Relief Assistance for Tohoku Earthquake Affected

by Japan Emergency NGO (JEN)
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This project by JEN aims to organize volunteers for providing soup kitchens to displaced people and moving sludge inside of houses devastated by tsunami in Ishinomaki City, Sendai Prefecture, Tohoku Region. This will support displaced people in food shortage in camps and promote their return from camps to their own houses. We will also assess needs to improve quality of life of people affected by earthquakes and tsunami in terms of long-term view points.


Tohoku - Pacific Ocean Earthquake and tsunami devastated vast coastal areas of Tohoku. In Ishinomaki City in Tohoku Region, 10,000 people are dead or missing because of tsunami, 20,000 people are in camps, and 20,000 people stay in destroyed houses out of 120,000 population. Those even living on the 2nd floor of own house do not have food, water, clothes and fuel for stoves. The 1st floor is covered by sludge brought by Tsunami, and threatening the families with diseases.


It is now on recovery phase. JEN will continuously support people's power to live, the reconstruction of the communities in the affected area, focusing on people who are still displaced and forced to live in the temporary shelters. JEN will encourage local people to meet people from outside of Tohoku,which helps to develop the friendship that will help the area from depopulation in different aspect.

Long-Term Impact

JEN will work with people from different back ground, generation, gender. So that the above support will contribute to people's self-reliance that will help the reconstruction of the communities.

Additional Documentation

This project has provided additional documentation in a PDF file (projdoc.pdf).

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Organization Information

Japan Emergency NGO (JEN)

Location: Tokyo, n/a - Japan
Project Leader:
Miyako Hamasaka
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan