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Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia

by Vision Awake Africa for Development
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia
Educate Repatriated Refugee Children in Liberia


Once again it was an interesting sporting event at the Carolyn A. Miller High School this activity was organized by the sport director Mr. Sylvester Walatee as part of school year Calendar. This was one of interesting event that kids really enjoyed. There were nine classes participating this activity which included 4th and up to 12th every classes drew their and the games was really interesting in the elementary section could win a match. Sylvester said that he has prepared the team but not limiting to a particular but almost all of the section of the school is capable playing any outside team and win. The grade 4th girls were determine to win the girls games trophy and they came so closed by winning grade 8th but they were little defeated by grade 9th girls. Baseball is a special sport created in Liberia called but not the American type of baseball. The Liberia baseball one has to kick the ball and run on the base almost like the American one.  There was only one trophy for each sex and only the best team could win each of these trophies.  Due to the important Sylvester attached to this activity, the whole community was there to watch the kids of Carolyn A. Miller High School.  The girls 5th girls also defeated the 11th grade girls. But the trophy was won by grade 7th girls after they defeated grade 11th.  Grade 9th and 11th met in the final of the soccer match, and grade 9th   was defeated by grade 11th. So, our champ for the year is 11th grade in soccer. All the games ended successfully and there was no report of any student getting hurt peaceful and the students really enjoyed.  With all the activities going on the school is still a great need of support and we want say thank you very much for the support you have given over the years and still need your support with you we cannot have a successful school for the kids.

Indeed it was a painful death that those kids when through in Connecticut. Those that were killed could have been the next world leaders, inventors, medical doctors and scientists but the evil one did not allow them to grow and achieve their potentials. We as Liberian understand and know how painful it is to kill someone with gun especially kids. We went through it for 14 years so we know the pain and grieve. Been that we have had strong tie with the state of Connecticut, we the Carolyn A. Miller School family identified with the people of Connecticut and the people of America. Twenty (20) school kids were chosen from the Carolyn A. Miller School in Monrovia to mention the names and lay a flower to of the kids that were killed in NewTown Connecticut USA. And after that each child shook the hand of the US ambassador. The students and teachers of the Carolyn A. Miller School were received by the United States Ambassador at the US Embassy in Monrovia who gave a very short speech.

This Condolences Program held at the USA Embassy in Monrovia for the untimely death of students and teachers in Newtown, Connecticut. Organized by NewSight Eye Center ( Robert F. Dolo) & The Carolyn A. Miller School ( Karrus Hayes). The program lasted for 30 minutes and this is how the names of kids were arranged below. Student Francess Komoyan gave a speech on behalf of the students and Philemana Tolbert gave a speech on behalf of the school. Please work to safe the kids of this world from danger.

List of Children     

Sympathizers                                                                               deceased

  1.  Ezekiel Tamba                                                                        Charlotte Bacon
  2.  Dorcas Felker                                                                         Daniel Barden
  3. Royechell Pitman                                                                    Olivia Engel
  4. Princess Mentoe                                                                      Josephine Gay
  5. Anthony Howe                                                                       Ana M. Marquez-Greene
  6. Eddie Logan                                                                           Dylan Hockley
  7. Robert Gbogar                                                                                    Madeleine F. Hsu
  8. Catherine Zaza                                                                        Catherine V. Hubbard
  9. Prince Komoyan                                                                     Chase Kowalski
  10. Christiana Diggs                                                                     Jesse Lewis
  11. Korpo Howard                                                                                    James Mattioli
  12. Jerry Sumo                                                                              Grace McDonnell
  13. Nula Flomo                                                                             Emilie Parker
  14. Francess Komoyan                                                                  Jack Pinto
  15. Meckie Davis                                                                          Noah Pozner
  16. Joseph Zaza                                                                             Caroline Previdi
  17. Amie Kamando                                                                       Jessica Rekos
  18. Nyamah Sunday                                                                     Aveille Richman
  19. Naomi Diggs                                                                           Benjamin Wheeler
  20. Norah Veah                                                                             Allison N. Wyatt


Condolence speech

We are grieving with the people of The United States of America especially those in Newtown

This is because of our specially relationship with the people of Newtown, Connecticut Karen King, Rotary Club of Newtown and Unit For Sight.

