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People First aims to work closely with oppressed and disadvantaged communities and vulnerable individuals in breaking the centuries - old cycle of ignorance and oppression by providing opportunities for education. The trust believes the best way to achieve long - term positive social change is through education and we work in the areas of greatest need where no other education is available to the poor and oppressed. Our mission is the bringing of educational opportunity and to promote health and social rights to those to whom such opportunities have previously been denied due to poverty family circumstances or oppression. The Trust aims to work with the most marginalized me...
Jul 10, 2015


Educating Girls from Rescue Junction
Educating Girls from Rescue Junction



Hello Everyone,

This Sunita, Director of the Gaya Rescue Project here in Bihar , and organiser of our special programmes for girls at risk including this project for which your support is so important. As you know here at Rescue Junction we are in proud partnership with Childline India and this is from their website, clearly indicating the scale of the problem,

Human trafficking is the third largest profitable industry in the world. Child trafficking unlike many other issues is found in both developed and developing nations. Trafficked children are used for prostitution, forced into marriage, illegally adopted, used as cheap or unpaid labour, used for sport and organ harvesting. Some children are recruited into armed groups. Trafficking exposes children to violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation. According to UNICEF a child victim of trafficking is "any person under 18 who is recruited, transported, transferred, harboured or received for the purpose of exploitation, either within or outside a country". Trafficking is one of the hardest crimes to track and investigate hence data is hard to obtain. The latest figures estimate that 1.2 million children are trafficked worldwide every year. Child prostitution has the highest supply of trafficked children.

India is a source, destination, and transit country for trafficking for many purposes such as commercial sexual exploitation. Majority of the trafficking is within the country but there are also a large number trafficked from Nepal and Bangladesh. Children are trafficked to Middle Eastern countries for sport such as camel racing. There are no national or regional estimates for the number of children trafficked every year. But 40% of prostitutes are children, and there is a growing demand for young girls in the industry. 

NGOs estimate that 12,000 - 50,000 women and children are trafficked into the country annually from neighbouring states for the sex trade. Thousands of girls are trafficked from Bangladesh and Nepal. 200,000 Nepalese girls under 16 years are in prostitution in India. An estimated 1,000 to 1,500 Indian children are smuggled out of the country every year to Saudi Arabia for begging during the Hajj.  Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu have the largest number of people trafficked. Intra state/inter district trafficking is high in Rajasthan, Assam, Meghalaya, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. Delhi and Goa are the major receiver states

As you will know from our regulars reports often written by the girls we rescue we are doing what we can to protect children from harm. Many traffickers have been sent to jail because of our activities, over 200 girls have been helped so far this year alone, and it costs an average of $150 to save a child. Please kindly mark in your dates July 15th because if you can give a donation on that day, because our organisation is at the highest level on Global Giving they will as long as funds last match your donation by up to 50% . This is a great chance to double your donation. It starts at one second past nine am Eastern Time.

If we are to continue to do this vital work we do need your support, and we thank you so much for it. Together we can, and are making a difference,



Jun 30, 2015

I won't let you down!


My name is Naresh Sir and I am in charge of the education programme here at People First. As you know it it is one of our priorities to help and encourage as much as we can the education of girls and for this report I thought I would let just one of them tell their story to you. We have changed the name but nothing else.

Namaste my Dear Friends,

My name is Mamta and I read in Dhobi school in class 8, all our education is provided free and I love my school. Before People First started our school many children of my age (I think I am about 14), just did not go to school at all. Now some girls from my school have gone onto college and I would love to do that also, It is because of the opportunities programme which you have supported I might just get that golden chance.

 I am the first girl in my family to be educated, when my parents tried to get me married the headmaster came to my house and spoke to my parents and now they understand and are pleased with my progress.  We are very poor, we have no land but my education has given me hope.

Thank you for your support, I won’t let you down, I will always do my best!

I love my school,

With greatest respects,


 Please mark July 15th as Bonus Day in your dairy , your donation will go much further!!!

Girls at Dhobi School
Girls at Dhobi School


Jun 15, 2015

From the streets to the classroom

Ex child beggars on the rehabilitation program.
Ex child beggars on the rehabilitation program.
Hi Everyone,

My name is Deepak and I am Chairperson  of People First here in Bodhgaya.

I want to personally thank you for your fantastic response to our appeal "from begging to books in Bodhgaya"   It really was a great response.

Because your donations were so generous it has enabled us to employ an extra full time community worker to talk to and support those children on the streets and identify who is using them for revenue from begging.
We still have much work to do and the appeal is still live because of the great success of the project  but we were encouraged when a group of foreigners visited Rescue Junction they mentioned the fact that they had not seen any child beggars, in contrast to previous years when there were many.
Our own surveys have shown over a sustained period the number of child beggars around the temple area has been reduced by over 70% and we have resettled many children into mainstream education, but we are not claiming here we have solved the problem of child begging in Bodhgaya in its entirety, far from it, with your help we aim to ensure our continuing vigilance and action regarding this problem.  But we  have made a huge difference. 

This is what your donations have done. Because of the need this appeal is still live on GlobalGiving and the Link is below.

I will leave you with a quote from a former child beggar, as told to one of our workers, a liitle girl aged about 8 who we will call Maya (name changed),

"I hated begging, I hated even the people who gave us money because they did not really care, just they wanted to feel good thenselves. I had to give nearly all the money to my
"malik" ( malik means owner). I felt trapped. Now my Malik has gone away, I am at school, I am learning to read and write , I am no longer afraid".

Because your donations were so generous it has enabled us to employ an extra full time community worker to talk to and support those children on the streets and identify who is using them for revenue from begging.

Thank you all so much, it is said often but believe me you have really made a difference and helped to place a book in a child's hand instead of a coin he or she has to then give away to someone else.

Please be aware that on July 15th  is a Global Giving Bonus Day and will be in operation from 9.01 AM Eastern Time in the US . Please make a note of this as a donation could be boosted by up to 50% as long as the matching funds last.
With Heartfelt thanks again,

Our banners in Bodhgaya
Our banners in Bodhgaya



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