Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps exists to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities. We are a global organization, 4,000 strong, powered by the belief that a better world is possible. We help people survive and get back on their feet when natural disaster strikes, economies collapse or conflict erupts. And where there are chronic threats to peace and progress, we partner with communities to overcome obstacles and thrive. We live and work in more than 40 countries facing the world's toughest challenges. We have no political or religious agenda. For more than three decades, we've learned and grown alongside extraordinary people-more th...
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Asmara Road, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
(9.04989, 38.82568)
Naw Zad, Afghanistan
(32.43129, 64.28222)
Area of earthquake damage and Mercy Corps' with partners response
89 Shangba Road, Yucheng, Ya'an, Sichuan, China, 625000
(29.98099, 103.01296)
Area where Mercy Corps is working with partners to find funding sources for small businesses create additional jobs in the area
Japan, Miyagi Prefecture, Motoyoshi District, Minamisanriku, Shizugawa, Hayashi
(38.66728, 141.44485)
Azraq, Jordan
5, Jordan
(31.88103, 36.82557)
Baalbek, Lebanon
Baalbek, Lebanon
(34.00491, 36.20909)
Badin, Pakistan
Badin - Sea Coast Link, Badn, Pakistan
(24.65579, 68.83879)
Balochistan, Pakistan
Barkhan, Pakistan
(29.98510, 69.57333)
Bamako, Mali
Avenue De La Nation, Bamako, Mali
(12.63598, -8.00903)
Bouar, Central African Republic
RN 3, Central African Republic
(5.94089, 15.49987)
Building Resilience in Niger
N24, Niger
(13.71579, 2.01721)
Buru, Indonesia where Mercy Corps is working to increase the breastfeeding rate from 2%
Moluccas, Indonesia
(-3.45364, 126.54163)
Cebu, Philippines where Casimira and her family live
Toledo - Tabunok Road, Cebu City, Philippines
(10.32545, 123.83308)
Central African Republic
Ippy, Central African Republic
(7.30194, 21.23293)
Central Africans Save Their Way to a Better Future
(6.03568, 15.68848)
1 Yanjiang Rd, Baoxing, Ya'an, Sichuan, China
(30.34115, 102.80151)
Community in Indonesia where exclusive breast feeding in the first 6 months increased 300% from 2011 to 2012
Moluccas, Indonesia
(-3.39005, 126.79321)
Deir ez-Zur, Syria
The Main Street, Deir ez-Zur, Syria
(35.33412, 40.14936)
1, Ethiopia
(9.23225, 39.15527)
Filingue, Niger
N25, Filingue, Niger
(14.35055, 3.32851)
(31.42780, 34.38390)
Alta Verapaz, Guatemala
(15.76720, -90.69987)
Route de Collin, Haiti
(18.48008, -72.47198)
Helmand Province, Afghanistan
Kandahar - Herat Hwy, Afghanistan
(31.94346, 64.41729)
Horn of Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia
North Eastern, Kenya
(3.59956, 41.44379)
Ar Rutba, Iraq
(32.64006, 43.42122)
Jakarta, Indonesia
Jalan Permata Intan 3, Jakarta Capital Region 12220, Indonesia
(-6.22520, 106.78200)
Japan, Fukushima Prefecture 346
(37.28934, 139.74707)
Mafraq, Jordan
(31.93931, 37.63917)
Julita, Philippines
Dulag-Julita Road, Julita, Philippines
(10.97995, 124.96365)
Isiolo District, Kenya
(1.20682, 38.96088)
Kesennuma, Japan
Japan, Miyagi Prefecture Kesennuma
(38.90599, 141.57126)
Kinatarcan Island, Philippines
Lamintak-Medellin-Kawit-Daan Bantayan Rd, Medellin, Philippines
(11.30326, 123.89402)
Kinatarkan Island, Philippines
Lamintak-Medellin-Kawit-Daan Bantayan Rd, Medellin, Philippines
(11.30495, 123.89024)
Al Jufrah, Libya
(28.23310, 17.71173)
Location of Mercy Corps' Moving Forward Program for Syrian Refugee Children at Beitokom Community Center in Baalbeck, Lebanon
Baalbek, Lebanon
(34.00443, 36.21120)
Location of one of Mercy Corps programs in China
93 Jianxin Road, Yucheng, Ya'an, Sichuan, China, 625000
(29.97980, 103.01159)
M'Poko IDP Camp
Unnamed Road, Bangui, Central African Republic
(4.37407, 18.51969)
Tombouctou, Mali
(18.28809, -2.80924)
Mercy Corps has programs throughout Pakistan
Sui Rd, Pakistan
(29.29271, 69.30117)
Mercy Corps is working in Port-au-Prince and the Central Plateau of Haiti
102, Haiti
(18.39879, -72.04352)
Mercy Corps is working in Port-au-Prince and the Central Plateau of Haiti providing micro insurance to micro loan recipients
Haiti 1, Haiti
(18.89589, -72.60864)
Mercy Corps is working in Tugu Utara, North Jakarta, Indonesia
Jalan Tugu Raya, Jakarta Capital Region 14260, Indonesia
(-6.12910, 106.91782)
Mercy Corps is working in the Tohoku Region of Japan
Japan, Aomori Prefecture, Kamikita District, Shichinohe, Nakamura,
(40.66124, 141.13704)
Mercy Corps working in both Mali and Niger to provide long term solutions to the hunger crisis
Menaka, Mali
(16.63619, 4.04297)
Mercy Corps works in Haiti
112, Haiti
(19.10412, -72.46649)
Mercy Corps works in both Mali and Niger to provide resilient options to fight hunger
Tchin-Tabaraden, Niger
(16.97001, 4.28040)
Mercy Corps works throughout the Horn of Africa
Mandera, Kenya
(3.61219, 41.41269)
Mercy Corps' base of operations in the Philippines.
