Celebrate International Women's Day!

What are the challenges facing women and girls?

Despite progress in recent years, women and girls continue to suffer a disadvantage and exclusion in education systems, self-development, and job markets where women perform 70% of the world’s working hours but receive only 10% of the world’s income.

What are the solutions?

GlobalGiving believes every women and girl deserves a chance to realize her full potential. Not just because she deserves to thrive, but because when she succeeds so does her family, her friends, her community, and the world. Today, in too many moments, in too many parts of the world, there aren't opportunities for women and girls to learn, contribute, and thrive. But we have good news- our nonprofits partners are the best in the business at helping women and girls do just that- thrive.

With support from locally-driven programs, women and girls are empowered to make positive changes not just for themselves, but for their families, friends, and communities. In this way, supporting women and girls has an exponential impact for good. 

How you can help

1. Donate to GlobalGiving’s Girl Fund. You can support the full range of projects providing opporutnities for women and girls around the world with one donation to the GlobalGiving Girl Fund. 

2. Tell your friends and family. Share the GlobalGiving’s Girl Fund on social media to spread the word about the millions of refugees that need support.

3. Start a fundraiser to support women and girls. You can mobilize your friends and family to donate to support women and girls by using GlobalGiving’s free peer-to-peer fundraising tool.

4. Choose a project that speaks to you from the list below. GlobalGiving has a number of partners working on the ground to provide support in various ways, from providing education, legal protection, or health care, to access to training and job skills so that girls can thrive—making a difference in their lives and their communities. You can support any one of them today.  

Donate to a project below to support women and girls around the world for International Women's Day:


