Bring Quality Education to 50MM Brazilian Children

by Todos Pela Educacao
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Bring Quality Education to 50MM Brazilian Children
Bring Quality Education to 50MM Brazilian Children
Bring Quality Education to 50MM Brazilian Children
Bring Quality Education to 50MM Brazilian Children
Bring Quality Education to 50MM Brazilian Children

With your help, Brazil will now have more resources destined to Education of the poorest students

The year 2020 has put to the test the ability of reinvention and quick readjustment of routes for everyone. There are thousands of teachers at home teaching as they learn and millions of students having to give a new meaning to their relationship with the learning process. In Todos Pela Educação, the quick adaptation to this unprecedented scenario was no different. Convinced that the price of immobilism means the expansion of inequality for thousands of students, we’ve added to our planning for the year a new axis of actions which aim to contribute directly to handling the educational challenges brought by the pandemic.

Thus, the initiatives of the last quarter dialogued with the emergencies, such as remote education and returning to school, but also with the historical challenges of Education, such as the intense advocacy of Todos Pela Educação for a new financing policy for Basic Education, an action that resulted in its approval in the House of Representatives at the end of July. And look: after years of studies, political incidence and mobilization of key actors by Todos Pela Educação, the Brazilian National Congress enacted this mechanism so important for our public education already in August.

Moreover, one of the great highlights of the last period was the online meeting of Todos Pela Educação “Basic Education in the new scenario: adaptation and transformation”. The initiative, which mobilized an important part of the educational public debate to follow discussions about the urgencies of the current context and, at the same time, on the structural changes that become even more necessary, was record of audience on our YouTube channel, reaching an audience of over 60 thousand people so far. In addition to gathering prominent names to discuss Education in the face of the pandemic, the meeting articulated the main topics of interest and studies carried out by Todos Pela Educação during the period: the technical notes on the challenges of remote education and returning to school, as well as the study on the fiscal impact of the pandemic on the educational networks.

Despite the challenges, Brazilian Public Basic Education has had a great victory in last months with a new Fundeb (Fund for the Maintenance and Development for the Basic Education), but the struggle continues; there is still much to do to ensure a quality education and equal opportunities for all children and young people in the Country, especially now that the pandemic of the new coronavirus has deepened the inequalities - which were already huge - of Brazil.

Let’s do it together?

Thank you!
Todos Pela Educação (All For Education)

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As all students of the world, we’ve spent part of the first quarter of 2020 at home. But even from a distance we stay committed and working for Public Basic Education. We’ve kept what we had planned for 2020 and incorporated initiatives to our work that would support educational government and families in face of the new coronavirus pandemic. To qualify the public debate, giving to Education the importance it deserves, we’ve took part in one of the leading and most traditional Brazilian talk shows - TV Cultura’s Roda Viva - commenting on the current educational scenario and what to expect and how to prepare for the post-pandemic. Yet due to the crisis we’ve perform actions, studies, and partnerships to reduce the impact of school suspension and support the educational networks in the huge challenge of the return to classes.

As for the implementation of our action plan for 2020, we will remain committed to achieve our three strategic goals: to strengthen the Educação Já! agenda; to act directly to advance specific measures in the short term (prioritizing the financing and administration of Brazilian Education and initial teacher training); and to strengthen ourselves on an institutional basis.

With this planning, we started the year at full blast!

In March we’ve conducted the 1st Encontro Anual Educação Já!, which brought together more than 350 people in a remarkable day for the Brazilian Basic Education and for the history of Todos Pela Educação. Planned to have a 3-day duration, the event had to be canceled after a day due to suspected infection by Covid-19 of our CEO, which was later discarded.

The Brazilian Basic Education funding was another highlight. In addition to continued coordination alongside the legislative branch to make the main engine of Education even more robust, we’ve mobilized the society towards the issue through a campaign on social media and in the airport of the Brazilian capital, which made the theme reach more than 2 million people, including parliamentarians responsible for approving the proposal.

The first quarter of 2020 ended with massive challenges ahead due to the Covid-19 pandemic: to ensure, even at home, a quality Basic Education and equal opportunities for all children and young people of the country.

Together, even from a distance, we go further!

Thank you!

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In 2019 Todos worked to advance an agenda committed to the quality of Brazilian Education.

For Todos Pela Educação the year was a year of studies and detailing of proposals for educational policies, articulation with those who want to advance Basic Education, and technical support to the actors who took the lead in actions for the area - such as the National Congress and state representatives and municipalities. We focus efforts to advance Educação Já! (Education Now!), an agenda of effective solutions, anchored in robust analysis and studies that, at the same time, respond to the challenges we need to face in order for the country to guarantee quality basic education for all its children and young people - this means an education capable of forming for citizenship, democracy, social and economic development and one's life project.

