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Gender Equality | Kenya  

Empower and Educate WISER girls in rural Kenya

WISER works with girls to transcend poverty, HIV/AIDS, and gender-based violence. We do this by creating environments that produce exception… read more
$426,524 raised of $500,000 goal
Physical Health | Morocco  

Clean Drinking Water for 1250 Villagers in Morocco

This project seeks to provide potable water for 5 villages in Morocco's High Atlas Mountains. Approximately 60% of rural Moroccans lack pipe… read more
$29,761 raised of $37,500 goal
Physical Health | Cambodia  

Improve Health with Clean Water in Rural Cambodia

Trailblazer's mission is to improve health, food security, education and economic development in Cambodia's Siem Reap Province. Our first pr… read more
$37,055 raised of $50,000 goal
Climate Action | India  

Adopt a Tree; Protect Environment & Earth

This project is prepared to Give Reality on the ground to 5000 plantation for environmental protection. A strong effort will be done in diff… read more
$12,264 raised of $20,000 goal
Economic Growth | Indonesia  

Generate Income & Hope From Non-Recyclable Garbage

This project has stopped 10 tons of non-recyclable plastic waste from reaching Jakarta's garbage dumps by partnering with trash pickers who … read more
$117,416 raised of $120,000 goal
Physical Health | India  

Kill Malaria, Save Human Life

According to Health experts, around 2 million people are dying and 3 billion people are suffering from malaria disease around the world in e… read more
$4,851 raised of $11,000 goal
Economic Growth | Morocco  

Irrigation Systems for Fruit Tree Agriculture

In the High Atlas Tifnoute Valley, a 7-km irrigation system will profoundly improve the lives of 3,500 people (14 villages) whose homes and … read more
$9,866 raised of $30,000 goal
Clean Water | Sudan  

Water - the gift of life - for children in Darfur

As you read this, children in Darfur villages in Sudan are walking for hours across the desert in search of water. They are missing school a… read more
$67,800 raised of $80,000 goal
Physical Health | Mexico  

Give Clean Water to 1000 Families in Latin America

This project will train volunteers to test water for bacterial contamination. We will also supply 1000 families in Latin America with Water… read more
$51,569 raised of $75,000 goal
Clean Water | Nigeria  

Help a Child: Provide Access to Water in Nigeria

This project would provide access to safe clean drinking water in seven rural communities in three Local Councils Kano, Nigeria who had out… read more
$28,725 raised of $45,967 goal
Physical Health | Guatemala  

Rescue a Malnourished Child in Guatemala

Chronic malnutrition is the single biggest contributor to the deaths of children under 5 in Guatemala. 49.8% of Guatemalan children under … read more
$139,642 raised of $150,000 goal
Physical Health | Honduras  

Clinica de Esperanza-Clinic of Hope

One of five people in the world survive on less than $1.00 a day with no access to healthcare. This is more pronounced in 3rd world countrie… read more
$54,428 raised of $100,000 goal
Child Protection | Palestine  

Maia Project: Clean Water for Children in Gaza

The student parliament at a middle school in Gaza voted for the one thing they wanted most for their school: They chose clean water. The wat… read more
$82,590 raised of $80,000 goal
Climate Action | Mexico  

Protecting Marine Ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico

The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System is the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world & has great biodiversity. Coral reefs are very delicate en… read more
$24,490 raised of $30,000 goal
Education | Nepal  

Support Disadvantaged Children and Adults in Nepal

Pokhara is one of the largest cities in Nepal. Working with the local community we aim to provide a safe and healthy environment and build r… read more
$11,499 raised of $15,000 goal
Physical Health | Ghana  

Sustainable Solar-Powered Water Kiosks in Ghana

Project Maji designs, develops, and builds solar-powered water kiosks across sub-Saharan Africa. Using smart solar technology, our simple an… read more
$155,855 raised of $200,000 goal
Child Protection | India  

Brighter Future for 4500 Orphan children in India

A well run orphanages can be a nurturing and conducive environment for child care and development. Proper access to education, life and voca… read more
$34,327 raised of $75,000 goal
Physical Health | South Africa  

Urgent Appeal: Helping Disadvantaged Communities

Our project works across 4 townships. Working with multiple community members and partners this project aims to tackle the inequalities of t… read more
$23,745 raised of $35,000 goal
Climate Action | Tanzania, United Republic of  

Enable 500 Tanzanian youth to feed their families

We believe everyone has the right to life's basics. A roof, enough food to eat, clean water to drink and the education needed to build a bri… read more
$175,617 raised of $200,000 goal
Physical Health | Cambodia  

Clean Water for 300 Families in Cambodia

CWEF's BioSand Water Filters provide clean water to families who live in remote, rural villages in Cambodia, improving health and hygiene fo… read more
$26,182 raised of $30,000 goal
Physical Health | Mexico  

Atzin Helps Special Needs of 60 Children & Elderly

The Atzin Special Needs and Nutrition Nimechnequi Program provides enabling support to 60 children and elderly living in acute poverty in Tl… read more
$33,018 raised of $45,000 goal
Food Security | Mali  

Provide Food for Mali's Vulnerable Children

Ten percent of children living in Mali, one of the most impoverished countries in the world, have no means of feeding themselves. ACFA provi… read more
$36,899 raised of $44,120 goal
Clean Water | India  

You Can Give Kids in India Clean Water

by Splash
Splash is at the forefront of a growing movement to ensure that children in urban poverty have the resources they need to thrive and realize… read more
$249,789 raised of $300,000 goal
Child Protection | Venezuela  

Healthcare for 1000+ Children in Venezuela

This project will serve an underprivileged population of children in Venezuela, where access to healthcare is scarce. The aim is to offer me… read more
$52,115 raised of $60,000 goal
Clean Water | Macedonia, Republic of  

Equip a Day Center for Orphans in North Macedonia

Lighthouse of Hope MK exists to provide care for orphans living in North Macedonia. This project seeks to establish our first day center and… read more
$11,622 raised of $18,300 goal

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