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Education | United States | Florida  

Educate Future Environmental Stewards

This project educates and empowers the future leaders of tomorrow to be more environmentally conscientious. The students are taught a wide r… read more
$15,770 raised of $20,000 goal
Climate Action | Gambia, The  

Tackling Ocean Bound Plastic Pollution in Gambia.

entrepreneurs to develop their waste innovations which: Reduce air pollution and emissions, Prevent waste from entering mangrove forests and oceansread more
$100 raised of $62,223 goal
Climate Action | Fiji  

Save Corals in Fiji by Moving to Cooler Outer Reef

As the tropical summer months approach, there is an urgent need to relocate heat-resistant corals to the cooler outer reefs. The nucleus of… read more
$1,090 raised of $55,000 goal
Climate Action | Haiti  

Invest in waste collectors & reduce ocean plastic

Each day, 8MM pieces of plastic end up in our oceans.… read more
$1,060 raised of $25,000 goal
Climate Action | Fiji  

Reefs of Hope: Saving Corals in Warming Oceans

Coral reefs are predicted to die out within 30-50 years from intense marine heat waves. Reefs of Hope is a revolutionary intervention to re… read more
$3,187 raised of $70,000 goal
Food Security | Kenya  

Protect our ocean & safeguard livelihoods in Kenya

Life on the Kenyan coast is precarious. Overfishing has severely depleted local waters, and the local community, who rely on this essential … read more
$6 raised of $4,000 goal
Education | Ecuador  

Take Environmental Education to the Next Level!

The 2022-2023 school year will mark our fourth year of Environmental Education at the Los Algarrobos School. This year, we have created a ne… read more
$4,794 raised of $15,000 goal
Climate Action | United States | Washington  

2DegreesC Crowdsourced Climate Data Sensor Fund

Or purpose with partners is to distribute sensors globally in remote areas on land, and using our UNESCO project in the ocean.… read more
$15 raised of $250,000 goal
Climate Action | Nigeria  

Support Recyclespay for 1000 children in Lagos

goal is to make education affordable and accessible to children in low income schools, & to save plastics from polluting our communities & oceansread more
$14,623 raised of $42,000 goal
Animal Welfare | El Salvador  

Saving Turtles in El Salvador - La Palapa Project

Airline Ambassadors conservation project supports small scale sea turtle egg hatcheries in El Salvador. Individual fisherman demonstrate tha… read more
$6,430 raised of $10,000 goal
Wildlife Conservation | United States | California  

Save the Whales Again!

Our mission is to end all commercial and scientific whaling by Japan, Norway, and Iceland and to end the brutal dolphin drive and porpoise h… read more
$15,075 raised of $75,000 goal
Climate Action | Fiji  

Waste Management in Fiji

In Dawasamu, Fiji, our collaborative project contributes towards waste management initiatives. Additionally, the program supports and promot… read more
$408 raised of $28,500 goal
Disaster Response | Guam  

Recovery Efforts- Guam Farmers from Super Typhoon

Oceanic Ascent Education aka Guahan Sustainable Culture will help our farmers, in areas of financial support, mental health, well-being needs… read more
$100 raised of $20,000 goal
Wildlife Conservation | El Salvador  

Save 60,000 Sea Turtles in El Salvador

This project will support El Salvador's only women-run sea turtle egg hatchery, the AMBAS hatchery in Barra de Santiago, to rescue 60,000 se… read more
$18,802 raised of $30,000 goal
Wildlife Conservation | Suriname  

Turtle heroes: Protecting Sea Turtles in Suriname

Sea turtles have been visiting the beaches of Suriname since prehistory to lay their eggs. Some of the most significant sea turtle nesting b… read more
$25,882 raised of $56,750 goal
Climate Action | Indonesia  

Cash For Trash & Waste Education for 200 Families

Bali has a massive waste problem, starting at the household level where plastic and organic matter is thrown away as trash. Our waste educat… read more
$5,351 raised of $6,460 goal
Disaster Response | Philippines  

Aid to Refugees of Storms, Floods, and Violence

Thousands of families in the Philippines have been displaced by volcanoes, typhoons, fires, floods, and Covid-19 outbreaks. Asia America Ini… read more
$24,460 raised of $30,000 goal
Education | Kenya  

Engaging Kenyan Youths in Conservation

Each day we wake up to more plastic on our beaches, less fish in our oceans and more buildings along our coastline.… read more
$11,963 raised of $15,000 goal
Arts and Culture | South Africa  

A World of Creativity-Healing for Cape Town Youth

Cape Town possesses true beauty, yet apartheid's scars linger. Especially for youths, 13-25, who represent 34% of the population. Separated … read more
$1,729 raised of $4,500 goal
Climate Action | Sierra Leone  

The New Boats

The New Boats is an investigative documentary that presents an eye opening look at the impact of International Industrialized fishing in Wes… read more
$5,928 raised of $10,000 goal
Clean Water | Brazil  

Recycle 10t of Plastics & Support Entrepreneurs

With this project, the environment is cleaned and entrepreneurs are supported! With a US$ 10 donation, we will recycle 2.2 pounds of plastic… read more
$195 raised of $100,000 goal
Gender Equality | Ecuador  

At-risk youth and marine conservancy alliance

Help us empower at-risk youth to take charge of their future through marine conservation. Our marine conservancy program, consisting of s… read more
$59 raised of $45,000 goal
Wildlife Conservation | Costa Rica  

Improve conditions for our sea turtle heroes

This project will provide better conditions for our volunteers in Pacuare beach, a key nesting area for leatherback, endangered green turtle… read more
$1,592 raised of $8,000 goal
Wildlife Conservation | Bahamas, The  

Emergency Response to the Caribbean Coral Crisis

Coral reefs provide food, shelter, and protection to many marine species. For millions of people, coral reefs support livelihoods, preserve … read more
$189 raised of $50,000 goal
Climate Action | United States | Florida  

Climate Change: Mangrove Restoration & Planting

Mangroves play a vital role in our critical fight against climate change and time is running out so it really is our final chance to step up… read more
$2,395 raised of $5,000 goal

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