Syrian Refugee Relief Fund

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Syrian Refugee Relief Fund
Syrian Refugee Relief Fund
Syrian Refugee Relief Fund
Syrian Refugee Relief Fund
Syrian Refugee Relief Fund
Syrian Refugee Relief Fund
Syrian Refugee Relief Fund
Syrian Refugee Relief Fund
Syrian Refugee Relief Fund
Syrian Refugee Relief Fund
Syrian Refugee Relief Fund
Syrian Refugee Relief Fund
Syrian Refugee Relief Fund
Syrian Refugee Relief Fund

What's Happening and How to Help

We believe that organizations that are deeply rooted in local communities are in the best position to provide long-term support for survivors of natural disasters like these. By funding the relief efforts of local organizations, donations to this fund have the potential to build stronger response capacity so that these organizations are better equipped to face future challenges.

The projects listed below are led by vetted GlobalGiving partners responding to this disaster. You can donate directly to a specific project or to GlobalGiving’s Syrian Refugee Relief Fund and we'll allocate it to where it's needed most. GlobalGiving will post reports about how your donation has been put to use.

Educate 500 Orphans in Syria
In Syria... did you know that thousands of orphans are deprived of their fundamental right to education? They suffer poverty and displacement without parental care. These young children carry significant burdens at such a tender age. Through our project, we strive to reach out and provide free education to 500 orphaned students in Syria. We are dedicated to offering an opportunity for a better future to these children facing challenging circumstances.
Provide Urgent Medical Attention To Syrians
This campaign aims to support URGENT medical needs of those most in need in northern Syria through supporting our hospitals, medical centers and mobile clinics located there
Educate 500 Syrian IDP Students
The project will provide free education using remote learning platforms like Microsoft Teams to 500 students who have been deprived of education due to the challenging circumstances, disruptions, displacement, and poverty in northern Syria. Most of these students come from vulnerable groups such as orphans, children with disabilities, and those living in refugee camps in the north of the country.
Support the Needs of 100 Orphans in Northern Syria
Support the basic necessities of 100 orphans in northern Syria for a month for $35! Your sponsorship will help provide them with social care, psychological support, and educational guidance.
Support Healthcare for Women and Children in Syria
We need your support to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the war-affected women in Syria along with their newborn babies, so we can lessen the consequences of war and minimize the gap created after many reproductive health centers and hospitals became out of service. On the other hand, we would like to cross the bridge to the future with less diseases and with healthy generations that will enjoy good health to contribute to the reconstruction of the country.
Educate 100 Children with Disabilities in Syria
In Syria, over 10,000 children with physical disabilities face educational challenges. Already burdened by the birth defects and war injuries, living in makeshift camps far from schools, they lack the necessary support and resources to continue their studies. Our goal is to extend a helping hand to these students, enabling them to receive quality education and thrive in society. With your support, we can empower more than 100 students with physical challenges. Help them learn and grow.
Save Newborn Lives in Syria
This campaign aims at securing the funds to purchase a number of modern ICU devices for Al-Ikhaa Specialized Hospital in north of Syria, to help in treating and saving lives of many newborn infants who need special health care in north of Syria.
Empower 50 Women in Syria with Education
This project will empower Syrian women impacted by conflict and social injustices. Amid challenges of early marriages and displacement, we aim to provide education and support to 50 women through our free online platform. Let's help them regain control over their lives, learn new skills, and shape a brighter, equitable future.
Feed 400 Children in Syria
In the Syrian camps, nutritional and educational challenges emerge, where children suffer from poverty and hunger. We aim to provide education and food for 400 children from the camps, believing that support can transform these children into influential leaders in the future.
Sponsor 500 Syrian Patients
This campaign aims to alleviate the suffering of the vulnerable patients in northwest Syria through sponsoring the costs of medical consultations and surgical operations.
Support Student Mental Health in Northern Syria
Our goal is to support and enhance the abilities of students in Northern Syria who have been affected by armed conflict and the multiple challenges they face due to poverty, early marriage, and painful displacement. Through this campaign, we aim to provide support to 100 students who are facing psychological and social challenges following the tragic events they have witnessed, enabling them to overcome these obstacles and build a brighter future.
Urgent Appeal to Support Wassim Hassino Hospital
This is an urgent campaign to sustain the services of Wassim Hassino Hospital in Northwest Syria that monthly reaches 3000-5000 beneficiaries who are mostly from women, children and elderly people. Imagine an entire community without the ability to receive necessary medical treatment. How much would the burden of the diseases cost them?
Give hearing back to them
This campaign will secure funds for purchasing and installing hearing aids for children with hearing impairment in north of Syria
Support for the Most Vulnerable Syrian Children
We seek to make protection services available for 200 of the most vulnerable children in Syria, by providing the following services: fitting hearing aids for children who suffer from partial or total hearing loss, speech teaching sessions, providing children of physical disabilities with wheelchairs, psychosocial support sessions and conducting events and recreational activities for moral support.
Save children's lives in Syria
This project aims to secure funds to sponsor and treat 50 patients of vulnerable displaced children in northern Syria
Provide 100 Learning Devices for Students in Syria
In Northern Syria, simple dreams sparkle in the eyes of young students. Dreams full of aspirations and hopes. These children possess a fervent desire to climb the educational ladder and reach the pinnacles of success. Our mission is to realize this dream by providing mobile phones for 100 of them, enabling them to pursue their online lessons and partake in the world of knowledge offered by Masarat.
Justice for Yezidi / Yazidi Survivors of Genocide
This effort will support Free Yezidi Foundation as we seek justice and accountability for crimes committed by ISIS against Yezidis of Iraq. Thousands of Yezidi women and children were kidnapped in august 2014, men were killed. women and girls were sold as sex slaves in Iraqi and Syrian markets and subjected to unspeakable rape, abuse, and psychological torment. They want their day in court!
