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Afghanistan Humanitarian Crisis:

What's Happening and How to Help

Since July 2021, the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan has dramatically escalated. More than 1,000 civilians have been killed in the past month, according to UN estimates, and 400,000 people have been forced from their homes since January. Hundreds of thousands of Afghans are at risk of displacement and death.

This rapidly unfolding humanitarian emergency has put women, children, activists, and journalists at great risk of targeting by the Taliban. It has also made it even more difficult for families to access food, stay safe during natural disasters, and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Each of the projects below will support relief efforts in Afghanistan led by GlobalGiving’s vetted nonprofit partners. Please donate to one of the vetted community-led projects below to help people in Afghanistan during this crisis.

Afghanistan Humanitarian Relief Projects by GlobalGiving’s Vetted Partners

Grow Peace in Afghanistan: Educate Women & Girls
For 20 years, AAE used an accelerated education approach to assist, over 2500 women and girls, who didn't have access to formal education system due to age or marital status, to earn their high school diploma and to participate as an active member of the society. Now, under the Taliban rule, we're adapting to educate students safely by providing educational materials and supporting community-based classrooms.
Back To Life
Millions of traumatized children & youth in Afghanistan need to be hopeful, joyful, inspired, and invest in a bright future. The war, poverty, coronavirus, and the recent turmoil are imposing increasing depression & hopelessness. MMCC since 2002 has been the major source of educational entertainment, fun, and hope. Most mainstream donors and international resources have abandoned Afghanistan. Join us to bring educational entertainment fun, laughter, and hope for the children.
Emergency Aid for Needy Afghans
Poor Afghans in Afghanistan are particularly vulnerable in times of disaster, whether natural or economic. Those without jobs, food or homes face starvation in harsh winter weather or after other natural disasters or following displacement. In recent years, there have been landslides, earthquakes and flooding incidents where we have been able to provide help.
Urgent Help for Displaced Families in Afghanistan
The nation of Afghanistan is in turmoil and many families have fled from their homes, seeking safety. We have 300,000 internal refugees and 80,000 children who lack shelter and food. Many people have come to AIL facilities; our centers, offices and clinics are overwhelmed with needy people. We need funds to purchase food and provide clothing, shelter supplies, school supplies, medicines and hygiene items like soap, masks and sanitizers.
Afghan Women and Girl's Survival Fund
MADRE is increasing resources to our Afghan Women and Girls' Survival Fund to support the urgent protection and relocation needs of women human rights defenders, as many activists and human rights defenders are unable to leave conflict areas throughout Afghanistan. MADRE's Fund provides resources for urgent needs, legal aid, security assistance, emergency transport, and safe passage, as well as funding families willing to house activists at great personal risk.
Supporting Afghan Women and Girls on the Move
Given the situation of women and girls under the reign of the Taliban and the traumatic experiences during the journey to Turkey, this project strives for providing a comprehensive protection mechanism for the Afghan women and girls in order to meet their basic needs and support their well-being. Within this context, the project has three major components: provision of female hygiene kit and basic emergency kit; legal counselling and assistance; psychosocial support.
Help schools, victims of terror attacks and IDPs
This project will help victims of terrorist attacks and vulnerable populations at risk of famine due to collapse of the Afghan government. Following recent school terror attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan, we will provide assistance to the families of victims and scholarships to the traumatized students. We will provide support to the internally displaced, particularly women leaders, journalists, and refugees in neighboring countries with cash assistance for food, shelter and basic necessities.
Help Families in Afghanistan and Worldwide
Afghanistan is currently experiencing one of the fastest-growing humanitarian crises in the world on top of a decades-long protracted humanitarian crisis. Donate now to help us support children and families in Afghanistan and in crisis zones worldwide.
Supporting Afghan evacuees & asylum seekers
To support Afghan evacuees and people seeking asylum with their essential needs in the UK. There are more than 700 Afghan evacuees and a similar number of people seeking asylum (from other countries) living temporarily in hotels in Kensington and Chelsea. While the Home Office is providing food and shelter, many things needed to create dignified living conditions are absent or in short supply. This project is to raise funds to provide personal clothing to 320 Afghan women.
Support conflict affected families in Afghanistan
Since the Afghan Taliban took control in August 2021, the situation in Afghanistan remains tense and the future of the country uncertain. Forty years of war and insecurity, chronic poverty, and this year a very severe drought and the COVID-19 pandemic had already had a devastating impact on the people of Afghanistan. Now, the conditions have worsened. We are raising funds to deliver vital emergency relief to families whose lives have been affected by the unfolding humanitarian disaster.
