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Climate Action | Malawi  

Sustainable Farming to Relieve Hunger in Malawi

Most of those who live in East Africa see wide, treeless vistas of straggly corn, degraded, dusty, red soil. Rains are increasingly unpredic… read more
$14,738 raised of $25,000 goal
Clean Water | Malawi  

Your Gift of Water for Women & Children of Malawi

Water Wells for Africa brings their first water ever to people in remote, hard-to-reach places in Africa. This project will provide a water… read more
$41,999 raised of $60,000 goal
Child Protection | Malawi  

Give school and love to abandoned orphans

The project is run by Chinseu Community Based Organisation. The death of young adults from HIV-AIDS and associated illnesses has left many o… read more
$14,020 raised of $25,000 goal
Digital Literacy | Malawi  

Plant renewable solar energy to 25 beneficiaries

Chinseu CBO will plant 25 solar energy in five villages and the targeted beneficiaries will be asked to repaiying the purchasing amount in i… read more
$5,762 raised of $12,000 goal
Disability Rights | Malawi  

Give a boy without arms basic human needs

Talandira aboy born without arms now an Orphan after his mother died due to COVID19 left him without nothing to eat, wear, need health atten… read more
$1,203 raised of $8,000 goal
Climate Action | Malawi  

Water for All: pedal pumps and wells for families

We want to buy and to promote the use of manual pedal pumps in the villages in the district of Mangochi.Malawi is one of the poorest countri… read more
$16,189 raised of $25,000 goal
Sustainable Agriculture | Malawi  


Many Malawians are farmers and 55% are organic farmers while 30% are farmers that apply fertilizer in their fields. Between August to March … read more
$2,860 raised of $4,000 goal
Child Protection | Malawi  

The girl effect

They are difficult to be advised and their learning capacity is slow. Hence Chinseu cbo choose to provides literacy and other fast track edu… read more
$783 raised of $18,000 goal
Physical Health | Malawi  

Fight Kwashiokor and Marasmus in Chinseu

Many Malawians live in poverty. This poverty have been exacerbated by HIV/AIDS and other illnesses which have left many orphans and other ch… read more
$314 raised of $5,000 goal
Gender Equality | Malawi  


Reusable sanitary pads are sustainable and easily renewable resource allowing the girls to wash and reuse them rather than having to buy dis… read more
$6,909 raised of $8,500 goal
Wildlife Conservation | Malawi  

Protecting Elephants and Rhinos in Malawi

Poaching and habitat destruction pushed the majority of wildlife in Malawi to the brink of extinction. A government-led, intensive conservat… read more
$58,887 raised of $60,000 goal
COVID-19 | Malawi  

Staying Safe During COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID19 Pandemic marks an unprecedented time in modern history that will require the best of humanity to overcome. Your donation to this… read more
$137 raised of $10,000 goal
Food Security | Malawi  

Empower 30 Malawian Families with Solar Irrigation

Eagles will build a solar irrigation system for 30 farming families in Malawi. The families will be able to eat throughout the year and sell… read more
$26,293 raised of $50,000 goal
Ecosystem Restoration | Malawi  

Children scientists supporting meteorogical survey

Children Scientists transforms schoolkids in 28 schools into forests guardians. These children will support the department by sharing their … read more
$4,468 raised of $20,000 goal
Education | Malawi  

Add Education to Resilience for HIV/AIDS recovery!

"Billy", on the left of the photo in the blue T-shirt is one of the Village volunteers who has been with the Project since they were adoles… read more
$13,627 raised of $17,000 goal
COVID-19 | Malawi  

Give to stop the spread of coronavirus and COVID19

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly among our community due to other cultural beliefs we had in our country like hand shaking when greeting eac… read more
$113 raised of $20,000 goal
Education | Malawi  

Support the completion of Mkanthama school block

Mkanthama is one of the poorest rural communities in Lilongwe where access to education for children is very hard to find. The next school c… read more
$6,631 raised of $12,000 goal
Education | Malawi  

Literacy for Malawi

After completing 4 years of school in Malawi, most children tend to drop out and over 70% emerge illiterate. Since 2007, CharChar has provid… read more
$18,785 raised of $50,000 goal
Economic Growth | Malawi  

Support a "Smart Village" in Malawi

Abundance is a non-profit organization that has worked at Mbando village in rural Malawi since 2016. Working closely with the communities, o… read more
$8,152 raised of $10,000 goal
Education | Malawi  

Build a self-reliant community in rural Malawi!

This project fosters sustainable growth through building long lasting community partnerships. Our mission is to promote community-driven dev… read more
$2,155 raised of $8,500 goal
Education | Malawi  

Christmas Appeal

As 2023 is approaching, we at Building Futures in Malawi are raising funds to meet our 2023 plans and mission. 2023 looks like it will be a … read more
$2,806 raised of $67,000 goal
Education | Malawi  


The purpose of the program is to help impoverished students with school fees, school uniform and learning materials so that they have an opp… read more
$143 raised of $10,000 goal
Education | Malawi  

Help 175 Malawian Children become Seizure Free

This project will provide Epilepsy Medications to 175 Children with Disabilities attending our Epilepsy Clinics. Children of Blessing Trust… read more
$400 raised of $5,000 goal
Child Protection | Malawi  

End Child Marriages for 2000 Young Girls in Malawi

This project will bring back to school 2000 girls from two districts in Malawi who were forced into child marriages due to harmful tradition… read more
$0 raised of $5,000 goal
Arts and Culture | Zambia  

Help Support GlobalGiving's Nonprofits in Africa

I'm Norman, the GlobalGiving Southern Africa Field Traveler for 2018! While in the field, I'll be supporting and getting feedback from Globa… read more
$590 raised of $5,000 goal

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