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The Kasiisi Project

The Problem

Fundraising to scale: reaching and being able to coherently market the Kasiisi Project to new networks of potential donors. Raise awareness about the Kasiisi Girls Project specifically. Creating accessibility for donors.


The Kasiisi Project aids education in and around Kibale National Park in western Uganda. The organization runs a variety of different projects, ranging from building primary schools to training teachers to promoting computer literacy. The Girls Support Program emphasizes the sobering facts that only 38% of kindergarten girls in Uganda complete primary school and that only 13% will attend secondary school as a direct result of not being able to afford sanitary pads and the lack of access to clean latrines and washing facilities.

The long-term impact of this project is a self-sustainable cycle of hygiene education, allowing for thousands of girls to attend school, as well as making eco-friendly sanitary pads affordable by creating their own source and moving production local.

The Solution

Alice found GlobalGiving through the Global Engagement Summit (GES), and participated in the GES Project Challenge in May of 2009. The Challenge ran for three weeks and participants were required to raise at least $4,000 across 50 donors in order to earn a permanent spot on GlobalGiving. Alice secured $10,675 across 303 donors, earning not just a permanent spot on the website but also $3,000 worth of bonuses.

The Challenge atmosphere is crucial to driving volume on GlobalGiving, and an effective way to quickly expand donor-bases that could result in generous recurring donations and further referrals. Alice found that $30 was the most frequent donation size, and she reacts to her donor-bases by ensuring that her project always has a donation bracket of $30, as well as two other below $100, with meaningful wording to help convert site-users to donors.

Alice channels potentials donors to her GlobalGiving project page to provide legitimacy and reassurance as well as ensure that donors are immediately added to their update loops. By reporting frequently with engaging content and relevant information Alice ensures that her networks are told what they need to know and when they need to know it, which in turn helps with driving more recurring donations. Activity on GlobalGiving increases visibility, and Alice understands this and acts upon it to her advantage; by frequently reporting Alice increases her project visibility and the possibility of being featured on the GlobalGiving homepage or being referred to corporate partners.

Most importantly, Alice’s efforts pay off. The Kasiisi Project has seen consistency in donation volume, and in 2009 Alice was featured on a gift registry created by Oprah Winfrey. Since earning a permanent spot on GlobalGiving, The Kasiisi Project for Girls has raised over $100,000 from over 1,400 donors, reaching a place that Alice “never thought was possible.”


The Kasiisi Project for Girls has scaled fundraising through GlobalGiving and, more importantly, been able to examine their fundraising strategy in a fundamentally different way. Through the GES Challenge The Kasiisi Project has been able to grow their programs, increase fundraising targets, and creatively think about future goals.

Production of the sanitary pads that keep girls in school shifted from being outsourced to local, which lowers costs to make them affordable as well as creates a source of labor within local communities. The program has evolved from keeping girls in school to providing a comprehensive and hygienic environment in which Ugandan girls can feel confident to learn.

This learning environment will fuel the sustainability of the project and ultimately profoundly change the demographics of Uganda at the system level: increasing attendance rates of girls in elementary schools and empowering a young generation of female learners that will go on to shape the future of the country. GlobalGiving help add value to The Kasiisi Project’s fundraising, and provides a coherent and accessible platform through which to channel these funds is made possible.

Looking Ahead

The Kasiisi Project aims to continuously re-evaluate current fundraising targets and identify the issues of the community when presented, as well as how to solve them at a grassroots level. Alice envisions comprehensive sustainability, and hopes to be able to continue using the resources available through GlobalGiving to accomplish this.

girls at Kasiisi



Libraries Across Africa


libraries across africa logo

The Problem

Accessing tools to leverage new donor bases.

Gaining the expertise and confidence in using these tools to drive volume.


Libraries Across Africa (LAA) is a non-profit that seeks to empower individuals through access to technology and information. LAA was founded in 2010, and its founders believe that books and libraries are the catalysts for community development and empowerment.

The Solution

LAA became a partner with GlobalGiving through participating in the Evoke online game and subsequent GlobalGiving Evoke Challenge, which ran from Aug 1 to 31 2010. This Challenge provided LAA and David Dewane (project leader) with access to donor-bases previously unreachable, and a platform that provides legitimacy to David’s idea without having to spend time and money applying for a 501(c)3. Furthermore, GlobalGiving allows for David to extend his reach to secondary networks and grow his fundraising efforts whilst maintaining his transparency as an innovator.

