Oct 26, 2020


We started working with 6 schools in Pichincha area in Ecuador this year with our program mi Escudo that works prevention of sexual abuse . We went for two months and then stopped going because of shut down of schools because of Covid 19 and quarantine . The same problem happened with our live therapies in our offices with psychologists working with children and families .

 So this year we have reinvented our work and had new projects continuing in our line and our cause of child abuse prevention.

We started working in mental health programs with the police of Ecuador . And support groups to all the police .

The project was the following :



Domestic violence and child sexual abuse are serious problems in Ecuador and the rest of the world. The mandatory quarantine has caused a surge in cases of violence, as family members who live with an abuser are not able to leave their home nor seek assistance.

 The National Police respond to calls about domestic violence and are subjected to difficult and painful situations. During the months of March and April, the police received 7,954 emergency calls related to domestic violence.

 Police involvement in cases of domestic violence not only exposes them to the corona virus, it raises their on-the-job stress and anxiety levels. This can cause exhaustion, fatigue and emotional stress, which can affect their job performance in stopping violence.

 Fundacion Azulado, in working towards the prevention of violence, has developed a project together with the National Police to provide emotional support to officers who come to the aid of the most vulnerable in Ecuador. This includes individual and group psychological accompaniment and assistance for the police officers who find themselves in the first line of defense.

 Also , we have worked with the Ministery of Education in programs of helping teachers of low income preschools in the area of Pichincha with a program called Circle of Security , working themes of emotional bonding teachers and students , this was done online and we are continuing working with more schools these coming months .

We continue now to offer online therapy to low income children and families in emotional issues . We have 10 psychologists attending families. We are over 220 cases attended since the beginning of the month.

We are working to offer our online program of mi Escudo now in Ecuador , so we can attend children, teachers and families these months with our program in elementary low income schools ..

 Any more concerns , please contact us

 Thank you very much for your help

 Regards ,

Maria Jose Sevilla

Co founder Fundacion Azulado

Sep 22, 2020

Virtual Pivoting Leads to Excellent Outreach

Hello everyone!

Adjusting to the global pandemic has been a challenge for everyone, and for Mírame it’s been no different. I’m pleased to announce that the program has risen to the occasion and pivoted its services to virtual platforms – with great rewards!

In May, Mírame’s biggest annual project occurred for Respected Childbirth Week. This year, everything about the project changed. Last minute, an online conference between 12 different midwives, obstetricians and birthing professionals was organized. The event was called “Encuentro Parteras De America. Explorando el parto junto a ti.” (An encounter of birthing professionals: Exploring childbirth with you).  It spanned 10 different Latin American countries, and received over 11.4k views once live(!). In total, over 120k people interacted with the informational and promotional material hosted online, and at the time of this written report, over 16,000 have watched the online conference!!!

An amazing and unexpected success indeed.

During the 3 hour virtual event, various themes were discussed ranging from (little known) women’s rights in childbirth- such as the right to choose birthing positions, receiving food and water during labor, the right to have a spouse or midwife present during labor, etc. – all the way to esoteric and ancestral understandings of childbirth practices and meaning as a time of extreme transformation, for both mother and child.

The conference was an amazing success, with 547 different people commenting online about their feelings of gratitude for the workshop and personal reflections. One of my favorite comments received was from Alexandra, who said, “What a wonderful encounter of wisdom and love. Thank you for being our voice, and the voice of all the women who give birth each day. Blessings.”

Following such an amazing experience with virtual outreach, Mírame was inspired to provide more digital services with the goal of connecting to a wider range of people searching for emotional support and personal transformation tools during this global pandemic.

In Ecuador, as in many places around the world, government enforced health controls have been extreme, and many people have been forced to stay at home with no option of leaving. Many have lost jobs due to forced employment restrictions, and emotional stressors are on the increase, causing turmoil in the home and in the mind-body connection.

To help met this need, Mírame joined with Fundación Hearts of Gold to host a series of 6 workshops online to help nonprofit leaders, the majority of whom are women, handle the crisis that is striking their own homes and their own mind-body connections, so they can continue to be pillars of strength for their growing, vulnerable communities of need.

6 leaders in self-care volunteered their time to educate local Cuenca community leaders in themes of: Loving the Body through Self Massage, Recommendations of Cohabitation During Quarantine, Removing Stress from the Body with Exercise, Mindfulness and Meditation for Everyday Living, Entrepreneurship During the Pandemic, and 7 Basic Capacities in a Person Simply Alive with Life. So far the self-care workshop series has been a success, with an average of 20 nonprofit leaders tuning in each session.

We look forward to seeing how Mírame continues to evolve during this global pandemic. We’ve been blessed to grow our virtual skills to reach a wider range of audiences and are excited to add online outreach to our service strategy. 


Sep 18, 2020


Dear Frieds,

We hope you are healthy,

This time we are happy to share good news with you.

We are the only organization in the country that takes care of  the education of  the leaders of non-profit organizations in Ecuador. The results we have achieved through education, training and mentoring are evident.

Hearts of Gold is part of building a more humane society and with more opportunities for a good future for our children, adolescents and families.

These have been months of great anguish due to the health emergency in which the world is going through CORONAVIRUS (cov-19), however we have managed to take a great step from the face-to-face CAP community assistance program, and turn it into online classes. We have offered 13 workshops aimed at our partner foundations and the community in general, with experts in different areas. This has allowed us to continue educating our community despite the situation we are going through.

Thank you for your support because the most powerful tool of the human being is EDUCATION, we invite you to continue supporting us.
The reality we live in now is very difficult, but we are sure that we can move forward, survive if we join hands, join forces, and build a better life together.
Thank you for having a heart of gold, and making many hearts continue to beat. Together We build a more just and humane society.

Together We are the Change.
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