Projects in Africa

Educate a Girl, Educate a Nation - Sierra Leone
Investing in girls' education not only empowers them individually but also benefits society as a whole by promoting gender equality, reducing poverty, and fostering economic development. Ensuring access to quality education, including tuition support, computer training, mentoring, and STEM programs helps girls overcome these obstacles and become self-sufficient leaders in their communities. Focusing on girls' education in Sierra Leone is essential for a more equitable and prosperous society.
Change a Girl's Life Through Microentrepreneurship
The Keep A Girl Alive project enables conflict-affected and internally displaced women and girls to become economically independent. We do it through cash transfers and long-term-coaching. For a bit more than 50$, you help a woman on her way out of poverty. On average, women make 3 times more income after being in the program, 83% of participants are out of extreme poverty today. So far, more than 390 young women of South-West Cameroon have been supported.
Empower and Educate WISER girls in rural Kenya
WISER works with girls to transcend poverty, HIV/AIDS, and gender-based violence. We do this by creating environments that produce exceptional young women who drive change in their communities. We build self-esteem, provide access to health education and knowledge, and produce academic high achievers. This project will provide education, food, housing, clothing, psychosocial support, access to university-quality labs, computers, and hands-on learning opportunities to 240 girls.
Rescue Maasai Girls from Female Genital Mutilation
Global Roots is dedicated to making a significant impact by addressing the plight of young Maasai girls in Kenya who are trapped in the cycle of FGM. We provide these girls with shelter, education, and support, empowering them to break free from fear and reclaim their rights. By offering a safe haven and educational opportunities, we equip them with the tools they need to build a brighter future. Our efforts aim to disrupt the cycle of suffering and create lasting in the lives of these girls.
Improve 100 Girls Education with Tutoring Program
This project enables 7th and 8th grade girls in Bankondji and a nearby village to develop the ability to understand texts in reading comprehension, math and other subjects, so they can successfully pass the exam needed to enroll in any high school in Cameroon. The 100 girls in the peer-to-peer tutoring projects are very engaged in the program and committed to their personal success. The project also provides scholarships to its graduates, so they can attend day high schools.
STEM Camp for Girls in Minna: Promoting Creativity
Young girls in Minna, Nigeria have limited access to STEM materials. STEM materials for kids such as legos, keva planks, k'nexs, and snap circuit discovery kits promote creativity and inspire children to think about innovations that can help change the world. Time Out 4Africa plans to adopt a primary school in Minna, Nigeria. This project will help provide the school girls with STEM materials that will promote innovation and creativity.
Empower Girls in Uganda with Menstrual Health
In Uganda, the vast majority of women and girls use homemade alternatives to manage their menstruation and lack access to proper menstrual health education. As a result, 70% of adolescent girls in Uganda cite menstruation as a major hindrance to their optimal performance at school. An innovative solution has proven to be key: sustainable menstrual health girls can count on.
Protect Girls from FGM in Tanzania
This program with FGM survivor and activist Rhobi Samwelly protects and empowers girls at risk of gender-based violence, including child marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM). Her organization Hope for Girls and Women runs safe houses to protect girls at risk, maps uncharted regions of Tanzania for rescue teams, initiates girls into womanhood without FGM, and educates cutters and community leaders around the impacts of gender-based violence.
Legal Aid for Victims of Domestic Violence in SA
Lawyers against Abuse (LvA) provides free legal services and therapy to victims of gender-based violence (GBV) including sexual violence, domestic violence and child abuse. LvA also works closely with local police and courts to ensure that the laws are enforced and that victims are treated with dignity and respect when seeking justice. Lastly, LvA works to educate and empower communities with information about their legal rights and remedies in cases of GBV.
Mentoring for At-Risk Nomadic Girls in Rural Niger
Niger has a 10% literacy rate and girls rarely progress past the fourth grade - instead staying at home to work or marrying as young teens. RAIN offers mentoring to at-risk nomadic and rural girls to keep them in school and to support them for success. Girls learn leadership, traditional practices, and life skills from local women mentors. Mentors also provide health and hygiene training, offer guidance, and advocate for students and education with parents and teachers.
Help Educate 40 Bright Girls in Lesotho
Our ambition at Educare Fund is to enable more bright young girls to have access to higher education and greater job opportunities. We partner with Lesotho families of all shapes and sizes who do not receive any government funding and are struggling to keep their kids in high school. Educare Fund meets these families halfway by paying a proportion of the school fees and all examination costs. Support now includes books, stationery and an item of uniform for each girl.
Micro Loans For Women Impacted by HIV/AIDS, Zambia
This project empowers vulnerable women by provision of trainings that teach self-reliance. Business training, three loans, business monitoring, and ongoing support are provided to 615 women impacted by HIV in Zambia. Earnings from businesses help pay for food, rent, medicines and school expenses. With a better diet families improve in health, and more children attend school. The women become more financially literate, build assets, and acquire leadership skills. Gender equity is improved.
Stop 320 Teen Girls in Ghana from Missing School
Girls in rural Ghana want to earn an education but struggle to stay in school once they hit puberty. Predatory men offer girls paltry sums of money so they can afford school or sanitary supplies, and expect favors in return. Our Teen Girls Club teaches girls about women's health, ensures girls have access to menstrual supplies, helps them advocate for themselves and their education, and trains them in income-generating activities so they can stay in school and break the cycle of poverty for good
Saving Kenya's Environment Through Family Planning
Kenya has one of the highest population growths in the world and has a poverty rate of 45%. As a result, Kenya's natural resources are dwindling! The Community Health Africa Trust (CHAT) is one of the few aid organizations providing innovative and FREE family planning services combined with ecological awareness education to underserved, often nomadic communities in central and northern Kenya. In turn, we conserve natural resources and reduce suffering - especially among women and children.
Educate HIV Orphans in Kenya
In a country devastated by AIDS, many young children are orphaned and left in the care of guardians or elder grandparents. We recognize that the only way out of poverty for every child is through education. While primary school is supposed to be free the elderly find it impossible to pay for the many extra expenses needed to keep a child in school.
