Greenzone Citizen Organization
An Organization Fundraiser by Joseph Wilson

Greenzone Citizen Organization is a newly established grass root, community-based organization located in Kasoa in the central region of Ghana working to holistically address issues relating to the economic and social welfare of women, children and girls by providing them with vocational training, academic education, agricultural inputs to boost local enterprise.

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Educating Tibetan Bon Children and Youth
Provide Education to AIDS Orphans in Rural Uganda
Help 10 000 kids escape poverty and child labour
Rebuilding the lives of street children in Uganda
1,000 Microloans for Rural Women in East Africa
Educating street children in the Mathare slums
Give In-School Music Classes to Los Angeles Youth
Empower 600 Women in Ghana with Microcredit Loans
Support Women and Girls in Ghana
Empower girls like Priti in slums in Pune, India
Orphan Education Support - Zambian Villages
The United Brothers School of Munoz
Build Bridges. Support Leaders. Atlas Corps.
The Blossom Bus: Help Rural Girls Get To School!
Empower Future Leaders from Mumbai Red-Light Areas
Mosquito Nets for Malaria Prevention in Africa
Provide electricity to 500 students in Belize
Providing an Education to Individuals in India
Educational Support in Mal Pais, Costa Rica
Help Educate 28,000+ Girls in Northern Afghanistan
Project Mosquito Nets
Providing HIV services to 20,000 Cameroonian youth
Teach healthy living skills to adults with autism
Empower At-Risk Girls in Cambodia
Self-help Groups for 2000 poor women in S. Africa
Feed a Child - Reduce Malnutrition in Guatemala
Educate a Poor Indian Child
Heal One World: Inner-City Preventative Healthcare
Equip deafblind children with skills for life!
Disadvantaged Children & Communities in Cape Town
Empower 50 needy girls in India through education.
Educate Girls Orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Rural Uganda
Build a parkour gym - teach to overcome obstacles
Upscalling the Community in Costa Rica
Soccer and school for 1500 Colombian kids at risk
Give school to abandoned girls in Mexico
Safe Drinking Water for 40 schools in Bolivia
Hope for begging talibe children, St-Louis Senegal
Provide Vocational Training for Ugandan Women
Support literacy and learning for 1,900 Maya youth
Swaziland: Help 50 orphans become future leaders
Engaging with Congress on Energy & Climate Change
Support Disadvantaged Children and Adults in Nepal
Teen Girls Health & Empowerment in Uganda
Support native artisans & rainforest in the Amazon
Educate an Orphan in Rural Western Kenya
Educate 110 Girls in Cusco for Economic Survival
Restore the Rhythm of Life for 500 Rwandan Youth
Help Indian Girl Not Work But Go To School
Changing lives of child domestic workers in Peru
Lifesaving healthcare for remote farming villages
Help adopted kids with special needs get education
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Help a deserving student in NYC earn a degree

These projects are no longer accepting donations:

Little Kids Rock - Transforming children's lives
Send Deserving Children to school in Rural Nepal
Improve Quality of Teaching in Rural China
Feed and Educate Children in Salvador, Brazil
Provide Education to Prevent Child Labor in Ghana
University Scholarships for Students from Burma
Send 30 girls in Pakistan to school
The Child Brides: Send Them to School instead
Provide Music Education to Children in Mali
Teach 75 mothers to read stories to kids in Kenya
Break the Cycle of Poverty with Education
Building leaders using education & local projects
Junior Scientists Restoring Brazil's Rainforest
Cassava growing for food security in Kenya
National Scholarship Program in Australia
Teach to Teach: Training Women to Teach Spanish
Life skills training of 300 girls in Mumbai slums
Change Lives with English Education
Girls Empowerment programs for 1000 girls-Uganda
Primary education for 200 village children - Ghana
Empower deserted women and widows in rural India
Environmental Education for over 300 Children
Educate & Empower 50 girls from Rural India
Dental care for 200 children and adults in Kenya
Mentoring 16 orphan and needy girls in Kenya
Provide 500 Cambodian kids with ongoing education
Build 2 Classrooms for 120 Uganda Students
A Year of School for Zach!
Give Work to 15 Men with Intellectual Disabilities
Create a new home for vulnerable children in Limbe
Teach 15 Veterans Attending College To Meditate
Changing young lives through dance and music
Help South African children achieve in Maths
Help 50 South Africans Build Small Businesses
Send 30 Children to Afterschool Nature Program
Excellent education for 175 kids in Hyderabad!!
More Than A Room
Female Sexual Health Promotion in Phnom Penh
Computer Lab for Young Social Entrepreneurs
4th National Creative Writing Competition
Making Education a Priority for Jimmy and Roxy
Give Julieth a chance to run and play again
Chicken Businesses for AIDS Orphans
Community Theater for Mumbai Red-Light Area Girls
Solar Energy at The Mariposa Center for Girls!
Share Adela's Dream/ Hone Dental Hygienist Skills
Pigs for HIV Orphans
Support 60 poor women sewing for secure living
Yoga at Watts Learning Center Charter School
Yoga for Pregnant High School Teens
Porridge for 115 children in Zimbabwe
Scholarships & Training for Rural Guatemalan Women
Launch TGI - New York Grantmaking Fund
New Boost of Life for 5 Youth Farmers
Save Syria's Children
Provide Tutoring and Mentoring for 800 Students
Ingredients for Healthy Schoolkids
Internet Access and Computer Literacy for Youth
Battered Mother and Children Rescue
Sport Court for an Afghan Girls' School
Provide 1000 plants to school planting program
Help tribal boy to study master degree
50 Rural Afghan Girls to Teacher Training Program
Help Young Ebenezer get to University in Ghana
American Tornado Relief for Children
Sonia's Road: From Orphan to Dental Professional
Send 20 Girls to a Literacy & Leadership Camp!
Summer camps for two isolated Palestinian groups
A year of school for Florentina!
Job Skills for Elard!

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