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The mission of Develop Africa is to facilitate and establish meaningful and sustainable development in Africa through capacity building, empowerment and transformational education. Develop Africa was birthed out of the vision that human resource development is the key to improving nation-building capacity in Africa. Our focus is on impacting and changing lives.
Jul 19, 2016

Our Ladies are Now Computer Literate & More Ladies Benefit From Training in A Larger Computer Lab

Young ladies in new computer lab
Young ladies in new computer lab

Dear Project Partners,

The yearly lease for the premises where the Creating Pathways Centre is located came up for renewal in May.  In April we moved into new office space - at a lower annual cost and with a larger room for the computer training. An additional 6 ladies (new total of 22) can now benefit from computer training in the same room.  

The overall goal of the Centre is to provide opportunities for children, youths and adults that will result in them discovering new pathways that lead to success and fulfillment. Your support is making this possible. These young moms would otherwise be destined to a life of poverty not only for themselves but their children also. Your support is giving them a better chance for them and their children.

Consistent access to computer technology, training and computers is the game changer that will help them leap frog to the future.  Thanks to your support, the ladies are progressing steadily and learning more and more each week. Together we have made possible - what is not available in the school system. We have together provided computer training for over 6 months.  

We can boast that all of our ladies are now computer literate.  Most of them know how to make flyers, souvenirs, birthday cards etc.  They are conversant with spreadsheets and can calculations and much more.  They also take periodic assessments / tests to ensure that they are absorbing what they are being taught.

We are overjoyed with what we have accomplished so far and look forward to doing much more with your on-going support

Love photos?  You can see a large number of photos of the ladies here.

Thank you again for your support!  Together we are changing lives, nations and destinies!

With great appreciation
The Develop Africa Team

Young ladies in class
Young ladies in class


Jul 11, 2016

Moving Toward a Better Future

Dear Project Supporters,

Schools are now closed for the academic year and will reopen in September.  

With 84% of the population living under the international poverty line, our support is needed more than ever.  About 1.5 million children are enrolled in primary school in Liberia, but the government said only 20 percent of the children complete 12th grade. Years of civil war have also taken their toll on the nation’s education system. In 2013, nearly 25,000 students failed the University of Liberia entrance exams.

The Liberian government acknowledges that the education system needs help and change.  The government recently entered into a public-private partnership education plan. The pilot project will start with about 50 schools. 

The school that this project is working with is not one of the pilot schools. 
We are making a difference, every dollar is improving a life in Liberia.  We have shipped some much needed school supplies to Liberia and are working on getting desks, chairs and more school supplies shipped out soon.

Your support is greatly appreciated by the many children and families in need in Liberia.

Together, one dollar at a time, we are changing lives, Nations and Destinies!

Thank you for your support!

With Great Appreciation,

The Develop Africa Team


Jun 29, 2016

Kadiatu Thriving in her Education


Dear project partners.

Educating girls is crucial as this impacts the family and the entire nation. 

  • UNICEF believes it's simply the case that when you have healthy, well educated and emancipated women, these women in turn rear healthy, well educated and emancipated children.  

  • "To educate girls is to reduce poverty," says Kofi Annan.

  • According to UNESCO, “education and poverty eradication are inextricably bound”.

That is why we are so very appreciative of the joint opportunity that we have to educate girls in Sierra Leone.  Our support is ensuring that they do not drop out of school.  We are providing an educational lifeline and helping them to pursue their dreams.  

In a previous report, we shared a letter from Kadiatu.  In this report, we share a video of her - where you can see her and hear her.  Kadiatu is very thankful for the continued support she has received - as she is finishing senior secondary school and has taken the BECE exam. 

Kadiatu tells us a little more in her video about her accomplishments, her challenges and her goals. She mentions specific areas of support - including transportation to school, text books and teacher notes/ handouts.

Your support is a big part of why Kadiatu is going to complete her education and she is truly thankful.  We are so thankful for the opportunity to make a difference in her life!

With great appreciation,

The Develop Africa Team



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