Syrian Refugee Crisis: What’s Happening and How To Help

Syrian Refugee Crisis: What’s Happening and How To Help


Why are people fleeing Syria?

Since 2011, civil war and conflict between the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Syrian opposition forces, and ISIS, have resulted in more than 200,000 deaths and have caused more than half of the country’s population of 22 million citizens to flee their homes. The mass displacement of the Syrian people the worst humanitarian crises of our time.

How many people have been displaced?

The UN Refugee Agency estimates that more than 4 million people, half of whom are children, have fled to neighboring countries, and 7.4 million people are displaced internally within Syria. As the crisis worsens to the worst the world has seen in 20+ years, the need for refugee support is becoming more dire.

What are the challenges facing refugees?

  • In order to escape, many Syrian refugees become victims of smuggling and human trafficking. Seeking safety in neighboring countries, refugees risk their lives traveling on unsafe boats, trains, and trucks.
  • Thousands of displaced citizens are arriving each day to refugee camps in neighboring countries like Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey. As the number of people fleeing from Syria grows, refugee camps are becoming even more overcrowded and struggling to meet the needs of Syrian Refugees.
  • Two million children have been affected by the conflict in Syria, making continuing education while displaced extremely difficult. Additionally, refugee camps do not have the space to provide children safe spaces to learn and play.

How are aid organizations responding?

Vetted, high-impact GlobalGiving partners are already supporting Syrian refugees. Their efforts include:

  • Delivering food and clean water, providing shelters and household essentials to families in need.
  • Continuing to provide refugees with safe access to lifesaving medical aid, including reproductive health care.
  • Supporting children whose schooling has been disrupted by the conflict, and setting up safe spaces in refugee camps for children to learn and play.
  • Providing refugees with psychosocial support to help reduce emotional consequences of traumatic stress and store a sense of hope and normalcy. 

How you can help

  1. Donate to GlobalGiving’s Syrian Refugee Relief Fund. You can support the full range of immediate rescue and refugee support work with one donation to the Syrian Refugee Relief Fund. The Syrian Refugee Relief Fund is supporting more than a dozen vetted locally-driven nonprofit organizations committed to providing support to millions of displaced civilians and their families.
  2. Tell your friends and family. Share the Syrian Refugee Relief Fund on social media to spread the word about the millions of refugees that need support.
  3. Start a fundraiser to support refugees. You can mobilize your friends and family to donate to support Syrian Refugees by using GlobalGiving’s free peer-to-peer fundraising tool.
  4. Choose a project that speaks to you from the list below. GlobalGiving has a number of partners working on the ground to provide support in various ways, from empowering Syrian refugees by sharing their stories to ensuring access to food for families, and you can support any one of them today.


Projects supported by the Syrian Refugee Relief Fund

Relief Assistance for Syrian Refugees in Jordan
The Syrian civil war has caused an estimated 200,000 refugees to flee into neighboring states, approximately 80,700 of whom reside in refugee camps in Jordan, the largest of which is Zaatari. Nicknamed "Children's Camp", it is characterized by the large presence of under-18s, who consist 53% of its 36,000 population. It is now approaching maximum capacity and faces critical problems requiring immediate assistance if the health and dignity of residents is to be upheld (As of December 2012). project reportread updates from the field
Provide Relief for Syrian Refugees
Over 4 million Syrians have fled the civil war in their country for the relative safety of neighboring countries. The flow of refugees into camps and host communities continues to swell - far beyond initial expectations - and strain limited resources in the region. Mercy Corps is helping refugees and community members in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Greece by providing essentials like clothing and blankets, digging wells and building safe places for children to play and be kids. project reportread updates from the field
Help Provide Health Care for Syrian Refugees
Project HOPE is responding to the Syrian Refugee Crisis through the provision of medicines and medical supplies to support the health of refugees moving through Macedonia. project reportread updates from the field
Emergency Aid for Children Fleeing Syria
The Middle East Children's Alliance (MECA) will provide emergency aid for thousands of children and women fleeing the terrible violence in Syria. Dozens of children arrive each day to already overcrowded and impoverished Palestinian Refugee Camps or informal encampments in Lebanon. Most arrive with no belongings. Some are accompanied by their mothers or elderly relatives; others arrive alone or with other children. They need everything from soap to blankets to medicine. project reportread updates from the field
Social Health Care for Healing Syrian Refugees
In any war or conflict, it is the children who are the most vulnerable and devastated. Children are the largest and fastest growing number of victims in the Syrian conflict, and women are the 2nd. We are working to heal a whole generation of Syrian children from the deep and life draining trauma of violence and rebuild devastated families. Our Social Health Care Program conducts disaster health care field clinics and trains a growing pool of local therapists in emergency trauma recovery skills. project reportread updates from the field
Coexistence Project for Children
This project is based on the concept of improving life standards of children that come with their families to Istanbul for reasons like conflict in different places of Anatolia and war in Syria. Children belong to different ethnic identities and culture life is based on violence, discrimination, mistrust and victimhood. Activities that will be held with children can be summarized as; therapies for opting to live together, handling violence, confidence development, personal therapy sessions. project reportread updates from the field
Relief for 1500 displaced families - Northern Iraq
Across Iraq around ten million people need some form of humanitarian assistance. There are now around 1,146,000 Internally Displaced People (IDP) in the north (Kurdish region) of Iraq where our partner Operation Mercy is working. The majority of these people have been displaced since the ISIS (IS) surge out of the Anbar Province in 2014 and the continuing conflict in the region. These communities continue to have an urgent need for food and hygiene supplies. project reportread updates from the field
Give food vouchers to 250 Syrian refugee families
Focus of DKH in the countries of Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey is the supply of refugee families, especially outside the camps, and support for host families and communities. Especially now, as winter sets in, people urgently need accommodation, clothing, blankets, stoves, and coal and food. project reportread updates from the field
Provide Education for Refugee Children in Lebanon
Insan Association will provide Access to Education at Insan School, as well as Psycho-Social support for the most marginalized children in Lebanon. Children of refugees from Iraq and Syria, children of migrants, as well as vulnerable Lebanese children, have no access to schooling due to poverty and discrimination. Accordingly, Insan aims to help these children to fully live out their childhoods, and continue to play, learn, discover, and laugh, despite the hardships they face project reportread updates from the field
Save mothers and children in the Mediterranean Sea
Since 2013 the Foundation's medical teams have worked on board of the Italian Navy's ships to save and rescue migrants adrift in the Sicily Channel, providing first aid to 70,000 people and focusing on mother and child emergency healthcare: to date the Foundation's pediatricians, gynecologists and midwives assisted 10,000 women, 9,000 children, 500 pregnant women, several of them during labor and delivery. An estimated 2,000 women and 1,500 children will need help in the next months. project reportread updates from the field
Responding to the Refugee Crisis in Europe
International Medical Corps is working to respond to the significant amount of need created by the current refugee crisis in Europe. UNHCR estimates that more than 1,000,000 refugees from Syria-as well as from other conflict-ridden places such as Iraq and Afghanistan-traversed the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe in 2015. Since January 1, 2016, more than 300,000 refugees and migrants from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other nations have reached Europe by sea. project reportread updates from the field
