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Aug 14, 2015

Mah Di's Orphanage is already transforming

children grinding ground nut
children grinding ground nut

Dear Friends of Mah Di's Orphanage,

Since our last report all of this has been happening:

Two functioning fishponds have been paid for and started construction

  • Mosquito nets have been renewed in all rooms

  • A medical kit with medicine has been bought

  • They continue construction of a new room for better cooking and eating 

  • A new clean water pump has been finished

  • Several food supplies (beans, vegetables) and two beds have been bought

  • Pigs have been fattened and sold to save money for school fees

  • Several chicken have been bought, raised and sold

  • All children got positive grades and are continuing their studies

This has been done thanks to your support and the support of more wonderful people like you, and if we have to thank anyone it would be Mah Diana and the children, who continue to beat all odds and to build a great home together. It is their spirit and hard work that keeps this project going, we could not find more worthy beneficiaries for our(yours and ours) efforts.

But we want to highlight something amazing that happened literally in the other side of the world. 4 teenagers from Kamehameha School (Makuane, Hawaii) started a school project to raise funds for a social cause, and they picked the orphanage. Particularly for the fishpond microproject because as hawaians they felt a special connection with ponds, as they explained to us. They sold donuts, they worked transcribing, they went around asking for contributions and they did an amazing job, raising more than 900$. They explained all of this to globalgiving by letter, and they scanned the letter and send it to us. We printed it and read it in front of the children, it was inspiring for those who understood and Mah Diana took time to bring it down to real-life examples, “See what these children are doing, and they are only 17!” . Thanks to them the construction of the fishpond is going forward and we've been constructing for more than one month, although the severe rains of rainy season delay the porcess a bit. We would love to contact them to thank them properly but so far we have not been succesful, maybe some of our benefactors can have better luck trying? 

Also worth of mention is what happened with the chicken, Mah Diana bought only a few of them, but, with accute expertise of the market she is working on, she made great profit when she sold them, continued the venture buying more small chicks and she even kept some of the big ones in a special space, that space is for the children to learn how to take care and raise chicken themselves, another small detail that shows the kind of philosophy that impregnates Mah Di's Orphanage.

But we are still a long way to go, and we will continue asking for your support to raise the living standards of the orphanage, make it self-reliant economically and continue to work towards not only securing the subsistence of the children, but providing a bright future for the men and women they will become.


We are at your disposal and you can check on us through facebook ( ) or our web( )

Some pictures were taken by a new volunteer from Estonia, Robert Nut, who is a professional photographer and had wonderful equipment, has made this short video about his visit to the orphanage.

New Water Pump
New Water Pump
Jul 13, 2015

Finally rounding off with the school academic year

Thanks to your support, Rahim is currently sitting in for his final exams in the university of Buea. For the past few months, due to your massive contribution, he has been able to take care of his medical needs, transport and other diadactic materials. we see how your donations gradually motivate this young Orphan to take his studies seiously

We see determination in him and he gives us all the assurance that this semester will be greatly improved. "I'm not going to let you down because you made me archieve my dreams gradually. I know that with your unending support, I will be abetter person in the society and support other Orphan.  with my going back home for the long holidays, i feel so fullfilled because of your support and I look forward to engaging myself into a holidays job or any economic activity, which will help me next academic year"..He exclaims

the other challenge we now have is how to support him next academic year,  starting in October 2015. we slways count on your support

Jun 15, 2015

The Keep a Girl Alive program grows forward and local authorities display good governance

Gillian. Smiling and working thanks to you
Gillian. Smiling and working thanks to you

Dear Family of Reach Out,

We’ve closed a phase in Tole this month. After continuous follow up and collecting loan payments we had enough information to disburse grants to the best performing girls, and to a few of the most vulnerable. In total 10 girls received grants of different sizes (between 100 and 30) past week.

The disbursement event was a great experience, we took the opportunity that all girls where gathered in one place to work on their self-confidence with a very simple exercise, they should tell us their stories and share advice with their fellow business women. We were impressed with the result.

“Every day, no matter how the business goes, I save 2000 francs, if I make 5000 I keep 2000, if I make 2100 I keep 2000 and I struggle to eat. At the end of the Month I split it in half, half for the house half of the business” Claudine. (Remember we told you in the last report that she had just lost almost all her capital because of a terrible sickness that almost killed her for more than three months? She is back on her feet and continues to impress us.)

“Do your bookkeeping, play your Njangi or your Achao, save something every day, and never use your capital” Comfort. We could not have said it better. (Note: Njangi and Achao are different kinds of local saving practices)

And there were some praises also, that we should extend to you as you are also Reach Out.

“Long live at prosperity to Reach Out, they did not abandon us when we failed, and now we are moving” Mba, member of Unity Sisters

“Thanks to the money Reach Out gave me I could start a business and from there use the profits to pay for my education, I just finished my exams and I hope next year I can make it to University” Marie

“Thank you plenty. All of you know me. I don’t have a man, I don’t have family in this village, but I have Reach Out” Suzanne

Moreover, the ceremony was the first attended by His Royal Highness the Chief of Tole, just freshly crowned the day before. A young but bright man you can see in the pictures. He gave us reason to have hope for this country. After listening to the girls he made his speech and decided to make his own donation! We have high hopes that we can create a long lasting relationship with the Palace; we cannot emphasize how rare such attitude is. In fact, the usual thing is Cameroon is that the authority should receive a small fee himself to cover “transport” cost of attending the event; he ignored protocol and tradition and saw the opportunity to do something valuable for his community, giving insted of taking.

Many members of Reach Out’s family will remember Florence, the blind mother of 4 living in Tole, for whom we fundraised for past year. We are very glad to report a good improvement pace, the whole family showing strong signals of entrepreneurial spirit, managing together different micro businesses. We are particularly proud of Melanie, the elder daughter, who keeps the books of their different small businesses. Reach Out, thanks to our donors, is supporting them this time with help to construct a little built structure where they can be selling cooked food. You can see a picture of her during follow up and another one of Reach Out’s team, including our logistician, negotiating and discussing with the construction team.

What are we seeing in the future? We are moving to the next batch of girls in Tole and we are also exploring doing interventions in new rural communities where we can replicate our model, as always, relying on local groups when possible.

But if there is someone that we will continue to rely on to make this happen is you.

Thank you, thank you for not giving up, thank you for the lives you continue to change.

P.D: Please tell us what you think about the Keep a Girl Alive and much more! Continue engaged with us through facebook.

Group Picture: beneficiaries, staff and Chief
Group Picture: beneficiaries, staff and Chief
Comfort with her 4 months baby
Comfort with her 4 months baby
New Chief of Tole giving his speech
New Chief of Tole giving his speech
Florence, looking good and every day better
Florence, looking good and every day better
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