The people of Newtown are now family to us in Liberia through the Carolyn A. Millar & New Sight Eye Center.

This relationship goes back as far as 2007 when we were in exile Accra, Ghana. Individuals in New Town have been very supportive to Liberians. They have been the back bone to all our establishments both during the time of exile and in Liberia. To name few:

  1. Pen pal programs between the Reed intermediate and Carolyn A. Miller School
  2. Supplies of school materials
  3. Transportation of school and teachers belonging from Accra to Monrovia
  4. School and Eye clinic establishment in Liberia
  5. Restoration of sight in Liberia and many others

In View of this strong tide between the two communities, we believe it will be convenient to symbolically express our deepest regret and sympathy in this manner to let our brothers and sisters in Connecticut and the United States of America to know that we share their sorrow. We also like to join our President Mama Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in expressing condolences to the Government and people of the United States of America. We strongly condemned such horrible act and join the many calls to tighten the measures on arm control to prevent recurrence. Indeed, out children are the future generation and such an untimely dead will put fear in teachers and students.

Please accept our condolences!!!.

We want to appreciate the globalgiving family and all donors for their continuous support and we want to say that without you we can never continue this project.  There is a great need toward the school having now own building. We received some money from one of our special donor and we working to have this project get stated. You can donate to build a class room that you name can printed on as your contribution.  Thank you so much for your support and ask that you please continue this work  and relationship you have built over the year.



The first day of a new school year in Liberia 2012/2013 year, was an amazing day in the life of the Carolyn A. Miller students. 



For children everywhere, education is the opportunity to learn and grow, and it creates a path to realizing dreams. 

By supporting local students who never had the dream of going to school is like miracle in life of many kids in Liberia. With the support of Vision Awake Africa for Development and GlobalGiving are making education counts.




With the tireless effort of globalgiving and our donors we are able to have over 600 students benefiting from free and quality education.



Vision Awake Africa For Development aims to strengthen isolated communities and reducing poverty through education. Through the participation and involvement of community members - education and development officials, school leadership, parents, community leaders, elders, clan chiefs and others - VAAFD is helping build a strong civil society, with the health and well-being of children at the heart.


VAAFD aims are to provide quality education to all kids who need it to prepare them for tomorrow leadership. In so doing, it is addressing and improving the education need of the less fortunate kids to have greater access to education.

We are so grateful to Dione Miller the niece of MS. Carolyn A.  Miller who visited our school a year ago and was able to donated money to help purchased books for the kids.


Our special thanks to go to our donors who over the years have been committed to this project with their resources. Our special donor who has had the greatest commitment, she donated money to purchase the school land and she has also donated another amount to start the school construction project which is our most important need for now.


We are so proud of the globalgiving team for their commitment to this project and it is our hope that we all will continue to work together for the future of the needed children of Liberia and the rest of the world.


We are still paying $225.00 as rent for and this is getting very difficult for us and since there is always a need for a need for a renovation each year.

 Teachers’ salaries, student’s supplies and school supplies still remain a difficult situation for us. We will appreciate of our donors can make a minimum contribution toward our school construction will really be helpful.


We will also appreciate if donors can be able to be able to do a follow up on the fund they give us to know if their funds have been used for the purpose for which it has been donated for.





We have successfully ended the 2011/2012 academic school year and the next academic school starts August 22, 2012 this was released by the Ministry of Education. The last school year we had 52 students graduated. We sent 52 students for the West Africa Examination and 38 students made a successful past which represented 73% of the total population and this shows that the institution is making a head way. The past school year computer education was introduced to the kids and there were lot of progress made to improvement the school standard. The kids at the Carolyn A. Miller School also had the opportunity to interact with schools in the UK as Pen Pals. We are so grateful to all of our supporters, donors and friends who are making all of the sacrifices with their resources to support this project and playing a major role in the reconstruction of Liberia.  