Support Kidney Failure Patients In Syria
We launch this emergency campaign as an urgent call to inform you that our patients are at risk due to the shortage of drugs and the limited operational resources in the dialysis center in Kafr Takhareem in north of Syria. While we send you this call, a patient's life is on the line!
Why We Speak: Help Spread Refugee Stories
Refugee rights have been at the core of 3 Generations' work since we covered the genocide in Darfur in the film The Devil Came On Horseback in 2007. Our feature Lost in Lebanon was part of our multi-part coverage of the Syrian refugee crisis. We have also covered stories of Rohingya Muslims and Yazidi women fleeing ISIS. Currently, we are working on a short film about camps, which includes coverage of the genocide in Ukraine. We will continue our fight for refugee justice.
Winter Appeal For Syrian Refugees
This an URGENT appeal to secure the most important winter necessities and medicine for Syrian displaced families in North of Syria. Winter clothes for children include: underwear, a jacket, pants, a sweater, socks, a wool hat, a scarf and shoes, with a total cost of 60$ per child. Other winter necessities include: blankets, rugs, insulation sheets for tents at a cost of $50 per family. We aim to cover 6000 prescriptions of the most requested winter medicine at a cost of $10 per prescription.
Support Mobile Clinics in Syria
Support SEMA's mobile clinics to deliver health care to thousands of IDPs in Northwestern Syria
Now is time to help all the Syrians
While all our eyes are focusing on the ongoing suffering in Gaza and Israel, I ask you not to forget the children in Aleppo. Years of war, paralysing international sanctions, Covid-19 and a massive earthquake have left millions of people in Syria out in the cold, homeless and with nowhere to turn to. Regardless of political beliefs, religious creeds, and polarising divisions, now is the time to help these people that have lost everything and have been living from one trauma to another tragedy.
Help us to secure medicine for Syrian patients
This campaign aims to compensating the medicines shortage in our medical centers and hospitals to treat patients in northern Syria.
Help Pregnant Moms Give Birth Safely in Disasters
For as little as $15 you can help UNFPA, the United Nations reproductive health and right agency, get 3 emergency birth kits, including a bar of soap, clear plastic sheet, razor blade, an umbilical cord tie, cloth and latex gloves into the hands of pregnant mothers and health care workers as they safely deliver babies in crisis situations.
ebdaa center
This project will provide Syrian refugees in Lebanon between the ages of 7 to 17 with Ebdaa Centre, which will give the necessary training and support to enhance their talents. The Talent Sponsorship Project aims to give Syrian refugees a haven where they are free to express themselves through art, sports, acting, inventions, and music.
Supporting 200 poor families in northern Syria
This project is a support operation for 200 very poor families, including families of dead, detained, or injured persons who are unable to work. The association will provide each of these families with a food basket containing the basic living materials, including wheat, sugar, legumes, and other essentials.
Buy new clothes for 200 Syrian orphans north Syria
With the deterioration of the economic conditions in Lebanon and Syria, the priority of families fleeing the war in Syria has become to secure water and food, while neglecting the children's need for joy in new clothes. Therefore, this project will target the most affected and poorest group of families and provide new clothes for their children. This project will provide new clothes for 200 Syrian orphans in the camps of Lebanon and northern Syria.
Sponsorships for 200 Orphans In Gaza And Syria
The idea of the project is to support 100 orphan children in the Gaza Strip and 100 others in northern Syria on three levels: 1- A monthly sum of money paid to the orphan. 2- Supporting the orphan and providing his seasonal needs, such as holidays, school opening times, and the winter season. 3- Follow up on the orphan periodically psychologically and provide him with moral support through periodic visits and organizing activities such as trips and competitions.
Creating Dignified Lives for 1.000+ Asylum Seekers
Habibi.Works is a free-to-use, community-organized maker space bringing together asylum-seekers, international makers, and Greek locals to share knowledge, skills, and experiences. Situated just 300 meters across from the Katsikas refugee camp, the 11 different working areas, ranging from carpentry and bike repair work to IT learning and music production, center the needs of individuals, working at eye level with them to create a space where freedom, potential, and agency can be restored.
Academic Advising for 200 Syrians in Refugee Camps
As our students near the end of their academic journey, especially those in underprivileged situations and displaced persons' camps in the north, they struggle to choose the right specialization. This often results in wasted time and resources. This campaign aims to provide support and guidance to 200 students, helping them identify their strengths and interests, guiding them toward the right specialization, while also providing them with suitable educational and career opportunities
Keep 500 Displaced Syrian Families Warm In Winter
Join us in our campaign to provide warmth and protection for the displaced population in northern Syria. With your support, we aim to supply winter clothing, heating materials, and essential supplies to help families endure the harsh winter conditions in their makeshift camps.
Child Refugee Crisis
Right now, across the world, millions of children are caught up in conflicts they played no part in creating. Children make up more than half of the world's 22.5 million refugees from countries like Syria, South Sudan, Yemen, Uganda, and Bangladesh. The recent events in Afghanistan only add to the existing global refugee crisis, forcing tens of thousands of people to flee violence and persecution. Save the Children remains committed to doing everything we can to help children around the world,
I am no longer disabled
The project aims to purchasing and securing wheelchairs for 50 child with disabilities in north of Syria
Help Strengthen the Resilience of Syrian Refugees
Now in its thirteenth year, the Syrian civil war has sparked one of the greatest humanitarian crises in modern history, uprooting an estimated 14 million Syrians. Since July 2013, Concern Worldwide has worked with displaced persons within Syria and with refugees and vulnerable host families in Lebanon and Turkey to meet basic needs, improve access to health care, and provide psycho-social support.
