Sep 28, 2021

News from Village, Hillat Hashab - Water pump desperately needed.


Children of the villages in Darfur, Sudan often have to walk miles and miles across the hot sandy desert for every drop of clean water. Imagine having to miss a day of school, just to get enough water for your family?   In the summer months, many children cannot go to school at all because of the desperate need for water.

Kids for Kids have been working for the past 20 years to provide clean, drinkable and easily accessible water to remote villages in Darfur.   Among our many grassroots projects, we install clean water handpumps in this troubled region where many other charities refuse to work or are not allowed to operate. We fence in our handpumps to keep animals away to keep the water clean and add a trough outside the fence so that they too can drink! We provide water carts and jerrycans to store water.

We train village committees and set up local funding mechanisms so that repairs can be carried out and the water can keep flowing long term. This is real sustainable change. Once the handpump is working, children no longer have to walk for water and can go to school. This transforms their entire future. Families can plant trees and grow vegetables, breaking the cycle of starvation and lifting them out of poverty.

Although Kids for Kids have managed to support over 100 villages over two decades, there are still villagers having to travel up to 20 miles for water in the summer months when the water table goes deep down and every drop of surface water has long since dried. Our most recent report from Hillat Hashab highlighted exactly this. They put in a request for a hand pump as many of the women and children in the village face exactly this challenge, every day of their lives.

This continued need for support highlights how valuable donations are for our water projects. No child, family or community should go without clean, accessible water. A new water pump for a village costs £6,500, which seems like a lot of money, but can there really be a cost put on access to clean water?

Please donate what you can, in order to reach this goal. Being able to provide a water pump to those who are living without clean water is giving someone the gift of life. The gift of a basic human right that we take for granted every day. 

Be the change you wish to see, support the water projects in Darfur and donate what you can, and please share our project with friends and family. Every donation, however small, helps to bring about change. The villagers of Hillat Hashab will thank you. 

Sep 9, 2021

Maagla In Desperate need of Goats and Donkeys


MAAGLA to receive goats at last.  Helping the poorest of the poor not just to survive, but to have a better future.

Maagla is a large village for North Darfur, Sudan, with a population of 2,280. It was adopted by Kids for Kids this year and, as in all our villages, the community as a whole democratically selects the poorest families to benefit first from our projects.  Key is the goat loan - Hawa age 35, was one of the first to be chosen and to receive five nanny goats. She is divorced, with 10 children, two of them under 5 years old. Her elderly mother lives with her in their straw hut. Her eldest son has had to leave school in order to search for work to help the family. For months now they have survived on one meagre meal a day. There is just one single bed made of wood and rope and virtually nothing else - just two cooking pots and three dishes.  Hawa has no farmland of her own - so the family cannot grow their own crops.  She owns no animals.  Without help, the family could not survive.   Other villagers do their best to help, but they too have very little and have virtually nothing to spare. 

The difference goats can make to Hawa's life is huge. The Kids for Kids' goat loan is providing five nanny goats to Hawa, and a local donkey.   As soon as the goats give birth there will be milk for the children.   As the flock grows Hawa will be able to slowly build up an income.  Due to the lack of seed, her children may starve, the goat's milk provides vital nutrients to children in desperate need. Hawa will be able to earn a living by selling excess milk, this income can be used to send her children to school. The donkey Kids for Kids provides will help to lighten the burden of water collection and enable her to collect firewood which she can also sell.    If a donkey dies there is no chance of a family affording to replace it so to be given a donkey is life changing.   Donkeys are the only means of transport.  If you don't have a donkey, the only alternative is to walk, often many miles across the desert for every drop of water - imagine the effect a donkey would have on Hawa. Kids for Kids also provides two blankets for the children, and two large mosquito nets.  Malaria is still the biggest killer in Sudan.  We also provide farm tools so that Hawa can get work on neighbours farms until she can get land of her own, and jerry cans.   Where necessary we will provide emergency food and basic cooking utensils.

Without this help Hawa's life, and that of all her children, would be precarious indeed.   Your help is enabling Kids for Kids to turn her life around.   Hawa will be helped to care for her animals, our paravets will provide veterinary care whenever necessary and our first aid workers will provide basic health care.   These are small initiatives but, combined, they lift families like Hawa's out of abject poverty and give a chance of a better future.  

Reports like this from Darfur highlight the desperate need for goats and donkeys - with the help of our supporters, Kids for Kids can continue to provide sustainable aid to women like Hawa and her family. Goats and Donkeys change lives. 

Aug 5, 2021

After 20 Years, Goats continue to change the lives of women in Darfur!

As Kids for Kids celebrates its 20th Year of providing sustainable, grassroots aid to the communities of Darfur, Sudan, we reflect on how far those communities have come, and how Kids for Kids has grown. 

To date, there are 106 Kids for Kids’ villages where children are no longer hungry, where water is close at hand, and where there is health care for both humans and animals. We listen to families in Darfur. We listen to their needs and provide exactly what they tell us will make the most difference long term.  

Goat loan is labelled as one of the key projects that support the women and girls in these communities. A goat provides an income, income gives women in rural Darfur villages freedom of choice and the ability to make decisions for their families for the first time ever. Almost invariably village leaders are men. Our sustainable projects give women a voice in their communities. Even owning a simple blanket is seen as owning 'household assets'.  If you have household assets then you are listened to in meetings.   "I have seen our blankets hung on the outside of the huts, not to air, but to show the mother owns something valuable" says Patricia Parker OBE, Founder of Kids for Kids.   "To me this is graphic evidence of the poverty of the families we help - and how much they need us."

Goat’s milk stops children from being malnourished, and a mother can sell surplus milk and yoghurt at the market to earn what is often her first-ever income. Five nanny goats are lent to each beneficiary family in a village, and a billy goat is shared between every three families. After 2 years each family passes on five firstborn offspring to another family in need. This system, designed and coordinated by the villagers themselves, allows women autonomy over their own lives. 

I am so hopeful you will continue to support this project.  The change you are helping us to create is beyond anything you can imagine. Even the smallest amount will go so far in Darfur, where women have so little. The families we help are some of the most deprived in the world and have never received any help at all.  By empowering women to take control of their own lives we are helping them to create a better future for generations to come.   The villages we have adopted for the coming months told us they had never ever had visitors - ever.  They are so isolated.

Support our project to help provide women and girls with a better future. After 20 years, goats are still the answer! Such an unassuming creature can provide so much to a woman in Darfur. These women deserve a future, deserve a livelihood. Help us support our fellow women for the freedoms that we take for granted!

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