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CHILD SPONSORSHIP Establishing of children’s formal and non-formal education programs: A. Improvement access for poor kids to attend the local government schools so that they can receive better education. B. Provide the schooling, sport materials, school uniforms, mean of transportation (bicycles) to the poorest, vulnerable and disable kids from the poorest families so that those can attend the schooling program. C. Improve the teachers’ monthly wage so that they can provide better education to the kids in community schools. d. Improvement of the Child’s social awareness, campaign on child right, Domestic Violence against the children and child Protection. e. Monthly Kid Nutrition program at family level to support the poor and frail

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Learning Centers for Rural Afghan Women in Herat
Afghan Institute of Learning Empowers Afghan Women
Save Afghan Women & Children with Health Care
Help Afghan Boys Trade Guns for Books
Help Afghans Learn Computing and Coding
Fast Track Education for Afghan Women and Girls
Tailoring: A Small Business Skill for Afghan Women
Emergency Aid for Needy Afghans
Forever Homes for Armenian Orphans
Education & nutrition for 100 children in Ecuador
Education & nutrition for 60 children in Peru
Education & food for 600 children in Guatemala
Education & nutrition for 166 children in Honduras
Scholarships for Outstanding Students in Argentina
Help 10 000 kids escape poverty and child labour
Send a Child in India to School for a Year
Open Green Map to Support the Greening of China
Abir's Garden Playgrounds for a Safe Place to Grow
Rebuilding the lives of street children in Uganda
1,000 Microloans for Rural Women in East Africa
Educate girls and fight poverty in Senegal
Help Feed over 150 Orphaned Chimpanzees
Educating street children in the Mathare slums
Sanitary Pads Keep Ugandan Girls in School
Take 2: Teaching Children w/ Autism Washington, DC
Empower 600 Women in Ghana with Microcredit Loans
Lotus Pedals - Help Cambodian Girls Get to School!
Empower girls like Priti in slums in Pune, India
Orphan Education Support - Zambian Villages
Mentoring for At-Risk Nomadic Girls in Rural Niger
Prevent HIV-AIDS through Awareness in South Sudan
Generate Income & Hope From Non-Recyclable Garbage
Stop South Sudanese Moms from Dying in Childbirth
Give Fruit and a Greener Environment (South Sudan)
Oregon Humane Society's End Petlessness Campaign
Empower Future Leaders from Mumbai Red-Light Areas
Mosquito Nets for Malaria Prevention in Africa
GlobalGiving Project of the Month Club
Conserving 250,000 Acres of Tanzanian Rainforest
Provide electricity to 500 students in Belize
Help Cancer Patients Find Bone Marrow Donors!
Provide a safe home for Haitian Orphans
Home and Community for Orphans in Nepal
Gift Education to 200 At Risk Children in Nguluni
Feed a Child - Reduce Malnutrition in Guatemala
Adopt A Wildlife Acre
Give Books to Children in the Philippines
Rescue Unwanted and Abandoned Companion Birds
Protect 300 Girls from Child Domestic Work in Peru
Bring healthcare to 1,000+ Awake Uganda villagers
Break the Chains of Slavery
Cancer treatment for 20 children and 30 women
Pediatric Services in Remote Areas of Argentina
Educate Girls Orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Rural Uganda
Teach Literacy through the Arts in DC, MD, and VA
Make the Ageless Wisdom of Tibet Available to All
Supporting Terminally Ill Children
Soccer and school for 1500 Colombian kids at risk
Give school to abandoned girls in Mexico
Safe Drinking Water for 40 schools in Bolivia
Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary Rescues MorePets
Community Conservation of Monarch Forest in Mexico
Lifeskills for 2,587 Children in South Africa
Hope for begging talibe children, St-Louis Senegal
Build a Brighter Future for 80 Kids in Guatemala
Provide women and girls education in Cambodia
Support literacy and learning for 1,900 Maya youth
Rehabilitation for burn survivors in Taiwan
Life-changing jobs for deprived Vietnamese youth
Engaging with Congress on Energy & Climate Change
Help a Tanzanian Orphan Complete Primary School
Develop 21st Century Leaders for Global Health
Help put girls at the forefront of change in Burma
Support native artisans & rainforest in the Amazon
Lifesaving AidPods for 65,000 African children
Protecting the Health of Colombian Orphans
Transform a Girl's Life Through Soccer
Educate 110 Girls in Cusco for Economic Survival
Educate 120 East African Refugees in Uganda
Restoring Healthcare to Women and Girls in Liberia

These projects are no longer accepting donations:

Afghan Women Learn Traditional Carpet Weaving
Colombia: No Child Should be a Soldier
Little Kids Rock - Transforming children's lives
Lambs Support Village Girls' Education
Support Women Farmers in Sudan
Aid and Assistance to China Earthquake Survivors
Rescue Girls from Bonded Servitude
Support Abandoned Mentally Challenged Children
Provide medical care to Haitian orphans
Combat Malnutrition with Beekeeping in South Sudan
Feed 200 Zimbabwean Orphans Mind, Body & Soul
Diabetes Care for Kaqchikel Maya
Transform Lives of African Youth by Making Films
Help 455 At-Risk Children in Mexico Stay in School
Fund Healthcare and Medicines in South Sudan
Help 95 DC Kids Extend Learning After School
Help 200 women in northern Uganda learn to read
Support the wellbeing of children with HIV in SA
Give a Village Drinking Water in South Sudan
Give a rural Tibetan youth an enriching summer!
Education & food for 200 children in Nicaragua
Provide a HOME for Kenya's Street-Children 2016
Send 30 girls in Pakistan to school
The Child Brides: Send Them to School instead
Provide Music Education to Children in Mali
Farm Fresh to Urban Communities in the Midwest
Creating Scholar Athletes: Tennis & Education
Health, Sanitation and Food Security Project
Inspire and empower Indigenous youth in Australia
Enable 50 Rwandan Mothers to Farm for Profit
Planting 1000 trees, Saving 100 acres
Buy a Goat for a Family in Guatemala
Building leaders using education & local projects
Provide School Shoes to Kenyan Orphans
Rethinking Down Syndrome in Colombia
Provide 10 Solar Heaters to Native Families
Solar Lamps for 2600 Students in Sundarbans, India
Junior Scientists Restoring Brazil's Rainforest
Help orphans in Japan rebuild lives post-tsunami
Cassava growing for food security in Kenya
Provide Lifesaving Plumpy'Nut in Horn of Africa
Help Women Feed the World
Emerg Nutrition & Health Care, East Africa Crisis
Teach to Teach: Training Women to Teach Spanish
Change Lives with English Education
SHOFCO: Educate Girls & Transform the Community!
Build Healthy Futures: Support Health in Schools
Primary education for 200 village children - Ghana
Educate Girls and Boys in Rural Afghanistan
Environmental Education for over 300 Children
Bring 24 young ambassadors together for peace
Build a Library for Children near Khe Sanh
Laboratory Clinic for 2,100 Adolescents in Ecuador
Help Ugandan Organizations Help Themselves
Better Safe Than Sorry - Medical IDs for Epilepsy
Provide crucial care to 15 AIDS patients in Ghana
Textbooks Needed for 500 School Children in Haiti
Provide disability care and education in Uganda
Using Technology to Serve Children Who are Deaf
Empower ethnic Burmese refugees through education
Invest in Small Businesses for Girls in Kenya
Empower Marginalized Communities Of Pakistan Sindh
Support Moldovan Children with Cancer
Community Development Through IT Training In Rio
Build a Rescue Center for At-Risk Girls in Kenya
Give Johanna and Sara a Voice for Peace
Help 20 Orphan Children From Russia To Walk Again
Give Work to 15 Men with Intellectual Disabilities
Seizure-Response Dog for Devin
Help Damaris finish school and become a teacher!
Seizure Response Dog for Tristen
Pens & Bags for underprivileged children
Seizure-Response Dog for Samuel
Provide food & care for our Verraux Eagle
Feed our Mongoose Bandit for a whole year!
Keeping Infants Warm After Heart Surgery
Online coaching for Argentine Youth
Scholarship for Filipino Midwife Student
Feed our porcupine, Yster, for a year!
A year of food and care for our leguaan, Lazarus
30 Rural Afghan Girls To Teacher Training Program
Train Mark the HeroRat to find landmines in Africa
Provide embroiderytraining to 30 poor women
Help girls in rural Niger achieve their dreams!
Climbing the Matterhorn to help open a new Haven 2
A Boat for a Rescue Team Leader like Romeo
Yorladys needs a protheses to play with her kids
Beauty Parlor by iLEAD Woman
Midwives for a hospital in South-Central Somalia
Beatriz needs a prostheses to work again
Job Skills for Osnard!
Help Alex Become a Teacher!
A Scholarship for One Afghan Boy to go to School
Light for 150 Students
Give Kutullo the chance to achieve his dream
Build A Toilet for Slum Youth Centre
Provide a Scholarship to One Afghan Girl
Send Nicholson to School for a Year
Give Manoucheka a year of nutritious food!
Five Chickens for Nolson's Future!
One time grant to start vegetable & fruit vending
Relief for 180 Flood Affected Families in Manila
Help Mary go to school for a year (Ghana)
Help Gilbert go to University (Ghana)
Micro Credit for 15 Women in Guatemalan Highlands
Empower a Youth Leader like Rechiel

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