Jul 6, 2021

PROJECT UPDATE Greek Homeless Support in COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic sowed catastrophe into the daily lives of people around the world, but perhaps none felt its consequences more acutely than those experiencing homelessness in its various forms. In the face of the crisis, Emfasis has identified the critical needs among its beneficiaries and has provided vital relief to those in our community who are exposed and marginalized, living in non-permanent or unsafe places.

With the financial support of 13 generous donors and Emfasis’ tireless volunteers, we have provided 1000's of basic necessities with contactless deliveries, psychosocial services through the 2 mobile support units & streetwork/outreach teams, a hotline number for immediate support and recording of emergency lockdown needs, as well as vital information leaflets. The geographical coverage included the prefecture of Attica and 18 different municipalities.

Having given €1,269, donors to this fund have already raised a third of the fund’s €3,253 goal after only three months. In the coming months, as Emfasis works to raise the remaining €1,984 toward the fund’s goal, we will continue to provide survival kits including masks, gloves, toothpaste, baby wipes, soap, non-perishable food, water, juice, snacks, blankets, sleeping bags, clothing, shoes, and books. In addition, through this fund, Emfasis plans to provide temporary housing for individuals with critical health conditions.

While the pandemic seems to wane in some regards, its threat still remains significant to the most vulnerable among us. With your support, Emfasis will continue to offer our beneficiaries dignified solutions, in this time when human contact is so rare and precious. Visit our website

May 28, 2019

Heal Syrian Refugee Children Report 12

We are very proud of the program, of its goals and objectives and of its benefits to all of the young participants.  

Despite the always challenging conditions, the high turnover of the Syrian youth, the emotional turmoil faced by those in constant “wait” to receive news and updates for their future circumstances, the program has managed to overcome all such challenges and provide with an artistic and creative escape from harsh realities.

In parallel with the photography and videography workshops, numerous interactive discussions, activities and constructive reflections took place. The Syrian youth was able to express its fears, frustrations, hope for a brighter future, resilience for what may come.

They were exposed to their own talent, the Greek culture, they were armed with confidence and credit for the talent showcased.

By the end June, we will complete the last workshops and temporarily cease the program for a period of time, as the atmosphere is rather tense in view of the snap elections announced and changes in the refugee/migration policies are anticipated. The access to the various camps has been recalled, hence, the logistics almost impossible to implement. 
We see it as an opportunity to invest the required time to conduct a thorough assessment of our social impact, review our precious video and photo material, and share with the youth and the parents all of their astonishing creations.

The cease will be a moment of celebration of more than:

2 years of team spirit, bonding, creativity beyond borders
185 young participants in the workshops
78 workshops of photography/videography
Thousands of photos taken by the Syrian children and youth
100 different mini videos/footage during the workshops

Emfasis team will stay in touch with all the participants addressing issues that may occur in the future as part of the ongoing support we tend to offer to every vulnerable group of people. The bond between us is strong and it will continue to exist even though the project comes to a closure.


Feb 27, 2019

Heal Syrian Refugee Children Report 11

Here is our latest news from our Heal Syrian Refugee Children Through Photography project!


Τhe camp is no longer accessible due to change of government policy which has revised all permits of entry for the remaining NGO’s in the government run refugee camps.

All workshops are now held at civilian meeting points catering for refugee families, located in 3 different locations in the center of Athens and greater Attica.

The sessions have been a combination of life skills such as “independent use of means of transport” as to how to reach the meeting venue, widening the audience with more refugee families and children who now live in subsidized apartments, aiming to obtain a stronger sense of community, with classes who have mixed audience (in and out of camp).

Our photographer has discussed with them whether it would be advisable to complete this round of workshops now at the end of February, and keep a single class with the elder students that have a number of photography tasks to fulfill.

We are also discussing with the parents, if they would like to take a break, as admittedly the weather conditions have been overall challenging and moving from one place to another and especially coming from the camp area which is almost 40km outside Athens, has put a lot of strain on them.

The general consensus was to take a small break for the month of March until the weather conditions would be significantly better and kick back the classes as of April. We already discussed how we could possibly have a fixed outing per week to boost morale and trigger more interest with some out of the city day trips. We have obtained a positive reaction from all concerned and now need to sort out logistics and safety.

Our new stream of helping volunteers will play a key part at the next stage, the video/filming has provided a nice enrichment for the elder students and we are proud of their strong will to pursue with the alternate photo/video shooting.

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