Celebrate International Women's Day!

What are the challenges facing women and girls?

Despite progress in recent years, women and girls continue to suffer a disadvantage and exclusion in education systems, self-development, and job markets where women perform 70% of the world’s working hours but receive only 10% of the world’s income.

What are the solutions?

GlobalGiving believes every women and girl deserves a chance to realize her full potential. Not just because she deserves to thrive, but because when she succeeds so does her family, her friends, her community, and the world. Today, in too many moments, in too many parts of the world, there aren't opportunities for women and girls to learn, contribute, and thrive. But we have good news- our nonprofits partners are the best in the business at helping women and girls do just that- thrive.

With support from locally-driven programs, women and girls are empowered to make positive changes not just for themselves, but for their families, friends, and communities. In this way, supporting women and girls has an exponential impact for good. 

How you can help

1. Donate to GlobalGiving’s Girl Fund. You can support the full range of projects providing opporutnities for women and girls around the world with one donation to the GlobalGiving Girl Fund. 

2. Tell your friends and family. Share the GlobalGiving’s Girl Fund on social media to spread the word about the millions of refugees that need support.

3. Start a fundraiser to support women and girls. You can mobilize your friends and family to donate to support women and girls by using GlobalGiving’s free peer-to-peer fundraising tool.

4. Choose a project that speaks to you from the list below. GlobalGiving has a number of partners working on the ground to provide support in various ways, from providing education, legal protection, or health care, to access to training and job skills so that girls can thrive—making a difference in their lives and their communities. You can support any one of them today.  

Donate to a project below to support women and girls around the world for International Women's Day:


Projects in Africa

Empower and Educate WISER girls in rural Kenya
WISER works with girls to transcend poverty, HIV/AIDS, and gender-based violence. We do this by creating environments that produce exceptional young women who drive change in their communities. We build self-esteem, provide access to health education and knowledge, and produce academic high achievers. This project will provide education, food, housing, clothing, psychosocial support, access to university-quality labs, computers, and hands-on learning opportunities to 100 girls.
Educate a Girl, Educate a Nation - Sierra Leone
Unfortunately, in many families, girls are traditionally excluded from access to educational opportunities. Boys receive preferential opportunities. This project helps address this imbalance by providing scholarships to girls who are at risk of dropping out of school. It also provides training in self-esteem, teenage pregnancy awareness, and Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health. The girls receive guidance and counseling to stay on track with their educational goals.
Change a Girl's Life Through Microentrepreneurship
The Keep A Girl Alive project enables conflict-affected and internally displaced young women to become economically independent. We do it through cash transfers and long-term-coaching. For a bit more than 50$, you help a woman on her way out of poverty. On average, girls make 3 times more income after being in the program, 83% of participants are out of extreme poverty today. So far, more than 180 young women of South-West Cameroon have been supported.
Post secondary Education for Girls in Burkina Faso
This project will provide scholarships to primary school teacher training for 80 village girls who have completed secondary school at the top of their class in northern Burkina Faso. Because their parents are subsistence farmers, these scholarships are the only source of funds these girls will have to enable them to further their studies in primary school teacher training.
Stop 250 Teen Girls in Ghana from Missing School
Girls in rural Ghana want to earn an education but struggle to stay in school once they hit puberty. Predatory men offer girls paltry sums of money so they can afford school or sanitary supplies, and expect favors in return. Our Teen Girls Club teaches girls about women's health, ensures girls have access to menstrual supplies, helps them advocate for themselves and their education, and trains them in income-generating activities so they can stay in school and break the cycle of poverty for good
STEM Camp for Girls in Minna: Promoting Creativity
Young girls in Minna, Nigeria have limited access to STEM materials. STEM materials for kids such as legos, keva planks, k'nexs, and snap circuit discovery kits promote creativity and inspire children to think about innovations that can help change the world. Time Out 4Africa plans to adopt a primary school in Minna, Nigeria. This project will help provide the school girls with STEM materials that will promote innovation and creativity.
Give Women Recovering from Fistula a Bright Future
The Mabinti Centre ('Mabinti') is a socio-economic empowerment program that provides vocational training and mentorship to women recovering from obstetric fistula; a debilitating childbirth related injury. By developing their skills in sewing, screen printing, beading, business skills and English, Mabinti empowers women with the tools and confidence they need to become financially independent, either through starting their own business or securing employment.
No FGM in Tanzania
We support FGM survivor and activist Rhobi Samwelly and her local NGO Hope for Women and Children Tanzania in Mara. She works together with district and regional officials to protect girls from Female Genital Mutilation in Tanzania via supporting outreach work in villages and with schools, and offering safe spaces for girls refusing to be cut, particularly during cutting seasons. They also arrange community film screenings of the film featuring their work, In the Name of Your Daughter.
Self-reliance for 300 vulnerable Kenyan girls
Adolescent girls and young women in Kenya face discrimination and are at high risk of poverty, exploitation and high risk situations. Girls may be forced into early marriage, early pregnancy or survival sex. Our Seed of Hope centres support vulnerable girls and young women in Kenya and offer counseling, training in life-skills, vocational skills and business to empower and equip girls to escape extreme poverty, secure an income and support themselves, their families and their communities.
Educate HIV Orphans in Kenya
In a country devastated by AIDS, many young children are orphaned and left in the care of guardians or elder grandparents. We recognize that the only way out of poverty for every child is through education. While primary school is supposed to be free the elderly find it impossible to pay for the many extra expenses needed to keep a child in school.
1000 Kibera slum girls empowered to excel
Through this project, Polycom Development Project aims to support 1000 girls in Kibera Slums to complete high school through rights awareness programs, educational scholarship, sports , hygiene and sanitation. Girls in Kibera face many challenges; lack of basic needs like pads and panties, manipulation and sexual harassment, lack of hope to further their education due to poverty and most of all lack of people/platforms with whom to share their problems. This project will respond to these needs.
Improving lives of 1000 girls in Nairobi's slums
Targeting girls aged 10 - 21 years old in Nairobi's slums, Mrembo unveils, restores and builds the inner beauty of girls through sport. The program addresses issues of sexuality, reproductive health and self-esteem with the objective of helping girls make positive and healthy decisions. New for 2013, the initiative will provide vocational training opportunities to the neediest girls to help prevent the kind of economic desperation which forces many into prostitution or abusive relationships.
Micro Loans For Women Impacted by HIV/AIDS, Zambia
Our vision is to empower women by teaching them marketable skills so they can take steps towards self-reliance. This project provides business training, small loans, business monitoring and counseling to 400 first time entrepreneurs impacted by HIV and AIDS in Zambia. Earnings from businesses help pay for food, rent, medicines and school expenses. Loan recipients become role models, and enjoy a higher status in the community; their children improve in health and attend school.
Educate & Empower 1200 Girls in the Nairobi Slums
Safe Spaces exists to help girls in the slums save their own lives. Our Mission is to provide a safe space in the Eastland slums of Nairobi for girls and young women to envision and pursue the future they want for themselves and their communities through life-skills and reproductive health training and awareness, arts and sports, vocational training and academic education scholarship programs. Global Giving fundraising supports Safe Spaces programs including academic & vocational scholarships.
Crisis Centre for abandoned/orphaned babies Uganda
This project (NWC) is a part of KHA. We support vulnerable children by giving them an education and life skills. NWC is a home where babies up to 5, receive physical, medical and psychological care. We support their young mothers at a time of crisis, giving them hope and a new chance. We aim to resettle the child with their mother or a family within 8 months. The Community Support Programme offers training, counselling and support to young women in parenting and income-generating skills.
Equip rural Kenyan girls to GET UP out of poverty
Impoverished adolescent girls in rural Kenya face enormous obstacles to completing education needed for self-supporting work. GET UP (Girl Empowerment Team of the Umoja Project) paves a path to success through a comprehensive program focusing on health education, positive relationships, life skills and girls' rights. Community women are trained to serve as mentors, and professional women provide vocational guidance. With effective support, girls learn to GET UP instead of giving up.
Support the Grandmothers of AIDS Orphans in Uganda
