Educate and Train 100 Disadvantaged Children

by Fair Life Africa Foundation
Educate and Train 100 Disadvantaged Children
Happy Grace
Happy Grace

Last September, we reached out to residents of our Gbara community after one of our child sponsors communicated her desire to take another child under her wings (so wonderful!). Five referrals were received and even though three of those children were brilliant and disadvantaged, they didn't meet our age requirement as they were below the age of 9. After conducting our assessment, we discovered Grace's 82% score was thoroughly deserved. Grace was the top student in her class, and though she dreams of being a Medical Doctor in future, her favorite subject is English Language. Grace was adopted into our Disadvantage to Advantage Programme to receive support with her education.

In October 2021, Grace had the opportunity to meet with her sponsor at Foodies, Lekki. It was a time to bond, eat, relax, and talk about future plans. Her sponsor was pleased to meet her and also encouraged her to do better with her academics. In December, Grace had the chance to visit an orphanage with other FLA Kids and enjoy a meal at Sweet Sensations, where we took the children to celebrate. She also took home a hamper we packed for her and her family.

She resumed school in January, and her fees were settled. But on the 26th of January 2022, an eviction notice was served to all tenants where Grace and her family lived. Grace’s dad reached out to inform us about it in February, and we asked them to look for alternative, affordable accommodation in their neighbourhood. Due to the family's financial challenge, when they had finally found somewhere good and affordable, we made an appeal to the public about supporting Grace and her family move into their new home before Children's Day.

Two days after the appeal was made, we reached and surpassed our goal for the family! On Thursday, 28th April, payment was made on their behalf to settle their rent and agency fees, and the family was delighted!

Grace and her family are so grateful for the love showed them in their moment of despair, and we are glad we were able to help. We appreciate every single person who decided to give. When we got the alert of N2,500 from an anonymous donor, we were so warmed and encouraged, because we know that person really wanted to give! And maybe they even needed it, but they chose to part with it, showing compassion for others. We just want you to know we appreciate what you gave and God will multiply it back to you 1000 fold in Jesus' name!

We also want to use this opportunity to appreciate everyone who donates to us through this GlobalGiving platform. Nothing you give is too small, and we do our best to ensure that your donation gets to those who need it. Thank you for your trust and your generosity.

Grace and her family say thanks!
Grace and her family say thanks!


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Ijeoma and Naomi, Together Again
Ijeoma and Naomi, Together Again

For Christmas, we arranged a hangout with the FLA Kids who have graduated secondary school.  Many of them are in higher education, while a few just graduated last year and are awaiting admission.  It was the first hangout we've had with the children since the outbreak in early 2020, after our Valentine's Brunch with all the children and their sponsors.

This hangout was much needed, and the children (some are now young adults) shared their stories with us, about life in university, how they've coped with COVID and different life events, getting work experience and doing vocational training, while waiting for admission to university.  We also used the opportunity to talk to them about volunteering with us, moving beyond being beneficiaries and helping us to help more children in need. It was a fun, emotional, and inspiring time of reconnection.

Ijeoma, one of our child sponsors, attended to spend time with her sponsored child, Naomi. She, like all the children who just completed their SSCE and WAEC examinations, passed with flying colours.  We are so proud of their accomplishments.

After our meal at a notable restaurant in Lekki, Lagos, we made our way to the Twin Waters complex, where we planned to watch a movie. But we missed the last show that would allow them to get home at a reasonable hour, so the children enjoyed playing games at the arcade instead.  Afterwards, they did some bowling as we continued to enjoy being together again.

The younger children in our care, who are yet to graduate from secondary school, were invited on an outing to an orphanage later in the week, where one of our children resides. They were each given a bag filled with provisions and snacks, and we enjoyed a lovely meal out too.  It was a joyous time, and we hope it won't be too long before we can all come together again.

Thanks so much for your faithful and generous support of our work.  We pray that you will have all you need, good health and prosperity, in 2022!

Happy to be together again
Happy to be together again
A Festive Meal
A Festive Meal
Fun at the arcade
Fun at the arcade
Bowling was fun!
Bowling was fun!
Packed Christmas provisions for the kids
Packed Christmas provisions for the kids


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Chioma at University
Chioma at University

A couple of years ago, Ufuoma interviewed Chioma after her graduation from secondary school, just before COVID-19 struck.  Today, she caught up with the ambitious and driven young lady, who recently commenced her university studies after a brief period of waiting.

Below are highlights of their chat on WhatsApp.

