Life for 200 at-risk unborn babies in Pakistan

by Medicare Health Foundation
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Life for 200 at-risk unborn babies in Pakistan
Life for 200 at-risk unborn babies in Pakistan
Life for 200 at-risk unborn babies in Pakistan
Life for 200 at-risk unborn babies in Pakistan
Life for 200 at-risk unborn babies in Pakistan
Life for 200 at-risk unborn babies in Pakistan
Life for 200 at-risk unborn babies in Pakistan
Life for 200 at-risk unborn babies in Pakistan
Life for 200 at-risk unborn babies in Pakistan
Life for 200 at-risk unborn babies in Pakistan
Life for 200 at-risk unborn babies in Pakistan
Life for 200 at-risk unborn babies in Pakistan
Life for 200 at-risk unborn babies in Pakistan
Life for 200 at-risk unborn babies in Pakistan
Life for 200 at-risk unborn babies in Pakistan
Life for 200 at-risk unborn babies in Pakistan
Life for 200 at-risk unborn babies in Pakistan
Coloured Doppler Ultrasound
Coloured Doppler Ultrasound

Dear Donors,

What an eventful 5 months it have been (April - September) for Medicare Health Foundation! Improving on services to offer better medical care to expecting mothers, Medicare introduced coloured doppler ultrasound at both Medicare Hospital - Noor Elahi Branch and Medicare Hospital - Badami Bagh, and inducted experienced Radiologists for this service. With this equipment, anomaly scan is done at our hospitals now, a diagnostic procedure which is essential for pregnant women to monitor the proper growth of the fetus.

Thanks to your support, we have been offering high quality medical care to poor expecting mothers.

Looking forward to continuing partnership together!

Warm Regards,

Team Medicare Health Foundation


Activities Summary


Medicare's Ramazan Campaign:

The holy muslim fasting in Ramazan commenced in the month of April, in which Medicare Health Foundation was overwhelmed by the charity of our supporters. With your contributions, we were able to not only provide treatment to our present beneficiaries but were also able to plan the financial support for the needy for the year 2021-22. 

Our partner educational institutions also participated in the fundraising activity during the month, and we are extremely grateful for their support

May be an image of child and text that says 'MEDICARE kakmairikn Give your Zakat & Donation to Medicare Health Foundation because Hope IT IS THEIR ONLY COODINATE FOR ZAKAT Bank: SONERI BANK LTD. A/C Title: Medicare Health Foundation A/C 0001 2000 1256 042 IBAN: PK54SONE0000120001256042 FOR DONATIONS Bank: SONERI BANK LTD. A/C Title: Medicare Health Foundation A/C 0001 2000 1273 648 IBAN: PK89SONE0000120001273648 INTERNATIONAL DONORS CAN DONATE US AT: HOME COLLECTION (Lahore Only) Call or Whatsapp +92301 4404701 +92317 4574655'

Iftar for Patient Attendants and On Duty Staff:

Throughout the month of Ramazan, Medicare Health Foundation sponsored iftar for all the patient attendants and on-duty staff at our hospitals, making sure that they received nourishing meals at the end of a long day. 

Fulfilling Our Commitment to Deliver Healthy Babies

Throughout this period from April to August, Medicare worked on improving nursing care, bringing in experienced obstetricians and gynecologists and upgrading diagnostic services. We inducted two experienced Radiologists for carrying out coloured doppler ultrasound, and made all out efforts to increase our visibilty among public. Thus, in the month of August, our efforts bore fruit and the number of babies born at our hospitals jumped to 111! That is the greatest number of babies born in a month in our history!

Commencement of Neurology Services at our Hospitals

In the month of June, Medicare inducted an experienced Neurophysician, Dr. Waqas, who is offering his services at both our hospitals. Dr. Waqas specializes in treating epilepsy, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, and Diseases of the Brain and Spinal Cord. Since his joining, the number of patients coming for consultation in this area has been rapidly increasing, and Medicare has also conducted a number of free Neuro camps, so the number of people benefitting from this new service can increase manifold. 