The Nyaka Grandmother Project offers practical life skills training, access to credit through a microfinance program and income generating activities for the guardians of HIV/AIDS orphans. These unsung heroes are caring for upwards of 12 orphans during their twilight years without any social services like medical or child welfare.
Empower African Girls with Hygiene and Education
The poverty cycle can be broken when girls stay in school. An innovative solution has proven to be key - sustainable menstrual hygiene she can count on. With it, she can avoid infection, shame, exploitation, early marriage, and even trafficking.Your support of this project provides girls quality washable sanitary pads and important reproductive health, hygiene, self-defense and sewing training. Girls, families and communities are empowered as leaders and sewing cooperatives gain income and skill
Establish Girls' Empowerment Centre in Rural Kenya
NIGEE is a Kenyan-based non-profit organization that helps school girls who dropped out due to teen pregnancy or child marriage. About 200 of these girls have completed high school and need vocational training to join the job market, and about 300 girls in school need a facility to convene during school holidays and be tutored on sciences and educated on reproductive health. The Girls' Empowerment Center will offer these services to 500 girls and host 50 victims of sexual violence.
Provide a Loving Home for Street Girls in DR Congo
Street Girls in Congo are vulnerable to sexual exploitation, violence and addiction, and are often invisible on the streets. The Kimbilio projects offer support and provides a loving home for up to 20 street girls, where they live in a small family setting and receive one-to-one support from our carers. The girls enjoy a range of activities such as sewing, art and sports, as well as attending a local school. Ultimately, we try to reunite each girl with her family.
Improve 70 Girls Education with Tutoring Program
This project enables 7th and 8th grade girls in Bankondji village to develop the ability to understand texts in reading comprehension, math and other subjects, so they successfully pass the exam needed to enroll in any high school in Cameroon. The 70 girls in the peer-to-peer tutoring project are very engaged in the program and committed to their personal success. The project also provides support to the girls who have passed the exam, so they can attend day high schools.
Empower Girls through Menstrual Hygiene Management
In Burkina Faso, when girls come of age, beginning their menstruation cycle can mean the end of their education. Due to a lack of resources and primarily a lack of awareness and understanding of this natural process for every young woman, girls will often completely stop going to school when they begin menstruating. BARKA Foundation has an innovative approach to alleviate the problem by bringing this taboo subject into the open and raising the awareness of girls, boys, teachers and parents.
Help Educate 40 Bright Girls in Lesotho
Our ambition at Educare Fund is to enable more bright young girls to have access to higher education and greater job opportunities. We partner with Lesotho families of all shapes and sizes who do not receive any government funding and are struggling to keep their kids in high school. Educare Fund meets these families half way by paying a proportion of the school fees and all examination costs. With this campaign we hope to expand our support to include books, uniforms and stationery.
Benefit 700 Moroccan girls through school gardens
After restoring underused grounds of urban schools in Marrakech, GDF is expanding its efforts to rural schools in the foothills of the High Atlas mountains, where girls are learning about gardens, cultural heritage and environmental stewardship. We are focusing on Dar Taliba, a boarding house in the Ourika Valley that provides an opportunity for 120 teenage girls per year to continue their formal studies while acquiring knowledge about the traditional use of plants from their elders.
Let's Help 100 Girls Lead!
"If I didn't come to MindLeaps, I would be pregnant. Here, I believe in my future," said a teenage girl in Kigali, Rwanda. MindLeaps helps vulnerable youth develop the skills they need to go to school. The holistic program improves cognitive development and life skills through a unique dance-based curriculum. By December 31, we need to raise $37,500 to make sure our girls receive the essential support they need to leave street life and enter school forever. Help Girls Lead!
Restoring Healthcare to Women and Girls in Liberia
We are working every day to improve the health and welfare of the people of Margibi County, Liberia with an emphasis on preventative healthcare education for women and girls. While focused on community-based preventative care, we also run an acute care clinic from in Kakata taking care of the immediate medical needs of over 200,000 people. Since 2013 the number of clinic patients has grown from 2,500 to over 17,500 and over 155,000 have participated in health education programs, 90% female.
Saving Kenya's Environment Through Family Planning
Kenya has one of the highest population growths in the world and has a poverty rate of 45%. As a result, Kenya's natural resources are dwindling! The Community Health Africa Trust (CHAT) is one of the few aid organizations providing innovative and FREE family planning services combined with ecological awareness education to underserved, often nomadic communities in central and northern Kenya. In turn, we conserve natural resources and reduce suffering - especially among women and children.
Girl Power Project - GPP
Give power to rural poorest girls to help girls, break the cycle of poverty by accessing education, skills and child protection services. Your end of year donations, will help our girls left behind and trapped in marriages, provided with free tuition, mentoring, healthy meals, clothes, school supplies, healthcare and family support services. Your donation will address both the drivers and consequences of girl-child poverty and those left behind. Join us to send more Girls to schools.
Empower and educate 450 girls in South Africa
"Boxgirls inspires me to do anything that I want. At first I was afraid to speak in front of a group, but then they said, "Go speak, no one here will laugh at you"." -Yolanda 10 years This project is directed to girls in the poorest areas of Cape Town. Boxgirls trains presentation skills, deescalation skills and violence prevention through self-defense and life skill training afterschool 2x a week. Saturdays we train Maths & English skills.
Empowering 100 vulnerable children in Kiambiu slum
The main goal is to support the Glory center school located in Kiambiu slums in Nairobi in order to provide free education to around 100 children who hail from the poorest in the informal dwellings. It will also support them with other basic needs which will create a conducive learning environment.
Reduce Suffering in Kenya Via Health Care Services
"Family planning could bring more benefits to more people at less cost than any other single technology now available to the human race." UNICEF. There is no question the people we serve are desperate. Kenya has the highest unskilled abortion rate (46%) in the world because of inaccessible and un-affordable Family Planning services to reduce unwanted pregnancies. CHAT will continue our mission of mitigating extreme suffering by escalating access to Family Planning and basic healthcare services.
Teen Girls Health & Empowerment in Uganda
Uganda has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Sub-Saharan Africa. 50% of girls are married before they reach 18. Shanti Uganda's Teen Girls Program uses education, prevention & empowerment and has reached over 600 girls since 2010. With your help, we can reduce teen pregnancy, improve maternal health and keep girls in school. Each girl makes her own reusable menstrual pad and learns about nutrition, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, STIs, female role models and healthy relationships.
Help 20 Zimbabwean women and girls re-enter school
This project provides school fees through O level, sanitary ware, school uniforms, & mentor sessions to 20 out-of-school women and girls, with a specific emphasis on women who fell pregnant as teens. Beneficiaries are chosen based on need and desire to re-enter school and are chosen from Form 1 up. Depending on age, they enter regular HS classes or non-formal education classes after the regular school day. We hope to close the gender gap in education & foster development & women's empowerment.
