Oct 1, 2021

Stronger relationships: Marriage takes two!

Couples sharing experiences and laughing much!
Couples sharing experiences and laughing much!

We were able to meet with about 10 couples and 8 singles in the village of Mai Sang Naam in northern Mae Hong Son district in Thailand.  We had two days of teaching, interaction, and discussion on the topics of conflict, communication, and doing our part to make peace in every relationship.  

Most couples involved had never been to an interactive, dscussion-based seminar that encourages participation and self-discovery along the way.  Many expressed great appreciation for the seminar and look forward to future events.  Here is what some of the couples had to say regarding what they had learned:

  • “We are able to encourage one another when they do wrong.”
  • “We can be patient, bear with each other and be humble toward one another."
  • “Before if I had something against my wife, I would not talk to her for a long time.  Now, I have learned I must continue to talk to my wife and forgive her.”
  • “Now I understand that all my problems begin in my heart, and do not come from circumstances or from other people.”
Daddy spending some extra time with his girls.
Daddy spending some extra time with his girls.
More sharing and more laughing!
More sharing and more laughing!
Sep 29, 2021

A Story of Restoration

Piper is 34 years old and is a graduate of our program. She shared a bit about her story with us recently and her experience at Home of the Swallow. Piper’s parents separated when she was young, around the time that she was born. She was living with her mother who then passed away and she was sent to live in an orphanage. Piper never had the opportunity to experience life in a family, and was never able to know the loving touch or hug of her mother or father. When she was at the orphanage she felt heavyhearted and struggled a lot. It wasn’t just that she didn’t have parents, she also didn’t have anything secure in her life - not even her health. She felt that everything was stolen from her. Before Piper came to live at Home of the Swallow, she didn’t have anywhere to live and didn’t have the will to continue living. She was pregnant and couldn’t depend on the father of her child because he was in jail. 

Coming to Home of the Swallow was a turning point for her. She said, “My time at Home of the Swallow has had a profound impact on my life.” If not for HOS, she wouldn’t be able to see her son, and she doesn’t even know if she would be alive today. Piper was given the opportunity to experience the world in a new way; she found a new community, and new love through Home of the Swallow. Piper is so grateful to have had been in the environment at HOS to grow and heal from her past. She was able to experience what a true family is like through her time at Home of the Swallow. She now has a family/community she did not have before. She now has hope, new life, and a new way to experience this world. 

“I am so thankful for this house which demonstrates the real love and caring to one another. And more than that, I am certain that Home of the Swallow will have a strong impact on others in the future.” Through her time at Home of the Swallow she has developed a passion to help others that have come from similar circumstances. She sees how he offers freedom, freedom to love with deep warmth to women like her and orphans, even though many in this world will reject them. Piper wants to thank everyone at Home of the Swallow, who loved her and showed her kindness.

We are so blessed to have been a small part of Piper's story and are able to continue to walk alongside her on her journey! 

Sep 26, 2021

Beautiful Smiles By Mail

This update will be a little short as we have faced barriers to accessing the villages we want to visit. The pandemic has gotten much worse in Thailand in the last couple months but it appears our numbers are starting to go down. Our local government has allowed us to continue our work with proper safety precautions this year, but we have had to stop our visits recently.The government is currently not allowing large group activities and many schools are closed. Since we couldn't visit in person, we started mailing toothpaste, toothbrushes and fluoride to various locations through the mail. We sent out over 2,000 sets. Right now we are contacting many of our school and dental contacts around the country to supply them with the supplies they need to help local poor children have healthier teeth and beautiful smiles. Prior to the recent shutdown, we had been able to provide dental education to 880 people. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to doing more proactive site visits to remote schools to promote dental health when we are allowed to do so again. Until then, we will honor our local government officials and respect the regulations they have created for our protection.

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