Each one who supports our work, who mobilizes for quality education, has contributed to what we have achieved in 2019!

Thank you!


We had powerful encounters. This year, we promote and participate in powerful meetings and exchanges of knowledge, capable of impacting influencers and decision makers, spreading technical knowledge and creating opportunities for joint work to advance Public Education.

- We consolidate new spaces for dialogue with the creation of the Casa da Educação (Education House), headquarters of Todos Pela Educação in Brasília (DF). With the reinforcement of the team in the Federal Capital, we intensified the effort to make Education Já!’s measures concrete, presenting and debating this technical agenda with strategic audiences: the Ministry of Education’s (MEC) secretaries (although the portfolio is far from pointing out solutions that may actually address the problems of education), the Ministry of Economy, parliamentarians (especially the Mixed Parliamentary Front of Education, which we help to form and organize), representatives of state and municipal governments, advisory bodies such as the National Education Council (CNE), judiciary actors and third sector organizations.

- We held two major events, highlighting the centrality of quality education to advance Brazil's social and economic development: the “Education Now! Seminar”, earlier this year, which brought together members of the federal, state and municipal executive, as well as several sectors to discuss the seven priorities for Brazil to make a leap in Education; and, in partnership with Itaú BBA, we also organized the Debate “Education and the Competitiveness Agenda”, which featured relevant actors from the national economic scenario to discuss the importance of quality education for all, as a public policy, for Brazil to be a more competitive country.

- We expanded our presence in important debates, sending our spokespersons to events of various organizations, highlighting the unprecedented participation in TEDex-SP. In addition, as a result of the establishment of a team in Brasilia, we strengthened the agenda of Education urgencies in the Legislative debates in the Chamber of Deputies and Senate, attending 13 public hearings.

We produce knowledge. Such important encounters with so many people around the educational agenda were possible only because we set aside common senses and empty controversies and relied on evidence, diagnostics and science.

- In order to make Education Now! even more robust, deepening the public debate, earlier this year, Todos Pela Educação elaborated on each of the seven educational proposals and came up with 24 specific measures to support public policies.

- We identified the most deficient educational areas in the 2020 Annual Budget Bill (PLOA) - a technical work that resulted in the approval of amendments we suggested by the Education Committee of the National Congress, a fundamental step to recompose the Education budget, especially in a scenario of low tax revenues.

- We have conducted important studies, including a series focused on improving the proposal for a new Fundeb (Fund for Maintenance and Development of Basic Education) to ensure that the new mechanism is larger, equanimous and more efficient.

We map challenges, we monitor progress. In 2019, our team of experts focused on analysis and studies committed to technical expertise and commitment to developing proposals for achieving quality education with equity.

- We prepared a balance of the 100 days of the Bolsonaro’s administration in Education, in which we detected a paralysis of actions that little changed until the end of 2019;

- We publish the 8th edition of the Brazilian Yearbook of Basic Education, the only and most complete accompanying work on Brazilian Education prepared by civil society;

- We published two surveys (in July and December) on the perception of the Brazilian population about Brazilian Education on the topics: federal government, quality of education and teacher education;

- We also published a study about the initial formation of teachers, investigating in depth the participation of Distance Education (DE). The material had a great impact on the public debate, highlighting the high percentage of newcomers in Pedagogy and Bachelor Degree courses in this modality (64% in 2018). We also published an analysis of the National Curriculum Guidelines for Initial Teacher Education, an important document approved by the National Education Council (CNE) that could trigger a transformation in teachers' careers.

In 2019, once again, Todos used strategic communication, especially the tactical use of social networks and the press, to maintain a sense of urgency around educational themes, always based on evidence and seeking consensus. This year, we launched content to broaden the education debate on our channels - profiles on major social media and institutional websites - and in the press.

- We produced a video explaining the challenges and our proposal for the new Fundeb, the main source of funding for 4 out of 10 Brazilian municipalities, which helped with the training and advocacy work; We also started a campaign for Novo Fundeb, which continues to be debated.

- We launched the # SomosTodosPelaEducação campaign, a mobilization initiative that aims to bring together plural forces around the urgent agenda of education, showing that it is fundamental for everyone - the country, which is better with quality education, and every individual who benefits. to live in a more socially and economically developed society.

- In the formation of public opinion, based on the production of studies, we held two in-depth journalist training meetings on education funding and educational data; We also reinforced our presence and voice in the media as an authoritative technical reference when it comes to educational policies - we have ruled numerous editorials from leading Brazilian newspapers and opinion makers, and deepened the debate in hundreds of reports.

So much done, but so much more to do!

