Supporting Women through Crisis Pregnancy

by Mother's Heart
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Supporting Women through Crisis Pregnancy
Supporting Women through Crisis Pregnancy
Supporting Women through Crisis Pregnancy
Supporting Women through Crisis Pregnancy
Supporting Women through Crisis Pregnancy
Supporting Women through Crisis Pregnancy
Supporting Women through Crisis Pregnancy
Supporting Women through Crisis Pregnancy
Supporting Women through Crisis Pregnancy
Supporting Women through Crisis Pregnancy
Supporting Women through Crisis Pregnancy
Supporting Women through Crisis Pregnancy
Supporting Women through Crisis Pregnancy

Never underestimate the resiliency and determination some women have to become loving, responsible mothers. When women first come to Mother’s Heart, sometimes we have trouble picturing them ever being able to parent a baby. We have hope always but even we can underestimate what some women will draw on to change their lives.

Like many young rural women, Konika arrived in Phnom Penh at thirteen years old to work as a domestic servant in the home of a distant relative. The cultural expectation for Konika is that she will help with the family income and maybe her siblings can have a chance at education.

While there, her relative attempted to rape her.

For Konika this is equivalent to personal failure. Unmarried with possible loss of virginity leaves her without social status or value. This is virtually a ticket into the sex industry. Konika ran away and began work in a Phnom Penh red light area. Fellow sex workers usually help out by getting you started on yama, a euphoric methamphetamine that makes you more productive and helps you cope with unpleasant clients and long hours. It is also chronically addictive, suppresses appetite and withdrawal induces severe depression (Barrett, 2006).

Konika’s life became a pursuit of money to feed her habit and support her boyfriend. In and out of NGOs, different work places, and women’s shelters, Konika could cling to nothing strong enough to help her fight addiction and all that goes with life in sex work.

It was when she found out she was four months pregnant that change really began - not immediate or fast but it was there. She now had someone to live for. Konika found a shelter, returned to work, and connected with Mother’s Heart.

Trust did not come easily to Konika. Because of her previous haphazard interaction with NGOs, she automatically mistrusted Mother’s Heart staff. She gave most of her salary to her boyfriend and occasionally relapsed into drug use. Sick and malnourished, disinterested in taking medicine, Konika would fall asleep at counseling sessions. Yet the farther along she got in her pregnancy, the harder she tried.

It was at delivery that Konika really changed. A tiny, utterly dependent baby provided the way for Konika to trust, accept love and open up to Mother’s Heart staff. She came to see how others had tried to help her and that she was receiving true unconditional help now.

Drug use had impaired Konika’s memory and comprehension. An NGO graciously offered a trial period of vocational training in the hope that Konika could understand instructions and complete tasks. She did it. She passed her trial period and is now in full time training.

Konika has been transformed. So sullen and unresponsive to begin with she is an engaging young woman who gets along well with others, cares for herself and diligently cares for the baby who allowed her to discover the power of hope.

Barrett, M. E. (2006). Nature and Scope of Substance Use among Survivors of Exploitation in Cambodia: An Assessment. Phnom Penh: The Asia Foundation.

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For this report, GlobalGiving has challegned us to tell a story of one way we have failed, and what we have learned from that failure. It can be embarrassing and even painful to admit failure, but by examining our failures we can take steps to move forward into success. 


Jana came to Mother’s Heart three years ago five months pregnant. She was a sex worker asking for a way out of that life. Desperate to help her pursue the life of dignity she wanted, we eagerly helped her fulfill her dreams.


As Jana was from a small remote village where there were no vocational training options or programs she could enter to gain work skills. When she stated that she wanted to open a small business selling rice porridge, we counseled her through that decision and made the necessary arrangements to get her started. Having no money herself or a means of earning any besides her previous job, Mother’s Heart decided to provide Jana with everything she needed: tables, pots, bowls, and spices. This was our first experience setting a woman up in her own business. To our inexperienced minds, $300 was a small amount to pay if it meant Jana could have the life she wanted as a new mom.


However, our haste was our downfall. Our eagerness brought failure. Our good intentions blinded us to the reality of Jana’s situation. We neglected to ask the right questions. Did Jana have the support she needed to leave sex work? Did she have the knowledge or will to run a small business? Did Jana want to be a mom? If we had taken the time to ask these questions and probe for honest answers, we would have found that Jana already had two other children who she was not caring for, that she needed more support to follow through on her decision to leave her previous job, that she was not ready to open a small business, and that she could barely keep her house clean let alone run a porridge stall.


Our mistakes soon came to light and unfortunately our failure had far-reaching ramifications. Jana sold her shop supplies and gave her baby away. We failed, so Jana failed.


