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Oct 2, 2017

Thank You for Supporting Us!

Dear doners

Thank you for your support!

Last semester, we set up many courses and toturing classes for youths in the Mustard Seed Youth Home!

Children's studying is improving! Besides, they also had the chance to learn diverse stuffs!

For the Details, you can read the report here: Thank You! Youth got so many chances to learn!

This summer, children also had a wonderful camp and overcame many cheallenges together. They have learned  teamwork and developed frustration tolerance in the camp!

For the Details, you can read the report here: A Wonderful Summer for Youths!

Last month, we reached our project fundraising goal!

We want to give our deep thanks to you!

We believe that we can make a better world through good connections!
So, we hope more good people like you can get deeper involved with us!

Thank you again for your help! Together we can make the work better!


Our new project on GlobalGiving is for underpreviliaged children in Taiwan!

Low self-confidence and low self-awareness are two developmental problems of underprivileged children. These children are easily influenced by the environment and cause in behavioral deviations. The Mustard Seed Mission hosts Challenge Camp for underprivileged children. In the camp, we bring children to sink in a good community so that they can learn from good role models. They will also know an assumption that even they are not perfect, they still have good things inside of them.

Challenge Camp:


Thank you again for all you have done to help this cause.

With gratitude,

Mustard Seed Mission Taiwan

Donation Information:
MSM - the 1st registered Social Welfare Organization in Taiwan -


Aug 31, 2017

A Wonderful Summer for Youths!

cycling tour during the camping trip.
cycling tour during the camping trip.

Mustard Seed Youth Home connects with several resources to set up summer activities for youths.


6 Days 5 Nights Challenge Camp

       The camping combined with adventure education in it! In the activity, youths went to climb high mountain, river rafting, and biking. They almost wanted to quit during the trip! However, when they reach the top of the hill, they feel it is worthy to complete the whole tour and their point of view to see themselves and their lives is also wider!

       During the trip they were biking, teachers assigned different youth to be the leader! They took turn to learn how to lead and how to be a follower; they helped and encouraged one another during the cycling tour!

       Every night they had learned how to manage their budget to buy and cook food for their team! Each dish they cooked we could see their efforts and creations on it!

       We can see their capacities of adapting to change and acclimating to environment have been developed during the journey!


Other Summer Activities

Hamburger Workshop!

       A hamburger shop owner came to teach youths how to make hamburger. Through the teaching, youths made different tastes of hamburger and they created their own favor of hamburger which tastes sweet!

       The owner shared his life stories to youths and took the favors of hamburger as a metaphor that life is filled with good, bad, bitter, and exciting things. He guided youths with his life lessons and inspiring youths' understanding of life.


International volunteer English Camp

A oversea international volunteer team come to set up 5 days English class for youths to stimulate youths' interest of learning English through songs, stories, and activities.

They hang out together and eat together! Youths have more motivations to speak English with these foreign guests and the fear of learning English is decreased.


Career Experiencing

       Mustard Seed Youth Home is always preparing for youth's career path because one day these youths will leave Youth Home when they are 18 and have to make a living by themselves!

       The Mustard Seed Youth Home connects with job bank, local hotel and food vendor. Job bank introduced youths the current situation and future needs in the Taiwan employment market.

       Youths took job orientation in the hotel and food vendor and know different position requires specific skills. Youths also came up with many questions and the docent's answer made them have more understanding on the marketplaces. This is able to be their base to prepare their future career path.

English Class provided by international volunteer
English Class provided by international volunteer
Making Hamburger
Making Hamburger
Career Experiencing
Career Experiencing
Jun 5, 2017

Thank You! Youth got so many chances to learn!

English Tutor
English Tutor

Youth in the Mustard Seed Youth Home have less opportunity to learn. Through the “Vulnerable Youth Learning and Education Project”, youth have gotten many chances to learn, to explore their inner strength, and to increase their life experiences and social adaptability. During the process, we have found development and improvement of these youth. We also have found that their school performance and self-confidence are improving.

Teacher’s Feedback:

Tutoring for Youth in the Mustard Seed Youth Home is critical. They don’t have much motivation to learn because they are from dysfunctional families, and for some reasons they are close to giving themselves up. Therefore, they don’t have much interest and motivation to learn.

However, we found that they don’t really want to give up. They have lower learning motivation because they are not able to catch up with school learning schedule and also are not able to do well in school works. This causes many disappointments to them while learning. Thus, when we were recruiting tutoring volunteers, we made it clear that please teach youth from the very basic level in order to generate youth’s learning interest. Afterward, tutoring volunteers can teach youth upper level depends on youth’s learning performance.

On top of that, we also care about their self-development. So, we bring in some talent program to youth and we hope they are able to raise their self-confidence through developing their interests. These youth are from poor families, they don’t have much chance to learn talents such as playing music instruments. In the Mustard Seed Youth Home, we try to offer them the chance to learn music theory and play music instrument. We found they got many accomplishments from learning music and also know “no pain, no gain” during learning music instruments. Youths are willing to spend more time on practicing and want to go to next level.

Youth’s Story:


Alex and Tim are brothers. When they first arrived at the Mustard Seed Youth Home, they were strongly self-defended. In the past, their gambling-addicted mother always let them drop out of school and play computer games at home. So, when the youth home teacher was explaining to them about the rules at the Mustard Seed Youth Home, the facial expression on the two of them displayed their impatience.

After a period of time, they have become their home teachers’ and school teachers’ good helpers. The youth home offers tutoring services for youth. Through the tutoring and hard-work, Alex, the older brother, even got seventh place in his class twice. He is also expecting to score into an ideal high school so that he can improve the family environment in the future.


1. Tutoring Class:

We offer subjects of Math, English, Art, Language, Society, and Science for youths to learn. In 2017, we will provide youths 400 hours tutoring (40 weeks).

In this semester, 14 youths are participating to learn. They are attending the tutoring class 163 hours (18 weeks). So far, 9 youths have gotten significantly improvement on their school performance.

2. Talent Class:

We offer Jazz drum, electric guitar, BASS, guitar, piano, keyboard, and music band classes. Total 60 hours (20 weeks). Through the talent classes, youths are able to develop their emotional management and adaptability in group life.

In this semester, 10 youths are taking talent classes. They have highly improvement on emotional management and adaptability in group life; also, they have higher self-identification and more self-confidence through learning music. Besides, they have less fear to express themselves and are willing to use the ability of music appreciation in their daily lives.

Activity or Event in the Next Three Months: 5 days 4 nights Cycling Tour Camp

Photos of the Project:

English Class
English Class
Math Tutor
Math Tutor
Language Class
Language Class
Guitar Class
Guitar Class
Keyboard Class
Keyboard Class
Piano Class
Piano Class
Bass Class
Bass Class
Cello Class
Cello Class
Art Class
Art Class
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