Let's Help Syrian Refugee Children in Serbia Now!
Over 650,000 refugees from Middle East, mainly from Syria, have entered Serbia over the last 18 months and are still coming in hundreds on daily basis. Amongst them are more than 200,000 children and over 5,000 of them are unaccompanied ones. We are trying to help them stay physically and mentally healthy. Alongside humanitarian aid, we are also trying to develop an online Q&A list for their protection, information and education on how and where they can seek medical, legal and social help.
Send a Child in Aleppo to School for a Year
This project focuses on providing literacy and quality education for 100 disadvantaged girls and boys affected by war and ever-growing poverty in Aleppo, Syria. At-risk young people attending public schools, and vocational or university courses, are funded and mentored to ensure school retention, literacy and future livelihood. Today, 86% of Syrian live below the poverty line. Even if public education is free, it is out of reach for many. Through your support, we can give Aleppo children hope.
Support 100 of Life Savers in Syria
We invite you to contribute to a humanitarian opportunity that aims to train and educate 100 students working in the health sector in North of Syria, which would make a qualitative leap in developing the health vocational education systems in the most volatile and collapsing part of the world and help in saving more lives in Syria.
Provide Education for Vulnerable People in Lebanon
Insan Association provides formal education and professional training, as well as psycho-social support, to marginalized communities in Lebanon. It helps children of refugees and vulnerable Lebanese children who are unable to attend school due to poverty and discrimination, enabling them to experience their childhoods.Insan will assist vulnerable adults in building individual projects to prepare them for the labor market through counseling sessions.
Support Mobile Healthcare for Displaced Syrian
When we raised the slogan "We hold good for all," we took it upon ourselves to deliver medical services to the most marginalized and vulnerable groups of the society, particularly to the displaced community in the camps. Today we launch our campaign to support mobile health centers in northern Syria, and to continue providing flexible and accessible health services to the most vulnerable patients around the world.
Urgent Appeal to Save Syrians from Cholera
We send you this urgent call to save cholera patients in north of Syria. A little bit of delay may lead to killing hundreds of healthy people in hours. Help us combat the spread of Cholera in northern Syria, treat the Cholera patients and save their lives.
Protect 120 Refugee Children and women from Syria
Since 2011 the Syrian crisis has been encroaching. According to the UNRWA estimation during December 2013, the number of Palestinian refugees reached 15,075 families including 51,227 individuals. 7,945 are children less than 5 years old and 13,256 are children aged 6 - 17 years old. According to the UNHCR last update, on the 6th of February 2014, the total number of Syrian refugees reached 915,145 persons. 55% are children aged less than 18 years old. These numbers are continuously increasing a
Help Refugees at Risk in the U.S. and Globally
The U.S. accepts a limited number of refugees each year, setting record-low admission caps these past few years. Help the IRC deliver critical assistance to families in the U.S. who have fled war or persecution, including education, livelihood training, youth programs, and citizenship assistance to refugees and other vulnerable immigrant populations.
Menstrual Health Equity for Women in Lebanon
Days for Girls (DfG) Lebanon is bringing locally made, washable menstrual Kits and health education to women. Since 2011, Lebanon has experienced an influx of refugees of which women and children comprise 1.5 million of the overall population. With protracted displacement, refugees have multiple humanitarian needs; among them are the challenges of managing menstruation with privacy, dignity, and safety.
Help Blind People in Syria to Work and Produce
Through this campaign, SEMA aims to provide material and logistical support for this center to continue supporting the blind and scale up its activities that train and care for them and help them secure an appropriate income. Your donation means that you light the way for the blind to work, produce, and invest the rest of their delicate senses to create products with a unique human sense made with insight from their hearts and souls.
Ramadan Relief: 500 Food Baskets for Syria
This Ramadan, let's unite to empower needy families in northern Syria, a region where over 5.5 million people, including countless women and children, face severe poverty. Our mission is to alleviate their suffering by providing essential food baskets during this holy month, making a real difference in their lives. Join us in our campaign to deliver hope and sustenance to 200 displaced families.
Build a school for 1,150 students in NW-Syria
This project aims to build a whole new school that serves 1,150 Syrian students in the city of Al-Bab in NW-Syria.
Help 50 Syrian Children Fight Stunting
Our big objective is to treat 50 children in Northern Syria who suffer from growth delay, so we hope through this campaign to secure the treatment costs to cover the consultations, hormone injections and follow-up. Your support will fight poverty and weakness manifested on their little bodies and will last as long as they grow. Let's make them healthy and able-bodied children. Let's donate now.
This Ramadan: Educate 50 Orphans in Northern Syria
This Ramadan, with your donations, Masarat will provide comprehensive education to 50 orphans in Northern Syria. These children have lost everything due to conflict and disasters. Masarat will offer these children school education, academic advising, student activities, psychological support, and the hope they need for a brighter future. Multiply your kindness in this blessed month and give these children a chance to dream again.
Syrian Refugees Relief Fund
Customs Health Care Society, Pakistan(CHCS) has started a relief fund to help the Syrian Refugees living in Turkey.In 2016, the United Nations (UN) identified 13.5 million Syrians requiring humanitarian assistance, of which more than 6 million are internally displaced within Syria, and over 4.8 million are refugees outside of Syria. In January 2017, UNHCR counted 4,863,684 registered refugees. Turkey is the largest host country of registered refugees with over 2.7 million Syrian refugee
Dignity for displaced women and girls in Lebanon
Women and girls displaced by armed conflict suffer most from not having suitable accommodation or access to a bathroom and fresh water. Many live in shared shelters or abandoned buildings without a change of clothing or the means to attend to their hygiene needs. A lack of sanitary pads and clean underwear prevents women and girls from going out and can also cause infections and skin disease. The project will provide clothing and a supply of sanitary pads to restore dignity and well-being.
