Feb 28, 2020

Behind the Scenes: The Animal Loan Committee

Beneficiary Family at Abu Sinat B Village
Beneficiary Family at Abu Sinat B Village

We are excited to tell you that the Inception Meetings in our new Kids for Kids villages have finished up, and all the beneficiaries and committee members have been selected. Paravets are in training, and as soon as they are finished, it will be time for Goats and Donkeys to be purchased and brought to our eight new villages!  As you know, we will not bring animals into a village until there are fully trained paravets at hand.  Together, we build everything for long-term, sustainable change.

I thought you might be interested in learning more about the Animal Loan Committee (ALC), the key to ensuring the success and sustainability of our goat loan.

The Animal Loan Committee

Kids for Kids creates many committees when adopting a village, but the key committee in charge of our Goat Loan and our Donkeys is the Animal Loan Committee (ALC). The ALC is selected democratically by the community at the 2nd Inception Meeting in any village we adopt.  It is formed of 15-20 members at a ratio of 40% - 60% (men to women) so that we can ensure that women get an equal voice. The members of the ALC should include the paravets, two beneficiaries, one Village Development Committee (VDC) member and a teacher.  The chairman is preferably female because the beneficiaries of our goat loan and basic essential projects are mainly female.

Once selected, the ALC is trained in Bookeeping and Accountability and commit in the first meeting to provide regular reports back to our Project Leader and Programme Manager in Darfur. The ALC are responsible for identifying the women and families who should be considered as 1st generation beneficiaries. Then their main job is to support beneficiaries and ensure they are caring correctly for their animals in order to keep our projects sustainable. 

The ALC is responsible for ensuring that no beneficiary will sell or kill a goat, or its offspring, during the course of the loan. This ensures that the family builds up a flock which will help them as a long-term investment and that they will be able to hand on five healthy fertile offspring to the next generation after two years.

Key Responsibilities: 

1- Selection of Beneficiaries

2- Purchase and Distribution of Goats and Donkeys

3- Monitoring and Supervision of Goats and Beneficiaries (every ALC member will be responsible for 3-4 beneficiaries)

4- Monitoring and Supervision of Billy Goats

5- Meeting at least once a month and submission of reports to the Kids for Kids Team 

6- Responsibility of Revolving Veterinary Drug Fund.

7- Replacement of Goats if a Beneficiary wants to change nonproductive goats

8- Keeping written records about meetings and all the financial aspects of the animal purchases and loans

9- Keeping records of all programme assets

10- Holding regular quarterly meetings with beneficiaries to discuss projects to help them

11- Submitting regular monthly reports to the programme manager and the Village Development Committee.


Everything you help Kids for Kids do is designed to create sustainable independence--empowering people to help themselves now and breaking the cycle of poverty forever.

We do not spend anything on advertising so anything that you can do to help spread the word about our efficient and effective work will truly save lives and change lives.  

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ALC Meeting at Abu Sinat B Village
ALC Meeting at Abu Sinat B Village
Beneficiary Family at Um Ajaja Village
Beneficiary Family at Um Ajaja Village
2nd Inception Meeting Underway
2nd Inception Meeting Underway
Feb 25, 2020

Meeting Ibrahim - Again After 17 Years!

From February 2nd to February 18th, Patricia Parker MBE, the Founder and CEO of Kids for Kids, visited Darfur for the first time in nine years. Violence and insecurity in the region have meant that it has always been difficult for Patricia to visit Darfur, but over the last nine years especially, the Government started refusing to grant her a visa. Last year however demonstrations resulted in President Bashir being arrested, and today there is a civilian government who want to help their people. This means that Patricia was able to finally return to Darfur to see first hand our projects that have been run so well by our small team in Darfur.

On Tuesday 11th February, Patricia had the pleasure of meeting Ibrahim once more, who 19 years ago, was the little nine-year-old boy she met walking alone for 7 hours in the desert to reach water. The last time Patricia saw Ibrahim was in 2003, before violence in the North made it impossible to visit his village of Um Ga'al. Ibrahim was the reason that Patricia started Kids for Kids as she visited his village and realised the great need of basic essentials. Kids for Kids was created to help children, and the first projects, and key projects still today, are clean water handpumps built close to villages, and a goat loan to provide families with milk and an income.

Patricia Parker MBE on meeting Ibrahim:

“There is so much to tell you – but I have to tell you some most exciting news first …. I met Ibrahim yesterday! He was the little 9-year-old whose 7 hour walk across the desert inspired Kids for Kids and has improved the lives of over half a million people. He is tnow 28, tall, good looking – and shy. I met his wife and two of his three little children, his brother and sister – and his lovely mother Asma. It was her extraordinary generosity in offering me their only food – a bowl of goat’s milk – that made me realise we had to try to help. Ibrahim’s eldest son is now at our first Kindergarten! 

I also met Ibrahim's friend Abdallah Salih who has taught himself English and sends me news astonishingly on FaceBook from their village Um Ga’al."

Please enjoy the photos below, and video to hear directly from Patricia. We are incredibly thrilled to share this meeting with you. 

Ibrahim and his Brother
Ibrahim and his Brother
Ibrahim, his mother, sister, wife and two children
Ibrahim, his mother, sister, wife and two children


Jan 13, 2020

New Year Update from Kids for Kids

You will be pleased to hear that 2020 has started well for Kids for Kids, as for the first time in a long while, Founder and CEO Patricia Parker MBE can again go to Darfur after the previous Government would not issue visas. A trip is being arranged for February.  It is going to be an important trip to see everything first hand and report back to you as we have already started work in our eight newly adopted villages, delivering all our integrated projects. 

Along with this exciting news we are also thrilled to have started construction on five new Kindergartens and three new Health Units. You may know that these are secondary projects, available to villages after they successfully run our key basic essentials projects for a number of years. Kindergartens are to be built in the villages of Lawabid, Majdoub (A), Kindro, Hillat Kharif, and Kulkul. Health Units will be in Dor Fazy, Mireikhis, and Kamala Kira. 

Having said all this, we are still extremely worried about conditions in Darfur. There is no magic wand to provide the infrastructure that is desperately needed, and soaring inflation and lack of vital essentials has led to more hardship. However, you will be happy to hear that we are getting ready to train new midwives in conjunction with the Ministry of Health from our eight villages adopted in 2019.  Volunteers are to be selected soon and the 14-month training program to follow will provide these brave and determined women with the knowledge and skills to make a measurable and impactful forever difference to the families in their villages. In fact, in October 2019 alone, our already trained and working midwives in 21 of our villages delivered 154 healthy babies. This simple fact shows just how essential our work is - what would have happened to these babies and their mothers without the midwives you have helped us to train? 

When everything is a priority, it is a real challenge to do the best thing possible for people in such need.   With your help over the coming year we can ensure that our sustainable projects that have proven immensely success over the almost 19 years of Kids for Kids, can keep on helping more families in more villages in 2020. The best thing you can do to support Kids for Kids this year?  Become a monthly donor! Thank you.

With all our best for the year ahead,

The Kids for Kids Team

Hawa, Midwife in Um Keddada Village
Hawa, Midwife in Um Keddada Village
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