Child Refugee Crisis
The world is witnessing a rapid escalation in the number of people forced to flee from conflict, wars and persecution in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, moving toward countries of transit, such as Greece, Italy, Serbia, Lebanon and Egypt, seeking safety and relief of suffering in countries like Germany and other open, border European nations. Save the Children has allocated funding from our Children's Emergency Fund to respond to this crisis. project reportread updates from the field
Syrian Refugee Crisis: CARE at the front lines
More than three years after the start of the Syrian war, the humanitarian plight of more than 6 million people displaced inside Syria and the 2.5 million refugees scattered in the region and throughout Europe is growing more dismal by the day and is currently considered the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. CARE reaches Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, Yemen, and those displaced inside Syria with food, hygiene items, and emergency cash assistance. Learn more at project reportread updates from the field
Help Syrian Refugees to Help Themselves
With over four million Syrian refugees in neighboring countries and continued cuts in humanitarian aid, NEF is helping refugee women and adolescent girls in Lebanon and Jordan achieve self-reliance through urban agriculture, skills training to improve economic opportunity, financial literacy, group savings, conflict management, and social networking. project reportread updates from the field
Help Strengthen the Resilience of Syrian Refugees
Now in its fifth year, the Syrian civil war has sparked one of the greatest population exoduses in modern history, with more than four million Syrians fleeing to neighboring countries, and 7 million displaced internally within Syria. Since July 2013, Concern Worldwide has worked with displaced persons inside Syria and with refugees and vulnerable host families in Lebanon and Turkey to meet basic needs, improve access to health care, and provide psycho-social support. project reportread updates from the field
Let's Help Syrian Refugee Children in Serbia Now!
Over 650,000 refugees from Middle East, mainly from Syria, have entered Serbia over the last 18 months and are still coming in hundreds on daily basis. Amongst them are more than 200,000 children and over 5,000 of them are unaccompanied ones. We are trying to help them stay physically and mentally healthy. Alongside humanitarian aid, we are also trying to develop an online Q&A list for their protection, information and education on how and where they can seek medical, legal and social help. project reportread updates from the field
Syrian Refugee Crisis
More than 12 million people have been impacted by the 5-year war, and nearly 4 million have fled to neighboring countries of Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey, where World Vision is providing aid. Thousands more families are mired in a difficult journey to Europe, and are stranded in transit on their way to welcoming European Union countries. We providing help to families traveling along what is called the Balkan Byway, with a focus on Serbia. project reportread updates from the field
Give Syrian children hope through education
Providing children with an education is a basic right and one that is proving challenging for Syrian refugee children. In Lebanon schools are overwhelmed and places are limited making it difficult for Syrian families to register their children. Providing children with pre-school education prepares them for school and for the Lebanese school system. The pre-school will cater for 110 children and provide work for Syrian teachers as well. It gives focus to the community and hope for the future. project reportread updates from the field
TIGER Girls-Educating Syrian Refugee Girls
Adolescent girls in Zaatari are dropping out of school at a dangerous rate; only 20% achieve a secondary school certificate. TIGER Girls (These Inspiring Girls Enjoy Reading) will enable 1,200 Syrian girls, supported by Syrian female coaches, to participate in team-based learning, increasing their personal sense of agency, meaning and connection. Using an open source multimedia library, this community-based program will motivate adolescent girls either to stay in or to return to school. project reportread updates from the field
Washable Feminine Hygiene for Syrian Refugees
Days for Girls Lebanon is bringing Days for Girls reusable feminine hygiene to Syrian women and girls. project reportread updates from the field
Share Hope with Refugees at Camp Oinofyta Greece
Thousands of Syrian refugees have traveled to Greece fleeing a civil war that has raged since 2011 and displaced millions. Through a new agreement, the EU has closed the borders from Greece into the rest of Europe in hopes of better managing the crisis. The local Greek government is stretched thin, so it is imperative that volunteer organizations like Do Your Part receive funding to help support the refugees and ease the burden on the Greek people while refugee asylum applications are processed. project reportread updates from the field
Language Course & Recreational Events for Refugees
Together with you, we support organizations and initiatives in the recording, management and integration of refugees . project reportread updates from the field
