Yoruba Peace Initiatives
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Tailoring: A Small Business Skill for Afghan Women
Training 80 Youth Encounter Leaders
Preventing Childhood Malaria Deaths in Mashegu
Help Rescue 500 Battered Women And Their Children
Education and Empowerment for Refugee Girls
1st Palestinian Birth+Prenatal Ctrs, Jordan Valley
Danger-to-Safety Relocation for DV Survivors
Topsy Foundation NPC
The School for Peace
Prevent HIV-AIDS through Awareness in South Sudan
Build Bridges. Support Leaders. Atlas Corps.
The Safe House: An Enclave of Peace and Hope
Vocational Training for 5,000 Women in Pakistan
Empower Abused and Trafficked Vietnamese Women
Provide Technology for Haitian Students
Help Cancer Patients Find Bone Marrow Donors!
Schools: Educating underserved youth in Pakistan
Protecting Rescued Elephants in Thailand
GlobalGirl Media Training Academy & News Bureaus
Shoot to Score Academy for 10000 Children in Kenya
Invest in Muslim youth volunteering for peace
Save the Children
Health Screening for 12 villages in Rural Nigeria
Promote Success and Survival in Palestine's Area C
Providing Outreach to Local Communities
Break the Chains of Slavery
Building Youth Capacity for Peace in Nigeria
Disadvantaged Children & Communities in Cape Town
Help Cancer Patients Pay for Travel Expenses!
Because I am a Girl - Plan International USA
Prevent Trafficking in Women thru Entrepreneurship
Make the Ageless Wisdom of Tibet Available to All
Soccer and school for 1500 Colombian kids at risk
Start a Preschool for 60 Children in South Africa
Cure 250 Children with Burkitt Lymphoma in Africa
Resource center for chronic disease management
Help Children with Cancer Access Treatment!
Lifeskills for 2,587 Children in South Africa
Sponsor Bosnian-Herzegovinian youth to build peace
After School Tutoring for 70 orphans in BIH
Global Collaboration Project
Tibetan Peacebuilding and Leadership Training
Japan Earthquake Disaster Recovery
Community Cyberspace: PTSD/TBI Care For Veterans
Educate and Empower Children in South Africa
Help Fund Scholarships for Afghan Students
Drama, Dance, Music, & Sport for Kisumu Youth
Build a Community Peace Centre in Bosnia
U.S. Movement to Save Palestinian Villages
Creative Minds International Academy
Restore the Rhythm of Life for 500 Rwandan Youth
Bee Society: A Global Touring Sound Installation
Restoring Healthcare to Women and Girls in Liberia
Help a Child: Provide Access to Water in Nigeria
Support Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Help American Sexual Assault Victims Abroad
Empower and educate 450 girls in South Africa
Provide Tech Health Solutions for Nigerian Youth
Protecting White Rhinos in South Africa
Grow Peace in Afghanistan: Educate 3000 Women
Sustain a School for 200 Children in Rural Nigeria
Feed 50 Malnourished Children in Medellin,Colombia
Youth singers transform lives by teaching others
CoderDojo - Support kids learning to code globally
Help dogs rescued from the barbaric dog meat trade
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Support Children Orphaned by Aids in South Africa
End Malaria in 50 Children of Madobi, Kano
Trigger the girl effect with education
HIV Care for 5000 children/caregivers in Swaziland
Provide Textbooks for Liberian Children
Cancer care for 100 children in the Philippines
Connect young innovators with business in need!
Literacy Training to Transform Lives
Radio Station Gives Rural Afghans a Voice
Basketball Clinic for 500 school kids in Nigeria
Together for Burundi!