Help 30,000 Ugandan grandmothers care for children
We support 23,037 grandmothers across 3 districts in rural southwest Uganda to care for more than 92,148 children. These grandmothers have volunteered to care for their grandchildren and other children who have been orphaned or abandoned. We provide extensive training, access to microfinance & support to start small businesses so that these grandmothers can learn new skills, generate an income, and provide food, education, and medical care for their children.
Safe futures - self-reliance for 675 Kenyan girls
Adolescent girls and young women in Kenya are at serious risk of poverty, exploitation and high risk situations like early marriage, pregnancy or survival sex. Seed of Hope centres support 675 vulnerable girls every year, and equip them to escape poverty, secure reliable incomes and support themselves and their families. Through vocational skills training, mental health and business start up support, over 90% of graduates are self-reliant and able to support themselves and their families
Give Women Recovering from Fistula a Bright Future
The Mabinti Centre ('Mabinti') is a socio-economic empowerment program that provides vocational training and mentorship to women recovering from obstetric fistula, a debilitating childbirth related injury. By developing their skills in sewing, screen printing, beading, business skills and English, Mabinti empowers women with the tools and confidence they need to become financially independent, either by starting their own business or securing employment.
Reduce Suffering in Kenya Via Health Care Services
"Family planning could bring more benefits to more people at less cost than any other single technology now available to the human race." UNICEF. There is no question the people we serve are desperate. Kenya has the highest unskilled abortion rate (46%) in the world because of inaccessible and un-affordable Family Planning services to reduce unwanted pregnancies. CHAT will continue our mission of mitigating extreme suffering by escalating access to Family Planning and basic healthcare services.
HPV and Cervical Cancer Prevention for West Africa
This project will establish best practices for the distribution of the HPV vaccine in Mali, where there is an especially high rate of cervical cancer.
Improving lives of 1000 girls in Nairobi's slums
Targeting girls aged 10 - 21 years old in Nairobi's slums, Mrembo unveils, restores and builds the inner beauty of girls through sport. The program addresses issues of sexuality, reproductive health and self-esteem with the objective of helping girls make positive and healthy decisions. New for 2013, the initiative will provide vocational training opportunities to the neediest girls to help prevent the kind of economic desperation which forces many into prostitution or abusive relationships.
1000 Kibera slum girls empowered to excel
Through this project, Polycom Development Project aims to support 1000 girls in Kibera Slums to complete high school through rights awareness programs, educational scholarship, sports , hygiene and sanitation. Girls in Kibera face many challenges; lack of basic needs like pads and panties, manipulation and sexual harassment, lack of hope to further their education due to poverty and most of all lack of people/platforms with whom to share their problems. This project will respond to these needs.
Establish Girls' Empowerment Centre in Rural Kenya
NIGEE is a Kenyan-based non-profit organization that helps school girls who dropped out due to teen pregnancy or child marriage. About 200 of these girls have completed high school and need vocational training to join the job market, and about 300 girls in school need a facility to convene during school holidays and be tutored on sciences and educated on reproductive health. The Girls' Empowerment Center will offer these services to 500 girls and host 50 victims of sexual violence.
Empower Women and Girls through Menstrual Health
Through working with schools in Burkina Faso, BARKA recognized a need to address girls' menstrual health due to the lack of resources, proper information, affordable products and the stigmatization that surrounds this taboo topic. What began right here on Global Giving as part of the 2017 Girl Fund Campaign, has since sensitized and benefited over 6500 girls, boys, teachers and parents. It has now evolved into the nation's 1st major project to distribute menstrual cups to women and girls.
Restoring Healthcare to Women and Girls in Liberia
We are working every day to improve the health and welfare of the people of Margibi County, Liberia with an emphasis on preventative healthcare education for women and girls. While focused on community-based preventative care, we also run an acute care clinic from in Kakata taking care of the immediate medical needs of over 200,000 people. Since 2013 the number of clinic patients has grown from 2,500 to over 17,500 and over 155,000 have participated in health education programs, 90% female.
Educate & Give voice to HODI Girls in North Kenya
HODI works with girls to give them a voice/choice & ensure they are able to stand up for themselves overcoming FGM, Beading & Child marriages. The project will provide access to education, training and life skills through football. The girls learn her to how to say NO; they learn to be confident and know about their rights, their health while providing them with skills to transition to high school & universities. Giving 100 girls a chance to overcome poverty, illiteracy & become future leaders.
Educate girls and fight poverty in Kenya
By providing access to education, our project empowers girls to fight the causes and effects of poverty in their lives and build a brighter future for themselves, their families and their communities.
Support High Atlas community earthquake resilience
On 9/8/2023, a massive earthquake struck Marrakech & the High Atlas with deadly force. We are committed to providing immediate & long-term support to alleviate immense suffering & restore resilience of rural communities where we have worked for 10+ years, including at Dar Taliba. Our hearts ache for our team & communities who have lost family & seen their homes reduced to rubble. These villages are among the most marginalised & remote in Morocco. Please help us to provide relief & rebuild.
Equip rural Kenyan girls to GET UP out of poverty
Impoverished adolescent girls in rural Kenya face enormous obstacles to completing education needed for self-supporting work. GET UP (Girl Empowerment Team of the Umoja Project) paves a path to success through a comprehensive program focusing on health education, positive relationships, life skills and girls' rights. Community women are trained to serve as mentors, and professional women provide vocational guidance. With effective support, girls learn to GET UP instead of giving up.
Protect and Empower Rural Kenyan Girls
Meeting girls' basic needs for safety, hygienic supplies, access to school, and protection from threats allows them to preserve their dignity, stay in school, and pursue their goals without interruption due to poverty, household burdens, menstruation, or threats of violence. By protecting and providing for these girls, you are helping address the significant and widespread challenges to female education and empowerment.

