy and livelihood training to empower the women and inspire their communities. project reportread updates from the field
Unite Inter-Faith Children via Education and Water
In the Philippines, religious conflict and natural disasters like Typhoon Haiyan during 2013-15 have caused suffering of millions of Filipino children. This program empowers elementary schools in regions where children are victims of natural and man-made disasters. Inter-faith community efforts teach students the value of cooperation. We provide clean water and hygiene tools. We support literacy, livelihood, gardening, and school lunches by parents to enhance health, economic progress and peace project reportread updates from the field
Food and Water for Philippine Typhoon Survivors
In November 2013, close to 9 million people in the Philippines were devastated by the cataclysmic super typhoon Haiyan [also named Yolanda]. Asia America Initiative with our local partners continue to conduct long-term emergency relief and provide food and water to thousands of families. We purchase basic foods in bulk in local markets along with hygiene supplies, medicines and other life-saving services. We seek to surpass our initial goal was 5,000 families or 30,000 persons, mostly children. project reportread updates from the field
Support 50 Muslim Girls to Become Nurses
Around the world Muslim Women and Girls have been denied education and the opportunity to support their families and communities. This program provides quality education to 50 college students in a predominantly Muslim province to achieve their dream in a nursing career.
Clean Water & Hygiene for 150 Children in Mindanao
Lack of clean water for drinking and hand-washing is a major cause of illness for children in tropical areas of the world. It is also a major cause of elementary school absences and poor academic performance due to fevers and lack of concentration. The United Nations rates Mindanao Region , Philippines near the bottom of the global Human Development Index. This program will fund a 500 gallon water tank and basins to improve the health and hygiene needs at a model school. project reportread updates from the field
Support 40 Typhoon Survivors Finish College
Many third and fourth year students at Visayas State University near Tacloban in the Philippines had their family homes and resources destroyed in Typhoon Haiyan. They did not know how they could finish school and learn the professional skills needed to help rebuild their communities. Asia America Initiative made a commitment to assist 20 juniors and 20 seniors finish their education, with employment opportunities. Our partners in the region assist with employment opportunities. project reportread updates from the field
Non-stop storms have physically devastated Philippine cities and rural villages. A lack of nutrition and medicines/vaccinations has posed dangerous survival conditions for both children and homeless pet animals. Diseases like rabies, leptospirosis, and related forms of the medieval "plague" rival Ebola in Africa. Asia America Initiative has provided emergency food and medical care to more than 100,000 people in the flood zones. We are expanding our life saving missions to include 500 dogs. project reportread updates from the field
Providing Flood Relief for Families in Philippines
There are currently close to 1 million people evacuated or rescued from flooded neighborhoods and shantytowns in Manila, Philippines. Asia America Initiative a tax-exempt inter-faith humanitarian organization has been doing relief in support of community-based and army civil affairs rescue teams in some of the most hard hit communities in the capitol region. We keep evacuees dry, warm, safe from disease-carrying mosquitoes, and provide clean drinking water, food and hygiene and cooking gear. project reportread updates from the field
Provide Relief to 5000 Families in Typhoon Bopha
Typhoon Bopha has devastated communities across the Mindanao region of the Philippines; 300 people have perished and over 200,000 are in evacuation centers. Asia America Initiative in partnership with local officials, community groups, military logistics teams and youth volunteers is conducting ongoing relief in the most hard to reach areas where roads and bridges are destroyed. Help us provide food, medicine, hygiene, blankets for 5,000 families with close to 15,000 infants and children. project reportread updates from the field

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