When David participated in the Evoke Challenge he was a Masters student at Rice University. Through attending GlobalGiving trainings and conference calls he was able to identify his target donors as fellow students, family members, and friends. More importantly, GlobalGiving allowed David to overcome his inhibitions to fundraising, approach LAA’s fundraising strategy from an entirely different perspective, and ultimately convert regular site-users to donors.

The Challenge atmosphere, when coupled with an “evokation”, inspires the sense of urgency required to dramatically increase the number of conversions. In addition, during the Challenge period David was consistent in writing personal appeals to his primary networks. Through these personal appeals he quickly discovered that what begins as an e-mail to a close family member can easily transform into a series of e-mails garnering donations from secondary and tertiary networks of whom David was previously unfamiliar with. Finally, bonuses were awarded to Challenge participants who were able to acquire the highest number of comments on their Project Page.

LAA successfully secured $1,850 worth of bonuses, with 302 unique comments.

Through the GlobalGiving platform LAA have been given access to a much wider range of fundraising tools and opportunities. In 2011 LAA were referred to Dell for entry into the Social Innovation Competition, eventually securing a $10,000 grant as well as a $5,000 stipend for travel to Ghana. Furthermore, LAA were also referred to EchoingGreen, receiving crucial mentoring and in-kind rewards to help formulate a coherent online strategy.

Since joining GlobalGiving LAA have raised $7,447 across 142 unique donors.


Self-sustainability and empowering future generation is at the heart of Libraries Across Africa. The innovation is simple yet elegant: provide a stimulating and informative environment for the leaders of tomorrow, enabling them to make decisions that will fundamentally shape the future of their communities. Information is power, and an informed community is a powerful one.

LAA delivers more than just technology. These new libraries consist of three parts. The Anchor houses the community-generated physical material; the eHub houses the digital resources as well as the printing facilities for the community to generate their own content based upon local interests; and the Agora which serves as a safe, open space for community members to share knowledge and solve common issues. These three components provide an entirely new, rich learning experience for community members, as well as the ideal environment to discuss the future of their community.

Furthermore, LAA seeks to not only improve the welfare of their countries of operation, but also create a ripple effect across the African continent. Currently only 10% of the world’s Internet users are African, yet Africa is one of the fastest growing markets for information technology, and LAA aspire to become an integral part of this accelerated development.

Looking Ahead

LAA are looking to raise $25,000 in order to complete the construction of several proto-type e-hubs. Shipping these e-hubs to Africa is another feat entirely, and will require even more funding. LAA and GlobalGiving are discussing how these fundraising targets could be met through the platform, and how GlobalGiving can continue to adapt to the new and innovative demands presented by LAA. Most importantly, GlobalGiving are excited for the deployment of LAA’s proto-type to Ghana, coming later this year.


Zimkids Orphan Trust

The Problem

Fundraising to scale; developing a new donor-base, year in year out.

Zimkids is founded and run by Dennis Gaboury, who divides his time between Zimbabwe and the US, either expanding the orphanage or fundraising. Dennis finds it hard to ask donors online for a donation.

Furthermore, obtaining larger donations becomes increasingly difficult without accreditations. As an individual, Dennis had very little credibility – anyone can put up a website and ask for donations, regardless of their legitimacy.

“I looked into applying for a 501(c)3 and it’s onerous and it costs money. I have certain principles that I won’t compromise, and I won’t ask my donors to pay for a lawyer to file a 501(c)3. I want my donors’ money to feed my kids [Zimkids]. I was coming up against a wall that was going to hinder anything that we did: GlobalGiving broke down that wall for me.”


Zimkids Orphan Trust is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that seeks to provide safety and stability to the otherwise tumultuous lives of Zimbabwean orphans. They are “committed to ensuring that the children and their caregivers have access to food and medical care, as well as creative, recreational and educational opportunities.” Zimkids have two active projects on GlobalGiving: Feed Zimbabwean Orphans, Body and Soul, and Building Zimkids a Home: The Adrian Suskin Center. These projects complement each other, helping the children learn about the responsibilities of growing up and the importance of self-sustainability.

The Solution

Dennis has been able to fundraise to scale by having access to the right the tools to constantly expand his donor bases, network more efficiently, and grow Zimkids, as well as a source of credibility and transparency to confidently secure funding from corporate partners and individuals looking to make much larger donations ($10,000+). “Without GlobalGiving, that would have ever happened.”

In the first two months on GlobalGiving Zimkids successfully raised $31,056. By the end of the first four months of GlobalGiving, Zimkids doubled this number to $66,197.