Projects in Asia & Oceania

Build Bright future for 750 marginalized Girls
This Project Will provide a Sustainable Livelihood to 750 marginalized Girls of 15-24 age Group & 18-35 (youth) age group by Vocational skill training of Computer Education, Beautician, fashion designing & Sewing, Handicraft and Hand Bag making etc. Bank loan will be providing through the project in order to settle self employment unit whereby the marginalized Girls of Rural area will get Better and Golden future.
Birth Center Saves MotherBaby Lives in Philippines
Mothers and babies die unnecessarily during childbirth in the Philippines because often families don't have money to pay a skilled birth attendant. Mercy In Action midwives provide free childbirth services and education to empower women through evidence-based maternity services and birth. Empowered mothers have healthier babies and become powerful agents of change for the family, which results in our maternal and neonatal mortality rates being 4-times lower than the country of the Philippines.
Prevent Child Trafficking Through Education
In Northern Thailand, The Freedom Story identifies children who are at risk of being trafficked or exploited and protects them by directly combating the factors that put children at risk. Through scholarships, tutoring, mentorship, awareness raising, and life skills training, our programs help vulnerable children stay in school, protected, and on the path to truly thrive. With partners like churches, children's homes and similar organizations, we also work to spread prevention across the region.
100 Bikes for 100 Girls
We are giving girls who live in rural and poor villages in Vietnam, bicycles to help them get to school. Many young girls walk one or more hours one way to school, and these long distances often keep them from attending regularly. Safety is another reason to give young girls bikes, as they are very often the targets of human trafficking to the sex trade and sweatshops. Bicycles are the first simple answer to improving both their safety and access to education.
Educate Destitute Girls in Kolkata, India
This project empowers girls from very poor families to avoid early marriage and a life of extreme poverty, illiteracy, childbearing, abuse and drudgery. A sponsored girl remains in school and goes on to further education or vocational training. Educated and with financial independence she can delay marriage, is empowered to make decisions for herself and to support herself and her family.
Girl Initiative Fund for Sindh Pakistan
AHD is working in slum areas of Sindh. The target families are poor low income groups with no education facility, youth girls will be provided with school supplies, uniforms, scholarship for girls ages between 6 to 16 years. AHD wants to provide a facility for the girls student or school drop out with education and skills support for 1,000 youth girls through this project.
Help Educate Girls in India
We believe in equal education & when women are educated, their whole community benefits. Wher we work, uneducated women & girls are targets for sex traffickers & ruthless opportunists yet, 10 years after India's Right to Education Act guaranteed education for all up to 10 std, 30% of girls have never set foot in a classroom. Our schools play a vital role in encouraging & supporting girls to complete 12 std & enroll in higher education, providing them knowledge, self-belief & hope.
Supporting Women through Crisis Pregnancy
" Supporting women through crisis pregnancy. " Save Cambodian mothers from having to sell their babies or placed in orphanages, remain in sex work, or feel apprehension at the arrival of their newborn. Give these women and their new babies a chance at life by providing them with quality health care, stable housing, nutritious food, vocational training, and job placements.
Old age home for 300 abandoned elderly women
Vrindavan is home to appx.15,000 destitute widows. Abandoned by their families, they are forced to beg for survival. Maitri runs two ashrams providing shelter, food, clothing & healthcare to 150 resident widows & 200 community widows. This project, enabled with your donation will help provide 350 widows a dignified & healthy life as well as skill them for livelihood opportunities. Donate generously. You make a difference!
Increase Girls' Access to Education in Pakistan
Girls Education International supports access to education for girls in various rural Pakistani villages, including secondary school, participation in self-growth and other extra-curricular (out-of-the-classroom) learning experiences, vocational training, exposure trips, and annual alumni celebrations. We partner with Bedari, a nonprofit based in Pakistan, to cover the costs associated with these important and holistic educational activities.
Higher education to 310 remote rural girls
