Old age home for 250 abandoned elderly women

by Maitri India


Vrindavan, a holy town, is home to appx.15,000 widows abandoned & destitute. Abandoned by their families, they end up begging for survival. With your support, Maitri has built & furnished two ashrams in Vrindavan & Radhakund, providing shelter, food, clothing, & healthcare to 150 resident widows & 100 widows living in the neighborhood. Your donation will help provide them with essentials for a dignified & hhealthy living as well as skill them for livelihood opportunities. You make a difference!
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Many elderly women in India suffer from poverty, isolation and social exclusion. In particular, elderly widowed women are often denied even basic rights such as food, health-care and are thrown out of their homes by their families.Thousands of such aged widows congregate in India's holy city, Vrindavan, where they usually spend the rest of their lives in austerity, begging for food and living in hovels with no electricity and running water. This project seeks to restore dignity in their lives.


Maitri India's old age home offers a safe, hygienic and comfortable home for 100 elderly widowed women in 2 co locations. It provides them essentials for life including daily midday meals, nutritional supplements, clothing and healthcare. Moreover, it will facilitate skill development, income generation and secure citizenship rights and government-provided benefits. Maitri also ensures the widow mothers' dignity in death through conducting their last rites in accordance with their religious beli

Long-Term Impact

Our project will provide 150 aged women shelter within a supportive and comfortable environment. And provide additional 100 widows meals, health supplements, and enabling access to general and multi-specialty healthcare. These women will be able to lead healthier lives. In addition, the project will help increase their socio-economic independence by facilitating access to citizenship rights and opportunities for vocational training, skill enhancement and employment

Additional Documentation

This project has provided additional documentation in a Microsoft Word file (projdoc.doc).


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