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Aug 12, 2020

Connecting students and entrepreneurs for success

Dear Amazing Leadership Initiatives Donors,

We are going strong through 2020, and our reach keeps expanding rapidly all thanks to all of our supporters. Due to this tremendous support, we have more IIP teams and business partners than ever before. We couldn't have done it without your kindness.

This past summer, students at Leadership Initiative's International Leadership and Business Tier I and Tier II Summits were offered the chance to apply to form IIP teams of their own. These students were granted this opportunity after their success working with various partners in Nigeria, including an auto-body repair shop, orphan care centers, tailoring businesses, farmers, and carpentry. During this experience, students also received guidance from experts, such as business CEOs, mentors from the State Department, and members of the Nigerian Embassy. Even with our programs being over zoom due to COVID-19, our students' hard work allowed for businesses in Nigeria to receive the support they need. Because of their amazing proposals, we also were able to start several new businesses from scratch. 

Now, many students from these summer programs have joined LI through the International Internship Program (IIP), and they have become a part of a similar, year-long commitment to their business partners. With such a spectacular increase in IIP teams this academic year, we are especially appreciative of any donations. To all of the donors that have allowed us to reach this success: we cannot thank you enough!

We thank you again to our donors and supporters because you truly make a big difference in our reach. By supporting us, you are supporting communities in sub-Saharan Africa that are grateful for your contribution. Your generosity has helped us create more job opportunities for both adult business owners and orphans. Change can happen anywhere at any time -- and by helping us, you are impacting lives across the globe. Thank you again for all that you do!


The Leadership Initiatives Team

Jul 20, 2020

Supporting a Small Business in Bauchi

Dear Amazing Leadership Initiatives and Respective Donors,


Your donations will empower individuals and communities across Bauchi State, Nigeria, giving them the opportunity to form connections and address local issues using community resources. This will create a generation of leaders given the platform to encourage progress that starts at the local level but impacts many more. Contributions from donors give promising individuals access to entrepreneurial, leadership and project management training. These leaders then identify developmental obstacles within their communities, design practical solutions, and create sustainable business models to overcome those obstacles.


Our students create novel solutions firmly grounded in principles of social entrepreneurship. We have previously created in Bauchi, Nigeria businesses in: fish farming, welding, motorcycle repair, and computer education with job placement. Currently, this project will help Ibrahim with his furniture business.


Enloe High School has partnered with this institution and hopes to provide its staff with solutions that will help him expand his business by increasing profits and employment of community members.Your encouragement of Enloe High School and their project will truly help change lives across the globe, as this business intends to be a model of public service and a center of change.


As a supporter of Enloe High School's project, Leadership Initiatives would love to have you involved if you ever want to help grow our programs, learn of ways you can participate, or have new ideas on how this team could best help their business partner. Please contact Executive Director Marshall Bailly at if you have any suggestions, questions, or comments! Your hard work and support is the greatest gift we could receive as we attempt to create a better world.


Thank you once again from the bottom of everyone's heart here at Leadership Initiatives. If you would ever like to speak to our staff in Nigeria or this specific project leader, we would love to communicate with you so you can personally see the change you are creating.


Wishing you, your family and your friends the absolute best!



Leadership Initiatives

Jul 20, 2020

Supporting Entrepreneurship in Bauchi

Dear Amazing Leadership Initiatives Donors,


We are fresh into 2020, and our reach keeps expanding rapidly thanks to those who support us. Due to this tremendous support, we have more (over 100!) IBIP teams and business partners than ever before. We could not have done it without your kindness.


Therefore, I would like to share a student's story of her experience with her business partner and how your contributions made this interaction possible:


"My journey at Leadership Initiatives began [three] years ago when I attended the Global Young Innovators summer program at Emory University. There, we were presented with a business from Nigeria which we would help during the entire week and ultimately give a presentation of our solutions. Because of my great work here, I was able to start an IBIP team of my own. For the past year and a half, my team has been working with Ms. Deborah and Unity Restaurant, helping her improve the problems presented to us. Some of our solutions that we have been able to give to Ms. Deborah are a new logo, new business cards, new flyers, and re-designed menus. Currently, we are working on improving her delivery system."


Because this student had the opportunity to help Deborah and her restaurant, she has been able to expand, and therefore have the resources to help others in her community. All of our business leaders that we partner with are also dedicated community leaders who - if helped - will offer jobs and support to members of their community. This creates a cycle of change that continues to help generations ahead. As long as we give these people the help that they need, they will make sure to use that gift to cause change themselves.


We send thanks again to our donors and supporters because you truly make a big difference in our reach. By supporting us, you are supporting the people across the globe who are grateful for your contribution. Your generosity has helped us create more job opportunities for both community adults with businesses and orphans. Ultimately, we wish to use donations to create a platform for hopeful business owners in Nigeria. Change can happen anywhere at anytime - and by helping us, you are affecting lives halfway around the world. Thank you again for all that you do.




The Leadership Initiatives Team

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