This project will provide quality education support to 310 under privilege girl children from poor remote rural areas & studying V to XII in Govt., Private & Convent schools. These poorest girl children are good at studies but struggling for education support, due to children parents are working as daily low wage labors in agriculture. These children will benefit immensely from CHHASE holistic approach to education & comprehensive support services and also lead to a safe & secured future
Rescue trafficked women & children in India
This project rescues women and children from the dangers of Mumbai's red-light districts and relocates them to a safe home, where they will receive shelter, food, clothing, medical care, counseling and education.
Make Women in Rural India Financially Secure
Seva Mandir seeks to help women in rural areas attain financial freedom by adopting a habit of saving and inter-loaning through Self-Help Groups. The programme also aims to strengthen livelihood-generating activities.
PROJECT NAME - Nandini GIVE THE GIFT OF EDUCATION TO AN UNDERSERVED GIRL CHILD (NANDINI) - Matriculation of a Girl Child (or drop-out, non-school going) through Gyantantra (Digital Dost - Literacy India's Holistic software that covers a curriculum for primary classes in multimedia form) and Vocational Training (Computer Education and Tailoring) for adolescent girls. Gyantantra is a composite learning module featuring a well structured curriculum.
Help Women in India Become Professional Drivers
Our Women with Wheels project empowers poor women to become professional drivers to enable them get well-paying and respectful jobs and reclaim freedom. It helps these women get employed as cab drivers and chauffeurs for women, making transportation in Indian cities safer for women. Once earning, women drivers are able to double even triple their family income. The project does not only help lift many people out of poverty, it also empowers women to transform their lives in numerous ways.
Livelihood Opportunities for Women in Rural India
From March to April 2021, rural Indian women in informal jobs accounted for 80% of job losses (Financial Express). The Desai Foundation is working to rebuild and empower the lives of women in rural India. These livelihood programs help recover and restore a support system, an income, independence, and empowerment. These programs equip women with skills and engage them into the workforce so they can independently provide for themselves and their families, cultivating confidence and dignity.
Empower 100 needy girls in India with education.
The Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program is a distinctive higher and professional education and personality development program. It addresses the grim situation of girls' education in India by achieving their overall development via monetary and individual mentoring support. Since 2002 we have reached out to more than 14,000 girls, called Shalinis (Dignified Women), who are now either economically independent or moving towards it. Currently, we are looking for support for 100 aspiring girls.
Empowering and Protecting Slum Girls
by Sukarya
To empower and educate adolescent girls on Reproductive Sexual Health [ARSH] and Family Life Education [FLE] to make them physically and emotionally capable to lead a successful life. About one-third of adolescents in India report physical and sexual abuse. To be implemented at 2-4 slum locations for another year (2020) with proper monitoring. 1200 Adolescent Girls would be empowered on ARSH and FLE. Overall health and gender empowerment would be ensured to create a healthier society.
Provide women and girls education in Cambodia
Access to information and knowledge is the most effective method of self-empowerment. This is why Women's Resource Center provides free emotional support, referral services and informal education to women and girls in Siem Reap province, Cambodia. Our workshops on topics such as women's health, women's rights, domestic violence, positive parenting and financial literacy help women gain the skills and confidence they need to change their lives for the better.
Clean Water, WASH & Nutrition for 500 Muslim Girls
Poverty, hunger, rampant waterborne diseases, and limited public health plague the Philippines. Sulu Province remains near the bottom of the UN's worldwide Human Development Index. A school-aged population of some 350,000 children -- more than half are girls -- suffer from hunger. Worldwide, female students are most affected in similar schools. In 2022-23, we will assist 500 girls and their schools by creating clean water systems, and improving hygiene and daily nutrition.
Justice for Pacific & Caribbean Women & Girls
When women and children in Pacific Island and Caribbean regions access the formal court system in gender-based violence cases, they face numerous barriers that block their pathway to justice. ICAAD's evidence (through review of 1000s of cases) shows that the driving force behind this problem is gender discrimination, which includes: stereotypes, rape myths, and specific customary practices. By engaging civil society and the judiciary, we use the insights from data to inform advocacy and reform.
Send a Girl to High School with a Bicycle Gift
