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People First aims to work closely with oppressed and disadvantaged communities and vulnerable individuals in breaking the centuries - old cycle of ignorance and oppression by providing opportunities for education. The trust believes the best way to achieve long - term positive social change is through education and we work in the areas of greatest need where no other education is available to the poor and oppressed. Our mission is the bringing of educational opportunity and to promote health and social rights to those to whom such opportunities have previously been denied due to poverty family circumstances or oppression. The Trust aims to work with the most marginalized me...
Jun 7, 2011

Thirsty Bihar in the Dark

Water Pumps by government not deep enough
Water Pumps by government not deep enough

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Well the hot dry summer days are upon us. We often include up to date press reports which reflect current realities but you may rightfully ask, " What are you as an organization doing about it?" It is easy to say we are doing what we can.

But what does that actually mean on the ground?

The answer is we have installed directly from this appeal three deep water pumps, at a cost of 1500 dollars using a direct donation to meet the shortfall. One kind person actually donated $500 which provided a deep water pump within two weeks of the Trust receiving the funds, and transformed the lives of villagers. But thanks to all of you as any amount is helpful and greatly appreciated.  If you would like to name a pump after a special person or family or organisation please let us know by e-mail , the address is on the GG pages and we will honour your pledge and send you photographs.

Our Health Team is dealing and treating villagers with heatstroke on a daily basis with temperatures reaching over 108F.

Please help us provide a much needed clean source of water in another village, your interest and your kind generosity are so much appreciated. We know times are hard economically, which makes your donation even more special.

This report is from  CNN-IBN

New Delhi: In Bihar, it is only the capital city Patna which seems to have no crises as it gets over 90 per cent of the total power supply leaving rest of the state with power cuts, which sometimes extend to three to four consecutive days.

With only 10 per cent left for the rest of the state, a dozen districts including Muzzafarpur, Bhagalpur, Gaya and Sheikpura have seen violent protests and anger spilling on to the roads.

Meenakshi Mishra a protester said, "We have blocked the road to protest non availability of water and electricity and till we get them both we will continue to protest."

Of the total 800 MW supplied to Bihar, 375 is for essential services, of the remaining 425 MW, Patna gets 400 and rest of the state, gets only 25 MW.

The demand for electricity in rural Bihar is 1800 MW.

It is this skewed distribution of electricity that has made life of farmers like Umesh Singh a living hell. With no electricity in summers for three consecutive days, Singh says the irrigation canals have dried up and there is no power for the water pumps.

"We have been suffering from drought from last 2 years and It is very hot this year also, we haven't been able to get water for our crops. It could be drought-like situation. We are not able to get water from water pumps as there is no electricity." Singh said.

Even the government tube wells, which are supposed to be the emergency lifeline for irrigation, have gone dry due to non availability of power only adding to the farmers woes.

The power scene is grimmer since the state owned generations units at Kanti and Baruani are under up-gradation and contribute just 50 MW against their installed capacity of 1200 MW.

Hare Ram Pandey, Spokesperson, Bihar Electricity board said, "We have 2 no of 110 MW units, which are already more than 26 years old. It has outlived its life and considering its bad position, already R and M has been started."

The state leadership is blaming the Centre for creating a deliberate crisis and for the chief minister, who secured his second term by hard-selling roads and infrastructure, perhaps now, power or the lack of it will determine his political fate.

With Thanks for your support,

Deepak Kumar


People First





Jun 6, 2011

Towards a Better Life


Greetings from Bihar,

Here the summer is at its peak and schools and colleges are closed for the summer holidays. Temperatures are reaching up to 111 degrees in the day!

But of course it marks the end of the school and college year and before the summer break it is the time of examinations.

As you know under this scheme we can only sponsor and help the most academically gifted of our students, we really try and give priority to girls.

So how did our students do?

Well first, all the students under the CAPS ( Children's Personal Academic Sponsorship) scheme passed their examinations in their schools.

Prince whose picture is included in this report was taking his school leaving examinations and passed with a 70% first Division Credit.

Remember Sheethal ? She has passed her first exam in accountancy.

In fact not a single CAPS student failed.

I want to make it clear to all supporters the difficulty with student loans, surely I hear you ask are educational loans not available?

The fact is loans (if the student qualifies) are only available after Class 12 level, that is two years after taking their school leaving examinations. There is a reason why quotas in universities in India for the weaker and most backward sections of the community are never filled. How are the very poor to educate their children to the required standard with tuition and support when no assistance is available to them?

Of course every successful CAPS student spells the beginning of the end of not only poverty for them but their entire families. When they marry they will be in a position to educate their own children.

And the first students in full time employment after coming through the CAPS scheme donate 10% of their salary  on a voluntary basis back into the scheme to help others.

Those of who receive our updates regularly know from all of the students stories just how important this programme is and we thank you so much for all your support

Please visit our website, the link is below. 



Apr 18, 2011

Still too many hungry children

Health Project Village in Bihar
Health Project Village in Bihar

Dear Supporters,

Again may I express my thanks for your support for our programme, you can rest assured every single cent is put to good use feeding hungry children.

We hope to post some new photographs very soon.

Here in Bihar the dreaded hot season is approaching, water is becoming even more critical and with the heat comes danger of heatstroke and other diseases. We will continue to do whatever we can with your assistance to help the children.

Please see a very new newspaper report concerning malnutrition.

With heartfelt thanks and kind regards,


Widespread malnutrition among children in state

Bihar has 58 per cent malnutrition amongst children which is way above the national average of 36 per cent. Several factors are responsible for high incidence of malnutrition in children which include non-availability of health services, absence of community workers, low institutional delivery and non-access to cheap medicines.

These apart, cultural practices as early marriage and pregnancy that contribute to higher malnutrition rate in the state.

According to the government’s own figures over 20% in certain rural areas are severely malnourished.  

There are other hindrances, too, that include non-access to cheap medicines, low intake of nutritious food, low birth weight babies and non-spacing and anaemia amongst women.

The Times of India

Patna April 2011

Neelam at work
Neelam at work



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