Helping Abused Girls, Sierra Leone
We have built a 21-bed shelter for young female victims of violence (gender-based violence, female genital mutilation, rape, etc). We provide the necessary medical and psychological treatment, legal aid, education, and basic needs (food, water, clothing, hygiene) to help these girls heal and return to their families and communities. We need additional funding to continue operating our shelter and make it more sustainable.
Educate girls and fight poverty in Kenya
By providing access to education, our project empowers girls to fight the causes and effects of poverty in their lives and build a brighter future for themselves, their families and their communities.
Libraries in Rural Uganda
Grassroots Uganda is building 5 Libraries in rural areas of Uganda. The Libraries focus is on children to help the children grow with a sustainable reading culture. The Libraries are a an outlet where children and adults can go to learn, create, explore and venture outside of the confines of poverty. Our librarians read children's stories aloud to the kids at least once per day, and we offer children's arts and crafts classes on Wednesdays to help the kids build their creative talents.
Empower 50 Survivors of Sex Trafficking in Rwanda
This project will provide short-term room and board, emergency healthcare, counseling, advocacy, and financial aid to 50 girls and women victims of sex trafficking in Kigali, Rwanda. The project will help to transition these girls and women from their past life of controlled abuse to stable independence.
Legal Aid for Victims of Domestic Violence in SA
Lawyers against Abuse (LvA) provides free legal services and psycho-social support to victims of sexual and domestic violence in one of South Africa's most disadvantaged communities. Diepsloot, an informal settlement north of Johannesburg, is home to over 500,000 people, yet LvA is the only organization of its kind working in the community. LvA also works closely with local police and courts to ensure victims of gender-based violence are treated with dignity and respect when seeking justice.
Protect 32,000 School Children from Malaria
NETwork uses a community based approach to promote education and health by protecting impoverished school children in Uganda from malaria. Malaria is preventable and is the number one cause of sickness and death in this age group. It is also the leading cause of preventable absenteeism. Additionally, educating the "girl- child" is not valued in Uganda; NETwork promotes education. The nets are given to the girls in the schools, and in turn, the girls bring nets home to their families.
Mentoring for At-Risk Nomadic Girls in Rural Niger
Rural Niger, West Africa has a 10% literacy rate, and girls rarely progress past the fourth grade - instead staying at home to work or marrying as young teens. RAIN offers mentoring to at-risk nomadic and rural girls to keep them succeeding in school. Girls learn from local women volunteering as mentors in traditional and life skills. Mentors are also trained in hygiene as well as gender specific health and life issues to offer guidance and advocate with parents and teachers.
Rehabilitation of 64 Vulnerable Women in  Ethiopia
This project will assist traumatized women through self-help groups to regain their dignity and to encourage them to become self-supported by assisting them to start a small scale business.
Rescue Maasai Girls from Female Genital Mutilation
Despite laws attempting to prevent it, Female Genital Mutilation remains a prevalent cultural practice among Maasai communities. Global Roots is helping to change this by providing positive incentives and reinforcement to communities which remain mutilation free. We do this using our Global Children's Garden food security program as foundation and then use that food security to reinforce mutilation free villages. We also partner with local organizations to sponsor girls who have fled FGM.
Champion Her Right to an Education
ZanaAfrica Foundation provides adolescent girls in East Africa with the resources they need to live more healthy and informed lives. We are showing girls they are powerful agents of change in their own lives through supporting them in mind, body and spirit. This holistic approach includes sanitary pads and underwear that girls need and want, standardized and aspirational health education, and safe spaces and mentors for girls in their communities.
Build a business for a woman living in war
This project will provide small loans and free business training for vulnerable women in North Kivu, DR Congo. These women are unable to ensure they have a steady income because of the violent wars that plagues the country. The aim of the project is to lift the women and their communities out of extreme poverty by giving them the finance, skills and confidence to increase and stabilise their livelihoods.
Transform the Lives of  Up to 600 Orphaned Girls
In Bungoma County, situated in the Western part of Kenya, 117,000 children aged 8-15 are orphans. That's 9% of the population that simply has no future. We intend to change that for 600 girls & young women, by encouraging both formal and informal education whilst empowering participants to avoid the risks of early pregnancies, early marriages and female genital mutilation. The goal is for them to commit to their education and become capable of investing in capital resources.
Protect and Empower Rural Kenyan Girls
Meeting girls' basic needs for safety, hygienic supplies, access to school, and protection from threats allows them to preserve their dignity, stay in school, and pursue their goals without interruption due to poverty, household burdens, menstruation, or threats of violence. By protecting and providing for these girls, you are helping address the significant and widespread challenges to female education and empowerment.
Educate & Give voice to HODI Girls in North Kenya
HODI works with girls to give them a voice/choice & ensure they are able to stand up for themselves overcoming FGM, Beading & Child marriages. The project will provide access to education, training and life skills through football. The girls learn her to how to say NO; they learn to be confident and know about their rights, their health while providing them with skills to transition to high school & universities. Giving 100 girls a chance to overcome poverty, illiteracy & become future leaders.
HPV and Cervical Cancer Prevention for West Africa
This project will establish best practices for the distribution of the HPV vaccine in Mali, where there is an especially high rate of cervical cancer.
Support a female teacher to educate needy girls!
At Akili School, we believe in the power of women to transform the world. This is why all our teachers are female. We love seeing them empower the underprivileged girls we support through education. We want to retain and invest in them through continuous training to improve quality of instruction for our girls. Many grant givers do not fund salaries for teachers. But we believe we can pull our resources together and pay the dedicated women at Akili School better and give Akili girls the best!!
Care for babies & empower young mothers in Nairobi
Single Mothers Association of Kenya plans to improve the financial and physical status of women and children in Starehe constituency, Nairobi, through the provision of vocational training and day care facilities.
Beauty & Brains Scholarship Fund
Beauty & Brains is a scholarship fund for bright but underpriviledged girls in Kenya. The scholarship was founded on ensuring every girl in our program understands she is beautiful, she is enough, she is important. It all begins with education.
Send 100 Somali PastoralGirls to school in Garissa
The project will support 100 Somali Pastoral girls access education in the secondary level in the arid region of Garissa, Northern Kenya. Pastoralist Girls Initiative will pay school fees for 100 girls for 1 year, procure books, uniform, sanitary towels and pants to ease the burden of the poverty stricken families who due to harsh climatic condition and their nomadic lifestyle of moving from one place to another in search of pasture and water can not afford to send their girls to school.

