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The mission of Develop Africa is to facilitate and establish meaningful and sustainable development in Africa through capacity building, empowerment and transformational education. Develop Africa was birthed out of the vision that human resource development is the key to improving nation-building capacity in Africa. Our focus is on impacting and changing lives.
Apr 4, 2014

Mentee Gives Back to Girls at FAWE School

Juliana in group photo with girls at FAWE lab
Juliana in group photo with girls at FAWE lab

Juliana Thambie Sesay, Develop Africa’s Leadership mentee and the Coordinator of the Girls Leadership Mentoring program in Freetown, Sierra Leone paid a visit to Develop Africa / FAWE  computer lab in Freetown. She had an opportunity to meet the girls and share a word of motivation with them.

On Juliana arrival at the FAWE School, Juliana was first taken to the Principal's office to be introduced. Mrs. Jojo, the Principal, made a brief welcome statement and offered her thanks and appreciation to Develop Africa for the smooth running of the computer lab and tutoring program. She expressed how grateful she was to Develop Africa for its computer lab and tutoring operations at her school, noting that computer lab is a rare facility in government schools.

Juliana visited a classroom of Class Six pupils. After a brief introduction, the children gave her a warm welcome. She then encouraged them to continue to excel with their computer tutoring lessons.  Juliana encouraged the girls to make the most of this opportunity, challenging them and telling them that they never know what some of them might become through the tutoring skills they have acquired, if they put what they have learnt into good use.

Juliana visited the lab and observed that some of the children had already been tutored on certain math and basic language skills and were making progress.  Juliana conducted a tour of the class and observed the students involved in the tutoring program.  She proceeded to the back of the class and some of the girls moved to the front of the class to demonstrate what they have learnt. She then did her rounds and visited each of the girls engaged in the computer tutoring program to see whether they are in line with what their friends and other students were doing. At the end of the class/ tutoring session, group photos were taken with the children and they bade her farewell.

Here’s an excerpt of what Juliana’s reflection on a Social Media Network site about her visit to the Develop Africa/FAWE lab as a leadership mentee and Coordinator of the program.

Visit to the Develop Africa computer lab at FAWE. – “This visit took me back to memory lane. I remembered way back in primary school when we use to have visitors in our school, we look at them with so much respect and admiration and some of us were determined to be like them. When I see the look in these children’s' eyes I realized I have so much to thank God for. I may not be rich, may not be where I wanna be in life but yeah I have made progress. Thank you Aunty Jasmine for this opportunity.”

We are so grateful to YOU our donors and supporters for your on-going support that make it possible for us to provide this on-going training. 

Thanks so much for all you do!

In just over a month, YOU have the opportunity to have your donation matched at 30% on Wednesday, May 7th.

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Please add this to your calendar and JOIN US raising a new generation of leaders!


smiling girls and Juliana
smiling girls and Juliana
Mar 26, 2014

Your Help Has Made a LOT of Difference!

Joshua - at Door of Hope
Joshua - at Door of Hope

We are delighted to share with you a special appreciation video clip from Joshua - The Director of Door of Hope. Joshua is a key member of our team in Sierra leone.

In the video he says to YOU, GlobalGiving donors - that your help has made a LOT of difference in the lives of the kids.  He goes on to explain that through the support that we have provided (in the form of books, school and teaching supplies, compensation for the After School Program Instructors), has helped the children become successful in school. In the past year all of the children who attended the lessons were successful and were promoted to the next class or form.  

This is worth celebrating and we appreciate you so much for helping to make this possible!  We could not have done this without YOUR support.

We are together truly helping the kids become successful.  We are helping to educate the next generation of leaders.  

Thanks so much for your support that has made a HUGE difference!

Watch the 90 seconds video now.


Mar 26, 2014

Thanks to YOUR Support - School Fees and a New Uniform for Fatmatta

Fatmatta and her mother -scholarship recipient
Fatmatta and her mother -scholarship recipient
According to the UN, 31 million girls of primary school age are not enrolled in school.  The included UN infographic vividly presents this stark reality and, at the same time, warmly encourages us to invest in the education of girls. 

This is the core of what we are doing together through this unique and special project - focusing on the education of girls. What we are doing is truly amazing - as we ensure that the obstacles to on-going enrollment are removed.  

Fatmatta and her mother (pictured) were facing a dire situation where her mother was not able to cover the cost of school fees and new uniforms. The situation was such that Fatmatta was about to drop out of school.  

Thanks to our timely intervention, Fatmatta's mother was able to pay her fees the next day.  The funds we provided also covered the cost of an additional uniform - to keep her neatly dressed as she goes to school.

Fatmatta and her mother were deeply touched by the support that you provided and they expressed their deep appreciation and gratitude.  

As you may know, March 8th was International Women's day. Each year, on this global day, we celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. We celebrate women's success and are reminded of inequities that need to be redressed. 

Through this project, you are helping to address the education inequities for womenYour support is furthering the education of girls like Fatmatta and preparing them for a great future.  Thanks to your support she is able to continue her schooling.  

You can see a visual of the impact that we are together making in the included UNICEF infographic.  As the graphic illustrates, the impact of educating girls is far-reaching!  

YOU can help us continue to prepare these budding women by making a donation today.  Your donation of $35 today will provide a pair of uniforms and a set of shoes.  Please help us bring a smile to a girl child today.  Thanks so much for your support!

Fatmatta and mother
Fatmatta and mother
invest in girls
invest in girls

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