Rise Now for the Syrian Refugee Children
Today, more around 2.5 million Syrian Refugees are living in Turkey. Around 50% of this population is children. Bridge to Turkey Fund's project will help refugee children to achieve developmental progress and will provide continuity in their education. Our project will raise funds to provide the Syrian Refugee Kids with backpacks and education kits; to sponsor their language education & social development; to build libraries for Syrian schools; and to empower these children's mothers. project reportread updates from the field
Help for Refugees
In order to help the millions of people who have been displaced due to armed conflict, persecution, or other dangers, the member organizations of Aktion Deutschland Hilft are implementing numerous projects for refugees both in- and outside of Germany. These projects covers areas such as the provision of emergency shelters, psycho-social support for traumatized children, distribution of food and hygiene articles, assistance for unaccompanied refugee minors, and medical care. project reportread updates from the field
Ilyas, Marvan and 7-months-old Halil are just 3 of all the children who fled from their homes with their families due to the conflict in Syria and the surrounding region. Ilyas (9) and Marvan (7) arrived to Turkey with minimal supplies and clothing. Putting their childhood aside, they now have to take care of themselves as well as their brother. Currently, Turkey hosts the most amount of refugees in the world: 2.2 million Syrian and 2800 Yazidis. THIS FUND WILL PREPARE THE REFUGEES FOR WINTER. project reportread updates from the field
Emergency Relief for Refugee Families in Greece
There is a refugee crisis at Europe's door. The reason we talk about a "crisis" is not because of the number of refugees but because of the incapacity of Europe to deal with the problem in an organized and predictable way. There is a need for all European countries to cooperate with solidarity in order to confront this problem with cooperation and goodwill. The Greek islands receive 2.500 refugees every day. Source: The Greek Police Site and the UNHCR project reportread updates from the field
Help Refugees Access Lifesaving Information
A lack of local-language, actionable information is putting refugees and migrants at undue risk. Solutions-from megaphones to smartphone apps-can save lives. Your help now can ensure Internews is able to provide life-saving information - maps and details about where to find assistance on Lesvos and throughout Europe; the ability to get online and access apps and tools to help navigate their journey; and newsletters that combat the spread of rumors and misinformation. project reportread updates from the field
Your help for displaced persons
According to statistics from the International Organization for Migration, from the start of 2015 to mid-October 137,313 people have crossed the Mediterranean to Italy and 466,111 people have crossed to Greece. Once they have arrived, many refugees travel towards central and northern Europe. Currently most refugees are travelling along the route through the western Balkans, from Greece, through FYR Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, to Germany. project reportread updates from the field
Help Child Refugees in Europe and Turkey
Refugee and migrant flows in Europe are at an unprecedented high. In 2015, over 80 per cent of people arriving in Europe across the Mediterranean and on route through Greece and the West Balkans, are escaping the conflict in Syria. Over 440,000 refugees and migrants have arrived in Europe and an additional 450,000 are estimated for 2016. One in every four asylum seekers is a child. project reportread updates from the field
Native-Language Medical Advice for Syrian Refugees
Over 4,000,000 persons are now in squalid refugee camps and 800,000 more have moved into a Europe which is increasingly reluctant and incapable of handling their medical and psychological needs. IMCRA offers a unique and effective solution by providing free access to the world's greatest concentration of Arabic and Urdu-speaking specialists in medicine, psychology and the psychosocial sciences outside of the Middle East. project reportread updates from the field
Education Versus Lost Generation!
Today, Turkey is home to the largest number of Syrians, with nearly 2.5 million. Meanwhile the number of Syrian children has surpassed 1 million, and over 450,000 remain out of school. Being away from school or not continuing education means "lost generation". Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants (ASAM) aims to improve equitable access to education and provide psychosocial support to children whose future is slipping away. project reportread updates from the field
Daily Needs: 900 Refugees at Ritsona Camp - Greece
Currently, 55,000 refugees are stuck in Greece. Among other improvised camps, Ritsona recently opened. The military is providing tents & 3 meals a day, but no proper housing or sanitary facilities exist. The most urgent measures are, cleaning the camp & creating a laundry room & educational programs. We offered volunteers & resources, while co-creating with camp residents. We are talking to refugees to see what skills they have. One of their ideas, was to start cultivating a vegetable garden.
Giving a voice to refugees in Europe
The world is witnessing the biggest refugee movement since World War II. Donations to this project will facilitate collecting feedback from refugees to help front line workers focus and coordinate humanitarian aid to the most pressing needs of affected people along their journey in an increasingly complex context - from refugee camps in Syria's neighboring countries, to transit countries and safe countries of destination. project reportread updates from the field