Support for Afghanistan
The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is unfolding rapidly, with hundreds of thousands of people displaced in their own country. This humanitarian emergency is exacerbating an existing food crisis. According to the World Food Program, 14 million people in Afghanistan are facing severe food shortages, including 2 million children who are at risk of malnutrition. ActionAid will expand our long-standing programming and provide food, water, hygiene kits, and counseling support.
Ensuring Afghan children are safe and in school
A humanitarian crisis is taking place in Afghanistan, and Street Child are uniquely placed to continue to supply vital education through this conflict. Street Child, with your support, aim to bring life-sustaining education to 40,000 Afghan children this year, many for the very first time.
Addressing Humanitarian Needs in Afghanistan
Due to the collapse of the Afghan government, many Afghans have fled their homes, leaving their lands and livelihoods behind as they seek safety. There are more than 35,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the capital of Kabul alone, and thousands more are expected in the coming days-with many requiring emergency humanitarian assistance. International Medical Corps is on the ground and deploying mobile health teams to address the emergency health needs of conflict-impacted people in Afghan
Clear Explosives & Protect Families in Afghanistan
Nearly 40 years of conflict have left Afghanistan with a deadly legacy of landmines and explosives. Tens of thousands of people have been killed or injured by landmines. Given the current situation, HALO's work is more important than ever. HALO's work plays a crucial role in stabilizing communities in Afghanistan, not only by clearing explosives, but also by providing jobs and valuable skills and training to over 2,500 staff which in turn provides security for their families and dependents.
Protect Journalists Under Threat in Afghanistan
In Afghanistan, journalists have played a critical role in providing local communities with accurate and accessible information. The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is leaving journalists, particularly women journalists, at grave risk. Internews is providing emergency funds to meet the immediate needs of Afghan journalists and to support them over the long term to continue providing trustworthy information to their communities.
UN Migration Aid for Internally Displaced Afghans
Hundreds of thousands of people have been internally displaced in Afghanistan in the last two months. Under our UN mandate to coordinate and manage displacement responses globally, IOM is on the ground providing lifesaving supplies and building emergency shelters for those who have been forced to leave their homes. Delivering humanitarian aid in this ever-changing context is difficult, but your support can make a difference!
Afghanistan Humanitarian Response
We seek to meet the critical needs of 600,000 people. CARE has worked in Afghanistan since 1961. We are a trusted provider of humanitarian assistance, with strong relationships in local communities and a proven track record of supporting the most vulnerable, especially women and girls.
Supporting Afghan refugees in Iran
Amidst intense fear and uncertainty in Afghanistan, we are seeing thousands of Afghan families, particularly women and children, fleeing each day. Many are seeking refuge in Iran. Relief International is providing immediate assistance to Afghan refugees crossing the border in search of safety, including food, water, and shelter - as one of the few international non-profits working in Iran
Emergency Aid: Help Afghan women and children
At this dark time, Central Asia Institute remains committed to doing all we can to continue our education programs. But for now, we're shifting our immediate focus to the urgent needs of those who are most vulnerable. At present, we're working with our local partners to assess the most immediate needs of the displaced, especially children, many of whom lack food, water, shelter, and healthcare.
Helping Displaced Families in Afghanistan
This project will supply immediate short-term food relief for displaced families fleeing advancing radicalized troops in Afghanistan. Gifts up to $50 USD will be matched 50% until September 17th! It costs $40 to feed a family for 1 week, but with this match $50 will feed almost 2 families (net $75 after the match). Donate now!
Help Afghanistan
The United Nations estimates that approximately 550,780 people across Afghanistan are currently displaced and without shelter, food and water. Therefore, Hagar will focus on providing 4 key relief activities for 13,000 people over the coming months: (1) food provisions for vulnerable families; (2) providing a mobile clinic & healthcare; (3) shelter for displaced children; (4) safe spaces where children can continue to play and attend school.

GlobalGiving believes organizations that are deeply rooted in local communities are often in the best position to provide long-term support in a humanitarian crisis. By funding the relief efforts of locally driven organizations, your donations have the potential to build stronger crisis-response capacity so that our nonprofit partners in the affected areas are better equipped for the future. Read more about our approach here. Featured photo of a displaced child courtesy of the Associated Press.

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