Mother’s Heart takes full responsibility for what happened, and we have learned from this failure. To make sure we never make this mistake again, we complete a full assessment with each woman by talking to her family and village chief to learn her history.  We now know the importance of taking our time with every case, investigating each woman’s strengths and struggles, helping her figure out what she can be successful at. By learning from our failure with Jana, we have been successful setting up small businesses with other women such as sugar cane cart, noodle cart, and dessert stand. We learned how to support these women in the right ways as we now understand what it takes to help a new mom enter a new life.

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baby baskets given to each mother in the program
baby baskets given to each mother in the program

The following is a postcard from Charissa Murphy, GlobalGiving's In-the-Field Representative in Southeast Asia, about her recent visit to Mother’s Heart in Cambodia.

Rocking the baby, his breaths slow, irregular, and almost trapped within him, a terrified grandmother rocked him tightly in her arms as she explained how the baby fell two meters down stairs after an electrical fire erupted in their building the night before. This was not only what I walked in to witness at Mother's Heart at the start of the day, but I also observed the Mother's Heart staff walking into this same crisis as well. Before we even introduced ourselves to one another, the staff's unconditional care and support for the women and families it supports opened in front of me. They immediately asked questions to understand the baby's condition and the events that unfolded since the fire. Using their professional experience and training, they suggested that the mother and grandmother immediately take the baby to the only free prenatal care facility in all of Cambodia, accompanied there by members of the Mother's Heart team who would wait until the patient and family were provided guidance or care. Though the queues for this facility are usually very long and no one except for the family and baby would be allowed entrance, Katrina, Mother’s Heart founder, informed me that they should be given priority since the baby was younger than three months old and in a life-threatening state. Mother's Heart quickly called for reliable transportation and took the family for emergency help.

Although they deal with crises like this everyday and they are professionals in the support they provide, the Mother's Heart team members are also human. They worried about the baby's health and survival throughout the day. If I was looking for confirmation of the organization's impact on the women and families that it supports, I absolutely gained that today.

After learning about the services that Mother's Heart provides, including a) over-the-phone counseling, b) in-person counseling and its social work program, and c) its Pregnancy Support Program, and hearing the terrifying truth that one-in-five women have unwanted or unplanned pregnancies in Cambodia, the need for free access to support for these women was (heartbreakingly) clear for me. Mother's Heart system for evaluating, determining and offering awareness of options, and providing support was organized and effective. It is evident that they have developed programming that works, which is highlighted further by the number of stories they shared of women who were so empowered while receiving Mother's Heart's care that they now securing healthy (non-sex-related) jobs, reconnecting with their families, and choosing to live on their own or with family rather than in abusive relationships, while also being positive parents to their children.

With Mother’s Heart, I was able to visit a few of the mothers with newborns and one soon-to-be mother who was expecting her baby soon. I cannot explain how amazed I was with how much positive help Mother’s Heart provides. From counseling to medical support to living and baby supplies, to housing, transport, and after birth care, they do not ignore any potential needs. Gosh, I want to have my future babies under Mother’s Heart support! Each woman was overwhelmingly grateful to have Mother’s Heart by their side throughout it all, helping them stand on their own two feet as they help their own child discover theirs.

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I want to thank the Mother’s Heart for allowing me to visit!

housing supplies (cleaning product, food, etc.)
housing supplies (cleaning product, food, etc.)
comfortable, clean Mother's Heart information area
comfortable, clean Mother's Heart information area
mother and her healthy newborn (posed for photo)
mother and her healthy newborn (posed for photo)
many baby & housing donations from Mother's Heart
many baby & housing donations from Mother's Heart
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A hair salon owner recently contacted Mother’s Heart to ask whether a woman from our program will be available to join her expanding provincial salon. This is great community cooperation, but what is really exciting is that Chantol, the salon owner, has herself come through a crisis pregnancy helped by Mother’s Heart.

An orphan, Chantol worked in a Phnom Penh Karaoke bar. Her longtime boyfriend was supportive, often helping her out with rent and a bit of spending money. She loved him.

But she became pregnant and her boyfriend found a wealthier girlfriend. He handed Chantol $200 for an abortion and broke up with her. Heartbroken, Chantol faced facts. She was going to be a single mum. She couldn’t work and raise the baby and she didn’t have a mum to help. She wanted an abortion also.

Chantol heard about Mother’s Heart from another client in our program and came in for crisis pregnancy counseling. The support and empowerment by Mother’s Heart staff and the earthy encouragement she experienced in friendships with the other single pregnant mums helped this resilient lady decide to keep her baby. Chantol attended classes at Mother’s Heart on pregnancy, delivery, and healthy relationships.

And gave birth to a baby boy.

The father of the baby visited her to see his son. They soon began to be in contact with each other again. Mother’s Heart staff helped them be reconciled and learn how to grow a strong relationship. He helped financially support her and their son by paying for her rent and even bought her a small motorcycle to ride to vocational training. While her son was at Mother’s Heart day care, Chantol studied hairdressing knowing that with this she could put her Karaoke life behind her.

