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Birthday celebration
Birthday celebration

It is our pleasure to share with you our project activities, from February through April 2018.

The patients and family members had enjoyed a lot the recent spring days and the events we carried out at our Day Care Center:

  • Celebration of Valentine’s Day, February, 14  
  • Global Health Team, February 12 – March 2
  • Spring celebration, March 21
  • Easter celebration, March 23
  • Children’s Day, April 30

February starts for our caring team with the preparations for the annual Valentine Day’s celebration. This year you can appreciate the huge heart built by red and white balloons where users sit in front of for the picture! Obviously after shooting followed dancing… enjoying a great time!

On March 26, our eldest “grandma” celebrated her birthday: 92 years! She is coming to our Day Care Center since 2010, and you can see how those eight years have made a big difference in her life and in her family’s life as well. Her disease has not advanced so fasten, and thanks to the therapies and simulation she receives every day in our Day Care Center, her quality of life has been better. She has not progressed yet to the last stage, being completely dependent and tied to bed, without being able to walk, to speak, to eat on herself…..she is very active and you can see her big smile! Many congratulations!

During the months of February and March, we received a very special visit. After a long application period, we were chosen to receive an in-kind donation we were very glad about. Three consultants (from Japan, United States and England) spent three weeks with us in order to learn about our institutional challenges, and to help us to scale our scope of work to another level. Thank you so much Global Health Team for all your insights and recommendations! We had a great time, and we appreciate very much all your support.

Spring arrives on March 21, and we did several celebrations. First, there was a special Reiki ceremony to welcome spring, and warmer days, and to receive the energy from the cosmos. Later on, the Caregiver team prepared some dynamics and role plays with all of the persons with dementia, and also with some of the family members who joined us this day.

This year, the Holy Week was early, so we started celebrations on Friday, March 23. This year we offered for the first time an unusual celebration, German style. Therefore, we boiled eggs and with all the patients and the staff, we had a great moment to color those boiled warm eggs. Many patients experienced for the first time how a white egg converted into a blue, red, green or yellow one! Then, after having had a little snack, the Easter rabbit already hid so well the eggs, that it took a while until the last one was found. We wished you all spent a very happy Easter season with your family!

On Abril 30, Mexico celebrates Children’s Day, and so did we at our Day Care Center. It was a very pleasant, delightful celebration with all the persons with dementia, who still remember very well their childhood! Today it was a special pleasure to see them dressed up to this unique occasion, which was a huge pool of clowns, dolls and even Minnie Mouse among us!

Please do not forget to stay tuned for our weekly radio program on internet Alzheimer Aprende y Actúa (Alzheimer’s Learn and Act), every Tuesday from 13 to 14 hours (Mexico City time) on

We share with you a picture from our radio program on February 13, where the members of the Global Health Team joined us in a very interesting interview.

Your questions and comments are always very welcomed!

Valentines Day
Valentines Day
Spring welcome ceremony
Spring welcome ceremony
Spring celebration
Spring celebration
Goodbye to the Global Health Team
Goodbye to the Global Health Team
Coloring Easter eggs...
Coloring Easter eggs...
Season greetings
Season greetings

We are so pleased to share with you our project activities, from November 2017 through January 2018.

As you can see on our first picture, the beneficiaries at Alzheimer Mexico’s Day Care Center want to wish you a very happy New Year, full of good energy, health and success!

During the last months, we had many events. Some of those events were the following ones:

  • Celebration of the traditional Death Day, November, 1st  
  • Closing of 2017 training courses, November
  • Christmas lunch with families, December 7th
  • Posada 2017
  • Team’s gift swap, December 22th
  • Rosca de Reyes, January 8th
  • Strategic Planning meeting, January 28th

As usual, the first day of November, the Mexican population celebrate and honor their dead beloved ones. This celebration has a very high value during the yearlong activities in our Day Care Center. Patients and staff prepare long time before, during a couple of weeks or more, all the necessary for a gorgeous activity, which starts from preparing the Death Altar to preparing the decoration, and to preparing the special clothing this day. Patients really love to dress themselves up as a “Catrina” or a devil, or whatever they want to appear as. Family members are very involved, encouraging them to put on a costume, they often prepare on their own. It’s a very impressive and joyful event!

