Dec 8, 2020

You are Making a Big Difference!

Dear friends, 

We hope this email finds you well

We want to thank you for your trust and support during this difficult time

Here is a little report of activities that you have helped accomplish

 We can differentiate four times in the activities of Fundación NÚR 2020:

1- The initially programmed one

2- The emergencies that were carried out in the most critical months of the pandemic

3- Those that emerged as a response to the health and economic crisis already unleashed.

4- The final period, of evaluation and generation of better solutions to the emerging problems


1- From January to March 12, daily training activities and task control were developed with 25 children from vulnerable conditions, and family orientation workshops with their parents.

Progress was made in agreements with other institutions (HIAS-UNHCR) to expand assistance to

local and foreign teenagers from the neighborhood, in an integration project that was cut short when the quarantine was decreed.


2- A week after the decree of the absolute quarantine, the families of the children, whose parents lived off the daily income they generated, begin to suffer from the lack of food. We began by distributing the food reserves, and then we began activities to find donors to be able to support these families. More and more families in desperate need were coming to us for help, and we were able to help 73 families in the most critical weeks.

As soon as the quarantine was decreed, we started to use virtual teaching methods to continue with the training of the children, we acquired the necessary equipment, we looked for professional volunteers in different countries, and we set up an emergency program. At the same time, we provided families with telephones, computers, and weekly internet subscriptions so as not to lose communication with those most in need, who lacked these elements.


3 - With the pandemic already advanced, and in view of the impossibility of sustaining so many families, we reduced food assistance to 25 families with complete attention, and to 16 with punctual supervisions. We developed the "Plan de Apoyo Familiar Solidario", to enable families to adapt to this new reality and achieve self-sustainability.

We maintained the training program for children, still in force, with 34 regular assistants, and for the parents, we extended the training program and psychological assistance and began to support them in the development of micro-businesses.

We accompanied three mothers in their pregnancy and delivery and assisted almost 10 babies during their breastfeeding, currently, we continue with 5 babies with continuous support.

In addition to the families, we accompanied several older adults with food and support, we were able to repatriate one to his native country, and we continue to support two elderly people with food.

We incorporated more volunteers in various areas and restructured the foundation, looking for more agility, to be able to provide better services and obtain a better donor base to continue operating and expand benefits to families in need


4-Currently we are approaching the end of the 2020 training cycle, and we are programming the 2021 Annual Operating Plan based on this year's experiences.


Please remember you are part of this big change, NUR is offering valuable services to the community and you are part of it!

We want to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy 2021!

We are sure this coming year will be full of hope and positive changes.

Please stay safe and healthy.


Big hugs,

Dec 3, 2020

Happiness is a Full Belly

Dear Friends, 

I hope this email finds you well

We are sending you the biggest hug of gratitude and our love.

Thanks to you, we are currently feeding 120 families with aroun 5 members  once a week, we have been able to offer this service for 35 weeks.

This families have no jobs at all and some of them make only enough money to cover the cost of rent but cant afford to buy food.

This past month we have been able to add some vegetables to our food kits, this means our families are eating healthy and have the supplies they need to stay healthy and somehow protected from COVID with a balanced diet.

The benefieciesries we have been supporting have transitioned, some of this families have been fortunate enough to find a job and have left the program with so much gratitute.

In total we have helped 3434 families during this period.

This is only possible thanks to your generosity and giving heart.

Thank you for sharing  yor love with our commuity.

Also know, the families you support have learned to share and they will also give some goods to their neighbors when they have the change. 

Please remember you are always on our hearts!

We will keep you posted on the activities you continue making possible

We wanto to wish you a merry christmas and a Happy 2021!

Big hugs,

Nov 16, 2020


Dear Friends,

It is important to give an overview of our non-profit inclusion educational work for 25 years, as one of the few options with an enriching educational methodology, especially in the social and autonomy part, without neglecting academic attention.
And we are pleased to mention Nova's organization for this period of virtual classes, given daily with emotional and family support without neglecting the groups of inclusion students,
But this attention has not been limited to the screen, given the need of some students who do not get their attention, so there is a support at home; Furthermore, despite all this, the great decrease in students by 34% of the student population has not been avoided, which puts us in many financial difficulties, which we permanently seek to solve.
We appreciate the possibility of sharing our experiences.
Plase stay safe,
Priscila Morales
NOVA Director


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