Let 2020 come!

All Together We Go Far

Todos Juntos Vamos Longe

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Third quarter of 2019:
The year is almost over but we have done a lot for Basic Education

At the last report, we’ve shown the important actions that we took at the second quarter of this year to put Education as a priority in Brazil, such as: suprapartisan support to a group of Brazilian parliamentarians who have taken on the public commitment to a quality Brazilian education; presentation of our proposal for a socially fairer educational funding - to guarantee more resources to poorer school systems - to important Brazilian actors; and launch of the eighth edition of one of the main publications on educational data of the Country: the Anuário Brasileiro da Educação Básica 2019 (2019 Basic Education Brazilian Yearbook).

All these initiatives gained strength in the third quarter actions. In July, we’ve organized training meetings to qualify the knowledge of Brazilian journalists in center themes for Brazilian Basic Education. The first meeting took place in São Paulo and gathered the Education beat reporters of the largest vehicles of the Country to present the 2019 Yearbook as a reference publication for social monitoring of progress and challenges of the Basic Education stages. The second meeting took place in Brasilia, Brazil’s political capital. At training, Todos presented an overview of the Brazilian education funding and mechanisms of the education budget to some of the most influential national reporters, reinforcing our commitment to a democratic, well-informed, and qualified public debate.

Also in July, we’ve announced a research done alongside Ideia Big Data on the perception of the Brazilian population about the Federal Government actions in Education and the quality of Education. For most people, kindergartens, illiteracy, and the teachers should be the State's priorities.
In August, the highlight was the preparation and disclosure of a study on the initial training of teachers in Brazil made by the technical team of Todos. In this research that was widely reported in the Brazilian media, we find three major points: the distance learning for teachers’ formation is two times as popular than in other careers, the number of future teachers in distance learning already exceeds that from traditional classes, and finally and most importantly, that distance learning shows poorer quality. The initiative is in line with the effort of public monitoring and to put Education on the agenda of the society, two pillars of Todos’ actions.

In September, we’ve opened the Casa da Educação (House of Education), our headquarters in Brasilia. In addition to allocating the team working with advocacy along with key decision makers of Brazilian politics, the space has already promoted intersectoral debates and debates on innovations in public policies, by having Education as the cornerstone for the development of the Country.

We did all this and have come to the last quarter of 2019 thanks to your support! Your help has allowed us to raise and guide the debate on public education for what really matters: improving the quality of education based on scientific evidence in Brazil and abroad. We will continue united by the challenge of ensuring Basic Education with quality and equal opportunities for all Brazilian children and young people.

Together we go further!
Thanks a lot!
Todos Pela Educação

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In the last report, you could see that Todos Pela Educação (All For Education - Todos) began the year 2019 with a total focus on its four pillars of action. Todos put Basic Quality Education on the agenda through the production of a great seminar. Produced technical knowledge detailing Educação Já (Education Já!). Articulated with public power and a wide range of third sector organizations to present Todos’ studies to public managers and parliamentarians. And enhanced public monitoring with the disclosure of Todos’ Goal 3 data.

In the second quarter it was no different. Todos started April with a great novelty: we supported the launch of the Joint Parliamentary Front of Education (Frente Parlamentar Mista da Educação), a group composed of 301 deputies and 38 senators with the commitment to advance Basic Education public policies highly aligned with the real needs of Brazilian Education. Todos will be part of Joint Front’s advisory board. One detail that makes all the difference: the initiative is subdivided into thematic commissions focused on issues that determine the quality and equity of education, most of them aligned with the seven priorities indicated in the Educação Já’s (Education Now!) document.

At the end of April, we launched the #EducationMudaTudo (#EducationChagesEverythig) campaign. It is an initiative that is at the same time an action to give transparency to the impact of Education in other social areas, such as health, safety and economy, and an invitation to people and institutions to mobilize in favor of education.

In May, Todos Pela Educação was invite to talk at various events, and was part of several meetings, to present the proposal Todos lead and built for a more equitable and redistributive financing of Brazilian Basic Education. One of the main meetings was with the National Education Council, a collegial body that assists the Ministry of Education in formulating and evaluating national policies in the area, focusing on compliance with legislation and quality.

The highlight of June was the launch of the Brazilian Yearbook of Basic Education 2019, published in partnership by Todos and Editora Moderna. The book brings more than 200 charts and tables with educational indicators and still unpublished analyzes based on the agenda of proposals formulated in the framework of Education Now !.

We arrived in the middle of 2019. With your help, we have already added countless achievements. We are united in the challenge of guaranteeing a Basic Education with quality and equity for all the children and youths of Brazil.

All together we go far!

Todos Pela Educação (All For Education)


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