C. Rosal Street, Cebu City, Philippines
(10.32005, 123.89969)
Mercy Corps, Assam, India
Kadamoni Rampur Dumdumia Rd, Assam, India
(26.48612, 92.54207)
Mercy Corps, Haiti
(18.54122, -72.36182)
Mercy Corps, Jakarta, Indonesia
Jalan Kramat Pulo Dalam 2, Jakarta Capital Region 10330, Indonesia
(-6.18697, 106.84792)
Minamisanriku, Japan
Japan, Miyagi Prefecture, Motoyoshi District, Minamisanriku, Shizugawa, Numada
(38.68700, 141.46420)
Mogadishu, Somalia
(1.73111, 45.14493)
More than 3000 families are displaced and currently living in 5 large tents. Mercy Corps is responding with tarps, jerry cans and other needed supplies.
Jalan Surya Mandala 1, Jakarta 11520, Indonesia
(-6.17632, 106.76315)
Near Nana's village
N30, Niger
(13.73563, 7.13287)
Gamgadi Sadak, Shreenagar 21100, Nepal
(29.45873, 82.08984)
New area where Mercy Corps is working with partners to find funding sources for small businesses
Japan, 975-0007 Fukushima Prefecture, Minamisoma 62
(37.63816, 140.95734)
Tchirozerine, Niger
(16.64187, 8.21350)
Ofunato, Japan
Japan, Iwate Prefecture Ofunato
(39.07977, 141.70990)
On remote islands like Kinatarcan, north of Cebu, we're working on ways to improve water access and sanitation for families who have traditionally relied only on wells and rainwater catchments.
Bogo-Curva-Medellin-Daanbantayan-Maya Road, Medellin, Philippines
(11.32514, 123.89488)
One of Mercy Corps field locations
Kenyatta Hwy, Kenya
(-.13565, 37.61766)
One of the communities where Mercy Corps works assisting small business owners employ the local community
Japan, Iwate Prefecture, Ofunato, Sakaricho, Shimotateshita
(39.07956, 141.71196)
Ouallam, Niger
N24, Ouallam, Niger
(14.31832, 2.09001)
Tamboo Tehsil, Pakistan
(28.73635, 67.93945)
Palo, Philippines
Palo Road, Palo, Philippines
(11.12880, 124.98871)
Picota, Peru
(-7.11943, -76.15773)
N7, Democratic Republic of the Congo
(-3.21456, 23.64258)
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Rue Capois, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
(18.53732, -72.33572)
Portland, Oregon
1-49 SW Naito Pkwy, Portland, OR 97204, USA
(45.52266, -122.67046)
Primary location of Mercy Corps' women business competition to receive grants and training
Route de Kenscoff, Haiti
(18.50128, -72.32849)
Region Mercy Corps is focusing its economic recovery focus
Japan, Iwate Prefecture, Ofunato, Akasakicho, Nochinoiri
(39.08153, 141.77780)
Relief for flood-displaced families in Pakistan
Canal Rd, Pakistan
(34.37064, 72.13623)
Rikuzentakata, Japan
Japan, Iwate Prefecture Rikuzentakata
(39.02048, 141.63277)
Sindh Province, Pakistan
Shadi Shaheed Rd, Khairpur, Pakistan
(27.51362, 68.78838)
Bulo-Burte, Somalia
(3.84075, 45.42084)
South Sudan
Terkaka, South Sudan
(5.72613, 31.11654)
St Marc, Haiti
1, Saint-Marc, Haiti
(19.08752, -72.69051)
Deir ez-Zor District, Syria
(35.19310, 39.15609)
Syria - Jordan
M20, Syria
(34.90958, 38.79272)
Tatie's Home, a bakery in Port-au-Prince, Haiti being helped by Mercy Corps
208, Haiti
(18.53426, -72.32916)
The Philippines
Toledo-Pinamungahan-Aloguinsan-Mantalongon Road, Pinamungahan, Cebu, Philippines
(10.27979, 123.57422)
Tillaberi Region
N1, Niger
(14.23158, 1.44451)
Tohoku Region, Japan
Japan, Iwate Prefecture, Hanamaki 12
(39.44189, 140.92830)
Tohoku region
Japan, Saitama Prefecture, Niiza, Tohoku,
(35.82098, 139.57159)
Typhoon Haiyan Devistation
I. Borja Street, Pasig City, Philippines
(14.61785, 121.08032)
Wajir County, Somalia
Isiolo - Mandera Rd, Wajir, Kenya
(1.72312, 40.07815)
West Bank - Gaza
(31.52382, 34.45587)
Where Mercy Corps distributed 1,600 coats in Baalbeck, Lebanon
Slouqi, Lebanon
(33.96041, 35.95845)
Within days, our emergency response team was delivering water and food packages and essentials like blankets, hygiene kits and cooking utensils to families on Leyte.
Lemon-Leyte-Biliran Road, Leyte, Philippines
(11.35995, 124.48334)
Ya'an, Sichuan, China
S210, Lushan, Ya'an, Sichuan, China
(30.21339, 102.72217)
Ma'rib, Yemen
(15.35789, 45.81375)
Za'atari Refugee Camp, Jordan
10, Jordan
(32.37068, 36.22192)
Zaatari Refugee Camp, Jordan
10, Jordan
(32.27060, 36.44165)

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