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Disability Rights  
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Child Protection | Syrian Arab Republic  

Support for the Most Vulnerable Syrian Children

We seek to make protection services available for 200 of the most vulnerable children in Syria, by providing the following services: fitting… read more
$10,094 raised of $20,000 goal
Gender Equality | India  

Build Bright future for 750 marginalized Girls

This Project Will provide a Sustainable Livelihood to 750 marginalized Girls of 15-24 age Group & 18-35 (youth) age group by Vocational skil… read more
$62,132 raised of $75,000 goal
Gender Equality | Ghana  

Stop 295 Teen Girls in Ghana from Missing School

Girls in rural Ghana want to earn an education but struggle to stay in school once they hit puberty. Predatory men offer girls paltry sums o… read more
$60,250 raised of $65,000 goal
Gender Equality | China  

Educate and Equip Girls in Rural China

CWEF High School Scholarships educate and equip students from low-income families in rural China. We work with local partners to identify st… read more
$172,083 raised of $200,000 goal
Disability Rights | Mexico  

Atzin Helps Special Needs of 80 Children & Adults

The Atzin Special Needs and Nutrition Nimechnequi Program provides enabling support to 80 children and adults living in acute poverty in Tla… read more
$64,464 raised of $95,000 goal
Child Protection | Ukraine  

Hope, Opportunity for 2,500 kids in Eastern Europe

War will have a devastating impact for children and families across Eastern Europe economically, practically and emotionally. Over 2,500 vul… read more
$80,338 raised of $200,000 goal
Physical Health | Ukraine  

Life-saving treatment for kids in Ukraine

Childhood cancer is not a death sentence. In Ukraine 1000 kids are diagnosed with cancer every year. 7000 kids are hospitalized throughout a… read more
$153,514 raised of $200,000 goal
Disability Rights | India  

Support 450 People Living with Disabilities

This program is for the empowerment of the disabled in which all types of 450 Deprived people with disabilities will be provided better heal… read more
$14,757 raised of $16,000 goal
Education | China  

Education for Blind Chinese Orphans

According to statistics, China has 20% of the world's blind population. The least fortunate among the blind are the blind orphans. Launched … read more
$115,309 raised of $150,000 goal
Animal Welfare | India  

Give second chance for 100 rescue animals in India

This project will facilitate the care and maintenance of rescue animals housed in a sanctuary located in Coimbatore, India. The sanctuary of… read more
$78,261 raised of $90,000 goal
Food Security | India  

Donate to Oldage Home of 20 oldage people in India

Old Age Home for Neglected Poor Elderly started with 5 old age people, whose are destitute old aged undergoing great difficulties in India, … read more
$46,438 raised of $245,500 goal
Education | Sri Lanka  

Cost of living crisis appeal

The cost of living crisis has hit us hard. Post-pandemic, the political and economic situation has made day-to-day life extremely challengi… read more
$68,696 raised of $76,120 goal
Physical Health | Philippines  

Cancer treatment for 20 children and 30 women

In 2014, AAI began sponsorship for 100 children with genetic diseases at the Philippine Society for Orphan Disorders in Manila. In the first… read more
$66,093 raised of $80,000 goal
Education | Mexico  

Help A Deaf Child In Mexico Learn Sign Language

Children who are Deaf in Mexico are most often sent to public school. There are no teachers or interpreters there who use Mexican Sign Langu… read more
$42,650 raised of $55,000 goal
Physical Health | Ukraine  

Free Accommodation for Kids with Cancer in Ukraine

This project guarantees free accommodation for families who have a child affected by cancer and other severe diagnoses during the war. With … read more
$59,549 raised of $100,000 goal
Food Security | Ukraine  

Ukraine: help vulnerable children affected by war

While millions of Ukrainians have escaped to safety, many more have not. As troops advance, disabled children and low-income families are tr… read more
$31,632 raised of $50,000 goal
Mental Health | Nepal  

Mentally Distressed Care

We require funding to sustain our weekly "Welcome Centre" which we initiated for our mentally distressed Clients. At the Centre we conduct a… read more
$37,800 raised of $50,000 goal
Education | Kazakhstan  

Inspire the Growth of Kazakhstan's Global Citizens

Salem Social Village is a place where Global Citizens grow: people who have discovered a new way of thinking and behaving that puts others f… read more
$77,054 raised of $100,000 goal
Physical Health | Mexico  

Vision and quality of life for older people.

This project is aimed at poor patients in rural areas of the state of Morelos in Mexico, who suffer from visual diseases such as cataract, g… read more
$45,288 raised of $100,000 goal
Child Protection | India  

Change the lives of disabled children in India

A life changing project which provides a supportive, stimulating daycare environment for 48 children with disabilities and their parents fro… read more
$19,063 raised of $30,000 goal
Education | Guatemala  

Education & food for 600 children in Guatemala

Only 30% of children who start primary school education reach grade six at the correct age and even less go onto secondary school. Having p… read more
$145,854 raised of $175,000 goal
Disability Rights | Philippines  

Life Changing Care for Disabled Filipino Children

This project will provide life changing care to physically disabled children from impoverished Filipino families. We help develop a treatmen… read more
$24,249 raised of $33,000 goal
Gender Equality | India  

Home for 50 Challenged Girls in Bangalore, India

Margadarshi is providing Home, with all amenities for 50 neglected girls with disability hailing from the poorest sections of society in Ban… read more
$33,899 raised of $50,000 goal
Education | Russia  

Help 30 Russian kids with hearing loss communicate

The earlier a child with hearing impairment receives help, the more likely it is that they will learn to communicate verbally. Our deaf club… read more
$18,878 raised of $22,660 goal
Education | Romania  

Help autistic orphans in Romania get an education

The Delia Foundation will provide education for autistic orphans/foster care children in Barlad, Romania, including specialized teacher trai… read more
$15,127 raised of $18,000 goal

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