Alzheimer Mexico IAP carried out –during 2017- four training courses of trainers. One hundred sixty one women (trainers) from the Mexico City government, who oversee 600 elder peoples’ homes each, received basic training at our Day Care Center about how to recognize, deal with and take care of persons with dementia. Adding the new trained trainers, this program has achieved to train 471 trainers in Mexico City who are now able to share the information about dementia during their visits to the homes where elder people are living, spreading the information and guide about caring for a person with dementia at home to 282,600 families all over Mexico City. We know that this is a huge impact on more than a million persons who have now access to information about dementia and care of dementia patients.

Our traditional end of the year gathering with all patients, families and donors took place this year on December 7 in our Day Care Center. The secretary of our Board donated the meal and received a huge applause! Thank you so much for the generous donation we enjoyed so much! The chair of the Board, Lilia Groues del Mazo, high lightened in her speech the main achievements during 2017 with a very special recognition of the staff, their hard work and the quality of the services provided. The other milestone was, without any doubts, the recognition (prize) from Compartir Social Foundation in the best charity category.

One of the traditional celebrations during the Holiday season in Mexico is the “Posada” (A "posada navideña" is a reenactment of Mary and Joseph's search for a place to stay in Bethlehem where the Christ child was later born) where one group of people represent Mary and Joseph looking for a place to stay. So, this group outside is pledging and knocking at the door in order that the group inside allows them to enter the house and to stay. All the patients participate very fervently in this celebration!

Our Day Care Center closed on December 22 for holidays and the last day staff members enjoyed very much their gift swap. This year, all members agreed on chocolates as the gift to be swapped as a small sign of esteem and recognition between the team members. They burst into laughter and curiosity at every different kind of chocolates they discovered. A very stress releasing and encouraging afternoon, we spent together. Many thanks to the whole team for their hard work, every day, all days long!

During the usual January 6 celebration (Three Kings’ Day), we shared with all patients, some family and staff members the Rosca de Reyes, which is a traditional King cake, and who finds a little doll (king) in its piece of cake, has to bring tamales on February 2! Tamales will come very soon!

The Board started a strategic planning process on November 2017 that was continued during a follow up meeting last Sunday, January 28. Board members are very committed and exciting about the new challenges the institution will face this year: to achieve sustainability in financial and social terms, to scale up the model implementation and to carry out a clear communication and positioning campaign. We will maintain you all informed about the progress of those ambitious goals during 2018.

Please do not forget to stay tuned for our weekly radio program on internet Alzheimer Aprende y Actúa (Alzheimer’s Learn and Act), every Tuesday from 13 to 14 hours (Mexico City time) on Questions and comments are very welcomed!

Monthly support group session
Monthly support group session
Traditional "Posada"
Traditional "Posada"
One of the pacients
One of the pacients' best amusement: "Pinata"
During Christmas celebration
During Christmas celebration
Gift swap with team members
Gift swap with team members
NCD Alliance SaludHable Our views, our voices
NCD Alliance SaludHable Our views, our voices

2017 November Report Alzheimer Mexico IAP GlobalGiving

We invite you to learn about our activities, carried out in our Day Care Center, based in Mexico City, during the past three months:

August: SaludHable 08/14; National Elders’ Day celebrations 08/28; Journey for Care of Elder People 08/30

September: National Independence Day 09/16; earthquake 09/19; World Alzheimer’s Day 09/21;

October: ToT third training course 10/27; Social fair in Tlalpan 10/31;

On August 14, we received a very special visit from our colleagues with whom we integrate a broad coalition of more than 120 Civil Society Organizations, called SaludHable, which this time carried out some “Conversaciones comunitarias” conversations within the communities to listen the voices and to gather the points of view of patients, caregivers and family members about non-communicable diseases, in our case, about all kinds of dementia. SaludHable joins efforts with NCDA (Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance), and aims at presenting the conclusions to the UN Assembly in September.  

August, traditionally is the month to remember and to celebrate the elder people with the highlight of the National Elders’ Day, commemorated each August 28. This year, Alzheimer Mexico participated in five related activities: - The JAP, which is the umbrella organization for the charities in Mexico City, held a big celebration with more than 1000 elder people, assisted by different charities. Our Chair of the Board, Lilia Groues, was invited to be the master of ceremony during this event. A couple of days later, the television channel TV Azteca organized a special celebration at our Day Care Center with musical performance, gifts and a big cake! On August 28 we had our own celebration. From the governmental side there were two celebrations we participated; the first one was really huge, with 12,500 elder people from all over the city, who joined the Arena Mexico, a big theatre in the northern part of the city. This event was chaired by the mayor of Mexico City, Dr. Miguel Ángel Mancera, the ministers for social development and health, members from the local parliament and other government entities. The music from Sonora Santanera was inspiring and many old couples just had an emotive moment and why not, some dancing… The last event was organized by the Delegación Miguel Hidalgo, one of the 16 administrative districts of Mexico City, and Alzheimer Mexico provided information and insight about dementia, and care of dementia patients and their families.