Dennis used the Open Challenge to leverage already existing networks in order to significantly grow his donor base and surpass the thresholds. The purpose of the Open Challenge model is to inspire the sense of urgency required to mobilize donors. Zimkids has no office, and no other staff. Yet Dennis was able to not only bring in $27,726 in donations, but also across 111 donors.

The Challenge is designed to be difficult. Participants are forced to mobilize their networks, learn how to leverage new ones, and experience fundraising in a different way. The competitive atmosphere inspires the sense of camaraderie and urgency that drives donations.


Zimkids gives orphans in Zimbabwe the opportunity to become leaders. Their organizational structure facilitates peer learning and direct responsibility, which Dennis notes as key to acheiving self-sustainability. Through a “council of elders” – the juniors and seniors – the children at Zimkids are in direct control of their own future: an opportunity that would have never been possible otherwise..

GlobalGiving has taken Zimkids to, as Dennis describes, “a place we never dreamed we’d be. Dreaming something and then having it happen are two very different things, and what we’re doing now, like the building of the center, was pie in the sky.”

Zimkids began fundraising in order to ensure that the children were going to be able to have a future. With the help of GlobalGiving this vision has become a reality.

The beauty of the GlobalGiving platform is exemplified by 885 donations across 689 unique donors: everyone has the power to give, regardless of donation size or fundraising goal. Zimkids has received donations from people that Dennis wouldn’t know if he bumped into them on the street. Zimkids continue to leverage new donor bases through networking on a very personal level, attending speaking engagements, and providing potential donors with a cause that they are able to identify with. Their project page is clear and concise, with beautiful images of their beneficiaries as well as engaging project reports that summarize the latest developments on the ground.

Providing donors with the reason to become personally vested in Zimkids helps maximize recurring donors as well as attract new ones.

Zimkids is now looking after 160 orphans, with plans to expand the center and improve general efficiency. “It’s [the project] no longer just ‘pick up food in the pickup and drive it to the place.’ We’re having tractor trailers carrying in food now. It’s a different ball of wax.”

Looking Ahead

Zimkids are looking to move from gas electricity to solar-power, and for the site to have its own water source, allowing for the operation to become less dependent on the nearby town. Zimkids has expanded dramatically since its inception, and GlobalGiving aim to drive that expansion even further. The goal for Zimkids is to become entirely self-sustainable, and for Dennis to be able to take a break.

learning to type


Leadership Initiatives


leadership initiatives logo

The Problem

Building a consistent donor base. Converting one-time donors into recurring donors.

Engaging with your donor-base so that they grow with your organization and become personally vested in the success of your projects.


Leadership Initiatives (LI) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that seeks to renew democracy on a grassroots level through cultivating self-reliant leadership.

The Solution

The online platform and resources available through GlobalGiving have been crucial in LI’s pursuit of fundraising to scale. Knowing whom the money is going to, and what the impact of that donation will be is key in converting users to donors. The project page on the GlobalGiving website provides potential donors with the credibility report that is often needed for a conversion. Furthermore, if donors aren’t convinced upon first glance, a few simple clicks will reveal the previous project reports of the organization, recent donations, photos, and contact details for the project leader. Marshall says that this transparency is key to being able to mobilize your networks and expand your donor base.

The accessibility of the platform allows for the constant expansion of GlobalGiving’s donor bases, to which LI is a direct beneficiary. However, Marshall realizes that donors don’t simply ‘happen,’ and “the more that you put into GlobalGiving, the more GlobalGiving will give back to you.” Project reports are crucial to increasing visibility across the platform, and LI have strategically used their project reports to engage with their donor bases, providing them with stimulating imagery and interesting updates from the field.

Furthermore, Marshall uses the project reports to ensure that donors’ contact information is kept up to date. When a bonus day arises Marshall and his teams email their donor bases to ensure that all of their previous donors are aware of the on-going matching campaigns. Being informed as a donor is key to the success of an organization on GlobalGiving. Marshall informs his donors of opportunities that could act as game-changers to his organization, highlighting their expiration date. The sense of urgency attributed to a Challenge or Bonus Day is a mobilizing force for donors. On the June 15th Bonus Day LI raised a total of $28,480, leaving their project “Create 40 New Jobs & 3 Businesses In Nigeria” only $985 away from target.

Finally, Marshall has used GlobalGiving as a landing page for potential donors via other traffic sources. Through purchasing various URL’s and redirecting these to their GlobalGiving project page Marshall channels donations via GlobalGiving and ensures a greater level of synchronization between his donor bases.


