Jan 15, 2019

Happy New Year from Leadership Initiatives!

Dear Respective Leadership Initiatives Donors and Staff,

Happy New Year! Here at Leadership Initiatives, we are hitting the ground running in 2019. The summer programs are quickly approaching, and our interns are hard at work to ensure that all will run smoothly. Due to the sessions that were added (as compared to last year), our team has been collaborating continuously with Georgetown University to make sure that all students will have a wonderful, educational experience.

Speaking of interns, one intern is particularly essential in the organization and planning of all summer programs: Zac. A student who began as an IBIP team coordinator, attended a myriad of summer session shimself, growing increasingly acclimated to the vivacity of Leadership Initiatves while also changing lives through correspondence with his Nigerian business partner. Over time, Zac found himself promoted to the position of ILBS Assistant Manager, in charge of all business summits under LI direction. Today, Zac continues to work tirelessly on both internship and team leader roles, helping LI and business partners around the world with his devoted energy.

Zac describes his introduction to LI as “life-changing”, saying that it has enabled him to meet the most “crucial people of his life”. Similarly, your donations to our foundation are transformative for Leadership Initiatves. Your belief in our mission, in our effort to bring literacy training to businesses in Nigeria, is what allows us to continue improving lives and communities around the globe. Without your donations, our goals would be impossible to attain, but your magnanimity and generosity fuels our operations, inspiring us to continue our work. For this, we here at Leadership Initiatives cannot thank you enough — your support truly makes a difference!



Leadership Initiatives Staff

Jan 4, 2019

Zainab's Yogurt Business

Dear Wonderful Donor,

Your friends at LI are wishing you a happy new year! We are looking forward to your continued support throughout this year. Thanks to your past support, Leadership Initiatives was able to continue it's International Business Internship Program and continue to make a positive impact around the world. Because of your support, Zainab, a yogurt business owner, was able to expand her business, employee others and move onto higher education. This tremendously benefitted her community.

An IBIP team based in Minnesota was one of the teams working with Zainab. When they first began helping Zainab, she only had a general idea of the recipe, so the students were able to meet up at one of their houses, and test out various recipes to make sure they had the perfect one, and write it down with exact measurements so that the yogurt would be uniform in flavor and texture. This consistency is hard to come by in Nigeria, where you can order the same meal at the same restaurant just a couple days apart and get something different each time. This became a real selling point as the team came up with a name, ‘The Golden Spoon’ and a slogan, “same great taste every time.” They were then able to come up with a logo and business card that Zainab would be able to use to further expand her business.

Due to your continuous support, LI is able to give high school students the opportunity to problem solve and consider cultures beyond their own while also positively impacting the lives of those abroad. 

We are looking forward to what the rest of the year has in store!

Best wishes,

Your friends at LI 


Dec 10, 2018

Forming Bonds with Nigerian Business Partners!

Falilat's Logo + Business Name

Dear Tremendous Leadership Initiatives and Respective Donors,

Through simple (yet tremendously effective) business solutions, high schoolers across the nation have had lasting impacts on their associates in Nigeria. Although there are new IBIP students every year as a result of the International Leadership and Business Summit at Georgetown University, now ongoing for the third year in a row, some solutions have been followed for years, becoming more elaborate due to steadfast commitment.

When I joined the IBIP program in my freshman year of high school, I was first partnered with Falilat, a Nigerian soap maker who was looking to finance the education of her children and her single staffer through her start-up business. She was looking to make herself stand out in the soap-making industry, one that was highly competitive in Bauchi State, the province of Nigeria in which she conducts the majority of her business. Through working with Falilat and learning more about these struggles, my group helped her develop a business name (DMB Soap, named after the initials of her children), logo (in the form of soap bubbles), and a new form of packaging. Although I extremely enjoyed working with Falilat, her success due to these solutions meant that I was partnered with a new business, only able to sporadically follow her progress.

However, due to my internship at Leadership Initiatives, I was able to choose my business partner for my senior year, the last year in which I would be able to participate in IBIP. Looking through the list, one name stood out: Falilat. During our first Skype call, Falilat instantly recognized me, excitedly telling me all about her newfound business due to the business name and logo. She informed my group that she was still part of IBIP because she was ready to expand; Falilat wanted to differentiate herself even more by creating scented soaps, finding yet another type of packaging for professional clients, and more. I was thrilled to learn about her progress and cannot wait to see where her business success will take her.

This is why Leadership Initiatives exists — these bonds between American students and Nigerian business partners empower growth and prosperity for both parties, allowing for the spread of ideas and cultures beyond national borders. Your support of our efforts greatly aids the creation of these connections. You, just like the dozens of high schoolers who work with Nigerian businesses, are playing a direct role in changing the lives of people around the globe. Thank you for this belief in the power of communication and collaboration, and thank you for the enormous difference that you make for this program!

If you would like to learn more about stories like Falilat’s, please visit liempower.org.

Thank you,

Leadership Initiatives

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