Projects in Asia & Oceania

Old age home for 300 abandoned elderly women
Vrindavan, a holy town, is home to appx.15,000 widows abandoned & destitute. Abandoned by their families, they end up begging for survival. With your support, Maitri has built & furnished two ashrams in Vrindavan & Radhakund, providing shelter, food, clothing, & healthcare to 150 resident widows & 100 widows living in the neighborhood. Your donation will help provide them with essentials for a dignified & healthy living as well as skill them for livelihood opportunities. You make a difference!
Support for menstrual health for girls in India
Through the Smiley Days project, IDF will help 5000 girls and women in overcoming the social barriers associated with menstruation. By providing them with the right information, products and facilities, we will ensure an equal opportunity for girls across India whilst contributing to reach 4 key Global Sustainable Development Goals.
The Freedom Project: Prevention Through Education
In Thailand, The Freedom Project works with children at risk to prevent human trafficking & child sexual exploitation through education & community development. Through educational scholarships, tutoring, mentors, workshops & additional programs at our community Resource Center, we're helping more than 130 children reach their potential & become the leaders of tomorrow.
100 Bikes for 100 Girls
We are giving girls who live in rural and poor villages in Vietnam, bicycles to help them get to school. Many young girls walk one or more hours one way to school, and these long distances often keep them from attending regularly. Safety is another reason to give young girls bikes, as they are very often the targets of human trafficking to the sex trade and sweatshops. Bicycles are the first simple answer to improving both their safety and access to education.
Build Bright future for 250 marginalized Girls
This Project Will provide a Sustainable Livelihood to 250 marginalized Girls of 15-24 age Group & 18-35 (youth) age group by Vocational skill training of Computer Education, Beautician, fashion designing & Sewing, Handicraft and Hand Bag making etc. Bank loan will be providing through the project in order to settle self employment unit whereby the marginalized Girls of Rural area will get Better and Golden future.
Provide women and girls education in Cambodia
Access to information and knowledge is the most effective method of self-empowerment. This is why Women's Resource Center provides free emotional support, referral services and informal education to women and girls in Siem Reap province, Cambodia. Our workshops on topics such as women's health, women's rights, domestic violence, positive parenting and financial literacy help women gain the skills and confidence they need to change their lives for the better.
Empower 50 needy girls in India through education.
The Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme is a distinctive higher and professional education and personality development programme. It addresses the grim situation of girls' education in India by achieving their overall development via monetary and individual mentoring support. Since 2002 we have reached out to close to 6192 girls, called Shalinis (Dignified Women), who are now either economically independent or moving towards it. Currently, we are looking for support for 50 aspiring girls.
Birth Center Saves MotherBaby Lives in Philippines
Mothers and babies die unnecessarily during childbirth in the Philippines because often families don't have money to pay a skilled birth attendant. Mercy In Action midwives provide free childbirth services and education to empower women through evidence-based maternity services and birth. Empowered mothers have healthier babies and become powerful agents of change for the family, which results in our maternal and neonatal mortality rates being 4-times lower than the country of the Philippines.
Providing Life Skills to 300 Girls living in Slums
The project is for training minimum 300 poor girls from slums in important life skills in Mumbai and in other districts through a resource center. They learn computer use, spoken English, photography, speech making, social networking and more. The project provides training in leadership and encourages girls' participation in community life through learning opportunities and assuring they complete school education for a productive and useful life. Our permanent center commits to do it every year.
Make Women in Rural India Financially Secure
Seva Mandir seeks to help women in rural areas attain financial freedom by adopting a habit of saving and inter-loaning through Self-Help Groups. The programme also aims to strengthen livelihood-generating activities.
Supporting Women through Crisis Pregnancy
" Supporting women through crisis pregnancy " Save Cambodian mothers from having to sell their babies, remain in sex work, or feel apprehension at the arrival of their newborn. Give these women and their new babies a chance at life by providing them with quality health care, stable housing, nutritious food, vocational training, and job placements.
Girl Initiative Fund for Sindh Pakistan
AHD is working in slum areas of Sindh. The target families are poor low income groups with no education facility, youth girls will be provided with school supplies, uniforms, scholarship for girls ages between 6 to 16 years. AHD wants to provide a facility for the girls student or school drop out with education and skills support for 1,000 youth girls through this project.
Justice for Women & Girls in the Pacific
In the fight against gender-based violence (GBV) it is imperative to increase transparency, consistency, and accountability within the justice system. Based on our analysis, sentences are reduced in over 52% of GBV cases in the Pacific region because of gender stereotypes and cultural norms. ICAAD is providing the tools and data to empower judges and advocates to better protect women and girls. Help promote access to justice for women & girls in the Pacific!
Educate 100 Rescued Girl Child Labourers
Through the project "Educate 100 Rescued Girl Child Labourers", BREADS will educate 100 rescued girl child labourers. The project will free the girl children from the evils of child labour, abuse and other vulnerabilities. It will mainstream girl children through family reunification, institutional placement, informal/formal education and employable skill training through Don Bosco Centres.
Rescue trafficked women & children in India
This project rescues women and children from the dangers of Mumbai's red-light districts and relocates them to a safe home, where they will receive shelter, food, clothing, medical care, counseling and education.
Menstrual Health Resources and Employment in India
Our Sanitary Napkin Program trains women in rural Gujarat, India to manufacture, distribute, and sell high quality, low cost sanitary napkins throughout their communities. This empowers girls and women to take control over their own health and livelihood and enables girls to pursue higher education beyond the age they begin menstruating. $10,000 will provide the machines and production materials to employ around 30 women in three regions, ultimately reaching a community of 250,000.
Empower girls like Priti in slums in Pune, India
13 year old Priti lives in Burma Cell, a slum of corrugated iron huts in the suburbs of Pune. This empowerment project helps 1,100 girls like Priti take control of their lives each year. Confidence is the key to escaping the poverty cycle of illiteracy, child-labour, child-marriage and ill-health that these girls are trapped in. This project provides the girls with the skills and confidence to engage in society and it challenges traditional views and stereotypes about gender roles.
Give A Girl A Bicycle - Help Her To Go School
Each year these projects provide 150 bicycles to girls in rural coastal Gujarat so they can continue their education. Otherwise they are unable to visit the school because there is no school after 7th std in the village and they have to go nearby villages where higher standard is available which is too far away.
Help Educate Girls in India
Despite immense progress, education in India remains problematic, particularly for girls who miss school to support their families and are living in care homes which only support them up to 10th Standard. We believe in equal education. Our School, IT Centre and slum classes allow our girls to complete 12 years of schooling and we also enroll and support them right through to college. Your donation helps give our girls knowledge, self-belief and hope.
Send 60 Girls in Pakistan to School
This project supports secondary education for 60 girls in various Pakistani villages. Funds provide transportation, cost of school for each girl, cost of registration, required exams, and self-growth workshops.
Help Women in India Become Professional Drivers
Our Women on Wheels project empowers poor women to become professional drivers to enable them get well-paying and respectful jobs and reclaim freedom. It helps these women get employed as cab drivers and chauffeurs for women, making transportation in Indian cities safer for women. Once earning, women drivers are able to double even triple their family income. The project does not only help lift many people out of poverty, it also empowers women to transform their lives in numerous ways.
"Nayantara" a Girl Child Sponsorship Programme
Most of the girl children of poor families can't continue their studies reaching adolescent stage, they become dropped out from the school, engage in domestic work; victim of child labour practice, &/or get married at early age even trafficked against lucrative offers by others. They very much neglected & deprived their basic rights & it's culturally accepted by generation after generation. In this situation we plans to support such vulnerable children to ensure retention in schools.
Help put girls at the forefront of change in Burma
Girl Determined is a leadership project for girls aged 12-17. By facilitating girls' recognition of their personal and group potential they learn to avoid the pitfalls of trafficking, dangerous labor and other forms of violence.
Empowering and Protecting Slum Girls
by Sukarya
To empower and educate adolescent girls on Reproductive Sexual Health [ARSH] and Family Life Education [FLE] to make them physically and emotionally capable to lead a successful life. About one-third of adolescents in India report physical and sexual abuse. To be implemented at 2 slum locations for another year (2018) with proper monitoring. 100 Adolescent Girls would be empowered on ARSH and FLE. Overall health and gender empowerment would be ensured to create a healthier society.
Higher education to 310 remote rural girls
This project will provide quality education support to 310 under privilege girl children from poor remote rural areas & studying V to XII in Govt., Private & Convent schools. These poorest girl children are good at studies but struggling for education support, due to children parents are working as daily low wage labors in agriculture. These children will benefit immensely from CHHASE holistic approach to education & comprehensive support services and also lead to a safe & secured future