Empower Athens' Displaced people through community
We Need Books founded Athens' first multilingual library and multicultural space in 2019, in the area of Kypseli, which is home to thousands of refugees and migrants, particularly from Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. This project will empower 100 displaced families by providing free education, resources, and opportunities to improve their lives, become more self-sufficient, and find a sense of belonging through community engagement and support.
Kindergarten for 100 Syrian children in Lebanon
This project provides funding for 100 Syrian kindergarteners in the south of Lebanon, giving the children an important education while also addressing their psycho-social needs during a time of insecurity. They learn numbers, do art work and play team games that encourage teamwork, self-discipline, trust and sharing. On top of this, the teachers for the school are from the refugee community, providing them an opportunity to use their professional skills.
Relief & Mental Health Services in Syria
For more than a decade, war, violence, and terrorism have persisted in northeast Syria causing millions of people to become displaced, kidnapped, and killed. Many civilians are in urgent need of immediate relief, alongside trauma therapy and mental health interventions. Jiyan Foundation's Treatment Center in Qamishili, Syria provides direct relief and mental health interventions to survivors of these ongoing atrocities. This project was previously providing relief from COVID-19.
Educate to Save Syrian Lives
Through this campaign, we aim to help youth medical staff to promote their capabilities, provide high quality health services, and to contribute to re-building the damaged healthcare system in Syria. We seek to provide certified, accredited, and high-quality medical training programs, in collaboration with Gaziantep University, for 150 healthcare providers in North Syria
Protect & Empower Syria's At-Risk Teen Girls
Having faced war + trauma, internally displaced Syrian teen girls are at high risk of gender-based violence + child marriage. Project Soar empowers these girls to understand their Value, Voice, Body, Rights + Path using our 25-workshop award-winning teen girl curriculum. With your help, Project Soar will help displaced Syrian girls to speak up, advocate for their rights + set future goals. "A girl without self-confidence is nothing...Project Soar made me a flower blooming..." - Syrian Girls
Turkey and Syria Earthquake Relief Fund
Two powerful earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria on Feb. 6, killing more than 50,000 people and injuring thousands more. Millions of survivors urgently need help. Your donation to the Turkey and Syria Earthquake Relief Fund will provide emergency relief and fuel long-term recovery efforts in Turkey and Syria.
Education Versus Lost Generation!
Today, Turkey is home to the largest refugee population in the world with nearly 4 million refugees coming from over 60 nations. Having a sustainable life in Turkey is the part that you can take action by supporting education not only by encouraging over 1 million refugee children to get enrolled in schools but also continue their education at university. Fight against "lost generation", child labor and marriage and be part of the resilience and empower youth to build their countries' future!
Get a mobile library to refugee camps in Greece
As conflict persists in Syria and Afghanistan, refugees continue to flee. Many are housed in isolated camps whilst they undertake the arduous process of applying for legal asylum. The camps consist of rows of tents and container boxes: most have minimal access services and transport. ECHO is a multilingual library on wheels that gets books, learning resources, internet and a community space to these places. As the border crisis continues, we need your help to run this service:
7.8 Earthquake Emergency Response in Turkey& Syria
A 7.8-magnitude quake struck east of Gaziantep, knocking down buildings and causing hundreds of people to flee into the streets in the winter morning of 6 February. International Blue Crescent (IBC) has begun relief efforts working from offices in the cities of Gaziantep (responding to Gaziantep and Kahramanmaras, the epicenter of the disaster), and Hatay where severe damage has been reported. IBC offices in Kilis are serving Northern Syria and IBC is providing relief aid.
Syria & Palestine - Orphan Sponsorship Campaign
Bonyan plans to sponsor hundreds of Refugee Orphans - children who have no home, and no family. The funds will ensure that the children are given good food, proper shelter, clean water, and encouraging education. Join Bonyan's Orphan Refugee Sponsorship Program!
Support Maria's Family: Life Essentials
In Northern Syria, where dreams flutter on the edge of reality, Maria's family stands facing deprivation. Our goal is simple yet profound: to transform the life of this displaced family by providing winter blankets, a heater, food baskets, and securing education for Maria. With your donations, we can restore their hope and build a better future for them
A Name for a Future: help the children of Aleppo!
In Syria there is an entire generation of children at risk of exploitation without accessing education health care, legal support and humanitarian assistance. Franciscan friars and Christian community are trying to face this challenge. We need your help to support thousands of unregistered children and their mothers living in Eastern Aleppo by sustaining the two centers where they receive psychological and educational support, primary goods and legal advice to be registered.
UNICEF Emergency Response
With more than 11,000 staff worldwide; 350 warehouses globally; strategic transit hubs in Copenhagen, Dubai, Panama and Shanghai; and a 24/7 emergency operations center in New York, UNICEF stands ready to provide both immediate and long-term necessities-food, water, shelter, protection and physical as well as mental health care-whenever a crisis arises. UNICEF also works to reunite children with family and provides care for those who are orphaned.
Lebanon's Call: Help Wadi Al-Arnab Fire Victims
Following the devastating fire on March 19, 2024, that destroyed over 36 tents in Wadi Al-Arnab camp, Arsal, Lebanon, Syrian refugee families are now without homes and essentials. The SEMA Team is on-site, ready to deliver immediate aid. Through this fundraising campaign, we aim to provide the affected families with shelter, food, and medical care. Your support can make a significant difference in their lives during this critical time.