Leadership Initiatives provides the unique opportunity for Nigerian grassroots communities to identify leaders who are able to launch profit-generating self-sustainable businesses. This model expands to the community level and improves welfare within neighborhoods, with the aspiration that this change will inspire democratization at a regional and ultimately national level. The for-profit businesses that LI seek to establish address pressing local issues. LI assists in identifying leaders within the communities, training these leaders and providing them with the skillset for success, and then allowing these leaders to inspire other communities within the region to democratize and achieve a degree of self-sustainability.

Looking Ahead

Marshall envisions using GlobalGiving as an integral part of their future online fundraising strategy. Furthermore, LI are planning to launch an exciting new program in Nigeria by the end of 2011. They would love to use GlobalGiving and their already existing donor bases to fund this project.

Marshall is also excited to see GlobalGiving grow. As GlobalGiving expands its horizons and begin to incorporate new technologies Marshall has said he would love to be on the forefront of testing these out. From events management systems to donor-rollover, Marshall and LI plan on integrating GlobalGiving further into their existing strategy to drive donations across various mediums.


Asociacion de Grupo Trabajo Redes (AGTR)

The Problem

Blanca had no access to online fundraising tools, strategy workshops, or donor bases.

She had never drafted an online fundraising strategy, and her organization’s presence on Social Media platforms was limited.

She identifies the biggest challenge to fundraising as being able to have a person dedicated to “building a network of target donors and maintaining communications.”


Asociacion de Grupo Trabajo Redes (AGTR) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) whose mission is to defend the rights of minorities discriminated against due to poverty, age, gender, color, language, or culture. They currently have one active project on GlobalGiving dedicated to empowering 800 women and girls in order to “escape 14 hour days, avoid abuse, attend school, and earn fair pay.”

Asociacion de Grupo Trabajo Redes (AGTR) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) whose mission is to defend the rights of minorities discriminated against due to poverty, age, gender, color, language, or culture. They currently have one active project on GlobalGiving dedicated to empowering 800 women and girls in order to “escape 14 hour days, avoid abuse, attend school, and earn fair pay.”

In 4 ½ years (beginning January 2007) AGTR had fundraised $27,000, averaging at $500 per month.

The Solution

GlobalGiving enables AGTR to access fundraising tools, attend training sessions to enhance their online fundraising strategy, and capitalize upon the resources available. Blanca and her organization succeeded in the April 2011 Open Challenge, raising $13,443. In the first two months on GlobalGiving AGTR successfully raised $16,071, securing a 1,507.1 % increase, and averaging at $8035.5 per month.

GlobalGiving runs training sessions and webinars prior to the Open Challenges, ensuring that organizations are adequately prepared for a fundraising sprint that they may or may not have experienced before. AGTR made use of these training sessions and went on to being in the top five on the leaderboard.

The accessibility of GlobalGiving provides AGTR with a constant supply of new donors.

Anyone with access to the Internet can create an account and register with GlobalGiving, either to donate to a cause or to nominate an organization; as such, the user database is constantly expanding. AGTR’s project has successfully brought in over 300 donations from 293 unique donors (and counting).

GlobalGiving provides a skillset that inspires the motivation needed to frame a coherent and engaging online fundraising strategy. We help AGTR identify and mobilize previously untargeted donor-bases, ultimately driving volume.

“GlobalGiving has helped us in formulating a strategy to contact people and start a network for the future. It has allowed us to fundraise in a new way.”


TAGTR use Social Media, their website, and email marketing campaigns in conjunction with the resources available through GlobalGiving, such as personalized donor thank-you letters, interesting project reports, and training sessions to boost visibility, increase the number of unique donors, and enhance their overall online fundraising strategy.

GlobalGiving allows AGTR to fundraise to scale; expanding their organization and changing the lives of young women and girls in Peru. Innovation stems from the learning experience that GlobalGiving offers to Blanca and her co-workers at AGTR. The true potential of AGTR is realized through providing them with the support that no one else can offer, and the infrastructure that inspires innovation.

Through achieving a self-sustainable model Blanca can look to expand the orphanage, reaching more children and increasing impact.

Looking Ahead

Blanca and AGTR envision a future in which “La Casa de Panchita” is a completely sustainable operation – GlobalGiving helps realize this vision. AGTR are looking at expanding their donor bases through increasing their presence across Social Media and email marketing, and are considering taking on a volunteer to help maintain these communications and micro-manage their donor-base.

“I feel that with GlobalGiving we will continue learning and that is truly excellent for AGTR.”

young girl at AGTR
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