This project is supporting a bicycle each & other educational support for higher secondary education of 1000 girls in Nepal who are forced to walk at least 4-12 KM for the nearest high school. With a bicycle in hand, a girl is more secure on the way, regular in school saves time & energy for better performance that helps fill the gap/pass out between boys and girls. A girl's regular engagement in school means fewer chances of her being a victim of a child, early or forced marriage at home.
Food, Education and Emergency Support for Girls
The project will provide basic education, food and hygiene support for schoolgirls of ultra-poor families with special focus on schoolgirls affected by disasters, insurgency and the Coronavirus pandemic. Most often they are in danger of dropping-out because of the lack of simple necessities in life comprising nutritious food, basic school supplies and hygiene kits. We will focus our attention to schoolchildren living in remote barrios in the Philippines where assistance to them is minimal.
Empowerment center for tribal society in India
We are continually constructing the training center that will allow us to run activities for the welfare of the people of Rajgangpur region. Currently in the building we are running in collaboration with the Government of India the following programs: National Child Labour Project (NCLP), Nehru Yuva Kendra(NYK) ,Pradhan Mantri Kushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY),Swaccha Bharat Pakhwada Campaign,Income Generation Program,Creating Bank Accounts and Medical Insurance,Disease Prevention Programs etc
Restore eyesight to 1500 poor women in Pakistan
She makes the world bright but still struggles to see the light. In Pakistan over 13 million women still suffer from curable blindness and have the last call on the family's resources as their healthcare needs have lesser priority . This project is aimed at giving the gift of sight to 1500 women who suffer from blindness due to cataract. With their vision restored they will become an independent and productive part of society again working towards the betterment of their children and families.
Improved Care and Protection of Girl Children
Salaam Baalak Trust is an Indian non-profit and non-governmental organisation which provides a sensitive and caring environment to street and working children in Delhi, India. Children who live in our residential homes are inked with education, skill building, and medical services. In order to ensure increased accessibility to better quality care, we urgently require a vehicle to ferry the children in a safe and efficient manner...protected from traffickers and accidents.
A Training Center to Support 400 Women Every Year
In the city of Faisalabad,Pakistan in the dominant cultural pressures, women get little opportunities to participate in the economic activities in the rural/semi urban areas.They are confined to perform traditional gender specific roles.The project defines construction of a multi story training center which will be able to train 400 poor and marginalized women and girls in one year in multiple trainings,helping them to uplift socially and economically and get a respectable place in the society
Girls: Better after quake
A 9 months mentorship program aimed at unleashing the social leadership of 15 adolescent girls of earthquake affected area of Nepal. This project will reach out to the girls in an individually tailored, empowering them with diverse skills. Nuwakot is a district with one of the highest destruction caused by earthquake in 2015, labor migration among adults and highest rate of girls trafficking. Hence, the need to enhance the leadership of adolescent girls is not only necessary but imperative.
Dropout 500 Girls Back to High School in Pakistan
Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world. Women are 51% of the total country population and their literacy rate is alarming especially in rural areas due to social and cultural obstacles. Of Every 100 girls in rural Pakistan, only 18 will reach the 8th grade, only 1 complete high school. In three years, Muwakhat Foundation sends 30,000 dropout girls to high school after counseling of their parents and overcome obstacles. Result with collective effort, we can change their world
Help put girls at the forefront of change
Girl Determined is a leadership project for girls aged 12-17. By facilitating girls' recognition of their personal and group potential they learn to avoid the pitfalls of trafficking, dangerous labor, and other forms of violence.
Safe Drinking Water facility in Manigaun Gumda
Due to the great Earthquake of 2015, many basic infrastructures were destroyed. In ManniGaun Gumda, we are planning to provide clean drinking water facility were there is a acute shortage of water . Village population will access clean water readily, understand and practice good hygiene and maintain their health in long term. We will also be conducting awareness campaign in 12 VDCs of Gorkha regarding girls and women trafficking.