Ufuoma: Hi Chioma. How are you today?
Chioma: I’m well.  Thank you ma.
Ufuoma: Where are you studying?
Chioma: Lagos State University.
Ufuoma: You mentioned you did a test today on Constitutional Law.  Is that what you're studying?
Chioma: I’m going to have to get to at least 300 level before I can specialize in a particular area. But for now, I study 5 courses in law.
Ufuoma: Do you know what you'd like to specialise in? And why?
Chioma: Yes. Corporate law. It is because I know my strengths lies there, and the fact that I enjoy it is an added bonus!
Ufuoma:  Okay... Last time we chatted, you'd just graduated High School. Which year was that?
Chioma: Yes. It was in 2019.
Ufuoma: Two years ago... It's been long. What has happened since?
Chioma: After secondary school I tried to get into the university immediately, but sadly, it didn’t happen.
But I had the opportunity to intern at Loyal Bonus Company. It is a retail company. It was honestly the best experience. Especially because it was my first time working. I stayed with them for 6 months. And then COVID came Stayed home for a while before I got into school in May this year.
Ufuoma: How come you were not able to get into university right away?
Chioma: I was not given admission. Even when I was told that my grades were good for both JAMB and WAEC/NECO results.
Ufuoma: Which schools did you apply to? Did you finally get your school of choice?
Chioma: I applied to the University of Lagos the first year. And then to Lagos State University, which I am in right now through a diploma program. There’s an 18 months diploma program that transits me straight to 200 level.
Ufuoma: Okay, so, how is university life? What do you love about it, and what do you hate? Or not love so much?
Chioma: I have never been this much responsible for myself, and now I know that I can handle it. Also, I thought it would take time and me trying to find my place because people always say it’s completely different from secondary school. Yes, it’s not similar, but I love my course and the school’s law faculty is also great. But what I don’t necessarily like is adapting to the new environment. And staying away from home. But I guess I’ll get used to that.
Ufuoma: Have you made friends?
Chioma: Quite a few.
Ufuoma: How are you guarding against rolling with the wrong crowd?
Chioma: My personality is doing that for me already I guess. I’m not exactly the stay after school to hang kind of person. I also have a close friend in school but a different department. She’s at 200 level. She has honestly been a big help. She also tries to protect what she calls my ‘freshers spirit’.
Ufuoma: Nice! Thank God. So, what encouragement can you give to your peers who are still waiting on admission?
Chioma: To prepare for school with set goals and aim. Cause it helps to remind yourself why you’re studying hard in the first place, and that way nothing can easily sway you. And also I know how impatient it could get if you don’t get in early. But the time you have in between shouldn’t be wasted cause it’s definitely part of the whole journey . And if you do get in early, be prepared mentally. It helps!
Ufuoma: Awesome! So, COVID has really wrecked havoc on our world, but for some people, doors opened, or at least, they saw potential, and they seized opportunities. What would you say you gained from living through COVID-19? Any lessons learned?

Chioma: Yes. To always try and make light out of bad situations instead of focusing on how bad or upsetting.
Ufuoma: Thank you for taking the time to chat with me today.
Chioma: You’re welcome ma. And I honestly cannot begin to thank you for making me part of FLA. Everyday I’m grateful! God bless you ma.


Chioma is one of the lucky ones who gained admission into university early.  As you can see from our chat, she has a good head on her shoulders, and she is eager to make the most of the opportunities Shiv Lila Polymers has given her through their sponsorship. We are very proud of her and continue to wish her success in her academics. We know she will be among those to take Nigeria to the next level in years to come.

Thanks for being a part of her success story by supporting us to keep impacting her life and those of other children in need in our country.

Happy Chioma
Happy Chioma
Young Chioma, in 2014 when we met
Young Chioma, in 2014 when we met


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Emeke presents the cheque to Naomi and her mom.
Emeke presents the cheque to Naomi and her mom.

Last year, we wrote about a tragedy that occurred at Ajegunle, at the notorious Dustbin Estate, where one of our kids resided.  This was published on our blog and Instagram page, as we sought to raise some immediate relief for many of the families affected.  Over 100 families were affected, based on info sourced from a local NGO working in that community.  With their collaboration, and donations raised from the campaign, we were able to provide immediate relief to 55 of the affected families.

However, in the long term, they still faced the challenge of rebuilding, finding a new home, and getting their lives back on track.  Naomi and her mother were among those affected.  They had to move in with some friends, who were kind enough to accommodate them for many months, while Naomi's mom went in search of somewhere new.  However, affordable rent was hard to come by for the family.

A year later, we decided to reach out again to our friends to ask for their support to raise enough money for Naomi and her mom to pay two years' rent in a new place they'd found.  In a few days, we raised the N300k we sought and presented the cheque to Naomi and her mother this week.  They were so excited, singing and praying for us.  We really appreciate everyone who decided to bring funds or tell their friends to contribute to assist this lovely family with their rent.

