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Gender Equality | Sierra Leone  

Educate a Girl, Educate a Nation - Sierra Leone

Girls' education is a significant priority. This project eliminates stumbling blocks and provides essential resources for girls, helping the… read more
$321,935 raised of $385,000 goal
Physical Health | Syrian Arab Republic  

Save Newborn Lives in Syria

This campaign aims at securing the funds to purchase a number of modern ICU devices for Al-Ikhaa Specialized Hospital in north of Syria, to … read more
$29,300 raised of $35,000 goal
Gender Equality | Tanzania, United Republic of  

Protect Girls from FGM in Tanzania

This program with FGM survivor and activist Rhobi Samwelly protects and empowers girls at risk of gender-based violence, including child mar… read more
$241,737 raised of $300,000 goal
Gender Equality | Ghana  

Stop 295 Teen Girls in Ghana from Missing School

Girls in rural Ghana want to earn an education but struggle to stay in school once they hit puberty. Predatory men offer girls paltry sums o… read more
$62,766 raised of $65,000 goal
COVID-19 | United States | Wisconsin  

#savethebabies: Help Children Rise out of Poverty

Jake's Diapers serves babies around the world living in devastatingly difficult situations, where sometimes a choice has to be made between … read more
$158,535 raised of $200,000 goal
Physical Health | Afghanistan  

Save Afghan Women & Children with Health Care

In Afghanistan, we run medical clinics, mobile units and Community Health Worker posts reaching 16,000 patients (65-70% female) each month … read more
$147,078 raised of $200,000 goal
Animal Welfare | India  

Help Street Dogs in Dharamsala and Save Lives

Dharamsala Animal Rescue (DAR) provides a humane environment for street dogs with direct benefits to the communities of Dharamsala, India. W… read more
$280,055 raised of $300,000 goal
Physical Health | Philippines  

Birth Center Saves MotherBaby Lives in Philippines

Mothers and babies die unnecessarily during childbirth in the Philippines because often families don't have money to pay a skilled birth att… read more
$136,357 raised of $200,000 goal
Physical Health | Honduras  

Clinica de Esperanza-Clinic of Hope

One of five people in the world survive on less than $1.00 a day with no access to healthcare. This is more pronounced in 3rd world countrie… read more
$82,566 raised of $200,000 goal
Gender Equality | Uganda  

Help 5000 Girls Access Safe, Reusable Period Kits

The project will deliver 5000 menstrual kits to girls in Eastern and Northern Uganda. One kit contains 3 regular size pads + 1 maxi pad + 1… read more
$13,218 raised of $20,000 goal
Education | India  

Sponsor food, education, shelter to Orphans India

Children orphanage aim to provide care & support to 75 orphans, street children, education, health, shelter. Orphanage has 6 Care Takers, Te… read more
$266,961 raised of $445,699 goal
Physical Health | Morocco  

Clean Drinking Water for 1250 Villagers in Morocco

This project seeks to provide potable water for 5 villages in Morocco's High Atlas Mountains. Approximately 60% of rural Moroccans lack pipe… read more
$49,461 raised of $100,000 goal
Climate Action | Kenya  

Saving Kenya's Environment Through Family Planning

Kenya has one of the highest population growths in the world and has a poverty rate of 45%. As a result, Kenya's natural resources are dwind… read more
$88,643 raised of $150,000 goal
Physical Health | Uganda  

Provide HIV services to 13,000 Vulnerable Ugandans

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the poverty level of many Ugandans including our clients and negatively affected HIV/AIDS and Sexual Rep… read more
$67,217 raised of $90,000 goal
Physical Health | Pakistan  

Life for at-risk unborn babies in Pakistan

This project aims safe child-birth at our hospitals, of women living in urban slums of Lahore and at risk of maternal and infant mortality b… read more
$65,410 raised of $100,000 goal
Physical Health | Guatemala  

Rescue a Malnourished Child in Guatemala

Chronic malnutrition is the single biggest contributor to the deaths of children under 5 in Guatemala. 49.8% of Guatemalan children under … read more
$152,470 raised of $150,000 goal
Child Protection | India  

Safe care and adoption for Indian Babies

It is heartbreaking to even contemplate that a newborn baby could be abandoned into life threatening danger by being left by the side of the… read more
$45,294 raised of $50,000 goal
Gender Equality | Guatemala  

Menstrual Equity for Girls in Latin America

Days for Girls (DfG) empowers social enterprise leaders across Latin America in their community outreach to women & girls with DfG menstrual… read more
$48,505 raised of $75,000 goal
Gender Equality | Ghana  

Protect 50,000 Girls from Child Marriage in Ghana

Protect 50,000 Girls from Child, Early and Forced Marriage in Northern Ghana by providing school materials, facilitators to in/out-of-school… read more
$70,786 raised of $500,000 goal
Child Protection | India  

Give a future for 950 Indian kids living with HIV

Our HIV-positive Women's Networks provide essential care. Many children & adolescents are traumatised by loss of at least one parent to HIV/… read more
$124,464 raised of $140,000 goal
Physical Health | Kenya  

Reduce Suffering in Kenya Via Health Care Services

"Family planning could bring more benefits to more people at less cost than any other single technology now available to the human race." UN… read more
$45,417 raised of $100,000 goal
Gender Equality | Cambodia  

Supporting Women through Crisis Pregnancy

" Supporting women through crisis pregnancy. " Save Cambodian mothers from having to sell their babies or placed in orphanages, remain in s… read more
$205,352 raised of $350,000 goal
Gender Equality | Uganda  

Girls Parliament to end child marriage in Uganda

With your donation, SCOEN proposes to advance girls' leadership by facilitating GIRLS' PARLIAMENTS through which girls & women advocate with… read more
$22,950 raised of $82,350 goal
Physical Health | Cameroon  

Provide healthcare to remote displaced communities

This project provides basic healthcare in remote areas where healthcare is no longer available due to the conflict. Community health workers… read more
$18,632 raised of $21,500 goal
Physical Health | Haiti  

Run a Maternity and Neonatal Unit in Haiti

To provide a maternity and paediatric service for some of northern Haiti's poorest families, providing many with their first ever access to … read more
$146,765 raised of $140,000 goal

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