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Do you want to help tackle climate change? Climate change and extreme weather (hurricanes like Superstorm Sandy, wildfires, blizzards, droughts, record heat, and floods) endanger our health, our property and infrastructure, and our food and water supply. We can each help, but Congress has a huge impact on the health and safety of people affected by climate change disruptions and extreme weather. You can help us continue to engage with Congress to help move us toward clean energy.


Congress makes decisions that affect our energy, natural resource, and climate policies--with limited federal dollars and time--and new staff all the time. National policy supporting clean, renewable energy, will lead to less burning of dirty carbon-based fuels, saving lives and reducing the already evident impacts of climate change.


EESI organizes well-regarded briefings that will continue to inform Congress and the policy community on key energy and climate issues. The briefings explain the many impacts of climatic shifts already here, highlighting the devastating impacts on human health, and animal and plant life. We are focusing on policy solutions for resilient communities, based on clean energy. EESI is highly respected within Congress for providing compelling stories and timely facts.

Long-Term Impact

Climate change affects every living thing on the planet. The US Congress plays a pivotal role in the effectiveness of the global response to climate change. Policies that reduce emissions, improve the quality of the air we breathe and water we drink, or move us to clean renewable energy, will save uncountable people from famine, disease, flooding, and fire. Hurricane Sandy, just one extreme event, was responsible for at least 125 deaths and $75 billion in damages in the US alone.

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