Syrian Refugee -Beirut explosion and COVID 19
The massive explosion that rocked Beirut and destroyed much of the Lebanese capital's port last week threatens to have disastrous consequences for the roughly 1.5 million Syrian and Palestinian refugees who have long relied on humanitarian aid in the country. They were already vulnerable, because of the bad economic crisis and corona virus crisis and measures that had impacted the whole country. At least 43 Syrian workers were among the victims of the blast which killed more than 200 people.
Provide Meat Shares to Those in Need in Syria
Join our campaign to bring the spirit of Eid Al-Adha to 1000 displaced families in northern Syria. With your support, we aim to provide a meat shares per family, weighing 1.5-2 KG each, offering nourishment and joy during this sacred occasion.
Education opportunities for 200 Palestinian Refuge
Naba'a provides a friendly and safe space for Palestinian refugee children living in Lebanon and Palestinian refugees displaced from Syria whom are living in Ein El Helweh and Rashydieh Palestinian Refugee camps. Naba'a helps support them to enhance their educational and life skills. This proposed project will increase the access of 200 Palestinian refugee children Children inside school who are facing educational difficulties and 50 dropped out of school children including disabled children.
Build classrooms and teach kids in Syrian camps
This project aims to build 10 new classrooms in the IDP camps of Afrin region in NorthWest Syria, provide salaries for 10 teachers in the classrooms for 3 months, and cover the operational fees (Stationery items, books, chairs, etc.) of these classrooms for a year.
Provide Necessities to Educate 100 Syrian Children
We aim to empower 100 students in northern Syria's displacement camps, turning their adversities into opportunities for growth through education. These students, currently without internet and electricity, will gain access to Masarat's digital learning spaces, thanks to essential resources provided by you. Your support is crucial in lowering dropout rates and nurturing future doctors, engineers, and teachers who will, in turn, enrich their communities.
A film to amplify refugee teenage girls education
Have you ever watched a documentary and felt compelled to take action? We have produced the award-winning documentary film The Neighborhood Storyteller to tell the story of Asmaa Rashed. A young female Syrian refugee determined to raise a conscious generation of successful women. We need the funds for the film's impact campaign to help create a reading movement of grassroots change makers to fill educational gaps in vulnerable communities.
Provide warmth to 100 families in Northern Syria
As winter unfolds, with rain and snow descending and temperatures dropping, many IDP Syrians spend their nights in tents without protection or warmth, vulnerable to the cold and illnesses. Their hearts are shattered, their simple wishes for warmth and safety seemingly unreachable. Our goal is to alleviate their suffering by providing support to over 100 families in Northern Syria
Moving Lives Forward for Children on the Move
The project objective is to support unaccompanied minors and separated children who have fled from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia, Ukraine etc. and seek asylum in Turkiye. The relief action will respond to urgent protection and psychosocial needs via in-kind assistance. ASAM will facilitate the provision of clothing, shoes, food, hygiene materials, recreational materials, stationary and toys. Through this support, it is expected to prevent the intensification of the needs and vulnerabilities.
Education for Palestinian and Syrian IDPs in Syria
Jafra's project will allow 1200 children and youth Palestinian and Syrian internally displaced students to access education in several locations in Syria. One of the consequences of war was the fall back of the educational sector where a significant number of schools were shut down due to the insufficient resources. Jafra believes that education is crucial for creating community resilience. Thus, Jafra's students are also supported in their preparation to sit for official governmental exams.
Empower 50 refugee children in Armenia
As a consequence of the armed conflict in Syria, millions of people have been forced to leave their homeland and seek refuge in different countries. This project will help 50 Armenian refugee children from Syria overcome this crisis and the ensuing challenges it has caused by providing them with psychosocial support.
Solar panels for families in Syria
Help us provide or repair solar panels to Syrian families after the earthquake! 2/3 hours of electricity a day. Public electricity is enough for 4 lightbulbs, or 1 lightbulb and a fridge, to work for, just two hours. Then lights turn off in Syria and those who cannot afford fuel for power generators live in the dark. Pro Terra Sancta has already assisted around 1.000 families providing the minimum amount of energy to survive. The solar panel project is a new sustainable long term solution.
Empowering Syrian Civil Society
CCSDS will support 90 civil society organizations in Syria with workshops, mentoring sessions, and funding to increase their impact of their local communities and expand their ability to address humanitarian needs and build sustainable peace in Syria.
Keep the Syrian and Palestinian Children Warm
This campaign aims to provide Urgent Winter aid for the displaced needy families in Gaza. Imagine a day where everything familiar turns to memories. For many in Palestine, this is not just a thought, but a harsh reality. Homes once filled with laughter, stand in ruins. Loved ones, once the heart of our stories, now a part of our prayers. As the cold winter encroaches, those who have lost so much have to face yet another challenge - the biting cold of winter without a home... without warmth.
Cycle of Hope: Empowering Refugees through Bicycle
The "Cycle of Hope" project aims to make a positive impact on the lives of Syrian refugee students in Lebanon by providing them with bicycles as a mean of transportation to school and a source of entertainment . This initiative recognizes the profound importance of bicycles and new schoolbags in promoting their physical and emotional well-being, fostering social integration, and empowering them to explore new opportunities.
Children in Northwest Syria live in difficult situations in displacement camps. They suffer from many kinds of problems such as lack of protection, absence of good education and health care and many other problems. But, the saddest point is that majority of their parents are unemployed so they can not afford to secure their basic needs. In our last needs assessment we made we witnessed their needs for winter clothing. We saw lots of childern without jackets or even without shoes to protect their
Urgent Earthquake Response in Turkey and Syria
6 MONTH UPDATE: In February 2023, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the southern part of Turkey and northern Syria, killing more than 55,000 people. ActionAid has reached more than 200,000 people in Syria with life-saving humanitarian assistance. The earthquake also left more than 2.3 million women and girls without access to proper healthcare, making them vulnerable. A gift of any amount will enable us to support relief efforts to women and girls in situations like this around the world.