Orthopedic Success Story

Our Experienced Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Saleem treated another child suffering from club-feet and gave this little fellow a new life.
This baby was few days old when he was brought to our MHF-Noor Elahi Branch. He was suffering from severe deformity since his birth, a condition in which a newborn's foot/feet appear to be rotated internally at the ankle. His parents were very concerned and brought us to our Medicare Hospital - Noor Elahi Branch. Here, our orthopaedic surgeon comforted them and assured them that their child will get completely fine. He started to plaster his feet, a method called Ponseti Casting and after 6 weeks of treatment, the feet of this baby came back to their normal shape without any surgery.
Dr Saleem said that " It is very important for parents to understand this medical condition and start its treatment early and I am glad that in this case the parents proactively started the treatment".
May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Dr Muhammad Saleem Bashir Orthopaedic Consultant Timing: 1:00pm-4:00pm (Mon & Thurs) MEDICARE HealthFoundation αι nda on Before Treatment After Treatment'
Statistics April - August 2021


No of Patients - 12,655

No of Babies Born - 51

No. of Surgeries - 42



No of Patients - 10,227

No of Babies Born - 45

No. of Surgeries - 50



No of Patients - 12,423

No of Babies Born - 43

No. of Surgeries - 35



No of Patients - 12,609

No of Babies Born - 57

No. of Surgeries - 38



No of Patients - 16,080

No of Babies Born - 111

No. of Surgeries - 84

Baby right after birth
Baby right after birth
Mother and Baby
Mother and Baby
Nurse checking the vitals of an expecting mother
Nurse checking the vitals of an expecting mother


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Dear GlobalGiving Donors,

The year 2021 started off with a new hope of getting a Corona free world. We made sure to get all our Front Line Workers to get vaccinated against Covid-19. And also made sure to continue taking all precautionary measures.

We thank all our donors because it wouldn’t have been possible without their support. We pray for you and the safety of your loved ones and also that the world gets out of this pandemic soon.

Warm Regards,

Team Medicare Health Foundation (MHF)

Activities Summary:

Establishment of Hepatitis Clinic

On 9th March, Medicare signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the Establishment of a Hepatitis Clinic with Hepatitis and Infection Control Program by the Government of Punjab. The MOU was signed by Dr. Khalid Mahmood (Program Manager - Hepatitis Control Program) and Mr. Dilawar Hussain (Hospitals Administrator - Medicare Health Foundation).

In this program, MHF will follow the "Educate, Prevent, Test and Treat" model. At our hospitals, we will screen patients for Hepatitis B & C, will provide vaccination to every individual tested negative for Hep B, PCR testing of screened positive cases, treatment of Hep B & C patients by providing free medicines, in addition to health education and patient counselling with the standardized IEC materials.

Medical Dispensary - Outreach Program

On 12th February, Medicare Health Foundation started its outreach program in Sharaqpur, a town in Sheikhupura District of Punjab. As part of this program, we send our medical team twice a week to a newly established dispensary there, generously funded and operated by the family of Mr. Sheikh Nawaz.

This team of one doctor and his nursing staff provides out-patient medical care to the needy population of this under-developed area, which is otherwise deprived of certified medical facilities.

Orthopedic Story - No More Superstition

This baby was 7 days old when he was brought to our MHF-Noor Elahi Branch. He was suffering from Clubfoot, a condition in which a newborn's foot/feet appear to be rotated internally at the ankle ( This condition is named after the Club[stick] used in the game Golf). His parents were very worried but our orthopedic surgeon, Dr Saleem Bashir, offered them hope. He started to plaster his feet for a week and changed the plaster after every week, a method called Ponseti Casting through which children born with this condition are treated. Usually, this treatment lasts for about 6-8 weeks but this baby was a fighter, and only after 4 weeks of treatment, the foot of this baby came back to its normal shape without any surgery.

Dr Saleem said that "It is very important for parents to understand that it is a medical condition and can be healed instead of thinking of it as a superstition (black magic). If not treated on time, this condition gets complicated with time and requires major surgery but if it is treated when the child is an infant it can be managed with casting. The best age to start treatment is 7 days ".

Daughter - A Blessing

Sana got married at a very young age and is a mother of 4 sons. She belongs to a family where medical treatment or going to a hospital are not considered important. Her four sons were all born at home by uncertified birth attendants.

When she conceived for the 5th time, due to some complications someone from her relatives referred her to our Medicare Hospital - Noor Elahi Brach. Here she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and named her Zarnish.