PROJECT NAME - Nandini GIVE THE GIFT OF EDUCATION TO AN UNDERSERVED GIRL CHILD (NANDINI) - Matriculation of a Girl Child (or drop-out, non-school going) through Gyantantra (Digital Dost - Literacy India's Holistic software that covers a curriculum for primary classes in multimedia form) and Vocational Training (Computer Education and Tailoring) for adolescent girls. Gyantantra is a composite learning module featuring a well structured curriculum.
Sewing Machines for Girls for Self-Reliance
Azad India Foundation is running stitching center in Kishanganj where 25 girls learn cutting and tailoring .A sewing machine to needy girls will help them to achieve economic self reliance and lead life of dignity.
Educate Destitute Girls in Kolkata, India
This project empowers girls from very poor families to avoid early marriage and a life of extreme poverty, illiteracy, childbearing, abuse and drudgery. A sponsored girl remains in school and goes on to further education or vocational training. Educated and with financial independence she can delay marriage, is empowered to make decisions for herself and to support herself and her family.
Food, Education and Emergency Support for Girls
The project will provide basic education, food and hygiene support for schoolgirls of ultra-poor families. Most often they are always in danger of dropping-out because of the lack of simple necessities in life comprising nutritious food, basic school supplies and hygiene kits. We will focus our attention to schoolchildren of Subanen Indigenous People in communities in Zamboanga del Norte.
Improved Care and Protection of Girl Children
Salaam Baalak Trust is an Indian non-profit and non-governmental organisation which provides a sensitive and caring environment to street and working children in Delhi, India. Children who live in our residential homes are inked with education, skill building, and medical services. In order to ensure increased accessibility to better quality care, we urgently require a vehicle to ferry the children in a safe and efficient manner...protected from traffickers and accidents.
Clean Water, WASH & Nutrition for 500 Muslim Girls
Poverty, hunger, communal violence and limited public health plague Muslim Mindanao, Philippines. Sulu Province remains near the bottom of the UN's worldwide Human Development Index. A school-aged population of some 350,000 children -- more than half girls -- are impoverished and suffering from hunger. Worldwide, female students are most affected in similar schools. We will assist five schools with a total of 500 girls, to create clean water systems, improved hygiene and daily nutrition.
Educate 100 orphan girls in rural India
Orphan Girls Children are considered a burden in the local society. Buds of Christ aims at educating and protecting rural orphan girls until 21 years where girl children are neglected and exploited physically and abused sexually. This project helps the orphan girls to be educated so that they make right choices, and set goals for their future and pursue it.
Provide Healthcare to 30,000 Rural Indian Women
The project provides free medical services to distinctly vulnerable population of 30,000, residing in a cluster of 14 sparsely connected and one of the most backward areas of Gujarat state in India through Mobile Medical Unit. Targeted maternal, reproductive, nutritional and menstrual hygiene care is offered to women, adolescent girls and children in the community.
Education & shelter for homeless children in India
Help 3500 homeless children in India reclaim their childhood through the Rainbow Homes program. The concept is simple: unused rooms in government schools are refurbished and converted into a Rainbow Home, where all needs of the children are taken care of - schooling, recreation, shelter, nutrition, tuition, healthcare, and most importantly, love and care. The idea is to ensure a safe and happy childhood for these children. We are supporting 2600 girls and 900 boys through separate interventions.
The project stems from the need to increase employment opportunities for women in an extremely poor region of India. It promotes the achievement of a high-school diploma through courses of dressmaking or IT skills and it supports these young women to start their own business. The project is aimed at women living in Nagercoil and neighbouring villages.
Safe Pregnancy for 200 Poor Women in India
The project will provide much needed healthcare for 200 poor pregnant women in Uttar Pradesh to enable them to deliver healthy babies under medical supervision. By contributing as little as $10, you can become a part of a poor woman's birth story.
Empowerment center for tribal society in India
We are continually constructing the training center that will allow us to run activities for the welfare of the people of Rajgangpur region. Currently in the building we are running in collaboration with the Government of India the following programs: National Child Labour Project (NCLP), Nehru Yuva Kendra(NYK) ,Pradhan Mantri Kushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY),Swaccha Bharat Pakhwada Campaign,Income Generation Program,Creating Bank Accounts and Medical Insurance,Disease Prevention Programs etc
Girls: Better after quake
A 9 months mentorship program aimed at unleashing the social leadership of 15 adolescent girls of earthquake affected area of Nepal. This project will reach out to the girls in an individually tailored, empowering them with diverse skills. Nuwakot is a district with one of the highest destruction caused by earthquake in 2015, labor migration among adults and highest rate of girls trafficking. Hence, the need to enhance the leadership of adolescent girls is not only necessary but imperative.
Send a Girl to High School with a Bicycle Gift
This project plans to support a bicycle each for higher secondary education of 500 poor girls (6-12 std.) in southern Nepal where they are forced to walk at least 5-12 KM for nearest higher secondary school. A bicycle in hand, a girl is more secure on the way, regular in school, saves time & energy for better performance that help feel the gap of pass out percentage between boys and girls. Her continuous engagement in school means less chances of her being victims of child marriage at home.
Help Bring 121,000 Girl Children Back to School
A life without education is not something many of us can even contemplate. Unfortunately, this remains a reality for many girls in India. For a host of different reasons, girls across the country are forced to drop out of school. You can make a difference by donating to CRY. With your help, we can ensure that 121,000 girl children across CRY-supported projects get back to school and complete their education. And lead the life they deserve.
Empower 100 Cambodian Girls Reach Full Potential
With the lack of family knowledge, teenage girls have nowhere to get advice on health and hygiene, domestic violence, nutrition and puberty. We are working with nursing graduates from the Angkor University in Siem Reap, who provide twice weekly sessions to our teenage students in Tapang School. Having a sympathetic ear and advice will give the girls confidence and help them blossom to their full potential.
A Training Center to Support 400 Women Every Year
In the city of Faisalabad,Pakistan in the dominant cultural pressures, women get little opportunities to participate in the economic activities in the rural/semi urban areas.They are confined to perform traditional gender specific roles.The project defines construction of a multi story training center which will be able to train 400 poor and marginalized women and girls in one year in multiple trainings,helping them to uplift socially and economically and get a respectable place in the society
A Ray of Light for the Women in Plight
She makes the world bright but still struggles to see the light. In Pakistan over 9Mn women still suffer from curable blindness. This project is aimed at giving the gift of sight to 1500 women who suffer from blindness due to cataract. Giving light to these women means securing the future of their families. With their vision restored they will become an independent and productive part of society again working towards the betterment of their children and families.
Steering 500 Women Away from Prostitution, Mumbai
This fundraiser will seek to empower women living in the Kamathipura red light area of Mumbai by providing them necessary resources and tools to develop long-term skills so they can leave prostitution. In past 18 years, AAWC has provided more than 2200 women with vocational training, financial & adult literacy sessions, assisted them to obtain essential documents for availing government benefits and schemes, which has helped them to gain skills for generating income from the alternate resource.
Engage&Empower girls & boys for Girl Effect-India
The project will provide training to 300 young girls & boys on gender equality & sensitize them on the deteriorating sex ratio & its long term implications. 30 youth leaders will be engaged in peer education. The Project will also create opportunities for marginalized girls for their self development through anemia control program, sponsorship support to continue education in high school, health & nutrition awareness, family life education & training for employability enhancement.
Support 50 Deprived families in Cholistan (Desert)
Technical education /skills are the only way to cope the mass problems of Poverty and Unemployment. In Distt. Bahawalpur, there is only 4 technical institute which is insufficient for this region. we are going to offer training at real work environment with full practical hands on experience. we will initially train only 50 females from rural areas. They will be able to get on hand experience and will be able to start their own small business to support their family financially.
Dropout 500 Girls Back to High School in Pakistan
Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world. Women are 51% of the total country population and their literacy rate is alarming especially in rural areas due to social and cultural obstacles. Of Every 100 girls in rural Pakistan, only 18 will reach the 8th grade, only 1 complete high school. In three years, Muwakhat Foundation sends 30,000 dropout girls to high school after counseling of their parents and overcome obstacles. Result with collective effort, we can change their world
Mainstreaming 1000 Girls of Urban Bihar
Girls come as 'boon' for urban informal workers' families. They leave the home and kids and even domestic chores to them and go out for work . These girls have to do household chores and child care and completely miss out their childhood and opportunity to learn and grow .The project will target 1000 such girls and mainstream them through education and skilling.The support would be entirely need based and tailor made for each girl from tuition support to enrolling in nearby skilling centre
Safe Drinking Water facility in Manigaun Gumda
Due to the great Earthquake of 2015, many basic infrastructures were destroyed. In ManniGaun Gumda, we are planning to provide clean drinking water facility were there is a acute shortage of water . Village population will access clean water readily, understand and practice good hygiene and maintain their health in long term. We will also be conducting awareness campaign in 12 VDCs of Gorkha regarding girls and women trafficking.

