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Dec 1, 2015

Community Health means looking after our children

Mother and Child
Mother and Child


I am Neelam Health Project Nurse with the latest project update.

I thought you might like to know how this project works. You have read in previous updates  about the huge problem in India of malnourished children and Bihar has more than its share of stunted and hungry children.

It is amazing what a nutritious meal full of goodness can do to promote child health. From our own records we have eliminated malnutrition in the village with children for the first time ever growing at normal levels.

But the community themselves cook and prepare the food, they know that sometimes mothers will starve themselves making sure the children get their food first so in such cases they help ensure the mothers get some food also , they are looking out for each other.

Here’s what Maya, a village woman says,

The meals brings us together in a positive way, we work together to prepare the best food for our children and other vulnerable villagers . Our village is poor we are all from the caste they call mussahars “rat eaters” Life is a struggle but it is a relief to know that this meal will help keep our children healthy and well. This is a wonderful thing”

It is a paradox that when you  think of the development of India in recent times that none of it has reached these villages in Bihar . None of it.

This is from the Times of India newspaper,

PATNA: Eighty-seven per cent of the rural population and 61% of urban residents in Bihar had calorie deficiency during 2013-14, as per reports of National Sample Survey Office. In fact, Bihar ranked 74th (alarming zone) in the global hunger index of 88 countries, according to a Survey of India State Hunger Index 2008.

The problem is very serious and I want to thank for your help in making sure that in at least in one at least one village in Bihar children will grow up with normal growth rates..

May I wish you all the best for the festive season


Child in Village
Child in Village


Nov 15, 2015

Help Girls in Bihar recover from Abuse

Girls at Rescue Junction
Girls at Rescue Junction

Hello Everyone,

This is Riya from Rescue Junction and I would like to wish you all a very happy festive season and I hope that this report finds you and your family well.

One of the things that impressed and still impresses me is that Rescue Junction is home to both girls and boys, which is a little unusual for rescue centres meeting the urgent needs of children in distress.  The reason is when the member of parliament for Gaya opened Rescue Junction in 2006 the Trust felt we must help to protect girls from harm and abuse. Recently you might have remembered we launched “Operation Innocence”: here is what Sunita, the previous Rescue Junction Director wrote some months ago

 “And I am excited to tell you of our new initiative "Operation Innocence" we are running with the police and other law enforcement agencies in rescuing underage girls from commercial sex abuse.  Regular readers of our updates will know we have always done this, but now we have an organised programme. I am happy to tell you all that just a week before acting on information received several underage girls were rescued from a guesthouse in Bodhgaya where they were being used for sex and several arrests were made. They are now receiving counselling under the programme so many of you have supported.”

This programme has continued with some success but we have very limited resources and we urgently need an investigative and enforcement special team with dedicated staff to build on the success of the programme. It is a subject of a special appeal on Global Giving here,


People often ask what happens to the girls you rescue?  Well each case is different but the answer is, support, care, protection and most importantly enabling each girl to successfully take their place in school or legitimate employment  or further education,  and we work closely with families and organisations in other areas to help this process, and to best meet the needs of each particular girl . The legal body responsible for supervising children’s care and welfare, the local Children’s  Welfare Committee ) CWC approves the individual programmes and has a supervisory role The comittee was something which Rescue Junction helped set up working closely with the state government and local administration.

So thank you for all your help and concern, you are really helping us to do our very best for these children.

I will leave you with a story from a rescued girl, which was reported some time ago. I am doing so because whilst these extreme cases are mercifully rare locally, they are still happening and it is our wish with your help to stamp them out and eradicate them from our district forever,

Obviously we have changed the name and we will not be publishing photographs which identify children especially in circumstances like this.

Pramilla who is 15 years of age arrived recently deeply traumatised. She was in such a state of shock despite the very intense care and support she was given it was three days before she could slowly begin to describe her terrible ordeal.

She was going for shopping when four boys came from a car and sprayed her face with some substance.  She became unconscious. Her memories are not clear but she was kept chained in a dark room for a period she does not remember. After some time she was unchained, but not allowed to leave the room.  What happened next is not clear but when the door opened to drug her once again there was only one person ans she screamed so loud and so long ,and kicked and punched her kidnapper injuring herself in the process that so alarmed by the noise her kidnappers fled. She ran from the building  in a dazed and shocked state and found her way out to the streets of Gaya where she wandered before finally a woman took some care and accompanied her to the nearest police station, who immediately referred her to us. Subsequent medical examinations proved she had been repeatedly raped, and had been subjected to other horrific sexual assaults.

I am very sad to say cases like Pramilla are not an isolated occurrence, but this level of abuse and crime is truly shocking. Pramilla is responding to care and is already undertaking craft training which is a great therapeutic aid to her recovery, and all efforts are on to locate her family and in time retrace her steps that fateful day and gather evidence which will result in a secure prosecution. A criminal case has been lodged.

I want you to know we do not have any other source of funding for this project specifically so every cent you donate goes towards this important initiative.

 Thank you,



Nov 10, 2015

A baby girl in Bihar will have a brand new life

Baby Aishya
Baby Aishya

Hello Friends and Supporters of Rescue Junction,

This is Riya from Rescue Junction with my second update. I hope you are all well and I send you festive greetings from Bihar!

As you know I am the new Rescue Project Director and I have discovered I have much to learn. I have been so impressed with the dedication of the staff here, many of whom have years of experience in addition to their special training.

My goodness me you have to be able to react quickly when you work here! As what each new day brings is unknown. Our staff are a constant presence on the station and can come through the door with children who have been abused or are running away, or are simply lost.  We have to respond immediately to reports of children in trouble or in distress.

And then little Aiysha was admitted brought to us after medical checks after being thrown away in a plastic bag on the dry bed of the river, luckily two boys found here and called childline on 1098 the toll free number we attend to 24 hours a day . She was only a few hours old and would not have probably survived for much longer. The name “Aishya” means alive and well. She will remain in our care for some time, looked after by trained nurses until adoption proceedings have taken their course. What is not understood is that whilst all the abandoned babies that have come through Rescue Junction have been girls, there is on the other hand a long waiting list of families wishing to adopt them within India. Aishya will have a bright future.

I would like to thank you all for your wonderful support and I hope you have a pleasant peaceful and fulfilling festive time of year.

With Kind Regards,



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