Medicare's efforts have always been to encourage safe birth by certified medical staff, and we are delighted that we have been able to break barriers in this area.

A Free Typhoid Camp

A free Typhoid Vaccination Camp was conducted in our Medicare Health Foundation Hospitals to vaccinate children aged between 9 months to 5 years. A team of government health workers spread awareness, and also vaccinated the children.

Dermatology Camp

A free one-day Dermatology Camp was organized at Medicare Hospital Badami Bagh on Tuesday, 2 February 2021. In this camp, Skin Specialist Dr Abid Hussain gave consultancy and treated more than 81 patients. Most of the visiting patients were treated for Skin Rashes, Dryness, Acne, Facial Redness, Latex Allergies, Hair Loss, Dull Hair, Dandruff and other skin related issues.

Neurology Camp

On 17th January, a free Neuro Camp was organized at Medicare Hospital - Badami Bagh. Experienced Neurologist Consultant Dr Saeed Naeem Ullah from Sheikh Zaid Hospital spread awareness about the neurological disorders and also examined more than 130 patients. The patients were monitored for different neuro-related disorders and were also given free medicines.


For the month of January
No. of Patients: 15,471
Babies Born: 62
Surgeries: 47

For the month of Februray
No. of Patients: 16,363
Babies Born: 64
Surgeries: 39

For the month of March
No. of Patients: 16,319
Babies Born: 53
Surgeries: 54


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Dear GlobalGiving Donors, 

The year 2020 was a tough year for everyone especially, for health workers all over the world. This Covid-19 pandemic shook the world systems but the healthcare system was the one that couldn’t afford to get affected. 

Belonging to a healthcare non-profit organization, we fought a difficult battle because our fight was not only to keep our hospital's corona free but was also to provide the best possible medical services to our patients. 

We thank all our donors because it wouldn’t have been possible without their support. We pray for you and the safety of your loved ones and also that the world gets out of this pandemic soon.

Warm Regards,
Team Medicare Health Foundation (MHF)

Activities Summary:

A New X-Ray Unit Inaugurated at MHF-Noor Elahi Branch

Medicare Health Foundation started with a focus on mother and child health at our first hospital in Badami Bagh. But as time passed, we expanded our facilities and after our MCH, we opened a new hospital- Medicare Hospital Noor Elahi Branch in 2018. With the addition of this new facility, we revisited our Vision and thus incorporated specialist medical services in addition to our prior focus on gynecology and obstetrics. With the introduction of orthopedics as a specialty at our hospital, our doctors used to send the patients to other hospitals to get their X-ray in the absence of this facility in our Noor Elahi Branch. Our organization soon realized that to provide the best possible services to our patients, we would have to bring this service in-house.

Our CEO Ms. Rehana Baray committed herself and took the initiative of materializing this aim. She put forward the requirement to our board members in October 2020, and we immediately received the complete funding of our X-ray unit from our Chairman.

The X-Ray unit was inaugurated on December 18, 2020. The equipment installed is of the latest technology, performing digital x-rays. Since its installation, it is benefiting more than 100 patients a month and we expect the number to go much higher, with an expected increase in patient flow to the hospital.

Won $8,550 In Our Virtual Fundraiser     

Medicare Health Foundation organized a Virtual Fundraiser on Giving Tuesday, a Global Fundraising Day marked on December 1, 2020. MHF took part in it through the crowdfunding platform GlobalGiving, where our project was selected in this campaign. We organized a virtual concert collaborating with our partner schools LGS, TNS, BCP, in addition to our event partners Giraffe and Daftarkhwan who worked voluntarily on this project. The campaign was a roaring success and we raised $8,550! As part of this fundraiser, we organized a virtual concert featuring Soch and Bayaan, whose performances gave life to our event. 

Sharing is Caring-Christmas Campaign

Medicare Health Foundation celebrates Christmas every year with our employees and the communities we serve. This year due to the Covid-19 pandemic we were not able to have celebrations physically, but we gave ration bags to our workers. Not only this, but we also sent 700 goody bags for children to churches in the vicinity of our Medicare Badami Bagh Hospital. We at Medicare believe in equality and that humanity is the biggest religion.

