Create a Safer World – Fight Terrorism Through Giving

The Safer World Fund (formerly the philanthropic arm of Our Voices Together) began as a response of family and friends of loved ones killed in the terrorist acts of 9/11. It is now engaging many people who recognize how individuals can help fight terrorism. By supporting basic education, vocational training, and health care, these projects offer opportunities to impoverished people in the poorest areas of the world, especially girls and women.

Give today to the Safer World Fund, or to one of the individual projects supported by the Fund.

Vocational Training for 1,000 Women in Pakistan
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Fast-Tracking Education for Afghan Women and Girls
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Help Educate 28,000+ Girls in Northern Afghanistan
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Grow Peace in Afghanistan: Educate 3000 Women
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Matching Funds Available

From time to time, donations to the Safer World Fund and its beneficiaries will be matched at 50%.  See full terms here.

About Us

GlobalGiving is an online marketplace that connects you to the causes and countries you care about. You select the projects you want to support, make a tax-deductible contribution, and get regular progress updates – so you can see your impact.

Impact To Date

  • $188.5 million in donations since 2002
  • 12,500 projects have received funding
  • 476,500 donors have given

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