Thank you every so much, this is a job well done and finally the school year has come to a closed. The 2011/2012 school year closed on 605 students and we couldn’t have done this by our own effort but your donations enhance this process. Thank so much for supporting the returnee refugee kids and the vulnerable kids of Liberia.

We also had the k-2 kids’ graduation and that was so wonderful and commendable that could encourage any child to run to the class. Thank you very much for bringing there for these kids if it has not been for you, there couldn’t has been a Carolyn A. Miller School to help these kids. Your kindness, love and support are creating a better future for the kids of Liberia. In this light, we want to say thank you and we appreciate all of the support. We will highly appreciate your suggestion and total involvement to this project since you are a major partner.

In remembrance of all the gifts we have received last academic school year, on behalf of our students, staff and the entire institution, we want to say thank you for your involvement by supporting this cause and this organization.  Thank you for investing in the future of needy and the vulnerable kids of Liberia and Africa. We also received wonderful gifts and donations from other friends and interested people like donations of cash toward purchasing of textbooks and we proud of them as well. In all, we want to say many thanks to the entire Globalgiving team for all their help and support they are giving us by advertising our project and organizing all of our donations.

These kids are enjoying free and quality education because of your tireless efforts. Without your support there can be no free school for the kids. We have set a goal to help support these kids in their struggle for their education and a brighter future and with all of the promises we have made, it is rested on your supports and donations. We therefore need your help! You are very special because you are making a difference. Without you, this project could not exist; therefore you are so exceptional to the future of these kids and to all of us. We are also asking each of you could if you could commit to recurring donation this 2012/2013 school year, which will be highly appreciated.

As much as the financial aspect of this project is very important to us; we also take into consideration your ideas, your participation as well as your total involvement. Please feel free to contact us with your ideas, questions and feel as major a player of this noble project so that you can know how your resources have really been managed. We also need you for decision making since you are a shareholder in this project. The survival of this project is 100% dependent on you. Without your donation we will have no means to run a free school for these kids.

Our rent for 2011/2012 school year expire on October 31, 2012 and we will need to pay another $2700.00 as a rent for the next academic year we are therefore asking you again to kindly help us have this settle. If we are able to settle this by September 1, 2012 we will not be allow to run school in this building. We were able to purchased two acres of land for the school relocation since renting is very much costly. We received this donation was made by a very special donor and we are anticipating to start the development of this project as soon as we begins to receive support from our friends, supporters and donors toward that.

Thank you so much for supporting us and your commitment to this project to the Liberian kids. We highly appreciate all of kindness and the love you continue to show. We want to say thank you, and you are good team players, as you keep us in your loving heart. We want to hear from your views and ideas as we build a team and a network with VAAFD and Carolyn A. Miller School in helping the poor kids of Liberia.


Both the Senior and Junior students of the Carolyn A. Miller have successfully completed the West Africa Examination. We are proud to say that through the support of GlobalGiving and all of our donors were able sent 48 Junior high students and 52 Senior high students. The last school year we sent 25 senior high students, it means that through donors are making a great process really. We are so grateful to all of our friends, supporters and donors for their love they continue to show the less fortunate kids of Liberia. We have been able purchased two acres of land in Johnsonville outside Monrovia where we want to build the school. As you may know we are in rented building that which is causing us a lot and a special donor that we explained problem and desire was able to donate the money that purchased that property.

The school still has up to the end of June to run and we are still in need of funding to complete the school year. We have teacher salaries for May and June, preparation of school report and cards and closing program and our next rent payment.

We want to use this opportunity to thank all of our supports, donors and friends for all of their support and their resources they continue to give for the development and the betterment of needy kids of Liberia. You are really making a difference at this time when the whole world is crying due to financial crisis in the world. Please feel free to get to know how your resources have been used by us. We will also appreciate your ideas and participation in this project. I want you to know that you are all shareholders in this project and we are accountable to you.


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