The September month started with a lot of plans for special events, like the celebration of the National Independence Day or all the activities around the World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and Day. The families and patients were very thrilled to participate in those events and prepared very carefully the typical clothes the patients should wear on September 15! We are sharing some pictures with you.

The other activities for raising awareness among the population about dementia included an own big event, called Alzheimer’s Learn and Act, planned for September 23 at the Olympic Stadium in the South of Mexico City, as well as television and radio interviews. 

But then an earthquake strokes the city and the surroundings on September 19, just a couple of hours after the annual general test on evacuation after an earthquake! Luckily nobody at the Day Care Center was injured, nor the building affected. But all the planned activities were set back, as the habitants and the government had to face the emergency situations in so many places. There is still today, more than a month after this terrible earthquake, a lot of work to do.  

As you may remember, we told you in our last report that we won the price for the best charity awarded by the Compartir Foundation. Well, the special ceremony will take place on November 8, due also to the changes because of the September 19 earthquake. Of course, we will inform you in the next report.

By October 27, we finished the third of four training courses, we are carrying out this year. The goal of this project, funded by the Social Development Ministry of Mexico City, is to train 160 educators who will be trainers and visit the homes of the elder people (age 68 and more), beneficiaries of a monthly pension.

Finally, Alzheimer México IAP participated in the Social Fair, organized by the Delegación Tlalpan government, in one of the five regions, called Parres. During the fair, our staff gave information about dementia to the public, as well as they organized some plays and exercises that enable the people to improve their knowledge, exercise their memory and prevent -to certain circumstances- Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia. Our psychologist spoke about caring actions for the caregivers, so that they can improve their caregiving without being involved so much themselves, which will help them to prevent the burn out syndrome.

Please stay tuned with us every Tuesday in our radio program on internet Alzheimer Aprende y Actúa, from 13 to 14 hours (Mexico City time), on


National Independence Day
National Independence Day's Celebration
Patients after earthquake in the yard
Patients after earthquake in the yard
Celebration of Elders
Celebration of Elders' Day
Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy
Social Fair Tlalpan
Social Fair Tlalpan
Mother's Day celebration

August 2017 Report Alzheimer Mexico GlobalGiving

We are reporting our May to July project activities, which we carried out in our Day Care Center, based in Mexico City.

May: Mother’s Day celebration; training and exercises in the park

June: Father’s Day celebration; visit from the Autonomous Hidalgo State University 

July: Students’ closing ceremony; pajama party; Social investment fair;

As usual, the patients and family members continued their daily activities and received special stimulation therapy in our Day Care Center of Alzheimer Mexico I.A.P. and we are very happy to share with you the most important activities during the last three months.

On May 10, we celebrate in Mexico Mother’s Day, and of course, we did so in our Center: Most of the sixty patients with dementia we take care for are women and almost all are mothers! Therefore, you can imagine how joyful the celebration was! We attach a picture to show you the fun they experienced.

As you may remember, we told you in our last report that we were participating in an annual contest and we shared a supporting message from a family member with you:

“[…] Therefore, I am certain that the institution deserves the price in order that they can continue sharing their labor and love with all who need it, like us.”

Well, she was certain! We got the excellent news that we won the price for the best charity awarded by the Compartir Foundation, and we will receive the price in a very special ceremony on September 26.

Many thanks to all our supporters and to the team, which made this huge achievement possible.

On June 18, is the celebration of the Father’s Day, and did celebrate all fathers (patients and staff members) the following Monday. We all enjoyed very much this pleasant and delightful celebration.

The Autonomous Hidalgo State University (UAEH in Spanish) asked for a visit, and we received a student group from the Nursery department who was thrilled to know more about Alzheimer’s and other dementia forms, and about how to be a good caregiver. Surely, they left with a good impression about our work and with a deeper sense of understanding dementia patients and their families.

During the month of July, many students who served in our institution finished their time with us, and prepared a unique closing ceremony: families were asked to bring their patients in pajama (or to leave parts of their nightdresses with us). Patients, students, and staff spent an excellent pajama party the families still remember! We acknowledge the commitment and enthusiasm of the eight students who worked with us for a year from the nursery, caregiving, psychological and physiotherapy perspective. Our best wishes for their plans and professional challenges!