Her relationship with the father of the baby continued to grow. At the completion of her 6 months training she moved with him to his province to live with his family where he helped her open her own hair dressing shop. She has excelled at it and has trained and employed four staff.

Now she needs another staff member. Chantol wants to help another woman in the same situation she was in. She and her boyfriend plan to marry once they have saved enough to pay for a wedding.

Their young son is one and a half years old and growing.

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Vicheka's twin
Vicheka's twin

To the average person, having a baby is about buying precious baby clothes and joyously expecting the arrival of new life.  For those who have experienced pregnancy, they know that pregnancy also involves doctor’s visits and blood tests conducted to maintain the health of mom and baby. Yet despite all the medical achievements that have been made and all the danger signs that are examined, calamity can still transpire.  Unfortunately, two Mother’s Heart clients faced such calamity during their pregnancy and delivery, but because MH’s exists through the help of supporters like yourself, Chanty and Vicheka’s stories do not end in fatalities. 

Chanty and Vicheka both faced extreme medical complications.  Mother’s Heart staff were called out in the early hours of the morning to take a seven months pregnant Chanty to the hospital as she was experiencing seizures from pregnancy induced eclampsia.  Doctors performed an emergency C-section, as the eclampsia would have claimed the life of mother and baby.  Today, Chanty is doing well, and despite weighing only 1.1 kg at birth, her baby continues to put on weight and grow.

Vicheka also came close to death when she began to hemorrhage after delivering twin girls (read the detailed version of her story below).  If it had not been for the presence of MH staff rushing Chanty to hospital or advocating for Vicheka’s urgent blood transfusions, both of these women would have lost their lives unnecessarily. 

We are so thankful to our donors for your generous giving.  It is because of you that Chanty and Vicheka’s lives were saved. We rejoice that through you, we were able to help them overcome these crises and we will help them grow to a place of stability in their lives where they will be able to handle the next crisis without the need for our support.  


 How will you provide for them?


Vicheka found herself surrounded by a group of concerned women. Heavily pregnant, she would wash dishes, do mending, or help sell food, anything to earn enough to buy food for herself. At nights she settled down to sleep on the street. She had attracted the attention of some local women who worked and lived in the area. With compassion they collected some money together to give to her. One of the ladies allowed her to sleep in her home. Another gave her Mother’s Heart’s phone number.

At seventeen, Vicheka had arrived in Phnom Penh hunting for work. In the province, it was her mother’s aunt who had raised her. Her own family – mother, father, grandmother and younger brother had all died while she was a child. In Phnom Penh, Vicheka worked as a maid or doing odd jobs. It was not long before she met a boy…

Unfortunately, her partner was a savory character. Their first child died. Then Vicheka was pregnant by him again, this time with twins, yet her partner would not take responsibility for her or the babies. 

34 weeks pregnant, Vicheka called Mother’s Heart and was taken into the pregnancy support program. She was found a place to stay until delivery. 

The birth did not go well. Vicheka lost a lot of blood and needed a transfusion. An impassioned scrabble ensued as Mother’s Heart social workers struggled to find blood donors. There is a widespread policy in Cambodia that in order to receive a blood transfusion, the relatives or friends of the sick person must donate an equivalent amount of blood before the transfusion takes place. Often doctors or staff will donate blood when there is no family. But Vicheka was giving birth on a holiday, there was hardly any staff around. A dear friend of Mother’s Heart was able to give 4 units of life saving blood for Vicheka.

Gradually recovering, Vicheka left hospital. Her stalwart neighbors urged her to give one or both of her babies away. “Yes but how will you provide for them? At least give one of them away.” Vicheka was very torn. She truly did not know what to do. It is so hard for single women with one child to survive but two, impossible!!!

With Mother’s Heart counseling, Vicheka was able to clearly evaluate whether or not she was able to keep her babies.  Staff assured her it was her decision; they would support her in whatever she chose.

Vicheka has decided to keep both babies.  Together she and Mother’s Heart staff created a plan for her future.  She desperately wanted a job so Mother’s Heart staff set up an interview with a partner organization.  At this interview Vicheka excelled and was accepted into their one-year program. Now she has a safe place to stay, a supportive community, and a job.

Vicheka, is proactive about the care of her twins, everyone notices it.  She still gets help from Mother’s Heart; they provide her with nappies, formula to supplement her breast milk, and emotional support from the staff when she needs it. But Vicheka is succeeding to make a life for her small family in Phnom Penh.

She is an amazing, strong, and determined young woman and all involved in her life are extremely proud of her.


*These are pictures of Vicheka’s actual twins. To respect the privacy and dignity of our clients we do not post pictures of their faces.

Vicheka's other twin
Vicheka's other twin
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