Projects in Middle East

Afghan Institute of Learning Empowers Afghan Women
AIL has been empowering Afghans since 1995 by expanding their educational and health opportunities through fostering self-reliance and community participation. AIL provides education from preschool through post secondary levels helping girls and women learn. An educated and health aware woman is more likely to succeed personally, and to be able to contribute positively economically and in family care leading to self supporting family units.
Grow Peace in Afghanistan: Educate 3000 Women
Aid Afghanistan for Education has 12 schools in 6 provinces that provide accelerated education for 3000+ marginalized women and girls. Most of our students cannot access public schools because they are widows, returned refugees, mothers, or former child brides. We're working with the Ministry of Education to make sure all women and girls, no matter their age or marital status, can access education. Since 2007, more than 2000 women have graduated with a state-certified high school diploma.
Help Educate 28,000+ Girls in Northern Afghanistan
Help us support education for 28,000+ girls at 12 schools in Balkh Province, Northern Afghanistan. Since 2003, we have worked to build, repair and supply these schools, train teachers and improve the curriculum. High priority needs for 2019 include computer literacy training, computer equipment, desks, literacy programs, salaries for 2 Afghan women who are Sahar's liaisons with schools, teacher education and maintenance of roofs, drainage systems and security.
Scholarships for Afghan Women and Girls
More and more Afghan women and girls are graduating from high school and going on to University to become teachers, engineers, doctors, administrators and more. Many are from poor families. The Afghan Institute of Learning has helped Creating Hope International identify 10 university and 10 high school students who need scholarships. The scholarships will contribute to the costs of tuition, transportation, books and supplies so that these women and girls can continue their education.
Help Empower Afghan Girls through Sports
Harassment of girls in public places, workplace and even at schools prevent them to enjoy their social life as equal humans as boys. Solution is to empower them and sports is the best way to give girls confidence and self-reliance. CPD aims to facilitate professional sports tournaments (preferably volleyball) among 16 school-age girl teams (each of 6 main and 3 reserve players) to compete, enjoy professional play, learn the standards and become brilliant example for other girls to replicate.

Projects in North America

Help Rescue 500 Battered Women And Their Children
This project enables our international toll free domestic violence crisis line, 866-USWOMEN, to operate 24/7 with accessibility from 175 countries to serve abused American women & children globally.
Build Bridges. Support Leaders. Atlas Corps.
Build bridges. Support global leaders. Multiply impact! Support the Atlas Corps international network of inspired social change leaders as they address today's most pressing challenges in their home countries, in the U.S., & around the world. We engage the world's top emerging changemakers in a 12-month professional exchange in the U.S. to develop innovative new partnerships, strategies, & models for tackling critical social issues, like women's empowerment.
Girls' Education: The Antidote to Terrorism
In 2014 alone there were over 13,000 terrorist attacks worldwide. Educating women and girls is the surest way to reduce support for militancy.
Project Anchor- for  adolescent victims of abuse
Project Anchor is a specialized program that will aid female adolescent victims (ages 14-19) of sexual and physical abuse through the three stages of healing. Each group session will have a therapeutic goal & hands on activities including journeling, art and music therapies. This program will change the lives of these young women and provide them with encouragement, support and a place to heal, thrive and overcome. Includes:36 group sessions/10 individual sessions/graduation celebration.
Open Doors to Change for 100 Homeless Women
Women's Housing Coalition is opening the doors to change for formerly homeless women and their children. We are helping them take control of their lives and learn how to lead stable lives. The Women's Housing Coalition is dedicated to breaking the cycle of homelessness for women and children by providing affordable housing and supportive services to enable them to sustain social and financial independence. We offer housing, case management, and life skills training tailored to the individual.

