Break The Cycle Of Poverty Through Education

by Ninos de Guatemala


Ninos de Guatemala (NDG) is a community development and education NGO that provides quality education to more than 383 of the most impoverished children in Guatemala. NDG currently operates two primary schools and runs a variety of programs targeted at the broader community, including Parents School, a social work program, and classes open to all community members.
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Families that live in extreme poverty often see school as an impossible cost. Even public school carries costs, including books, uniforms, and transportation. Because parents have not experienced the increases in earnings, quality of life, and personal dignity that come from education, they don't know what they are missing by pulling a child out of school to work instead. This is why it's a cycle: children who grow up without education are less likely to send their own children to school.


By offering a quality education, NDG makes it easier for families to decide to send their children to school. Our well-trained teachers, free nutritious meals, extracurricular opportunities and practical curriculum give families more value when they enroll their children. Also, NDG's social workers teach families about the value of education and allow them to experience it themselves through our Parents School. This helps maintain student retention rates and engage the community simultaneously.

Long-Term Impact

By providing a generation of Guatemalans with a quality education, NDG replaces a vicious cycle with a virtuous one. Instead of poverty sowing the seeds for still more poverty, education today will create an environment that leads to opportunities and education for successive generations as well. Instead of leaving school to work 14-hour days in the coffee fields, children will have the chance to raise their income, engage their intellectual curiosity, and live in a more stable society.

Additional Documentation

This project has provided additional documentation in a PDF file (projdoc.pdf).


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