Projects in Middle East

Afghan Institute of Learning Empowers Afghan Women
AIL empowers Afghan women by expanding their educational and health opportunities, fostering self-reliance and community participation. AIL provides education from preschool through post secondary level. An educated and health-aware woman is more likely to succeed personally, contribute economically to family and so create self- supporting family units. Education elevates girls' standing in society, provides opportunity and is the way to close the gap in gender equality.
Help Educate Women & Girls in Afghanistan
Since August 2021, the Taliban banned education for girls above 6th grade in Afghanistan. This put a stop to school projects in the region led by Sahar. Instead of giving up on the girls of the region, we have embraced new ways of working with local teachers and organizations to improve equity for girls in Afghanistan through multiple programs in partnership with local organizations. Current programs focus on literacy, computer skills, English, women's empowerment, sewing, and coding!
Scholarships for Afghan Girls
Afghan girls want a quality education and many who are from poor families will not get one without help. CHI provides high school with scholarships so they can continue their studies at the private Yacoobi high schools. The goal is to improve the standing of women and girls in society and to close the gap in gender equality.
Help Empower Afghan Girls through Sports
Harassment of girls in public places, workplace and even at schools prevent them to enjoy their social life as equal humans as boys. Solution is to empower them and sports is the best way to give girls confidence and self-reliance. CPD aims to facilitate professional sports tournaments (preferably volleyball) among 16 school-age girl teams (each of 6 main and 3 reserve players) to compete, enjoy professional play, learn the standards and become brilliant example for other girls to replicate.