Now, Naomi has a new home and another reason to smile and be hopeful!

In other news, Naomi's in her final year in school and doing very well!  We are super excited at what the future holds for her.

Home sweet home for Naomi and her mom
Home sweet home for Naomi and her mom


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Precious during our Valentine's Brunch 2020
Precious during our Valentine's Brunch 2020

This week, Ufuoma had a chat with ten-year old Precious, the newest member of the FLA Kids, who just got a sponsor late last year.  She has now resumed school, and we are in the process of settling fees.  We thought it would be good to hear from her about how her year, 2020, was.  We had a chat over WhatsApp.  It is slightly edited to make it easier to read.

Fair Life Africa: How are you today, Precious?
Precious: I am fine thank you
Fair Life Africa: What did you learn at school today?
Precious: I learned mathematics and English with computer studies ma
Fair Life Africa: Cool! How is your school protecting you from COVID-19?
Precious: I go to school with nose mask and hand sanitizer, then school will provide us with water and soap for us
Fair Life Africa: Are you doing social distancing?
Precious: Yes we do sit two persons a seat school desk and table
Fair Life Africa: Great! Good to know you're observing good practice. It may feel strange and difficult, but we all have to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Do you still remember what it was like before COVID?
Precious: Yes it was fun then, we use to sit 3 persons per seat. And do our usual outdoor sports but it's no longer the same
Fair Life Africa: I remember when we all came together to celebrate Valentine's Day last February! You wore a pretty dress, do you remember?
Precious: Yes I remembered and I was so happy that day, am grateful thanks so much ma
Fair Life Africa: We all sat close and took lovely pictures without masks... It was a really fun day.  You are welcome!
Precious: Yes yes I remember I even told my mom about it and I was overjoyed for days
Fair Life Africa: So, how did COVID-19 affect you and your family last year?
Precious: Ma it was a sad period as my Dad lost his job and mum was very sick, but my prayers then was for God to give us daily bread and God answered my prayers when mom told me that you called us to come to FLA office and I was surprised when she came with a lot of food. That food items she came back with revived us a lot. Am very grateful
Fair Life Africa: Oh, we are glad we could help! SAGE Foundation made it possible, so we appreciate their support. It was a hard time for many people. We wish we could have done more

But something wonderful happened in November... How did you feel when you learnt that you now have a sponsor to help with your school fees?
Precious: I was so happy when mom told me I dance for joy

Fair Life Africa: And on your birthday too!  I saw the pictures :) 
 You wore your yellow dress
Precious: I was so happy for suprised cake and it was my first time of cutting cake on my birthday
Fair Life Africa: Oh, wow! You looked happy and gorgeous!
Precious: I was so happy. Am very grateful. May God bless my sponsor. And bless you abundantly
Fair Life Africa: And you know, you're just a couple of months older than FLA! We turned 10 this month.  Thanks for the lovely video you did to celebrate us! 

Do you remember your first Christmas with FLA?
Precious: Yes i was given provisions to take care of me, and I felt very loved. It was a fun filled time
Fair Life Africa: I think it was 2018, the Christmas we sewed asoebi...and you took hampers home...
Precious: Yesssssss
Precious: Last xmas was filled with gift, And Chicken and other things
Fair Life Africa: Unfortunately, with COVID-19, we couldn't throw a party... but you got special gift from Bloom Story

Precious: Yessss. Am so happy cos all the happy moments are coming back
Fair Life Africa: So, how did you feel about being an FLA Kid in 2020?
Precious: I feel honored and Happy
Fair Life Africa: What do you hope for in 2021?
Precious: I hope that it will be better and Covid will be blown away
Fair Life Africa: From your mouth to God's ears!
Precious: And We will gather together again at FLA to celebrate
Fair Life Africa: Amen!!!
Precious: Amen
Fair Life Africa: Thank you for your time today. Please continue to do well in school, be obedient at home, and stay safe :)

Precious: Thanks so much ma I will make you proud
Fair Life Africa: Hugs!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...  Here are a few thousand more depicting Precious' 2020 with FLA.  Do check out our blog to read more about what we have been up to.  Thanks so much for your faithful support.

Precious on her birthday, November 2020
Precious on her birthday, November 2020
Cutting her birthday cake at school
Cutting her birthday cake at school
Precious collecting her xmas gift from Bloom Story
Precious collecting her xmas gift from Bloom Story
Receiving Christmas provisions from FLA
Receiving Christmas provisions from FLA
COVID-19 palliatives donated by SAGE Foundation
COVID-19 palliatives donated by SAGE Foundation


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