Orthopedic Success Stories- A New Life    

Since our Medicare Hospital - Noor Elahi Branch started offering orthopedic services, we have seen our expert Orthopedic Surgeon, changing the lives of many of our visiting patients. One of them is a newborn baby girl who was born with the disease Arthrogryposis, also she had Congenital Vertical Talus. In arthrogryposis, the patient suffers from joints stiffness throughout their body since birth. 

The baby girl had stiffness in many of her joints like fingers, knees, and one of the bones (talus) of her feet was not in its normal position; instead of the transverse position, it was in a vertical position due to which the feet were not in their proper shape. The doctor initially plastered her feet to bring flexibility and improved their shape. And finally brought them to normal shape after surgery. He through his expertise and experience gave a new life to a newborn child paving a way for her to be able to walk on her feet with ease and live a normal life. 

Free BMD Test Camp

Medicare Health Foundation organized a free BMD (Bone Mineral Density) test camp with AGP Pharma Limited at Badami Bagh on 16th November for the welfare of the patients. This Camp provided free checkups and consultancy that how people can take care of their bone health by improving their diet and start taking supplements on time. It was especially focused on women because osteoporosis starts in women at an early age and if their bone health is not taken care of on time, it can lead to serious health conditions. 

Supporting Patients with Zakat/Donation 

Medicare has been spreading smiles for 16 years now! Our purpose is to provide affordable healthcare services to low income and underprivileged communities. Our dream has been possible only through our donor’s contribution and support. Medicare feels privileged to have such support. We support C-section surgeries with 50% or sometimes 100% Zakat. We also give Starter Kits (Baby clothes) to all the babies born at our hospitals. 


For the month of October
No. of Patients: 19089
Babies Born: 77
Surgeries: 52

For the month of November
No. of Patients: 15983
Babies Born: 82
Surgeries: 54

For the month of December
No. of Patients: 15413
Babies Born: 81
Surgeries: 54


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Mummy with her new born
Mummy with her new born

Dear GlobalGiving Donors,

Since the start of this year, the world is fighting every day with this pandemic so that it can live another day. But belonging to a healthcare organization, our fight doubles because our focus is to keep our patients safe from Covid-19 and also provide them the best healthcare services.

As the world has started coming back to its normal routine, we are still making sure that our hospitals are secured from corona for all our patients. 

We pray for you and your loved ones safety and wish that we come out of these difficult times soon. 

Warm Regards,
Team Medicare Health Foundation (MHF) 


Activities Summary:


Emergency Response Cell

Medicare Health Foundation, considering Covid-19 situation, started providing Tele consultation and transporting oxygen cylinders to  the homes of patients with breathing issues arising from COVID-19. The purpose of providing such facility was that during the peak time of corona, bed occupancy in hospitals was full, and many COVID-19 patients requiring immediate care would be completely helpless. By giving them such service, we helped a number of COVID patients survive.  

Conducting Orthopedic Surgeries at Noor Medicare

Our main focus is to provide the best affordable healthcare services to the underprivileged. We are not only ensuring safe births but also conducting different surgeries, one of them being orthopedic surgeries. We are now successfully conducting orthopedic surgeries at our Noor Medicare Hospital, by highly reputed surgeons.

Disinfecting our Hospitals

Keep in view the Covid-19 situation; we are keenly focusing on keeping our hospitals corona free so that each patient is safe in our facility, and each mother and baby born is sound and healthy. We were awarded a grant by two Netherlands based organizations, Equator Medicare and Wilde Ganzen, for conducting a three month drive for making our hospitals secure against Corona virus threat.  

Our CEO to the Rescue

When we talk about an organization that is determined towards helping individuals and saving lives, we mean each person who is part of that cause. Our patient Abida was living in a village during her pregnancy and was expecting twins. Just a few days before her delivery, the village doctor told the parents-to-be that the babies are conjoined. The panicked parents did not know how they would afford treatment for their babies, and another disturbing thought was that no such facility was available in the village to cater to their medical needs. Our CEO, Ms. Rehana Baray, came to know about this patient and immediately sent an ambulance van from Noor Medicare Hospital to get the expecting mother admitted. After detailed examination, it was discovered that the babies are not conjoined. The mother underwent C-Section surgery and delivered healthy babies, thanks to the competency of the doctor and her staff at Noor Medicare Hospital. By His grace, both mother and babies are happy and safe now.