Med Crisis in Italy
In 2015 the total number of migrants arrived by sea in Italy is more than 153.800 including over 16.300 children and 75% of them are children that travel alone. As the crisis unfolds, Save the Children Italy has been running programs at the southern borders of Italy and in areas of transit. Save the Children Italy has been leading on the political, advocacy and programmatic issues of EU migration and refugees on behalf of European members through the Med Core Group.
Support Refugee Babies
Over 2.7 million Syrian Refugees, displaced by the war, currently reside in Turkey. Every 2 people out this number, is under 6-years-old. Given all the challenges of trying to survive through the crisis, refugees' biggest support today is being able to live with their families. The newborns keep their hopes alive... project reportread updates from the field
Holistic Support for Refugees Arriving in Greece
by IsraAID
The "Holistic Support for Refugees Arriving to Greece" project will provide emergency aid and psychosocial support to refugees in Greece which has been the first point of entry into Europe for refugees making the treacherous journey in hope of finding asylum and refuge. Greece's resources have been overstretched, bearing the brunt of the recent mass influx of refugees for over 1.5 years. project reportread updates from the field
Empowering Syrian Girls
Our project is aimed for empowerment of Syrian adolescent girls at ages 12-18 years, to build up knowledge and skills for self-protection from violence, sexual abuse, early marriage and early sexuality and awareness about their bodies, women rights and health rights. The project will reach 40 Syrian adolescent girls by providing 6 interactive workshops addressing the young girls on empowerment by 5 Syrian women who will get ToT by Mavi Kalem trainers. project reportread updates from the field
Yummy food opens hearts and integrates refugees
Donors will help to fund a great project of integrating refugees in different ways. On a social base by cooking with new friends and connecting with others, and in a local community by presenting themselves and their work at big events.
Give solar powered electricity to refugee families
Electricity is an essential need for everybody. Imagine living in a tent in a refugee camp where you don't have it. Kids are not able to read and learn at night, women do not feel safe to go to the bathroom in the dark, and people are unable to contact their families using charged mobile devices. We are changing this on Kara Tepe camp in Lesvos, Greece! We are installing solar panels and contributing to the environment by using renewable energy. Fitting our innovative Camp to Campus philosophy. project reportread updates from the field
Support Azraq Refugee Camp in Jordan
The high number of Syrian refugees now living in Jordan has overwhelmed the country's healthcare system, which struggles to adjust to increased patient loads and shortages of medicines and vaccines. International Medical Corps is providing primary healthcare, secondary care and mental health support to Syrian refugees living in Jordan's camps, urban settings and rural areas. In the Azraq Refugee Camp, the largest camp in Zarqa Governorate, our health teams operate three clinics and a hospital.
Food  and camp-equipment for 30 families in Irak
In the regions around Mossul, up to one million internally displaced persons are expected. Our camps are located in the region around the cities of Erbil and Dohuk in the autonomous region of Kurdistan. Food security is the focus of our action. In addition, each family also receives for the time in the camps cooking utensils, blankets, pillows and jugs.
Let's Integrate Disabled Refugees
The project integrates disabled Syrian refugee children into society through physical, psychological and educational workshops. project reportread updates from the field
Winter is Coming
Tens of thousands of refugees in Greece and the Balkans have been left stranded across Europe eight months after borders closed across the Balkan route. These families have no choice but to brace for a winter of freezing temperatures without warmth in unheated tents, warehouses, or abandoned buildings. They face potentially life-threatening conditions unless urgent action is taken soon. Simple protection from harsh elements can mean the difference between life and death for many individuals.
Help Syrian Families Fleeing Aleppo
The civil war in Syria-now in its sixth year-has created the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. In recent days, government forces have seized the city of Aleppo, threatening the lives of tens of thousands of innocent civilians. Families continue to flee the devastating violence of medieval sieges and aerial bombardment of their neighborhoods. Help families who have escaped the conflict in Syria survive.
Meals for All
The project aims to support the Lebanese and Syrian families residing in the Damour area. Twice a week our local representative "Oui pour la vie" provides them balanced meals from a nutritional point of view . Thanks to this initiative, children and their parents have the chance to enjoy a full meal. The repast consists of vegetables, rice, a main course of meat or fish and fruit. Besides this service, our operators try to help families in their daily basic needs, such as shelter,medicines etc
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