Keep 100 Families Warm in NW Syria
This campaign aims to provide urgent winter aid for the displaced needy families in Northern Syria. The aid will include emergency winter kits of winter wool clothes, boots, blankets, heaters, and coal. The initial goal of $30,000 will help 100 needy families in NW Syria.
Emergency response to Turkey and Syria Earthquake
Bonyan is working with local authorities to provide essential aid including food, water, housing, medical assistance, winter clothing and warm blankets. The 7.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Turkey and N-Syria, left a devastating destruction with over 9000 fatalities and 60,000 injured. Thousands families are without shelter, food or medical aid. Your donation, no matter the amount, can save a life and support families in need. Help us to save more lives and sheltering countless families.
A Beacon of Hope: Constructing Houses for Refugees
This project aims to build high-quality housing for homeless Syrian families affected by the earthquake instead of the weak tents they live in.
Rebuilding Syrian Bakeries: A Call for Hope
The earthquake has left hundreds of thousands of people without basic necessities like bread. Join us in providing hope and help by donating flour to local bakeries so they can continue to provide much-needed sustenance to those affected by the disaster. Together, we can make a difference in our community and give those in need a chance at a better future.
Hear the echo of their screams, stand with Idlib
Extend your heart and hand to offer a lifeline to the victims of the relentless artillery and missile onslaught in Syria's Idlib and Aleppo regions, spanning from October 4 to today, October 7. As reported by the White Helmets, these attacks have involved aerial, artillery, and missile bombardments, as well as the deployment of internationally banned incendiary and cluster weapons. Hundreds are dead, including women and children due to the heavy bombardment.
Syria: Aiding Kurds and other vulnerable refugees
The crisis in Syria forced hundreds of thousands of Syrian families to flee, many to neighboring Iraq. Peace Winds has been assisting families providing shelter, infrastructure, schooling, and livelihoods in northern Iraq/Kurdistan for more than 20 years. The "present Turkey/Syria border crisis" has greatly increased the flow of Kurdish and other refugees. The anticipated 250,000 refugees will need shelter, food, water. Peace Winds is responding.
Emergency support for earthquake damage on Turkey
On February 6, an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale hit southeastern Turkey. At least 641 people have died so far, local authorities say, but much more casualties and injuries are expected. About 284 people died in Turkey and about 357 people died in Syria. It is estimated that more than 1,500 people were injured so far. Many casualties occurred as medical facilities were underdeveloped and residents lived in an aging environment. Medical support for the injured is also not easy.
F4L: Syria - Restore hope and dignity to Children
Football has to power to unite more than anything else in the world. More significantly, it has the power to restore childhood to children who have lost everything. The F4L programme will am to secure funds to launch a F4L Syria programme and support the child-survivors through play and normalcy. The F4L virtual stadium is a call for all football fans to help us launch our Syria Programme and bring some sense of hope and future to children.
Emergency Appeal Earthquake Victims in Syria
On Feb 6, two strong earthquakes struck Turkiye and Syria. As of today, more than 19,300 dead, 70,000 wounded, 23 million people affected, tens of thousands of people left homeless. With 20 years of expertise in Syria, Jafra has the potential to assist the country's inhabitants in times of catastrophes and is on the scene to attend to the most immediate needs especially in Aleppo, Al-Ramel, Handarat and Al-Neirab Palestinian camps. Thousands of people will find shelter thanks to your support.
Syrian Refugee Relief Fund
More than 10 years of armed conflict in Syria have caused millions of people to leave their homes in search of a safe haven. Fleeing for their lives, refugees are forced to leave all that they have behind. This fund will support relief efforts by organizations working in the area who are providing emergency assistance and ongoing support to those in need.
Empowering 80 people with disabilities in Iraq
Some of the most vulnerable and neglected Syrian refugees and Yezidi IDP's (Internally Displaced People) in Northern Iraq are families who have a family member with a disability. Operation Mercy empowers people with disabilities and their families by providing assistive devices, physical therapy and emotional resilience programs. Currently, Operation Mercy serves 80 clients and their families.
Turkiye and Syria Earthquake Relief Appeal
On 6th Feb 2023 two major earthquakes of the magnitude of 7.8 & 7.5 struck border areas of Turkiye and Syria on the same day, killing more than 4,000 people and injuring thousands more. More than 3000 Buildings have been turned into rubbles Homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure have been destroyed under layers of rubble. The earthquake affected people of Turkiye and need immediate help and support. Turkiye and Syria Earthquake Relief Appeal will provide emergency relief and long-term
Hungerfree in Ramadan - food for families in need
Years of war and dangerous humanitarian crises have left large parts of the Afghan and Syrian populations at the mercy of starvation without support. However, both crises are in danger of disappearing from the public eye. With this year's humanitarian emergency relief during the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan, we would like to set an example of solidarity. Together, we can reach 120 Afghan families and 150 families in Turkey - mainly Syrian refugees - with food packages!
Ramadan is for Fasting. Not Starving.
by NuDay
This project will provide hot, homely Ramadan meals and food baskets to children, women, and families in Northwestern Syria where 3.4 million displaced people currently seek refuge in camps from the ongoing civil war. NuDay can also support Orphan Iftar (dinner) events ($750 can feed 70-100 orphans + offer fun activities). Funds can also support distribution of other much needed aid. Last year, NuDay reached 615,000 beneficiaries. Our goal this year is 1 million. Help us, help them.
Winter Aid for Widows & Orphans, Northern Syria
As winter nears, forcibly displaced refugees in Syria, especially widowed women with young children, face severe challenges. Severe cold, lack of funding, harsh living conditions, and skills deficits compound their challenges. This campaign aims to provide winter essentials (fuel for heating, winter clothing) for 70 widowed women with their children, and conduct cultural and social awareness training for these women, promoting education and employment to improve their and their children's lives.