Humanitarian Aid for Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza
Jobs for 250 Impoverished Families in Swaziland
Help Rescue and Rehabilitate Mustangs
Brighten the Future of Gaza's Children
Help Keep Battered Mothers And Children Together
School Equipment for 400 Kids in Nigeria
Nurture 75 vulnerable children in the RedLightArea
Create 20 Community Owned Businesses In Nigeria
Healing for Sexual Violence Survivors in Colombia
Protecting Pets In Domestic Violence
Changing Young Lives and Communities in Limpopo
100,000 meals for hungry Silicon Valley families
A Collective Song: Music to Make Hearts Sing
Deliver Health and Hope to Nigeria's Poor
Help more South African children achieve in Maths
The Environmental Crisis on Native American Lands
Unite Inter-Faith Children via Education and Water
Rescue and Empower Sex Trafficking Victims
Community resilience in Nepal
Save 500 Children From Sexual Abuse In Colombia
Educate a Girl in Nigeria & Give Her a Future
Be the Generation to End Paediatric AIDS in Africa
21 Child Soldiers Need Vital Help
Proud to Be a Girl: Empowering Girls in Cambodia
Enabling People with Disabilities to Have Equality
Empower Nigerian Students With STEM Skills
Science &Literacy Aid for Kids &Teachers,Cape Town
Plant 30,000 trees to restore India's cloud forest
Centro COMParte: social economy & peace in Bogota
Maasai Olympics: Ending Lion Killings In Kenya
Build School Gardens for 1000 Youth in Burundi
Help Ukraine's refugees to make a new start
Use Soap to Empower 60 Rape Survivors in Mali
Emergency Relief for Refugee Families in Greece
Support a survivor of human cruelty
Help Bring a Philippine Community Out of Poverty
Education Versus Lost Generation!
Educate 60+ Vulnerable Children in DR Congo
Help Families of US Journalists kidnapped/jailed
Give 15 young people an alternative to extremism
Entrepreneurship Skills Training for Young Women
Provide Music Education for Children in Guatemala
Peace Schools for Children - Pakistan
Start Businesses for 10 HIV/AIDS Widows in Nigeria
Build a business for a woman living in war
Help Cancer Patients Access Medications!
Help 40 graduates to serve as Fellows for Peace
Provide drinkable water for 2 villages of 1,000.
Help Empower Afghan Girls through Sports
Helping Our Pets Cross the Rainbow Bridge at Home
Support required for Maintenance of the Vehicle
Empower Entrepreneurs Throughout Colombia
Help 500 Women End War in their Villages
Muslim American Journeys
Solar for a Clinic and Skills Centre in Swaziland
Cancer care for 100 children in Mexico
Educate Indigenous Women Leaders to Defeat Poverty
Send 100 Girls to Technology Camp in Nigeria
STEM Camp for Girls in Minna: Promoting Creativity
Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti hospitals and clinics
Brilliant is Beautiful Fund
Bringing The Virtues Project to the World
Peace for Syrian Refugee Children
Disaster Relief for Hurricane Matthew
Help Jump-Start Two Sustainability Projects
Economic Empowerment for Women
Support Disaster Resistant Construction in Haiti
#Lioness - Empower African Girls Through Soccer
Cancer Treatment Centres for Nigeria
Young Leaders of the Middle East On the Rise
Amplify Tolerance and Cross-Cultural Understanding
Contribute to Build a Peace Culture in Colombia
Change Makers in Colombia-Lideres de Cambio
Inclusivity for disabled children in South Africa
Support the Incomplete Orphanage Building
ASAP-Act Support Alcohol prevention, for youth
Support Palestinian& Jewish Youth Leaders in Jaffa
Teach Visual Arts to Kids in South Africa
Educate the Most Underserved Children of Pakistan
Educate 270 Children in Northern Nigeria
Internet and ICT for Coffee Growers in Colombia
Help Document the Legacy of a Global Peacebuilder
Provide WASH libraries and Pads4Girls in Nigeria
Save 750 Pregnant Women from Malaria in Uganda
Support Refugee Babies
Girls Scholarship Fund (South Africa)
Children's Literacy (South Africa)
Argan Nursery and Forest in Essaouira, Morocco
Caring for Both Vulnerable Girls and Boys of Kenya