Meeting with Lady Health Workers to Ensure Safe Birth

Medicare held a meeting with Lady Health Workers (LHW) of the surrounding areas of our Badami Bagh Hospital. The purpose of the meeting was to impart information about our expert Gynecology and Obstetrics services, so they could refer expecting mothers to our hospital and help provide them a safe birth experience.

Free Antenatal Checkup

A free Antenatal checkup was organized at our Badami Bagh Hospital for the surrounding community. Our experienced Gynecologist, Dr. Shaista created awareness among patients about the importance of antenatal care and also attended the patients.

Polio Vaccine Camp

Every year, Medicare Health Foundation takes responsibility and arranges a Polio Vaccine Camp at its hospital. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year the vaccination campaign got delayed but once the situation got better, we organized a Polio vaccine camp ensuring adherence to COVID SOPs so that we can also contribute our services to eliminate this virus from its root.


For the month of August:
No of patients: 15,388
Babies born: 82
Surgeries: 64

For the month of July:

No. of Patients: 16,805
Babies Born: 60

For the month of June:

No. of Patients: 17,213
Babies Born: 39

Doctor with her patient
Doctor with her patient
Each Patient's Temperature is checked before entry
Each Patient's Temperature is checked before entry
Disinfecting the Pediatric Nursery at our Hospital
Disinfecting the Pediatric Nursery at our Hospital
Mother and Child
Mother and Child
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COVID-19 measures at our hospitals
COVID-19 measures at our hospitals


Dear GlobalGiving Donors,

 These indeed are trying and uncertain times, all across the world. But fight we must, and fight we will!

 As COVID-19 infections are on the rise, we are working day and night to make sure that our hospital environment is secure for expecting mothers. babies, and all other patients of ours.

 We hope and pray for the safety of you and your loved ones too

Best Regards,

Team Medicare Health Foundation


Activities Summary:


Medicare Health Foundation is glad to announce our new CEO, Mrs. Rehana Maroof Baray, who joined us from 1st May, 2020. Mrs. Baray comes with a rich managerial experience at top positions with distinguished humanitarian organizations including PSRD (Pakistan Society for Rehabilitation of the Disabled), Rotary and Inner Wheel Club. Lets welcome Mrs. Baray on board for a glorious journey ahead Inshallah



Ever since COVID-19 has affected Pakistan, Medicare Health Foundation has taken strict measures for the safety of the hospital environment, both for the patients and the staff. At the heart of our efforts lies the concern that pregnant women need utmost care and babies must be born in an infection free environment.



Even in risky times like these, our staff has not shied away from its responsibilities, and we continue to deliver healthy babies at our hospitals, We have strict hospital Standard Operating Procedures regarding the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by all our staff




Our Partner organization, Transparent Hands sponsors C-Section surgeries every month at our Noor Medicare Hospital, of patients hailing from poverty. Together, Medicare Health Foundation and Transparent Hands are giving hope to the desolate



In January, we performed our first ENT surgery, after a patient was diagnosed with a nose PNS. A team of experts on contract with the hospital, including an ENT specialist doctor and an anesthetist, performed the surgery successfully, and the patient was fully recovered in the following weeks.



Our 4 year old patient Hamza, who came all the way from Mansehra, had elbow crease burns which prevented him from stretching and flexing his arm. His surgery was conducted at Noor Medicare Hospital. Subsequently, his recovery was phenomenal and he can now move his arm perfectly again.



all the people entering our facility first pass through the sanitization tunnel placed at the entrance, which was donated by Bilal Engineering Pvt. Limited. Subsequently, their temperature is taken and their hands are sanitized.

All our staff wears PPE, and adheres strictly to the protocols necessary for prevention of COVID-19.



in February, Medicare Health Foundation joined hands with Rizq for a project on birth spacing. Our team imparted an awareness session on birth spacing techniques to their beneficiaries at their food bank located near Cavalry, Lahore



                                                                 Jan           Feb         March          April          May

Total Number of Patients                      23,533     25495        17884          13546        13,084

Total Number of Deliveries                     91             82             77                 64             77



Our Patient with her Newborn
Our Patient with her Newborn
Newborn Baby at our hospital
Newborn Baby at our hospital

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