Syria: reconstruction after the earthquake
The project aims to support the recovery of people and the reconstruction of houses and buildings that where severely damaged by the massive 7.8 magnitudo earthquake that rocked Turkey and Northern Syria. The reconstruction activities will be carried out in Aleppo, Latakia and other cities in Syria. The earthquake and its following tremors took more than 50,000 lives and caused an estimated $5.1 billion in damages. The impact in Syria has been exacerbated by the ongoing decade-long conflict.
Turkiye - Syria Earthquake
This project aims at providing urgent relief items, including shelter, winter clothing, mobile heaters, and blankets to the survivors of the earthquakes that hit southeast Turkiye and northwest Syria.
Turkiye Earthquake Response
Two catastrophic earthquakes hit Turkiye and Syria early on Feb. 6th, 2023, followed by over 1600 aftershocks that took the lives of over 50,000 people and left millions in need. Concern was well-positioned to offer immediate relief to this sudden emergency, distributing blankets, food, water and heaters for emergency shelters. We are working with local partners to ramp up efforts for additional, longer-term support, and your support would help us expand our efforts and further our impact.
Ramadan Food Basket (syria _ Gaza )
sponsoring and providing poor and orphan families northwest syria / Gaza with food baskets in Ramadan
Sponsor an orphan in Syria
Children orphaned in conflict are often the most affected, born into a life full of fear, deprivation and exploitation. This project aims to improve the lives of 400 orphan children in Syria through a comprehensive program for orphan and child care.
Turkiye Earthquake Emergency Response
by IsraAID
A colossal 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Turkiye and neighboring Syria early on February 6, 2023, followed by a second 7.5 magnitude quake less than 12 hours later. More than 5,000 people have been killed and tens of thousands are seriously injured and/or trapped. Just 30 hours after the first quake, IsraAID deployed a team to Turkiye to provide immediate relief to devastated communities. This includes distributing warm winter supplies, hygiene kits, and water filters.
Responding to Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria
On February 6, a massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit the south of Turkey close to the town of Gazantiep, affecting thousands of communities in southern Turkey and northern Syria. Hours later, a 7.5-magnitude quake hit just outside Ekinozu-100 km to the north of the previous one. International Medical Corps is responding in both Turkey and Syria, where we have worked since 2008. We expect to provide basic needs as well as robust health services.
Syria Winter Aid Drive: Cold Winter, Warm Heart
Winter is one of the most crucial and harsh season especially in the war affected and conflict countries, which estimated starting from October to February each year. This year, the winter season in Syria expected to be the worst in 30 years. There are 4 main packages offered in this project: food basket, warming clothes, fuel resources and shelter. This is one of the initiative to make those affected communities feel safe and warm during this upcoming winter.
Medicos del Mundo (Doctors of the World) teams are already mobilizing to reach the most affected areas for an initial emergency response. This earthquake only adds to a crisis already being experienced by millions of people on Syrian territory and on the border with Turkey.
Turkey & Syria Earthquake Emergency Response
The extent of the destruction caused by the earthquakes that struck south-eastern Turkey and north-eastern Syria last week are becoming more and more clear. What is absolutely clear, however, is that help is urgently needed. The quake with a magnitude of about 7.8 was felt as far away as Lebanon and Cyprus. Thousands of people lost their lives and almost a hundred thousand were injured. At a stroke countless people lost their homes. We must help as quickly as possible - Caritas aid is underway!
Syria Earthquake Relief Efforts
Two powerful earthquakes struck Syria on the same day, killing more than 3,000 people and injuring thousands more. Homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure have been destroyed under layers of rubble. Your donation to the Syria Earthquake Relief Fund will provide emergency relief and fuel long-term recovery efforts in Syria.
People On the Move, Suspended Futures
The project aims at meeting the urgent and acute needs of the apprehended unregistered refugees attempting to enter Turkiye through provision of most vital needs of the individuals. The target groups include the individuals rescued at sea, apprehended at the border regions of Turkiye or within the country's territories. With the raised funding, ASAM will provide clothing, shoes, food, hygiene, temporary shelter, medical assistance, transportation etc to alleviate the urgent needs.
Sport changing lives for young Syrian refugees
Youth Sport Trust International is passionate about the power of sport to change young people's lives. We are seeking funding to expand our youth sport leadership training for young Syrian refugees living in camps in Beirut, Lebanon.
Support Small Entrepreneurs in Lebanon & Jordan
With over four million Syrian refugees in neighboring countries and continued cuts in humanitarian aid, NEF is helping refugee women and adolescent girls in Lebanon and Jordan achieve self-reliance through skills training to improve economic opportunity, financial literacy, group savings, conflict management, and social networking.
Support Human Rights Activists in Syria
The Syria Justice and Accountability Centre relies on a network of documenters and activists across Syria and refugee communities who work with survivors and their families to record the details of their experiences. This documentation work is extremely challenging and highly technical, and documenters need customized, Arabic language trainings to gain the skills necessary to collect detailed documentation that can be used as criminal evidence and help survivors achieve their vision of justice.
Earthquake in Syria and Turkey
The other night, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the border area between Turkey and Syria. Specchio dei tempi Foundation immediately took action by launching a subscription to help the affected populations, making 50,000 available immediately. Today, more than ever, we need everyone's solidarity.
Aid for Families in Syria
With the war in Syria in the midst of its eleventh year, the devastation continues. Today, 13.4 million Syrians are in need of humanitarian assistance, many of whom have been forced to flee their homes. This project supports the health of affected families with essential access to clean water, food and basic hygiene items.