Projects in South America & Caribbean

Educate 150 Girls in Cusco for Economic Survival
Chicuchas Wasi School for Girls provides free primary education to undervalued and underserved girls from rural families. Project provides: Art, Hygiene, Values, confidence building, daily hot meal and transportation . CW provides academic skills needed for a secure future of economic independence, growth of self-worth, self esteem, gender equality, and prepares female leaders to advance family, community and society with women examples to change outdated beliefs.Girls+Educuation=Societal change
Unleash the Leader in a Girl
The Mariposa Girls Leadership Program educates, empowers and employs girls living in extreme poverty in the Dominican Republic - setting them off on the path to become active leaders for social change
Mayan Power and Light
Mayan Power and Light is an innovative, self-sustaining development model that empowers rural women through social businesses to distribute affordable solar power, water filters and fuel-saving stoves past "the last mile." 40 women train in 1 year of empowerment and business training; 12 women's micro-businesses distribute solar and filters and educate people in rural areas about the health and economic benefits of these technologies. Every year they bring solar lights to 10,000 rural people.
Fight Poverty: Educate Women in Panama
CAPTA is a personal and professional/vocational training program for women who live in marginalized communities with high levels of poverty. The training includes a strong psychological development component that empowers women by lifting self-esteem and confidence levels. The process is followed by a technical and vocational training that provides a certificate for employment in the hospitality industry; achieving not only professional but personal satisfaction.
Scholarships & Training for Rural Guatemalan Women
Each year, the Kateri Tekakwitha Fund's goal is to provide scholarships, educational support, and career and technical training to 20 Guatemalan young women through the Kateri Education Fund. The Kateri Tekakwitha Fund is committed to supporting the education of Indigenous Guatemalan girls and women, who would not otherwise have access to these educational opportunities.
Protect 300 Girls from Child Domestic Work in Peru
La Casa de Panchita empowers 300 girls as young as 9 and 250 women to escape 14 hour workdays, avoid abuse, attend school, and earn a fair wage. We help girls stay in school and enjoy their childhood, giving them a chance to build a better future. We also train, tutor, and give legal advice to adult domestic workers and women wishing to access the labor market in Lima.
New Lives for 150 Women of the Guatemala City Dump
by Creamos
We provide economic opportunity and a safe space for women who live and work around the Guatemala City Garbage Dump. Our income-generating program offers stable employment outside of the dangerous and dirty job of harvesting trash to resell, while our supportive services address the significant social and emotional challenges the women face. By fostering hope, solidarity and education in an environment of huge gender inequality and violence, we believe an alternative female reality is possible.
Educate Indigenous Women Leaders to Defeat Poverty
This project educates and organizes poor indigenous women to develop their own communities. We provide rights and leader training and mobilize women to launch local projects and their own movement to negotiate with government. OUR WORK IS NEEDED. 83% of women partners demand training on smart leadership and how to collaborate to impact. For Mexico, and democratic nations like it, our unique model empowering citizens to solve their own problems is the way forward on sustained poverty reduction.
Empower Girls Out of Poverty in Argentina - Hockey
Sports have the power to change the world. And if you are a girl living in poverty in Argentina you need a lot of life skills to be able to deal with your current situation and create a better future. Many girls in Rosario are at risks due to drug dealers gangs, criminality and gender violence. But through hockey girls can create a support network that allows them to stay at school, avoid criminality, addictions and have a healthy life style. All this at the same time they are having fun!
ASK for Choice: Global Gender Justice
ASK for Choice is a global movement to create community legacies of justice and empowerment. The program brings gender policies to life in fun, safe environments through comprehensive and localized sport for social impact curricula. ASK for Choice develops Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge for women, men, and communities to choose their own futures. Our partners engage in year-round strategic resources including international celebrations such as IWD on March 8th. Join us and impact millions.

Projects in Europe

Rescue and Empower Sex Trafficking Victims
The project trains and prepares survivors of sex trafficking to execute proactive, on-the-ground interventions initiating the rescue and recovery of individuals in situations of exploitation and human trafficking.
Give girls a greenlight in STEM around the world!
Greenlight for girls holds one-day, girl-focused events to show the fun in math, science, engineering and technology through hands-on workshops run by role-models in STEM fields. These are free & open to the local community with particular focus to reach girls in less advantaged communities. The money raised would provide 1,000 girls funding for transport, nutrition, workshop materials, access to lab & computer equipment so that they may participate regardless of their economic situation.
Widows Fund Fushe Kosova
Ensuring that when a father dies, his children's chance of education don't die with him. When a father of young children dies, it's always a tragedy. When the family was already living right on the economic edge and they are left without food in the cupboard, without savings and now without available manpower to earn, his children are forced out of school to earn for their families. This fund offers support to widows in the poorest community in Kosovo supporting kids to stay in school.
Support 100 New Breast Cancer Haven Patients
Breast Cancer Haven provides, completely free of charge, a wide range of therapies which help people to deal with the physical and emotional side effects of breast cancer.
Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) Leadership Academy
GLOW Leadership Academy 2018 will empower 85 teenage Bulgarian girls by giving them the social skills needed to think beyond the traditional limitations which our man dominated society still has.
Send More Girls to School!
49.8% of Turkey's population constitutes of female population. While the numbers of women who receive education have increased in recent years, the proportion of female illiteracy is higher when compared to male illiteracy. As for high school graduates and equivalency, the number of females who are high school graduates constitutes a mere 14.4%. TPF plans to send more girls to high school and make the greatest impact in lives of many young women by providing them with scholarships.
Support victims of human trafficking in Serbia
ASTRA is an organization, established in 2000, with the goal to contribute to the eradication of human trafficking. Serbia is a poor country in transition, with dominant patriarchal values which contributes to the mistreatment of young women in society and the human trafficking is just one of the causes of this problem. ASTRA has assisted 470 victims of human trafficking during their recovery (40% were children). ASTRA helped them regain their self-esteem and let them take control of their life.
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