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Mar 3, 2017

New Business Owners and US Students Changing Lives

Dear Dedicated LI Donor,Meet Sara Albert (the Project Leader), McNulty Olivia (college Assistance Chair), Toner Bryon (Special Projects Chair), Emma (Media Chair), Sean (Fundraising), and Cardone Gianna (Nigeria Partnership) these are group of dedicated students  from Frank W. Cox High School located in Virginia Beach VA. Sara and her team are one of our IBAP students. The team is partnered with Abdullahi Salisu (AKA

Meet Sara Albert (the Project Leader), McNulty Olivia (college Assistance Chair), Toner Bryon (Special Projects Chair), Emma (Media Chair), Sean (Fundraising), and Cardone Gianna (Nigeria Partnership) these are group of dedicated students  from Frank W. Cox High School located in Virginia Beach VA. Sara and her team are one of our IBAP students. The team is partnered with Abdullahi Salisu (AKA

Meet Sara Albert (the Project Leader), McNulty Olivia (college Assistance Chair), Toner Bryon (Special Projects Chair), Emma (Media Chair), Sean (Fundraising), and Gianna (Nigeria Partnership) this is a group of dedicated students from Frank W. Cox High School located in Virginia Beach VA. Sara and her team are one of our IBAP students. The team is partnered with Danliti's Cobbling Business.

Danliti is located at Wunti Market, Bauchi Town - Bauchi state and have the ambition to grow a business that will be strong enough to meet the high demand in his community and in turn empower others to learn the art of cobbling skills as well as increase his income/profit. Before 

Before Danliti met with LI, he ran his business as best he could, though with little profit and minimal impact. After his encounter with LI, his business became more opportunities to the youth and the members of the community. Today Danliti is known for not only the service he provides; but also the impact he has made and is making in his community. Danliti is the last child of his parents, he is married with two wives and three children, all attending school.

Sara and her team started with re-designing the face of his business by forming a business slogan for him. Currently, the team is working on another solution that will assist in expand Danliti’s market  through advertising by using posters. Another area they have in their proposed plan is to create a better financial management techniques and book keeping methods.

The support provided by the Frank W. Cox High School IBAP team to Danliti’s business is like “water to a drying plant” (right timing). It is always heart touching when you see some promising young leaders taking their position to reach out from one side of the planet called Virginia Beach VA, USA to another called Wunti Market Bauchi, Bauchi State - Nigeria just to make an impact on Danliti’s life and his family as a whole.

Once again everyone at Leadership Initiative's cannot thank you enough for your continued support of our programs and our dedication to creating a brigther tomorrow both in Nigeria and the United States.

You have our eternal gratitude,

The Leadership Initiatives Entire Family 

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Mar 3, 2017

Young Innovators Fostering Change

Ridgefield International Business Alliance Team
Ridgefield International Business Alliance Team

Dear Valued Leadership Initiatives donor,

I would like the take a moment to introduce myself and my International Business Alliance Team.  My name is Meredith and I am the Team Lead for the Ridgefield High School chapter.  Along with my teammates, John, Caroline and Kasey, Leadership Initiatives has given me the chance to help change the world.

Our business partner Maria is the owner of the Unique Beauty Salon in Bauchi Nigeria.  She opened her Salon in 2004, but quickly realized that while she knew how to style and braid hair, she lacked the technical skills necessary to run a business.  She applied to Leadership Initiatives’ Business Creation Program where she took classes that gave her the skills to strengthen and expand the salon.  In 2016 Maria began working with our team to help continue growing her business.  Prior to our involvement Maria’s advertising was solely based on word of mouth.  We are currently working on creating a comprehensive marketing strategy to draw more people to Maria’s salon.

Our team reached out to the business department at Ridgefield High School.  We partnered with an upper level Marketing class and presented information about Maria’s business.  Leveraging their suggestions, we worked to create a new logo, facebook page, flyers, and business cards for the Unique Beauty Salon.  Soon to be implemented, the new marketing strategy will help increase her clientele.

One of the most fulfilling aspects about working with Leadership Initiatives is being able to see the tangible impact I am making on someone’s life.  Maria’s salon helps send her children, and the children of her employees to school.  It helps them buy food, clothes, and other necessities.  I am confident that starting with the improvement of Maria’s salon in Bauchi Nigeria, her community, country, and continent will feel the positive impact her own gains will bring. The entire world can be changed by the ripple effect of progress.

This progress and partnership has been made possible by your donation and much of our success is owed to your support.  Thank you for your generosity! 

Best regards,

Meredith Karle

Ridgefield Team Lead and New Business Programs Coordinator

Maria's New Logo
Dec 6, 2016

Innovative Solutions to Business Challenges

Dear Amazing Leadership Initiatives and Respective Donors,

Because of your generous donation, students in Leadership Initiative's International Business Alliance Program (IBAP) are able to work with Nigerian Business Leaders to help solve real world problems. While furthering these student’s knowledge of business, the International Business Alliance Program helps to solve local developmental problems that Nigerian Business leaders encounter.

Oftentimes, Leadership Initiatives business leaders run into problems that they are unsure of how to deal with while trying to grow and develop their businesses. Very often, they lack the knowledge to come up with an innovative solution to solve the problem. This is where our IBAP students come into play. They decipher an innovative solution for the business leader, while attaining skills they could not obtain elsewhere. 

IBAP students will come away with problem-solving and critical thinking skills, as well as setting themselves apart during the college application process. While gaining these tools, they also help Nigerian business leaders to surpass their problems and continue to grow their businesses. 

Students are selected to become a part of the IBAP through the envision summer program, Global Young Innovators Initiative. In this program, up to twenty teams participate and the top five are offered the opportunity to become IBAP students. If they choose to accept, they enter into a two-year partnership with Leadership Initiatives, changing the world by continuing to assist Nigerian business leaders with real world problems that they encounter.

Currently, IBAP teams have been assisting businesses in making catalogs, logos, and business cards to advertise their product. In order to do so, IBAP students have refined their skills in Photoshop to produce aesthetically pleasing images for these companies. Previously, business owners in Nigeria did not have the ability to create advertisement tools. Our goal is to innovate business in developing worlds so that our businesses have a leg up on their competition.  

Along with a chance to change the world, they will also have access to the Leadership Initiatives mentorship program, SAT/ACT training from our partners at TestRocker, and letters of recommendation from their business partners and our dedicated board and staff members.

This beneficial relationship is only possible because of your generosity. It allows Leadership Initiatives to continue our efforts and develop independent profit-generating businesses that serve as models for growth in surrounding communities.

Director of Operations, Marshall Bailly states,

"Project beneficiaries fill voids in the local economy while improving their families' health, education and financial stability. Previous leaders have sent their brothers, sisters and children to school, helped invest in new businesses within the community, offered new services to community members such as the disabled, establishing infrastructure for the future growth of Nigeria.

Leadership Initiatives will be regularly providing updates and insight into these projects as the month's progress through Global Giving’s reporting program. Of course, at any time you can request a project update to learn up to date info on how this project is progressing.

As a supporter of "IBAP", Leadership Initiatives would love to have you involved if you ever want to help grow our programs, learn of ways you can participate or have new ideas on how to develop our programs please contact me at Your hard work and intelligence is the greatest gift we could receive as we attempt to create a better world. 

Thank you once again from the bottom of everyone's heart here at Leadership Initiatives. If you would ever like to speak to our staff on the ground, a project leader, one of our Business Alliance student participants, we would love to set up a Skype chat for you, so you can personally see the change you are creating."

Wishing you the best!


Austin Kunde

Assistant Director of Special Projects 

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