Preventing Teen Pregnancy
Education Support for 200+ Child Laborers in Nepal
Hunger crisis in Africa
Support a Peace Farm in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Connect 2 500 South African youth and children
Educate 132 African Angels in South Africa
Help Us Save the Witch Children of Nigeria
Employing Rural Women
Plant Trees to Restore Cambodian Forests
Rural Zululand Medical and Home Based Care Project
Farmers of the Future: Empowering Unemployed Youth
Rehabilitate Family with 6 Children in Nigeria
Rebuild to Remain in Palestine
Technology Access for Public Schools in Nigeria
Peace of Mind for the girls of Nepal
Support Early Childhood Development in Rural SA
Cataract surgery for 250 disadvantaged Nigerians
Empower 300 Colombian Children: Teaching Peace
Empathy Conflict Coaching for 15 Congress Members
Keep Afghan Children Off the Streets and In School
Give Lives Back to Abused Birds
Train and Empower 50 Refugee Women in Jordan
Help African Women From Poverty to Employment
Sports Tournaments for 300 children in Cape Town
Leopard Research - Conservation Camera Traps
Teacher in Earthquake affected Villages in Nepal
Help 400 Conflict-impacted Children in NE Nigeria
Help 3,000 Elephants/10,000 Villagers in Myanmar

These projects are no longer accepting donations:

Transform Lives of African Youth by Making Films
Breaking Down Borders: Youth Self Discovery
Because I am a Girl
fund skills-based training opportunities
provide capital investment for a new business
Relief Assistance for Syrian Refugees in Jordan
Back to School: Education Appeal 2013
There's no place like home
Help Provide Clean Water to Cyanika, Rwanda.
Youth Development Training Programme (YDTP)
Support a hatchery and feed mill in Liberia
Trigger the Girl Effect in Afghanistan
GlobalGiving Ebola Epidemic Relief Fund
Training Peacebuilders in Yemen
Transport Patients from Gaza to Israeli Hospitals
A Place for Peace and Ideas for Young Armenians
Provide food&care for ALL our animals for 1 year!
Post-Earthquake Disaster Recovery in Nepal
Protect 500 Vulnerable Women and Children in Nepal
Educate African Children to Save Their Environment
Hospice Care for the Terminally Ill
Provide clean water for Akili Girls School, Kenya
Reclaiming Radicalized Youth in India
Monthly Support for Food and Shelter
Assist Vulnerable Girls in West Point Liberia
Rebuilding Communities of Sanriku Coastal Areas
Educating & Supporting Adolescents on HIV/AIDS
Italy Earthquake Relief
Ensure girls stay in school every day of the month
Emotional Healing for Child Victims of Terrorism
Educate and Inspire 100 Underserved Nigerian Girls
Hurricane Matthew Relief in Haiti
Support Local Peace Building Organisations
iCaritas Helping the Needed Community in Macau
Quality Education for Peace-building and Democracy
Smile & Love Packages
Establish Home Hospice Training Center in India
Support Music Education For Nepali Youth!
Build a Safe and Secure Wall for Maison Kimbilio
Leadership and Literacy for Congolese Teen Girls
Provide Light for 1000 Families in South Africa
East Africa Food Crisis
Help Adnan Bring Peace to Mosul
Empower Young Girls Prevent Gender-Based Violence
Education for Children in Rural South Africa
Provide tools to rural women startup farmers in SA
Domestic Violence Family Centre Fund
Give Quality Care to 32 Children in South Africa
Help Underprivileged Teens Find Work
As Greedy As a Pig
Our Dassies Need a New Jacuzzi
Feed Dongo the Wild Dog
Watch Our Meerkats Grow
Youth-Led Peace Building in Post Conflict Myanmar
Computer Lab for Roma Children in Albania
Educate Indonesian Youth to Live Without Prejudice
Support Sri Lanka Flood Relief
Banchee our Bush Baby needs love
Watch our Black Eagle Soar with Your Support
Help Rebuild Kuyasa Preschool after Cape Storm
Safe Drinking Water with BeyGood4Burundi
Support Mali's Robotics Team at FIRST Global
Support Peacebuilding in Medellin, Colombia
Donate 50 Heifers and End Tribal Conflict in Kenya
Famine Threatens 1.8 Million Children

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