ROSI foundation(Rural organising for social improvement)

"Creation of a free society without existing exploitation, oppression and deprivations between people to people in the name of caste, creed, religious, color, gender and race through sustainable empowerment of community / concern people on gender, human rights, economic, environment, traditional and cultural rights" is VISION "Rights and development of Dalit, Tribe, women, children, aged, widows and other disadvantaged people " is main objective
Temple Forest Conservation
Historically the temple forests in India have served many spiritual and religious purposes that the sacred acts to integrate the benefits of temple forests in rural development. 50 temple forests are protected in this project. 50 saplings to be planted in each forest. Motivation and awareness for community are done. 1000 kinds of tree and herbal existing are conserved. Biodiversity existence is conserved with existing plants and animals. watering to plants.
One solar light for children reading into forest
In forest area, electricity is not reaching. Tribe and forest dwellers are in dark life. Animal threat and risk condition are continued. TV/Radio, lights and mobile phone are not reaching them due to no electricity. In condition, night time cooking is very difficult for women. children education and night time reading is difficult in the dark place. in this project one solar lantern is given for children reading and education. it is used by one child or one more children of each families.
Save Cheverotain (Mouse Deer) from Enadanger
The Mouse Deer are hunted and become as endangered condition. In destruction and shrinking of forest areas, it has been losing its numbers and survival. Because it is hunted easily by wild animal and man. It is also very sensitive type. Its breeding and survival was under challenge. It can survive only in to dense forest and greenish areas. It eats vegetation and grass items only. In this project, tribe and forest dwellers are motivated against hunting and endangered condition of Mouse deer.
Training centre construction for Tribe Women &Girl
The training centre is constructed for Training on MFP (minor forest produces), Vocational trades, IGP, Tailoring, Legal awareness, human rights and other rights based matter. Present training in rental building are not sufficient. So empowerment of tribe women and youth is major challenge. The training centre will equip few thousand of tribe women and youth by 500 each year. It will free tribe girl and women from sex abuse, trafficking, caste bondage, rape and murder, and all other violence.
2000 Tree and herbal  in 10 schools garden
We are forming garden by tree ad herbal saplings in 10 schools involving children and teachers. Awareness creation and action in Garden formation and caring are motivated. Environmental value tree and high value medicinal plant by 200 sapling in each school ie 2000 saplings are planted and garden formed. Watering and caring are done by students. It reduces CO3 effect and air pollution. It impacts on Ozone layer and climate change
100 Bio-Diversity Spots' Formation in Tribe Areas
Awareness making to 5000 tribe and local people on biodiversity. Motivating tribe and local people in biodiversity practice and conservation. In eastern gates, thousand of flora fauna species are endangered condition due to continue environmental degradation and deforestation. Herbal plants, trees and animals with forest and mountain ecosystems are destroyed. Tribe people livelihoods and survival are fully depending forest and lives. This project is making knowledge and practice on biodiversity
Save the Forest from Tree Fellers in Palani Hills
Palani Hills is with enrichment of flora fauna and high environment. Mountain ecosystem and forest ecosystem are existing with biodiversity. But now destruction of environment by illegal tree felling, mining and development work is being done. It is degrading and risk of the environment. We motivate local tribe community, pressure Govt functionary and take legal action by court. It is giving good impact and so tree felling and environment degrading activities are being prevented.
One set dress for 26 orphan elder persons
In this new year 2017, one set dress, blanket and Pillow are provided to each of elder persons in our home. It will make happy to them and solve their insufficient dress, preventing from cold and giving comfortable sleeping.
One Time Dress for 90 Poor Tribal Children
In Salt production work, rural poor are involving in day and night. Poverty, bondage and caste slavery are covering their life and risk of security. In this condition they can't make any observation and care on their children education and needs. So most of children are as dropout, lack of food and nutrias and cloths. ROSI Foundation has been working for their rights and empowerment. Five more tuition centers are being run there. This one time dress in this new year 2017 will be very useful
Dress and Sweets make Happy in New Year
Tribe people are living under poverty and hunger condition in to dense forest and caves without any basic amenities. The dark life hits children and their development. Very limited rescuing and rehabilitation among tribe people are happened. Children are studying in our support by special education, coaching and regular schools. your support will give dress, sweet and encouragement in education and hope in life. One dress, footwear and sweets with toys are provided to each of 150 tribe children

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