Projects in North America

Project Anchor- for adolescent victims of abuse
Project Anchor is a trauma recovery program that is focused on helping female sexual assault victims who are between the ages of 12-18 years old. This program includes individual and group sessions that are centered on expressing emotions, boosting self-esteem, and teaching resourceful coping skills. Anchor facilitators utilize various methods such as art, games, and other hands on activities aimed at increasing protective factors against already existing risk factors for young survivors.
Atlas Corps: Building Bridges for Social Impact
Atlas Corps is a nonprofit social enterprise that unlocks worldwide economic opportunity and positive social change by forging partnerships between U.S.-based organizations and talent from global communities. To achieve our mission, we rely on contributions and grants. Every gift helps us to reach additional communities and more emerging leaders worldwide.
Help Rescue 500 Battered Women And Their Children
This project enables us to assist battered American women & their children globally.

Projects in South America & Caribbean

Protect 300 girls from Child domestic work in Peru
In Peru, many women and girls work as domestic workers in precarious conditions. The aim is to help 300 girls obtain education and better jobs through school support and vocational training. In addition, 250 adult domestic workers will receive training to access decent jobs and fair wages, thus improving their lives and protecting their children from child labor.
Unleash the Leader in a Girl
The Mariposa Girls Leadership Program educates, empowers and employs girls living in extreme poverty in the Dominican Republic - setting them off on the path to become active leaders for social change
Educate 120 Girls in Cusco for Economic Survival
Chicuchas Wasi School for Girls provides free primary education to undervalued and underserved girls from rural families. Project provides: Art, Hygiene, Values, confidence building, daily hot meal and transportation . CW provides academic skills needed for a secure future of economic independence, growth of self-worth, self esteem, gender equality, and prepares female leaders to advance family, community and society with women examples to change outdated beliefs.Girls+Educuation=Societal change
Mayan Power and Light
Guatemala copes with one of the world's highest poverty rates, affecting over 55% of its population. As a result, thousands of families face challenges accessing basics like electricity and clean water. ATC enters the most remote areas, using a female-empowerment and community-based approach to provide education and install solar power and water filters in areas that lack proper infrastructure. Since 2011, we've reached homes of 50K people and trained 450+ women in solar and business principles.
Fight Poverty: Educate Women in Panama
CAPTA is a personal and professional/vocational training program for women who live in marginalized communities with high levels of poverty. The training includes a strong psychological development component that empowers women by lifting self-esteem and confidence levels. The process is followed by a technical and vocational training that provides a certificate for employment in the hospitality industry; achieving not only professional but personal satisfaction.

Projects in Europe

Widows Fund Fushe Kosova
Ensuring that when a father dies, his children's chance of education don't die with him. When a father of young children dies, it's always a tragedy. When the family was already living right on the economic edge and they are left without food in the cupboard, without savings and now without available manpower to earn, his children are forced out of school to earn for their families. This fund offers support to widows in the poorest community in Kosovo supporting kids to stay in school.
Support victims of human trafficking in Serbia
Serbia is a poor country with dominant patriarchal values which contributes to the mistreatment of young women in society and the human trafficking is just one of the causes of this problem. ASTRA's goal is to contribute to the eradication of human trafficking. Until now, ASTRA has assisted 507 victims of human trafficking during their recovery by providing legal, medical and psychological assistance as well as accompanying our clients through institutional procedures.
Send More Girls to School!
49.8% of Turkey's population constitutes of female population. While the numbers of women who receive education have increased in recent years, the proportion of female illiteracy is higher when compared to male illiteracy. As for high school graduates and equivalency, the number of females who are high school graduates constitutes a mere 14.4%. TPF plans to send more girls to high school and make the greatest impact in lives of many young women by providing them with scholarships.
Give girls a greenlight in STEM around the world!
Greenlight for girls holds one-day, girl-focused events to show the fun in math, science, engineering and technology through hands-on workshops run by role-models in STEM fields. These are free & open to the local community with particular focus to reach girls in less advantaged communities. The money raised would provide 1,000 girls funding for transport, nutrition, workshop materials, access to lab & computer equipment so that they may participate regardless of their economic situation.
Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) Leadership Academy
GLOW Leadership Academy 2022 will empower 85 teenage Bulgarian girls by giving them the social skills needed to think beyond the traditional limitations which our man dominated society still has.
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