Finally, Alzheimer México IAP participated in the Social Investment Fair, organized by the Mexico City government, and the Mexico City Social Development ministry. More than 70 civil society organizations showed their products and their work in the exhibition area of the Monumento a la Revolución. The mayor of Mexico City, Dr. Mancera inaugurated the fair and handed symbolically some checks over to the organizations that participated in the program of social co-investment the government operates with the civil society organizations. Our director and project leader received the check on behalf of Alzheimer México IAP. This fund will be used to train 160 educators of the government who visit the homes of the elder people (age 68 and more) who receive a monthly pension in the city.

Please join us every Tuesday in our radio program on internet Alzheimer Aprende y Actúa, from 13 to 14 hours (Mexico City time), on

Training in the nearby park
Training in the nearby park
Father's Day celebration
Visit from Hidalgo University
Visit from Hidalgo University
Pajama party
Pajama party
Museum's visit
Dog therapy
Dog therapy

Today, we are reporting our project activities, which we carried out from February through April 2017 in our Mexico City Day Care Center.

February: Dog therapy; Valentine’s Day

March: Birthdays celebrations

April: Easter Week; Children’s Day; XXII National Alzheimer’s Congress

Esteban RIP

As usual, the patients and family members continued their daily activities and received special stimulation therapy in our Day Care Center of Alzheimer Mexico I.A.P.

We are very excited to tell you about a new therapy we are able to offer to the persons with dementia, thanks to a great volunteer effort: Max comes once a week with his well trained dogs to offer special therapy to the patients who enjoy very much to spend time with the animals.

On February 14, we had of course a very special celebration of the Valentine’s Day. As you can see on the picture, all of us had a very special day with a lot of fun, laughter and dancing!

Our traditional birthday celebrations are taking place every month; during March, five patients shared their birthday cakes with all participants, and with their family members who came to join us during this special day. Many congratulations!

The last March and early April days were full of activities: besides the daily therapies and scheduled activities, we asked the family and community members to help us with writing supporting letters for an annual contest where we wanted to present our work. We really appreciate all the wonderful messages we received and we want to share some of them with you:

“My mom has Alzheimer’s, this silent disease that steals her little by little her memories, her enthusiasm; a little later, her functioning, and a little bit later, her life. However, until this time reaches us, I want to extend her joy, her functionality, I want to give her the opportunity to reach her goals, her dreams, and that she may reach the final point of life in the best way.

My family and I, we did not understand what happened to her; we did not know how to treat her, because we believed that partially her attitudes and behavior were not accordingly to her disease. Therefore, we tried to correct her and we were not prepared to deal well with her; we did know that we needed help, we thought that we needed help only for her, but the truth was, that we all needed help, patient and family members.

Because of our work and activities, we needed someone who could help us caring for her; first, we had a person, which accompanies her, then we tried some Day Centers, but it was not easy that they accepted her o that they cared well for her. Then we learnt, in a magic way, about Alzheimer Mexico IAP, A Hope of Life, this magnificent institution where they not only care very diligently for her, but also they do really activate her and they have done that she integrates and socialize again, struggling for delay the adverse effects of the disease. Moreover, to us, the family members, they had reached to make us understand, accept and tolerate all what Alzheimer’s means, and even when we know that there is no cure for this disease, now we stand it with dignity.

More than an institutional service, they offered us help, knowledge, and together we have created family bands with the staff as well as with the other patients and their families. This is what I value most and appreciate. Therefore, I am certain that the institution deserves the price in order that they can continue sharing their labor and love with all who need it, like us.”

During the last days of April, we presented our Day Care Model, as well as our experiences of strategic alliances with the government and our collaboration for research purposes with the National Brain Bank, during the XXII National Alzheimer’s Congress, organized by the Mexican Alzheimer’s Federation (FEDMA), which took place in Hermosillo, Sonora, in one of the Northern Border States.

On Abril 30, Mexico celebrates Children’s Day, and so did we at our Day Care Center. It was a very pleasant, delightful celebration with all the persons with dementia, who still remember very well their children time!

Finally, we have a very sad story to share with all of you: On April 27, passed our beloved Esteban away. He was a very dedicated violin player and enthusiastic dancer; we will miss him a lot, RIP.

Please do not forget to tune into our weekly radio program on internet Alzheimer Aprende y Actúa, every Tuesday from 13 to 14 hours (Mexico City time) on

Meeting with family members
Meeting with family members
Birthday celebration
Birthday celebration
Valentine's Day
Children's Day
Esteban rip
Esteban rip

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