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Welcome to powerful-individuals Fundraiser, Powerful Individuals charity fundraiser here at Global Giving is part of the Underground, The Forsaken, Those that hit the ground (Trauma) We are the City of Angels, We are the "Hope of a nation" We are Bringing Awareness to Cancer & diseases & Job Cruelty & Workplace Accident Awareness. Website: https://powerful-individuals.com/

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Give the Gift of Music to Under-Served Students
Help 10 000 kids escape poverty and child labour
Send a Child in India to School for a Year
Educate the Next Generation of Leaders in Freetown
Ensure the Next Generation is Literate
Help Destitute Moms with AIDS Care for Their Kids
GlobalGiving Project of the Month Club
Help Cancer Patients Find Bone Marrow Donors!
Therapeutic community-600 sex trafficked victims
Help Educate 28,000+ Girls in Northern Afghanistan
Educate and Empower Street Children in Kenya
The Freedom Project: Prevention Through Education
Feed a Child - Reduce Malnutrition in Guatemala
Spay and Neuter for 3,000 dogs in Romania
Rescue Unwanted and Abandoned Companion Birds
Help Tiger Rehabilitation Center in Russia
Pediatric Services in Remote Areas of Argentina
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
Educate Girls Orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Rural Uganda
Free-of-cost School for Underprivileged Children
Help Street Dogs in Dharamsala and Save Lives
Give Health & Purpose to a Neglected Horse
Can You Make A Horse Smile? You Bet! Here's How...
Develop 21st Century Leaders for Global Health
Mariposa Center For Girls
Educate 100 orphan girls in rural India
Break The Cycle Of Poverty Through Education
Educate 110 Girls in Cusco for Economic Survival
Support a Special Child to be Independent
Support Community Development in South-East Asia
Fruit Tree 101
Grow Peace in Afghanistan: Educate 3000 Women
Lifesaving healthcare for remote farming villages
Sponsor food, education, shelter to Orphans India
Improve Educational Equity in Rural China
CoderDojo - Support kids learning to code globally
Help dogs rescued from the barbaric dog meat trade
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Give Healthy Food to 462 Colorado Families in Need
Youth 4 Youth: Building Skills, Transforming Lives
Give Orphaned and Injured Wildlife a Second Chance
Bring Education Programs to Young Readers
Providing Life Skills to 300 Girls living in Slums
Emergency Veterinary Care for Pets of the Homeless
Healthy food for 300 visually challenged children
QualityEducation Matters to the Most Vulnerable
Long-Term Food Security for 4000 Samburus in Kenya
Global Mental Health Training
Create a Nature Conservation Reserve on Lot 46
Saving the honeybee one beekeeper at a time!
The Environmental Crisis on Native American Lands
Support 169 families with terminally ill children
Donate to Support #EqualityinTanzania
Forests4Water Brazil: Community forest restoration
Starfish Impact School
Reconnect the Atlantic Forest with 20.000 Trees
Plant 10,000 trees to grow resilience in Amhara
Help Gaza Kindergartens Heal
Build 2 Classrooms for 400 Children in Zimbabwe
Africa Drought and Famine Fund
Cultural Center for Earthquake Victims in Ecuador

These projects are no longer accepting donations:

Provide food&care for ALL our animals for 1 year!
RASA - Inclusion and Empowerment
Quality Education Ends India's Social Inequality
Operating a School for 80 Children in 2017
Support Menstrual Hygiene for 5000 Nepali Girls
Reduce Work Hours for Ecuador's Street Children
Give A Sewing Machine to a Single Mother
Educate 50 high school students from Rwanda

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