Turkiye (Turkey) & Syria Earthquake Response
The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Southeast Turkiye (Turkey) and Northwest Syria in February 2023 has created an unprecedented level of damage in the region. Survivors have been left devastated as every aspect of daily life has been affected. Relief International teams are providing emergency relief but can only do so with your help.
Turkey & Syria Earthquake Emergency Assistance
In early morning of 6th of February (local time), a huge earthquake struck southern part of Turkey and more than 4,800 people have died, more than 20,000 people have been injured (as of 17:00(JST) 7th Feb.) JEN has been providing assistance to Syrian refugees and host communities with a partner organization in exactly the same areas, Gaziantep in Turkey where the earthquake hit. In order to support people's lives and livelihoods, we will provide emergency assistance to the affected people.
Turkiye & Syria Earthquakes Response
Project HOPE deployed staff to Gaziantep within hours of the initial quake. Project HOPE has initiated the coordination & shipment of three Interagency Emergency Health Kits (IEHKs), medical supplies, & pharmaceuticals. Through coordination with local partners, we are deploying K-9 search & rescue team in Turkiye. Project HOPE has a Type 1 Emergency Medical Team ready to deploy to provide primary care services, stabilize patients with acute trauma injuries & refer patients for specialized care.
Good360 Getting Goods to Turkiye and Syria
by Good360
On Feb 6 , 2023, earthquakes struck Turkiye and Syria, followed close behind by a 7.5 magnitude aftershock. More than 22,000 killed, 75,000 injured, and 700,000 displaced during extreme cold weather. Good360 is getting critical product needs to nonprofit partners based on specific requests. We need funding to help cover shipping and direct costs. Products include hygiene kits, first aid, blankets, tents, tarps, heaters, non-perishable foods, OTC medications to partners like IMC, Map Int., GEM
Language Course & Recreational Events for Refugees
Together with you, we support organizations and initiatives in the recording, management and integration of refugees .
Made Clean - Refugee Response
Made Clean provides a mobile laundry service and an engaging children's program to serve the practical needs of Syrian refugees living in camps. Families who do not have access to laundry services benefit from this much-needed resource; While their children participate in an interactive, educational, and psychosocial program. This initiative is an avenue to the community, making it a powerful tool for building relationships and spreading hope for a better future among those who need it most.
Help Syrian Refugees Heal in Gaza
Syrian refugees in Gaza, worried about family left behind, asked not to show their faces. 154 families sought refuge in Gaza when their homes in Syria were destroyed. They walked across to Lebanon, flew to Egypt, crossed to the Gaza Strip seeking specialized medical care, food, and jobs but now Gaza's economy is collapsing due to 12 years of blockade and the US cut of all aid. Please help these families get back on their feet with a 3-month job placement program and restorative medical care.
Give Support to 800 Syrian Refugee Families
Focus of DKH in the countries of Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey is the supply of refugee families, especially outside the camps, and support for host families and communities. Especially now, as winter sets in, people urgently need accommodation, clothing, blankets, stoves, and coal and food.
Yummy food opens hearts and integrates refugees
Donors will help to fund a great project of integrating refugees in different ways. On a social base by cooking with new friends and connecting with others, and in a local community by presenting themselves and their work at big events.
Feed & Empower Over 5000 Refugees in Greece
The Food Project delivers fresh fruit, vegetables & dry food to over 5000 refugees stranded in Greece. Through operating in 17 refugee sites and partnering with 15 organisations, each family receives two food packs a week. The project gives malnourished children access to the vital nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy. It allows families to cook for themselves, empowering individuals and upholding dignity. A project that aims to enhance the health and well-being of those fleeing war.
Help Us Keep Rescuing Refugees in Peril at Sea
Fleeing to seek refuge in Europe, thousands of people have died making the short sea crossing from Turkey to Lesvos. Setting off in flimsy rubber boats and wearing fake life jackets, many find themselves heading for rocks or sand banks that can readily capsize or sink a dinghy. Others abandoned by smugglers who drop them at beaches inaccessible via land. Our Search and Rescue crew and emergency response team are on call 24/7, working to prevent any more lives being needlessly lost to The Aegean.
Emergency Relief for Refugee Families in Greece
There is a refugee crisis at Europe's door. The reason we talk about a "crisis" is not because of the number of refugees but because of the incapacity of Europe to deal with the problem in an organized and predictable way. There is a need for all European countries to cooperate with solidarity in order to confront this problem with cooperation and goodwill. The Greek islands receive 2.500 refugees every day. Source: The Greek Police Site and the UNHCR
Help Families in Turkey Devastated by Earthquakes
A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey and parts of Syria, killing more than 3,800 people and injuring thousands more. Families are displaced and thousands of homes are destroyed, causing a state of distress and uncertainty for the future of many people in the region. Due to the freezing winter temperatures, GHNI and trusted partners are bringing critical supplies to families such as blankets, sleeping bags, cooking fuel, and food boxes.
Children Conditions in Syria
This project aims to reduce the suffering of Children who are severely affected by the war in Syria. More than 90% of IDPs in syria are women and children, an. 30% of IDPs Households are now headed by females, total of 20.7 million people, 66% of the population, are estimated to need humanitarian assistance in 2022; 14.1 million people of whom are estimated to be in acute need (severity 4 and 5). This includes 5.6 million women, 6.5 million girls, 5.7 million men, and 5.7 million boys.
Provide Relief for Syrian Refugees
Over 4 million Syrians have fled the civil war in their country for the relative safety of neighboring countries. The flow of refugees into camps and host communities continues to swell - far beyond initial expectations - and strain limited resources in the region. Mercy Corps is helping refugees and community members in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and within Syria by providing essentials like clothing and blankets, digging wells and building safe places for children to play and be kids.

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