Aug 18, 2011

Leadership Initiatives-The Next Generation is Here

How the Leadership Initiatives Process Works
How the Leadership Initiatives Process Works

Leadership Initiatives – The Next Generation is Here!

With the launch of the 2011 Poultry Farm program, it’s official -  the next generation of  leaders have stepped forward to establish  a poultry farm -  thanks to the inspiration, leadership, and financial investment of those who first completed the Leadership Initiative program and launched successful businesses. 

Please look at the attachments below to the chicken farm program thriving and egg production underway, providing a vehicle for subsistence farmers to produce a valued product for the entire community while affording their families with opportunities for education and medical care.

Equally exciting  -  the leaders of this new enterprise are mostly family members of previous Leadership Initiatives programs!  These “next generation” leaders have been inspired by the positive impact of the fish farming program and  by their  leaders, members of their families, who made it happen.  The fish farming program has helped alleviate malnutrition and provided seed capital for new projects such as the poultry farms.  

Ultimately, the vision of Leadership Initiatives is to enable an ever-expanding base of leadership and economic investment that builds from within the community.   In the case of the poultry farmers, it’s exhilarating to see how this model of sustainable growth is working.

Leadership Initiatives businesses are creating new businesses and giving one another work, they are building a new core of leadership in Bauchi, and are a testament to what Leadership Initiatives and the leaders of the community can achieve.

While the resources for the fish farming program came from Leadership Initiatives,  we are excited to see that our next generation of new businesses and new leaders are supported by resources largely from the first generation of leaders who were trained and empowered by Leadership Initiatives. The dream is now a reality!

Please visit our website at to read more about our programs.  We look forward to hearing from you!  If you would like to speak directly to our program directors and business owners, please send us an email at and we can set up an opportunity to connect! 

Poultry Farm Feeding
Poultry Farm Feeding
New Chicken Coups at the farm
New Chicken Coups at the farm
Chickens Feeding
Chickens Feeding

Aug 6, 2011

GlobalGiving Visit to Bauchi

One of LI
One of LI's first success stories!

Last week I visited the Leadership Initiatives team in Bauchi.  Marshall Bailly, the organization's founder, has assembled an amazing team of local leaders who have a knack for bringing folks together to start up small businesses.  From disabled men starting Internet cafes, to subsistence farmers starting to raise catfish, to tailors, to welders, the LI team finds community leaders and helps them start business.  

LI provides training and in some cases a piece of equipment, but the model relies on community investment in the new enterprise.  They seek local people to take a financial stake in the new business, and they keep scrupulous records of each investor's return.  In this way, business are much more likely to succeed and grow.  They work very closely with other organizations in the community to find and train key people.

While I was there, I had the honor of tagging along with Marshall and Khalifa's audience with the Emir of Bauchi, who wanted to thank Marshall and Khalifa (the program director) for their work in the community.  Marshall will soon receive a title, which is a really, really big deal in Nigeria. I'm not exactly sure what title it will be, but it might be "Protector of Bauchi."

I also owe special thanks to Khalifa, who helped me with a variety of logistics in Nigeria.  Without his assistance, my two-week trip would have been a lot less smooth.

The photo below is of one of LI's first leaders in Bauchi.  He had the vision to create a fish farm in his compound.  It's the large concrete structure in the background.  The community agreed and invested, and now all of his many children are in school.  He diversified, and now he owns and operates a BBQ stand as well.  The farm was so successful that the community invested in a much larger farm.  By the way, many of the kids in the photo are orphans, also helped by the proceeds of the farm and the BBQ.  This man is a hero in the community.

May 17, 2011

Astonishing Program Achievements and Updates

Thanks to your support of Leadership Initiatives is spreading new opportunities of INDEPENDENCE and SELF-RELIANCE throughout Nigeria.  As each LI sponsored beneficiary completes training and launches a business, the positive impact ripples through surrounding families and communities, providing new educational opportunities, increased income, and most importantly, a tangible example of INDEPENDENCE and SELF-RELIANCE for the entire community.  Your support is what enables LI to continue to sustain this incredible process of economic and personal empowerment.

With your help, Leadership Initiatives has made it possible for Ibrahim Maikasuwa to:

  • Identify a community need—for affordable welding services
  • Complete an apprenticeship and launch a new welding business in Yelwan, Bauchi
  • Develop an advertising program and new fencing technology to grow that business
  • Hire and train 3 new welders to meet growing demand for his services
  • Use business profits to educate 5 family members (siblings, and cousins)
  • Support others by providing welding training
  • Donate money and fundraising efforts on behalf of other Leadership Initiatives

We need two minutes of your time to help Leadership Initiatives attract matching funds and grants from charitable foundations. The strength of Leadership Initiatives’ grass root support is measured by our growing database of committed supporters such as yourself.   Please take a minute to update your contact information here and rest assured it will not be shared.
Most importantly, we want to thank you again for your support of Leadership Initiatives—a thank you that comes from those in Nigeria who are now self-employed, from their families, and from their communities.  In a world where it can seem hard to make a real difference, your support already has!
As always, we welcome your comments and questions.  Please feel free to contact or simply respond to this e-mail.
With great appreciation,
Marshall Bailly and Khalifa Lawan
Executive Director and Field Programs Manager

Business-by-Business Updates 

BAI (Fish Farming)

Fish Farming Programs have all had record profits due to the creation of completely plastic fish tanks, new farming practices and better shipping services to sell the fish at market.

 Fish farming programs plan to expand into other states and to invest their newly created capital in business ventures such as Cattle and Poultry farms to be created by LI students.

 BCLI (DP) (Computer literacy and job creation)

Programs continue to grow.  New customers continue to come to the handicapped-run internet cafes.  New computer education classes for local community members, new teaching programs and expanded job vocational training services for the disabled have been introduced.

 Skills Acquisition

The Welding program will be hiring three new employees and has recorded record profits. Business owners and employees have donated to every LI fundraiser from Global Giving.

Mechanic Program plans to open in new locations focused on motorbike repairs and training new employees to fix those vehicles.

Tailoring beneficiaries are improving their skills and expanding their business to include business suit and dress tailoring services. Two separate tailoring shops will add three and two new employees in June respectively. 

 All the tools for Skills Acquisition are being maintained properly by the beneficiaries and  none have been reported missing, sold or broken. The beneficiaries are working diligently to ensure that all the equipment is intact and appropriately maintained.

2011 New business ventures

Shoe cobbler shops-site for new shop has been located business expected to open June 16th

Electrician shops-site for new shop is still being negotiated.

Cattle farms-sites have been located and acquisition of cattle is now in progress.

Poultry farms- sites have been chosen and the creation of poultry housing is now in progress.

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